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  1. The Kickin' It Old School 2.5g Pico Reef Competition has officially come to an end! 🗳✅ WE NEED YOUR VOTES! ✅🗳 ❤️ Competition sponsored by Marine Depot and Cultivated Reef ❤️ Hey everybody! 👋 How was your summer? Can you believe 7 months have gone by since we first kicked off our 18th birthday celebration with our very first Old School 2.5gal Pico Reef Competition?! This fun competition got started back in March 2019 and is centered around the one of the earliest popular pico reef tanks around, a classic 2.5 gallon all glass aquarium. Competitors were asked to constrain themselves to these classic tank dimensions, 12" x 6" x 8" or near-equivalent dimension tank, along with a simple list of limited equipment choices similar to what was available to pico reef pioneers nearly 18 years ago. After 7 months of fierce competition, an impressive 19 pico reef tanks have made it to the end to compete for one of three amazing prizes! Now we need you, the Nano-Reef Community, the help decide the winners! Each contestant has been asked to share a final FTS and a brief summary of their experiences in the competition, which are listed below in alphabetical order. Please review each competitor's 2.5gal Old School Pico Reef before casting your vote in each of the categories below. Click on any contestant's pico reef to be taken to their competition aquarium journal to learn more about their journey in old school pico reefing. Voting Ends November 17th at Midnight PST! 🏆 Contest Prizes There will be 3 winning pico reefs chosen by community vote. In the event of a tie, I, Christopher Marks Community Founder, will cast the tie-breaking vote. The winners will be chosen for the following categories, while taking into consideration the pico reef's overall heath, growth, and progression throughout the contest period: Best Use Of Color Not Necessarily The Most Colors... Cultivated Reef $150 Gift Certificate (shipping not included) Dr. Tim's Aquatics Prize Pack ($50 Value) Small Bottles of ammonium chloride (1), One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria (1), First Defense (1), 1 pack of Waste-Away Gels Most Diverse Livestock Fill Your Pico Reef Wisely... Aquatic Life Twist-In 100 GPD 4-Stage RO/DI System ($140 Value) Dr. Tim's Aquatics Prize Pack ($75 Value) Large Bottles of ammonium chloride (1), One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria (1), First Defense (1), (1) Waste-Away, 1 pack of Waste-Away Gels, and 2 Bene-FISH-al Fish Food Grinders (one veggie one protein). Best Aquascape Creativity, Use Of Space, Visual Appeal... Innovative Marine 10 Gallon NUVO Fusion Nano Aquarium ($100 Value) Note: This specific aquarium has since been discontinued, substitute prize TBA soon. Dr. Tims Aquatics Large Prize Pack ($100 Value) Large Bottles of ammonium chloride (1), One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria (1), First Defense (1), (1) Waste-Away, 1 pack of Waste-Away Gels, and 2 Bene-FISH-al Fish Food Grinders, and a Marine Fish Food Starter Kit. Potential category prize winners may only claim a prize package from 1 of 3 prize categories. In the event a pico reef tank is voted as a winner for 2 or more categories, the winner must choose only 1 of the available winning prize categories and forfeit the remaining category prizes to the pico reef tank(s) with the next highest vote count(s) in the remaining category (or categories). 🎁 Bonus Awards from CM - A Nano-Reef T-Shirt & Sticker pack! We had a lot of great pico reefs that entered the competition and gave their best. Some didn't quite follow the rules all the way, but tagged along in spirit, while others fell victim to pest infestations, or just a lack of available time this summer. We had some really dedicated journaling as well, with lots of fun updates to follow along, and also some pico reefs dedicated to housing unusual specimens. I appreciate everyone who gave it a try, stuck it out to the end, and those who didn't make it but still gave it their best. At the close of voting I will be announcing my personal selections for the following bonus award categories, who will receive a Nano-Reef.com T-Shirt and sticker pack from me. 🙂 Most Janky Tank - Award for the best humble budget build with classic glass tank with plastic rim. Worst Infestation - Award for the poor pico reef contest tank that suffers the worst pest outbreak. Best Rule Breaker - Award for the coolest 2.5g tank that doesn't follow the contest rules, or qualify for other prizes, but still tags along for fun! Best Documentation - Award for the pico reef contest tank with the best aquarium journal documenting the process. Most Unique Creature - Award for the pico reef contest tank that successfully houses an unusual specimen. 📜 Final Competitors List (Alphabetical Order) @allesluge Long time lurker, first janky Pico Reef @caas1496 Paly Peninsula: 2.5G Pico Contest - Final Post @ChristopherDido Dr. Seuss's Truffula Tank - Final Post @Clown79 PICOING IT OLD SCHOOL - Final Post @Eclipse522 Eclipse's secret lagoon old school pico - Final Post @Joevember Joe's Boneless Pico Reef - Final Post @kimberbee Kimber's Contest Pico - Turning up the HEAT - Final Post @kimdawg Tybee Janky Tank - Final Post @Lingwendil 2.5G Pico Contest! Team Jank! - Final Post @MetaTank MetaJANKs Old School Polished Turd - Final Post @Noah C Peterson Noah's Hidden Cavern - A Old School Pico Adventure - Final Post @Ratvan Old School Zoa/Paly Garden - Final Post @RudyEnt Rudy's New Pico Reef - Old School Pico Reef - Final Post @seabass Montipora Fields of Bikini Bottom 🗿 Old School Mullet - Final Post @SeaFurn Seafurn's NOTORIOUS P-I-C-O - Final Post @This guy is extra salty DIY acrylic old school V3 - Final Post @Tigahboy Tigahboy's 🌋 Pico - Final Post @William William’s “why am I doing this” ... old school pico - Final Post @Wingy Wingy's "Old School Pico Reef" - Final Post Shoutouts to our Rule Breakers who made it all the way to the very end @Wonderboy (Wonderboy's 2.5G - Old School Pico's Got Tricks), @GraniteReefer (Granite’s Dropoff Poopico), and @Tempestas (Seaview Pico – An Old School Cheerleader)! Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition and gave it a try, and everyone who followed along to cheerlead! I hope everyone had a fun time! ❤️ A very special Thank You to community sponsors @Cultivated Reef and @Marine Depot for supporting our Nano-Reef Community! We wouldn't here here without your amazing support all these years! 😍
  2. Hi NR! This is my second post here in this forum! Some background about myself: I'm located at the other side of the world and I've been in this hobby since 2002 but was out of the reefing scene for the past four years. So I just happened to search Pico tanks and what do I see? NR with a pico competition. 🙂 The itch started in me and I told myself I had to do it now or never! I know I'm late to the party and its been 2 months or so since the competition began. But heck yeah I thought I'll just tag along for fun so spare me. More pics coming soon hang on tight!
  3. GeneticallyModifiedNerd

    Beginner Pico - Old School Pico Reef Competition

    Well, it’s the morning of April 30th in Seattle and I just got my tank yesterday! Definitely a procrastinator but to be fair I only recently got back as a lurker on the site and last week saw the competition post... 😅 Not a high quality photo but I’m thinking a spot like this on my desk. I’ve only ever had freshwater fish in my life, so I’m excited to dive into saltwater with coral! I’ll post an equipment list when I can. Definitely need all the advice I can get. If you notice the odd covered object in the foreground of my pic, it’s my microscope. I have a camera attachment so I’ll be posting pictures of some water samples and such once I get going! Super excited to get a good excuse to use it more often. And if anyone is curious, the “snack” is konpeito, a Japanese candy. ☺️
  4. Equiptment: 2.5g Janky tank: $9 Glass because my dog broke the tank... $2 Tiny HOB filter: $2.50 - with floss + carbon Fountain pump: I had this Nano-box Tide: $100 (bought used) ATO: manual Heater: none! Livestock: Yelowstrip clingfish x2 Horned Blenny Clown crab Juvi green porcelain crab Anemone porcelain crab Polka-dot hermit crab Blue leg hermit crab An algae eating slug Various snails A hot mixed mess of SPS/LPS/Softies/Macro/NPS and a sponge... 8/1/19 5/21/19 I suppose I better get this hot mess started before the month ends and I forget to make a post. First thing that happened is my dog broke the tank so I glued a piece of glass across the back and we are going to roll with it and hope it holds water. While I wouldn't say these are my favorite snacks...a vitamin water and watermelon are what I'm snacking on at 2am before bed.
  5. Hi to all I have been lurking in this forum for a few years waiting to get involved in this beautiful hobby. Not having the time, enough knowledge, space, or resources, I procrastinated the start up of my 14 gal bio cube. On my daily lurking schedule I read Christopher Marks announcement for the Old School 2.5 gal Pico Reef competition. And as life has settle down a bit I think it’s time to begin. I don’t run for the price, I run for the joy, and to keep a continuos advance in my Pico reef and to keep track of it. I am very excited, it is a great forum, because of all of you, and the best way to learn and share knowledge. Equipment at the moment: janky tank 2.5 gal janky light temperature controller tk4s-14rr Hang on back filter bio pro hf600 livestock green star polyp clove polyp coral purple tip australian hammer few zoa frags 2 acan frags green-purple splashed hammer war coral frag green favia frag 3 monti frags inverts 3 dwarft cerits one porcelain crab one pom pom crab (MIA) 2 sexy shrimp fish small clown fish gone in an amonia rise Janky tank with chocolate bunny inside. leak and filter pump test Insert other media June 13 2019 FTS August FTS
  6. Wonderboy

    Wonderboy's UGFuge 2.5G Pico

    Recent FTS - Oct 27, 2019: (this one is the contest final FTS) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really like the theme of the Kickin' It Old School Pico Reef Contest - so I'm going to jump in on this one. Looking forward to putting this together as "old school" as possible with some necessary twists. I am almost finished collecting everything for my build; here's a shot of the 2.5G and my current preferred snack (contest prereq):
  7. Ok. Here we go. I have not had a Pico reef in 10+ years but I saw this contest and I had to build one again. I dug up my 2.5g tank from my garage. It has been dry forever. I also went into my box of equipment and as you can see from the picture, my filter is over 15 years old and was put away dirty. Really bad of me. I have not turned it on and I hope it still works. As for the light, I found my old light but I don't think it will be good enough so I am going to take apart the LED light in the picture and build a small LED fixture for the tank. I found my old air pump but I don't think I will use it. I will be going bare bottom and as for corals I will frag from my main system. It being a 150 gallon mixed reef. My wife looked at me saw what I had bought out and shrugged and shook her head. I guess I am off to a good start. Good luck everyone.
  8. Here's the start of my official entry into the old school pico reef competition! The current plan is to house a variety of colorful, fast growing corals and a small selection of inverts. I'm still debating whether to scape it as a peninsula or blackout one of the long sides of the tank to do a traditional scape. Equipment list: - Aqua Japan rimless tank (12x7x9", 3G) - Kessil A80 Tuna Blue - Cobalt Neotherm 75w heater (major overkill! Probably going to downsize later) - Fluval Aquaclear 30 with DIY surface skimmer attachment, MarinePure + SeaChem Matrix media, and filter floss - RealReef rock (~5lb) - Live sand from my 25G lagoon tank Current husbandry plan is identical to my other reef tank save for water change % and is as follows: Mon/Fri: Fuel + Phyto Wed: Oyster Feast + ReefRoids Thu: 100% water change - Top off as needed - Clean glass as needed
  9. Joevember

    Joe's Boneless Pico Reef

    8/2/19 7/16/19 6/12/19 5/8/19 Hello NR! I’m excited to be joining the old school pico reef contest. My plan for the tank is a ‘boneless’ setup… so all (or mostly) soft corals and nems. On top of this, the tank will be set up at my high school, Whitney Young, as a part of my club, Eco Club, which focuses on animal stewardship and environmental education. I will be the one managing all maintenance on the tank. My main goal for this project is to teach other students about coral reefs/marine habitats and for them to be able to become active in their protection and conservation. Since I’ll keep it at school I won’t be there to take care of it every day, so I’ll try to make it as bulletproof as possible (why it'll be boneless). Let’s get down to the setup list: The tank I’m using is a UNS 3N, very seamless, clean look. Aquaclear 50 power filter. I’ll get into the filtration below. Kessil A160, supplied by the club. Kessil Spectral Controller, supplied by the club. Aqueon 50W heater. ACKE horticulture/refugium light. JBJ ATO, cheap and ugly... I'd like a Smart ATO micro in the future because the JBJ is reeaally bulky. Now we’re getting into filtration: The filtration is going to be mostly biological. I converted the AC50 into a refugium by putting the light on the back and taping the sides to keep the light in. I’ll be putting chaeto in there along with 3 marine pure spheres- I considered caulerpa but the possibility of it going sexual and nuking the tank outweighs the pros. The other biological filtration will be from the sandbed and live rock. I have a small bag in with a tbsp of carbon and a few pinches of GFO as well. I have a strip of filter floss next to the intake in the filter for mechanical filtration. Jumping into the aquascape plan: I wanted to give this its own category since I planned so much about it. Just to give you an idea of how long I spent on it, it took me over 10 minutes to wash the epoxy and super glue off my hands after I finished it. I designed an arch to be able to let a few corals grow up the sides of it while leaving enough room on the sandbed for other corals. I’ll try to find some tall corals like leathers, kenya tree, xenia, or photosynthetic goniopora to put on the back of the arch to give it more depth. I’ll get cloves, GSP, zoas, mushrooms, and some other softies to grow over everything and make colorful. It's mostly zoas though. Then on the sandbed I’ll keep RFAs to put some more colors in there. Moving onto the stocking list: So the only real things that I will stock in the tank will be a clean up crew and a few crabs. Right now I have a purple porcelain crab, a halloween hermit, two trochus snails, and a few hitchhiker stomatellas. That about does it, I’ll try to pump out as many updates as I can for you all.
  10. Well its finally happened, after five years out of the hobby I stumbled on the contest thread and got hooked by all of your sick tanks. I'm really excited to jump back into the game! Equipment Tank: 2.5 AGA Aquarium (Are Tecatas a snack? If not banana for scale/snack) Lighting: ABI Tuna Blu 12w LED Filter: Whisper PF10 Heater: Aqueon Mini 10w Livestock: ** I really want to focus on one centerpiece, thinking a maxi mini and some sexy shrimp, maybe a pretty toadstool, not really sure yet. Please give me suggestions!!***** The Plan: One of my favorite parts of going to a well designed aquarium is the attention to detail that goes into not only the inside of the aquarium, but the fully themed displays that capture the world both within the tank and around it. The goal for this little guy is to devise a Hidden Cave. A glimpse into a lost ecosystem. How: The biggest challenge for this tank is going to be creating the illusion of depth in a tank that is only 6" deep. I plan on constructing and exterior shadowbox behind the tank making a mirage of stone deeper in the "Cave" I want to put a lot of time into the exterior of the tank. The plan is to design a cave structure to surround the tanks, giving us a glipse into the tank. I'll post some of my inspiration images below so this maybe makes sense Lol Well that about wraps it up until I can actually start working on the tank. I have no clue if any of these things are going to work out but I think this is going to be a very fun little contest and I'm so stoked to finally be back in this awesome addiction.... I mean hobby...Thanks for looking everyone, I would love some suggestions or ideas on stocking and critics of my plan!
  11. As I mentioned in my main entry post, I had thoughts of trying to run a secondary entry. Not sure if it’s allowed, but I thought this would be a fun personal challenge. If it’s not allowed, this one just tags along for fun. And why might that be? I’ve decided to self inflict a rule with this particular tank: It must be free. The total build cost can not exceed zero dollars! How? One of the cool things about this contest is that the contest post said entrants “might” just have these pieces lying around. So I’m going to dig through my jun- err I mean stuff and limit this 100% to items I already own, right down to the sand, rock, coral, fish, filter media, light, you name it. And the rule starts now tank got so I can’t even place any corals from my most recent order arriving soon. I’m going to rate this on a difficulty scale of “nearly impossible” for me because I love any excuse to get new things. But hey, I feel like a challenge 🤣 And btw, it’s set up in my garage where the other half hopefully won’t notice it, so don’t go spoiling my little secret! Included below are the first pictures which feature some of the assorted supplies I may use in the build. The ancient whisper power filter is missing it’s intake strainer, so I cut the end off of that sponge filter and put it over the filter to prevent any fish or coral from getting sucked away. Next we have a marina 10w heater and circulation pump and nozzle taken from one of my spec 1’s , which decided a few weeks ago that leaking was fun. I’m thinking to use it as a powerhead, since my only other Powerheads are 425gph and a bit overpowering. Note that this tank has the mixed indo pacific live sand.
  12. HahahaHeather

    Heather's a Picorastinator

    Hi everyone, I'm Heather, this is my very first marine tank, my husband, @dasrkrain talked me into doing this competition and honestly I'm super excited ( shh, he doesn't need to know that) Up until this point I've kept to betas and aquatic frog keeping. at this point I think I'm going to do a coral only tank with a large amount of color variation. the equipment I have so far is: 2.5 gallon Tetra tank Top Fin silentstream 10 power filter Aqueon mini heater 10w I haven't made a decision on the light I want quite yet, hopefully I'll have something locked down by the time my tank finishes cycling. As of right this second I have dry rock, sand and one small live rock ( that I stole from Hubs) to seed my dry rock in my tank. As you can see I have a serious case of snack indecision. I personally like portrait view tanks better than landscape view tanks, so I have my little tank set up in portrait view. Right now it is just setting on my dresser, but I plan to give it a more permanent home on the bookshelf, surrounded by books. Wish me luck!
  13. My companion Alexa says I spend too much time thinking and I need a hobby. She’s been hearing a lot of people talk about pico reefs and suggested I take part. She also says I can get everything needed online...which totally works for me. Thanks for following along with me as I learn. current FTS Apr 28,2019 Early days * 2.5 ga. Finnex Tank * AZOO Mignon 150 * AZOO 180 Powerhead ( timered for sporadic flow) * Lomhie Asta 20 marine light * Inkbird ( no heater, but will control cooling fans) * Micro ATO ( arrives later this week) Starting snack shot
  14. Aquarium specs: Tank: UNS 3N (2.9 gal) Light: Nano-box reef Tide Filter: Azoo mignon 150 with surface skimmer attachment Heater: Marina Compact Heater Auto-top off: XPAqua Circulation: Hydor Pico evo-mag 180 Rock: Rubble from my RSR Nano, "shapes" rock Sand: Sand from RSR nano, pulse a small amount of dry special grade Dosing (weekly): 2ml Tropic Marin "All-For-Reef" 1ml Acropower 3 drops of Vibrant Inhabitants: Fish: Snow Onyx Clownfish Inverts: Red Mithrax crab Pom Pom Crab Rainbow Bubble-tip Anemone Mini-maxi carpet Anemone(s) Rock Flower Anemone(s) Various snails Various hermits Coral: Birdsnest Katopora Green acropora Orange setosa Red pocillopora Orange leptastrea Green Duncan x2 Dragon soul favia Zoanthids (random) Purple frilly gorgonian Blastomusa merletti Red Iridescent mushroom Orange Jawbreaker mushroom Assorted favia Assorted Chalice 9/21/19 8/22/19 4/25/19 4/20/19 4/17/19
  15. A little background, been fish keeping for 16 years or something crazy. Got back into reef tanks last year with a 30 gallon and sump, swapped to a IM 25 Lagoon, now I'm in a standard 29 gallon. Saw the pico contest, told the Mrs and she said go for it as long as I don't spend more than $75....challenge accepted. I had a bunch of random filters, heaters, pumps, lights etc from over the years so this should be easy. Aqueon Jank 2.5G -$12.57 Aquaclear 50(chopped the internal basket to allow for floss pad and marinepure blocks)- $Free Hydor Theo 50W- $Free Schuber Wright Base and Light- $24.99 Finnex Ray2 for retrofit- $Free Nano Box Retro fit- $277.50 Aqamai KPS- $107.99 Smart ATO Micro- $80.99 Ikea Cabinet- $Free Sand: $Free Rock: $Free Purigen Chemipure Blue Nano Bio Spira Equipment Total: $37.56 $71.01$504.04 Livestock 2 Red Leg Hermits $5 Red Leg Hermit Zoa Colony $15 God Fist Acro $18 Planet Doom Favia $6 Radioactive Lord Acan $12 Roadkill Acan $Freebie GSP $Free Zoa Frag $Stolen from other tank Paly Frag $Stolen from other tank Red Monti Cap $Stolen from other tank "Hank" The Yellow Damsel $6 Gracilaria Hayi- Pom Pom Macro $Free Gracilaria Parvispora- Red Ogo Macro $Free Livestock Total: $56 62 4/9/19 FTS 4/18/19 FTS FTS 5/3/18 FTS 6/19/19 Just did a water change so everything is a little closed up FTS 01/01/2020
  16. Current FTS (5/29/19) TANK- UNS 3N Rimless LIGHT- Fluval Sea Nano Marine LED Light mount- gooseneck tablet stand HOB- Aquaclear 50 With DIY surface skimmer POWERHEAD- Current USA eFlux 660 HEATER- Tetra 50 watt LID- Cut Plexiglass SALT- Red Sea Coral Pro CORALS- Florida ricordea St Thomas mushrooms Acans Candy Cane Pink palys Zoas- Armor of God Rastas Blue Lightning Fruit Loops Butterfly Nebulas Sunny Delight Scrambled Eggs Spaceman Paly Orange Speckles INVERTS- Porcelain crab Rock Flower Anemones Hi there, it's been a little bit! I took a break from the hobby, but I can't help but get excited again with everyone's reef inspiration! After a few years of being away from Nano-Reef I decided on April 2nd to take a peek & see what I've been missing out on... Now I just have to jump in & get my feet wet (literally)! I love reading about people's reefs & seeing all the cool photos, but haven't been one to comment much. Hopefully getting involved with this old school pico reef contest will give me a boost to engage with you all more. I'm excited! I'm using a tablet stand holder to mount my light & it's working great!
  17. So I'm in... This will be my second pico reef, wife gave me the go ahead. I'll be building this pico reef through the eyes of a child. We just had our son just over 7 months ago and watching him discover and be fascinated by the simplest of things and reading to him at nights got me thinking of all the wonderful fairy tale like aspects there can be to reefing. So this build will be devoted to my son and recreating a scene from Dr. Seuss's The Lorax, so I present to you Dr. Seuss's Truffula Tank. I hope to build a whimsical little world that my son will be fascinated by and Dr. Seuss would be proud of. Here's my official entry shot, tank should be wet today: Hardware: Aqueon 2.5G - $14 Aquaclear 30 - $0 Cobalt heater - 5W, probably gonna have to replace this - Changed to Tetra HT10 $20 Par38 not sure if it's the 12W or 23W I bought both during the reef jar contest and can't remember which stayed over the converted jar (anyone know how to tell by looking at it?) - $0 Still need to find/make a lid that will work with HOB on there (any ideas?) Planning to do manual top off Stocking: Still deciding on lots of things... Plan for corals at the moment, Truffula Trees (AKA different colored hammers) and trying to grow green, grassy mats (thinking green star polyps) over the "hilly" rocks. Will also keep looking for other corals that will keep the Lorax theme.
  18. I’m still brand new to saltwater aquariums, having set up my first saltwater tank just after Christmas of 2018. I used to enjoy freshwater aquariums of various sizes but haven’t had one wet in at least ten years. Of course, I still had a bunch of various stuff lying around, including a few classic 2.5 gallon tanks! But after discussing the contest with the other half, he said I should get a rimless tank and some new supplies. So of course I’m not going to argue! Now if I’m allowed to make two entries, I’ll dig through all my ancient left-overs for a team jank entry too I have ordered the aquamaxx 2.6 gallon aquarium from marine depot which is set to arrive on Wednesday. I’ve already received some of the equipment which includes: Neotherm 25w heater Aquaclear 50 HOB filter Autoaqua micro ATO (purchased for a different tank but since I saw this contest I’ll probably use on this tank) Current coral includes: Acans GSP Zoas Maxi mini anemone Montipora sps (birdsnest?) Yuma Ricordea Mushroom Livestock: 5 x bumble bee snails 1 x hermit crab 2 x neon gobies 1 x surprise guest invertebrate I’ll post pics of the tank when it arrives!!!
  19. This will be my first pico tank but not my first saltwater tank. I want to grow some macroalgea that I cannot keep in my main tank. Snails and urchins love to eat my nice and not so cheap macroalgea. Equipment Aqueon glass aquarium 2.5 gal 12 x 6 x 8 Aquaclear 30 Tetra ht10 50 watt heater Light is a reefstar I bought used a while ago Diy temperature monitor Top off will be manually or gravity feed Livestock I don't know yet Dry/live sand and live rock Hopefully tomorrow I will add the sand rock and water.
  20. Better late than never so here we go! I had so much fun a couple of years back in the 100 Days of Nano's contest that I thought I'd join in on the fun on this one! I can't promise that I'll be able to keep up with all the action on everyone's' contest pages but I'll try my best. My hope for this tank is that, even though it's going to be janky on the outside, it ends up being beautiful on the inside, with stable parameters and thriving corals. Future TOTM? Probably not, but it's good to have a stretch goal, right? Speaking of corals, that's going to be my focus in these 2.5 gallons - so no RFAs or baby RFAs in this one. And who better to help me with that than my friends at @Got Corals ! Since my RFA obsession began, Sandy has been so helpful with all my RFA's. When I mentioned doing this contest and having her help me, she didn't even hesitate! I'm really looking forward to the collaboration on this! We are still kicking around ideas so stay tuned. Tank - Tetra 2.5 gallon Filter - Seachem Tidal 55 - this thing is a beast - flow won't be a problem. Probably won't use the intake tube at all. Plan on making a media and heater holder from egg crate. Heater - Cobalt Mini-therm 10w Temp Controller - Finnex Lighting - ABi 12w Tuna Blue Par 38 bulbs - we'll see ATO - manual top offs for now XPAqua Duetto Substrate - going bare bottom on this one; will probably use white ABS over the bottom glass Lid - have an Aqueon glass lid but need to watch @seabass 's glass cutting tutorial first - so I gave it a shot....I got it cut but it's also jagged and cracked. DIY is not my thing. Livestock - Coral, CUC, possibly an invert Shark nose goby from Algae Barn Ricordia (Got Corals) Zoas (Got Corals) Sexy Peach Galaxy palys (from @Weetabix7 orginally in reefbowl) Pink Lemonade acro Bubblegum digitata (Got Corals) Forest Fire digitata (Got Corals) Psammacora (Got Corals) Rainbow Stylophora (Got Corals) Frogspawn (Got Corals) Hammer (Got Corals) Acan (originally in reefbowl) GSP (from @Weetabix7 originally in 100 Days of Nano's tank) Dwarf ceriths (Reef Cleaners) Florida ceriths (Reef Cleaners) Rock's are cycling in a bucket. May throw some rocks from my 45 into the bucket to speed things up. Now for some pictures - More to come.....
  21. Hello All I am so excited to join this contest. Since this is my first tank journal I want to try new things. This will be my smallest salt water tank ever, the first time I have used a HOB filter on one and my first bare bottom tank, and yes I do live on Tybee Island. I got this tank wet on April 2nd and just got the nerve up to start my first personal thread on nano reef. Before we added water we took the janky tanky for a photo shoot. EQUIPMENT LIST 2.5 topfin tank AC 50 HOB Asta 20 LED Aqueon small heater Marina thermometer Do you think the two clowns will be to big for this tank? I plan to keep this tank up long term. I have a 75 reef as well but have to depend on my husband for most maintenance due to limited use of my left arm and hand. With a tank this small and a solo cup I will be able to add and change water whenever I want. After I added salt water I tried to glue and reef putty some of the rocks together and make a floating rock structure. I was not successful at it so I will make do with this rock-scape. I plan to add zoas, acans, and mushrooms at this point and let it develop from there. If anyone has any suggestions or critiques please let me know. I am really enjoying looking at all of the contest tanks and can't wait to see what directions they will take.
  22. Current fts Yup another entry. My goal isn’t to crash this tank. Between 3 cats and 2 kids 4 and under I’ve got a pretty nice shot. Hell, I might manage to crash it myself. tank: Boring old rimmed 2.5 gallon aga equipment: a light, I’ll find something a heater, my basement doesn’t get very warm. I have a 75 watt cobalt or a 50 watt aqueon. We’ll see what ends up working. a filter, I originally bought a seachem tidal 55 butttt I had a mishap on my black water tank (little bit of a drip at the connection to the online heater. Tried to tighten it. Ended up shattering a lily pipe somehow. Managed to fry the Kessil power supply). Holy crap do I like the tidal though. This pico might not be good enough to purchase another one 😝. So I’ll find something laying around here eventually I don’t know about any other equipment. I will probably paint the back of the tank blue. Or stick a bunch of painters tape to the back. Livestock plans: not sure, I like soft corals. offical entry pic shout out Uber eats for my late night snack that I didn’t have to share with the family
  23. pricewayne

    pynk pico

    Totally into giving this a shot. I'm still very much a rookie -- first SW tank was started about 3 months ago and I've fallen madly in love with the hobby. I think the competition is such a great opportunity to track progress in-line with more seasoned reefers. I'm really excited to learn as much as I can soak up! *warning: combining these snacks is not recommended Tank Specs Display: no name tank I found at a LFS for $20 & I'm lovin' it. Water capacity dimensions 11.75" X 7.75" X 4.5" -- really hope this falls within accepted dimensions for the competition. Filtration: AquaClear 50 & plan to mod the chamber following El Fab's Pico guide) Heater: FREESEA 50w with built-in thermometer & plan to house in the AC50 Lighting: still TBD... I may use the stock Fluval Evo light, or do a bulb, or maybe T5, or maybe something creative? Not gonna sweat lighting just yet. Scape: still TBD... have some small dry marco rocks that I played with all weekend but the perfect look hasn't clicked yet. May may a LFS run and get wet live rock for more options. Livestock Plan: think I'll just do a couple of small, interesting inverts -- maybe just a couple sexy shrimp Coral Plan: think I may stick to an all pink color scheme for my corals 🙂any recommendations on pink corals I should look into? Pics of my tank dimensions: 11.75" wide 7.75" height of water capacity (8.25" from top rim to bottom of tank) 4.5" wide Hoping to get my scape sourced and finished by end of this weekend -- want to add water, maybe some sand & get to cycling asap. Excited!!
  24. Hi everyone I’ve been lurking on this forum for more than a decade, and now that I finally have a job on land, I’ve decided that the time has come to finally start building my first SW reef. So as you can see, I’m going with a fishbowl instead of the traditional rectangular aquarium that was called for in the contest. It does however, meet two of the dimensional criteria, (2.5g and 12 inch diameter) which is why I’m joining in. The main reason I’m going with this shape is that I had been looking for a decent quality fishbowl for months and finally purchased it about a week before the contest was announced, so I’m sticking with it. The other reason is that none of the LFS in this city have a tank of the correct dimensions, which doesn’t help much. On to the build…
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