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Found 128 results

  1. Lorekeeper

    Macroalgae Display Pico!

    This isn't so much a tank thread as some questions about how to get the best growth and color out of some display macros. The tank is just a 3 gallon jar from Walmart that I threw an internal filter and heater into. I used a bit of rubble from my main tank, as well as a sponge from the main tank's HOB. Insta-cycled! I'll be removing the filter once the tank matures a bit and replacing it with a uniclife 80 powerhead. The tank is lit with a cheap PAR 30 reef bulb, but it'll be switched to an ABI PAR 38 hung above the tank in the near future. Here's what I'm going to stock: Fish: Yellow Clown Goby (will be moved to 10 gallon if he's unhappy in here) CUC: 4-5 Ceriths Ornamental Shrimp (?) Macroalgae: Caulerpa Prolifera Palm Caulerpa Red Mangrove Red Grape Caulerpa Codium Blue Hypnea Green Ogo Red Ogo Lots of macro, and maybe even too many for this tank. Caulerpa can be a bit iffy, but I've never had it go sexual and have had great growth in the past. I may decide to leave one species of caulerpa out of the picture. So, what can I do to ensure best growth and color? There'll be nitrates available, so I don't think I'll need to dose any sort of carbon. I use IO Reef Crystals, so I'm not sure I'm going to need to dose, since I do weekly 50% WC's on all of my tanks. Should I need to dose a very small amount of a macro-fert? Just looking for some pointers. In the past, I've had algae (short brown hair algae, mostly) grow over dragon's breath macro. I ended up losing most of it, but still have a branch or two of it left. Anyone got any tips in avoiding that? I tried manual removal, as well as trying it around the tank. No luck. Thanks! Tank's first day Goby, after QT:
  2. GraniteReefer

    Hugo Stiglitz the Mantis Shrimp

    Recently I purchased some beautiful rocks off KP Aquatics(epic Gorgonians and rocks) and had mentioned that I hoped a mantis shrimp would hitchhike its way to the granite state. Sure enough within minutes of unpacking I noticed Hugo Stiglitz slipping through the rocks being a creature of the black lagoon. Having not fully thought about the rocks then housing a villanous murderer I realized the rocks he resided in where permanently his and he would need his own tank. He was already in an IM10 I was using to QT the rocks and cycle them but the depth between the panes allows him too much hiding space for decent viewing. So I bought the Mr.Aqua serene 3 gallon tank. The tank is seriously my favorite tank ever! At 17.7"x 5.5" x 7.1" the dimensions on this thing are a dream! I want a nice clean look so I am going with a toothless overflow, tempted to call it a coast to coast but is that only on tanks that crest over the length of the aquarium not the width? Always wanted a white back wall but never found one for sale so I will be fulfilling that dream too. In this thread I plan on chronicling the build process of the tank and also Hugo, Who I hope turns out to be half as cool as another murderous sea wench nanoreef knew so well. It's my first time working acrylic and designing my own AIO insert, and also my first predator tank. Also would love to have some comments that could even make the guys in lawns lounge blush so speak freely. And I will copy one of the other posters who make such nice first posts showcasing equipment and such, at the Chris Marks guy that yells at me for being political can we maybe get a template so I don't have to spend time figuring it out? I have included a picture of a cardboard mockup of my simple plan.
  3. YogiReef

    John’s 8G Pico Cube

    John’s 8g Pico Cube Hey everyone! Just to give you a little backstory before I get into the tank. My name is John, I am 15 years old, and I live in Georgia. I got into this hobby a year ago by watching tanks on YouTube and seeing them on the forums. I recently moved to Georgia from NewYork and my parents agreed to let me have my first saltwater tank YAY! I have read lots and lots of information online and have educated myself with as much stuff as I could. I purchased used equipment and some new things from my lfs. Tank Specifications: 7.5 gallon Deep Blue Professional rimless glass cube tank Kessil A80 tuna blue led light with gooseneck mount and spectral controller Aquaclear 50 HOB Filter Koralia Hydor nano pump Finnex Marine 2 Refugium Light Chaeto algae from my lfs Acurel poly fiber media pad pack Pro Clean sand cleaner and water siphon kit by Python Sybon Refractometer DrTim’s Tank cycling bottle Walmart Turkey baster JBJ nano ato system Preset 78.5 degree 50 watt Aqueon Heater Digital Aquarium thermometer Old piece of furniture for tank stand Dry rock from my local reef club CaribSea Dry aragonite sand 15 lbs bag AquaStik Stone Grey rock epoxy Innovative Marine glass cleaner Premixed salt water and RO water from my lfs BioCube nano protein skimmer with woodblock air stone 1 Bucket from Home Depot to be used for my ato reservoir Livestock I’m planning on adding: x1 goby and pistol shrimp x1 Snails x2 hermit crab x?- a few corals I hope you all follow along with me on this journey! You an check out weekly update videos on my youtube channel at Yogi’s Reef by clicking the link [HERE] I’m also on Instagram @Yogis_Reef
  4. Utahpico

    3.7g Pico reef

    I hope I'm doing this right, I'm back into the hobby after taking a long break and moving around all over the place. Had a 20g setup in my garage to get started again, then it started getting hot, so I moved everything into a 3.7g petco tank and it has been fun, I love small tanks, they are a lot of work
  5. Good morning! I've made a quick introduction video to my office pico tank. This little tank has quickly become my favorite. Only, because I don't get to see my home tank (28 gallon JBJ nanocube) as often! I'm starting this thread as a foundation for future updates and a place to request guidance/assistance. Thank you for stopping by! Here's the video: And here's some quick stats: Set up in middle of February 2017 Back in the hobby after getting out in 2009. Still learning, taking it slower, being patient, bigger budget to do this correctly Fluval Spec III, 2.6-gallon (freshwater) leaked, replaced by Imagitarium Pro 3.7 gallon in February 2018. Kessil A80 with controller - never used stock lighting - tried to use ABI Tuna Blue 12w Par38 bulb Rio Plus 180 (120 GPH) return pump – cut small holes in return line to promote circulation Cobalt Neo-Therm 25 watt, temp set to 78 InTank media basket – filter floss – poly filter pad – BioMax bio rings – ChemiPure Blue 6.5 oz Feed – Reef Roids, once a week – frozen brine shrimp, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Water changes – daily, heavy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, small amounts on Tuesday and Thursday 80% weekly changes No interaction on the weekend and holidays Use Aquarimate (on iOS) to track special incidents, livestock additions, parameters, and completed tasks Rarely test parameters (other than salinity)
  6. GuelphPico

    First Reef, 5.5 Gallon Mixed Pico

    Hello Nano Reef Forum, I wanted to post to this community to seek out some advice and wisdom in running my first Pico reef. I have had the tank running for approximately 3 months with no substantial coral growth. I have also recently discovered an outbreak of rust coloured flatworms. Additionally, there is a fair coating of brown and green algae along the glass even though nitrates, nitrites and ammonia all read 0ppm. My calcium, mg and alk levels are all within normal ranges. I am running a cheap Amazon led reef light in addition to white leds for fuge. Two ac hob filters mini and 30 as well as korilia 425 power head. Current inhabitants include: Royal gramma - plans on upgrading to 12 or 22 long. Cleaner shrimp Blue and red legged hermits x4 x1 Naussarius x1 Unknown species of scavenging snail x2 Astrea x3 Coral: Red Monti cap Torch Rainbow acan Devils hand Kenyan tree Utter chaos zoas Cheato algae in mini refuge Any input is regarding my apparent nutrient, pest and stocking problems are really appreciated. Looking to upgrade in the near future. Cheers from a student reefer!
  7. Lost absolutely everything to a house fire back in February. I mean everything, tank clothes, food, memories. EVERYTHING. Family and I are fine. We have a new place to live......SOOOOOOOO Back at it again. No name 5.5g tank. Cheap wal-mart filter. Cheap Amazon Par38 bulb. how it all started Tank is cycled, cuc has been ordered already. Time for some frags this weekend. FTS SECTION FTS 5/30/2017 2/12/18 3/20/18 Some uglyness more updates later
  8. Disher

    Suggestions for pico AIO

    I had my heart set on the 3.7g Imagitarium from Petco but had bad luck getting them to arrive unbroken! Two of these tanks in a row arrived broken or shattered. Petco refused to ship a third, and wouldn’t ship to my local store either... Anyways, other tank suggestions?? I’m looking for <5g AIO under $100. Fluval Spec 3 Gallon - I don’t like the look Marineland Contour 3 Gallon - Back chambers are very small JBJ mini Cubey - haven’t seen many of these Ocean box designs 4.3 gallon - $150 price tag! 4 Gallon Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass Cube - Waterbox - AMAZING but Out of Stock DIY Mr. Aqua 3g Or a creative way to get my hands on the 3.7g tank I originally wanted? Thanks :-)
  9. Alright All, we live in a Pretty Historic Industrial City so we have decided to go an industrial/reused idea for this time setup, as much as can be accomplished anyway. Display: 1 gallon handblown glass bowl slumped onto Driftwood ($30 find on sale) - Deep Blue 2 Gallon Cube ("upgraded" 5/17/18) Lighting: ABI 23W Tuna Blue PAR38 Bulb (had it from the original setup for the classroom tank - So no $$$ Spent) Heater: Aqueon Mini Heater 10W ($17) Air Pump: Marina 75 Airpump ($11, i think this may be overkill and will probably downgrade, it's splashing water out of the tank.) - Eheim 300 Compact Pump $5 buy (Upraded 5/17/18) Rock: About 2 pounds of LR from an LFS ($3.50, only charged me a pound) Sand: 1 Lb of Dry sand from LFS ($3.50, I think its aragonite not really sure) Salt Mix: Reef Crystals (buying 2 gal at a time from LFS $1/gallon) Thermometer: Zoo Med Digital Thermometer ($10) Light Stand: Will update this when it's built, probably ~ $30 Am I missing anything I am supposed to Add to my build thread? Gonna experiment potentially with Rock Flower Anemones and grow a "Garden of Flowers" in here, hoping the flow will be ok, still need to get a regulator to lower it a bit. Here's our Entrance to Contest tank shot with my wife's favorite Pizza Condiment 🙂 Here it is performing a Water Test - I'll add Pictures of the rock, sand and display stand when I get it all together tomorrow 🙂
  10. My entry into the Creative Container Contest. Container: 2 gallon bowl/vase from Tuesday Morning $9 Light: 14W PAR30 LED 18K Vibrance Reef Light from Coral Compulsion $59.99 Flow: Hydor Koralia Nano 240 Heater: Archaea Mini Aquarium Heater (25W) Ultra Slim from Aqua Forest Aquarium $28.99 ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - $0 I had this on hand. Coral: Sunny D's Frag Unnamed Acan Frag Unnamed Zoa Frag x3 Yellow polyps Campfire Zoa Frag Green and blue spotted mushroom x 4 Merletti x 2 Trumpet Frag Small Hammer Frag Small Leather Frag Photosynthetic Sponge Livestock: Blue legged Hermit crab Tiny peppermint shrimp Snail x1 Tiny Brittle Star Tiny Feather Duster Tiny Bristle Worms x lots Full Bowl Photo: 03/31/18 02/25/18 01/30/18 12/31/17 11/28/17 10/7/17
  11. Hello all! My 3 gallon is now at the point that I feel comfortable starting a journal about it. Here goes nothing! Initial setup: Lights: 49 watts worth of a generic LED outputting 50% 10000k and about 35% 460nm Filter: A generic internal filter at 160 GPH filled with seachem matrix (eventually going to start adding tiny amounts of vodka to encourage the growth of denitrifying bacteria) Heater: Generic 50W heater Fauna: None yet but will likely include a pom pom crab or two. Unsure on the fish front. Considering getting a photosynthetic sponge carried by gulf coast ecosystems. Corals: Again none yet, TBD if I will have any. Macroalgae: Caulerpa prolifera, Gracilaria parvispora and hayi, coralline algae. All are thriving and start producing oxygen bubbles within an hour of the lights going on (a timer keeps the lights on from 1 to 9 pm). Here is a picture of my tank. Hope you enjoy it!
  12. Okay, I’m IN more to come, but let’s start with this
  13. Jellyingabout

    Wave motion in a pico

    Ok so this may be a pipe dream however i have hopes of creating wave (ish) motions in my 4L pico. My thought is to run two lines into the tank pointed at each other. Both inflows would come from the same pump like so: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _tap _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Inflow1 ¦ (2/3 open) ¦ ¦ Pump _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ¦ ¦ ¦ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ tap _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ¦ ¦ (1/3 open) ¦ ¦__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _¦ ¦_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Inflow2 ¦ ¦ ¦_ _ _Solenoid valve _ _ _ ¦ This way neither inlet is ever off. When the solenoid is open the flow balence is 40/60, with the solenoid shut its 60/40. By doing this we keep both Inflows always on, avoiding any noisy gargling that would happen with the flow simply turning on/off. I have a 12V DC solenoid valve and a 12V DC power supply. What i need help with is what electrical wizardry do i need to turn on the solenoid intermitantly? Cheers, Aaron
  14. Jellyingabout

    Auto Water Change - 4L Pico

    Hey all, So after 3 years without a tank i'm finally "easing" myself into it with a 4L pico set up plus a few gadgetry things. I live on the coast and the water here although a bit high in nitrates is generally very clean. I'd like to set up two large resovoirs under my pico one for fresh SW which i will drip feed into the sump. At the same rate fresh SW drips in, i'd like system water to drip out the sump into the second resovoir. But how do i match the rates without a peripump £££. Any ideas? Cheers, Aaron
  15. So I figured I'd join in on the latest Pico container fun. I've always liked the idea of a jar reef, so now I've decided to give it a shot. Not completely sure on anything else yet, but I'm sure it'll be fun! So far here's what I've got. Also, seaweed snack are a condiment right?!
  16. robertsdalton

    My First Pico

    The journey begins! After wanting something different from my freshwater, I did lots of research on reef keeping and I’m so excited to get started. I’ve just set up my very first pico and the cycling has begun. I wanted to challenge myself by using the small tank I already had. It’s a 5 gallon with internal filtration. Here’s what’s in the tank so far: About 7lbs live sand 5lbs live rock Aqueon pro 50w heater Hydor Koralia 240 I’ve taken out the filter cartridge for the cycling process and plan to add filter floss and Chemipure Elite when the time comes. I added a pinch of flakes to the water to kickstart the cycling. My test kit will come in the mail tomorrow. The 3.6w LED light that came on the tank probably won’t be enough to grow corals, so I’ll be buying one tomorrow. Is it okay to put in a clean up crew now or should I wait until ammonia and nitrite is at 0? Also I plan to make this mostly coral but a pair of clowns is very tempting. Feedback would be greatly appreciated! I’m new and still have lots to learn so I’d love to hear from you.
  17. Hello Everyone! I've been reef-keeping for about four years now (after a long stint keeping tropical before that) and having had a 180L mixed reef, a 60L nano, I have now gone even smaller with a 30L system. I haven't kept a reef build before so I hope I can keep you guys posted on this system's progress (assuming there is progress)! Like many, I'm sure, I started off by reading up about reefs on many sites and eventually, now, I only really come onto NR! My early inspirations were all from this forum, mainly TeenyReef's 10G, ninjamyst's 12G, yoshii's 10G and Justind's 9G. Subsequently, I fell in love with the shallow style tank and East1, Scorched, 4x5 and Brad908's builds. Setup: Display- ADA Cube Garden 45-F (45 x 16 x 24cm); Sump- custom acrylic four chamber sump (approximately 25 cm cube); Overflow- a Scorched style direct drain/ return system with a 1" drain and 1/2" return; Return pump- Jecod DCT-1200; Heater- Aquael 50W Easy Heater; Circulation- will probably add my MP10 from the 60L; Light- at present nothing but my Ai Prime will be mounted onto this in the near future (when the 60L is closed down); Mechanical filtration- 4" filter sock; Bio filtration- maybe 2kg live rock and future plan to add chaeto chamber to sump; Chemical filtration- None planned; Doser- single dosing pump (TMC) planned for Kalwasser addition; ATO- TMC single switch; Cabinet- IKEA! My plans for livestock are actually just two or three corals which I hope to nurture to eventually fill a lot of the open space. In fact I only started this tank to keep some of my old favourite colonies (or frags of) when I sold almost all of my 60L system off and realised I'd miss reef-keeping too much! My cleaner shrimp from the 60L (already two years old) will also probably see out his days here and hopefully a porcelain crab if I can find a pretty one. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  18. ChristopherDido

    Pico gift for co-worker

    Hey all, So I'm involved in the Pico container contest, definitely not an expert in Picos or reefing lol. I also Have a 20 gallon in my classroom, the science teacher across the hall comes in and looks at our classroom reef all the time and loves it. So I have some questions about getting him a small Pico, not a jar. I bought an 8X8X8 deep blue cube ~ 2 gallons. I'm trying to think it the best way to set this up. Have a few ideas here is what i am definitely doing (Already purchased...) Doing an ABI 23W PAR38 bulb. Picking up ~3 Lbs of live rock on Monday to start the cycle. Need help with a few Question items: Should I stick to an Air Pump or do an Internal Filter like this or this? Would I be able to put a pistol/goby pair in here? Seems like I could, someone said YWG would be fine. Are their any goby/pistol pairs I should avoid? Would Hawaiian Black Sand be too large for a goby? If not which sand will work? And for a hanger for the light will this with this work? TIA... He is thinking he wants to set up his own tank but is nervous, I think going this simple setup may help him jump on board.
  19. Myka

    Myka's 10L Bubble Reef

    I have this Tank Journal posted up on a couple other sites, but figured I would share here too. Yesterday The Bubble turned 4 weeks old. I'll catch you all up... Posted Jan 27th: One of the local Facebook pages started up a "jar reef challenge". We're all taking our jar reefs to the local frag swap in April to show them off. I've wanted to do a pico reef for probably 10 years, and I figured why not now? Of course I am always up for a good challenge, and the first thing was finding a "jar" I liked the look of. I wanted something that was clear to look through, not wavy and distorted. I also really like how the 12-gallon IM Cylinder tank looks - the convex acrylic makes the livestock look a lot bigger than it is. My inspiration is from floating flower bowls:
  20. Jimmeh Lee

    Office Spec V Journal

    Hello Nano-Reef! I'm getting salty again after a long hiatus with a boss approved desktop reef. I'll be using a Fluval Spec V that's been collecting dust. Thankfully I still have some of my old equipment, including an mp10, ATO, and intank media basket. The plan is to keep zoas, LPS, and probably something small with perching behavior like a tailspot blenny. Current hardware list: -Fluval Spec V -Intank media basket -Stock return pump w/o spray nozzle -50w Aqueon heater -MP10QD -Current USA Orbit Marine 18-24" -Tunze 3152 Nano ATO; going to try to make this work, the sensor is too large for the back, even without a heater in there. If I can set it correctly in the display, I'll keep it. I did a little repair work on the filter panel where the silicone detached from the plastic, and plasti-dipped the back panel yesterday. Just about everything that's been ordered should be arriving between this Friday and upcoming Monday. We should be cycling by the middle of next week! Here's how we're sitting for now.
  21. Newbie or Noob..... I started the Tetra cube May 1st....the day it got wet. Using aquacultured live rock, Instant Ocean Reef Crystals , and CaribSea Arag-Alive Bahamas Oolite ( sand is very fine ) all from Petco I used this sand because it is very fine and easy to clean in the type of tank I am running, I will not be using this sand in the Marineland it is too fine and blows around very easy. You wonder why I listed 2 tanks ??? The tetra is a test tank, to see if I could do a salt water tank, if things turn out good I will start the Marineland next spring. I do no live stock ordering in the cold months, been there done that with my fresh water tanks. I plan to go all out with the Marineland, it will be my only salt water and plus I need to budget for it....buy things for it slowly. I find that this hobby is not cheap. The tetra I will use as a QT tank. Right now as of this date I have no test kits which is kind of stupid for me. I ran the tetra with only sand, rock and water for 4 weeks with the lights running for a short period of time. A week later I added live stock, 2 red leg hermit crabs and 2 frags of mushroom coral. The hermits will be the only critters, the tank is too small for fish. Betta maybe. On 6/21/17 I tested my water for the first time at Petco, the water I took in was this: I did a water change of about 20% waited 2 days then took it in, this is the reading. Nitrates....20ppm Nitrites....1.0 alkalinity.....40ppm ph....7.4 Believe it or not, I have no clue as to what this is......now I will try to post a link Now this is where I started.........
  22. ERRMAHGERD! @Mariaface and I are super stoked to enter the Pico contest! Here is our o-fish-al entry for a bell jar pico. Not sure exactly what we might end up doing for water movement. The total volume here appears to be about 3/4 of a gallon so it is purretty small. #yourekillinmesmalls BUT WE KNOW WE ARE GONNA HAVE SOME DONGS UP IN HERE!
  23. Hello, I had a circulation pump, which stopped working a few days ago. I'm thinking to buying a return pump, because it's more cheaper! For my aquarium with soft corals how many gallon per hour would be better? Maybe 130 gph? Bye
  24. Hi! it's been forever since I've posted. After several years, I've decided to get back in the hobby. I'm slowly planning my launch of a 2.3 gallon "long" aquarium. After the initial setup I'm going to leave it for three months before I add any live creature or coral. The measurements are: 18"x5"x7" as shown here: I decided on using a CurrentUSA Orbit 18" LED light. I like it because of the controller and it fits this aquarium perfectly.  There are other pieces of equipment that I already had (stored away), but I would like your advice as to whether to use any of it: Hydor Submersible 25 watt heater Rio Nano HoB Skimmer Aquarium leveling mat Eheim Classic 150 cannister filter (seems way too large for this!) AquaClear 20 Digital thermometer Refractometer  I don't have any nano-size powerheads or anything else for water circulation and not sure what to get, if any. What kind of water testing kit should I get?  A thin layer of sand would be great, since I don't like the look of a bare bottom tank. But not a thick layer (the aquarium is only 7 inches high after all). I was thinking about CaribSea Ocean Direct (5 lbs - the smallest amount, but not use it all). I have plenty of dry nano-size aragonite reef rock to use, and I do not want the possibility of any hitchhikers. I had a huge problem with bryopsis in my last tank and I don't want to go down that path of agony again.  I'd like to create a theme: an ALL-BLUE stocked aquarium. Maybe with things like Blue Zoanthids? Blue Ricordea? Blue clove polyps? Blue mushrooms? What else is blue that's small and would work with this lighting? It cannot be large! Oh, and I have no plans for fish. Not sure to have for a clean-up crew either, but there are blue hermit crabs, aren't there? Whatever I add, I don't want to add any additional rocks to this build, so as to avoid hitch-hikers.  What are your thoughts???
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