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Found 71 results

  1. DaveFason

    New NanoBox LED Color : Mint

    NanoBox is excited to introduce a new color to the NanoBox lineup, Mint. The color was discovered after switching to the Luxeon C LED on the V3.1 array. We have been using Lime for three years and have had incredible success. The mint spectrum nearly mimics lime however has a peak under the 450nm ( wavelength ). As you can see in the graph below marked with light pink. What does this mean for reefers? A better overall color, better blending and a more ideal spectrum. We have tested this spectrum for over a year with amazing results. Our original Lagoon 25, IM Drop Off , Fusion 10 and now our Red Sea 170 have used the mint spectrum. Along with many of our loyal NanoBox customers. The mint color has a "greenish" tone however once you blend with royal blue, blue, cyan and violet you will see how it shines. Mint Only : Mix : When will this be implemented in the NanoBox lineup? We made the switch back in November! We started to hear more and more people talk about the color looking better and glad we made the switch. Mint costs a few cents more but is well worth it. Will we be able to run the mint channel independently? Yes, if you would like. When ordering I would need to know. If you currently have a Plus M model we can change the wiring to separate the mint. Experiments? We have been running all of our tanks without any white supplementation for sometime. The results have blown us away. While there still needs to be true testing done ( spectrograph ) we believe this is a step forward. Creating a "reef" spectrum without white. If you look at 90% of the LED lights out there the white channel is marginally used. NanoBox will be sending a unit out to be tested utilizing only mint, royal blue, blue, cyan and violet. Rainbow Chalice Under Above : Have questions? Ask away! Happy reefing! -Dave
  2. Hello! I never actually setup this tank. Life and laziness got in the way. This tank will be housing my mushroom collection. Planned equipment: Lifeguard Aquatics Fullview 7 gallon AIO Nanobox Tide (currently a V2 array, I might have to send it off to Dave for a new array. Its my first Nanobox and I dig it) Upgrade return pump to an Eheim 600 or one of the new hydors I will be using the glass top to hopefully keep evaporation to a minimum. Manual top offs will have to do for now Built a scape with 5 lbs of stax rock, looks too symmetrical for me Planned live stock: Yellowtail Damsel A small cuc Bounces! some hammers and torches Some favias Tank is going in our bedroom
  3. moweryj3

    Nanobox retro 16 biocube

    Just set up my new nanobox led retro fit from intank ... Everything looks great other than I have no white lights ... I'm pretty sad ... I've mest with all the settings on bluefish2 app ... Everything is working fine other than the whites ... Dim everything to zero turn whites all up down and nothing ... UV light comes on ...??? Have I hooked something up wrong or is it faulty please help anyone
  4. Hello, I'm selling my ATI Sunpower Hybride LED NANOBox 36". It's made by @DaveFasonhttp://nanoboxreef.com This is an ATI Sunpower Hybride T5/LED NANOBox with 6 LED arrays and x4 T5 Bulbs.Original price is around $1500.Selling for: $600 - Bulbs are not included + Shipping. Nano-Reef.com Bonus: If you're ready to pay extra $50 I'll include a corals pack of $500+ cost for FREE that will be shipped separate the same day as the fixture. For local pick-up: Apex, NC Contact at: 919 889-828(s!x)It's a Wi-Fi controlled unit painted white with minor cosmetic issues. Working perfectly and growins anything you want. The fixture was repainted and cleaned one year ago by Dave. New reflectors, new fans.Switching just because I need to do a research about another light.Dave has everything custom made it's an amazing unit, you'll love it!
  5. Hello, I was recently gifted a IM 25g Lagoon that I will be setting up in a couple of months. I want to be able to grow everything (softies, LPS, SPS, & clams) I have started purchasing equipment for this tank, with the idea that I will likely want to get a larger tank in a few years. With this in mind, I can't decide between the Kessil a360w (with controller/mounting arm) and 1 Nanobox duo. I am currently leaning towards the a360w but I would love to hear opinions. Years down the road when I upgrade to a larger tank, I would use 2 Kessil a360w or 2 Nanobox duos'. I also got a Aquamaxx HOB 1.5 skimmer, which should be a beast on this small tank and will future proof me as long as I stay under 80 gallons in the future. 🙂
  6. Ended up breaking down my 4G cadlights nano and relocating inhabitants so I can have my desk back (starting a business and need for surface area...). I haven’t been following Nanobox developments since I bought it. Paid around $350 but see they’re now selling new for $299🙄. Never had a single problem with it! Black finish with blue metal cover. Willing to part with mine for $200 firm + shipping. Sorry, no trades please unless you’ve got drone parts😂. steve
  7. sapling

    Sapling's Nano

    Hey everyone so I've been on here a while but never documented my DIY 25g since I started it back around march last year, well I regret not documenting it, and lately I've been wanting to start up a smaller tank, so I thought, why not make a thread so I can record it so I can look back on it? I figure this way I can also learn from others and try to keep my questions in at least a lesser amount of threads. So its been official, I took the plunge on buying 14 ibs of BRS reef saver along with some hanna reagent about an hour ago. I made my tank DIY last time, and although I am still interested in doing that since I can tailor it to my needs, Im not the best craftsman wise. So I am currently looking into a couple tanks before I pull the trigger later tonight. it seems I have a couple options Im most interested in; the waterbox 7g or 10g IM nuvo fusion 10 I am a bit torn between the nuvo 10g or waterbox 10g. the fact they are plug and play is a nice bonus, compared to when I did my DIY, as doing a false wall is a bit frustrating when attempting not to shatter acrylic from drilling or scoring. the two are essentially the same price, although the IM nuvo comes with the lid, so I am leaning towards that. How does everyone who has one of these feel about the back chambers? I am currently debating between a Bare bottom tank or at least shallow sand. I never tried a Bare bottom tank and I think I'd really enjoy the look and cleanliness of it since Im already bad at vacuuming my sand in my tank. what do you guys suggest? my planned inhabitant will be either my Rainford's Goby or my Tail Spot Blenny from my 25g. Lately I've seen some random aggression from the blenny towards the Rainford, and Im planning to take one of them out, leaning towards the Rainford. I feel conflicted about putting the rainford in the 10g if its a Bare bottom, since he hasnt taken prepared food (live BBS, frozen, pellet) yet but picks at rocks and sifts the sand. I'm not sure if its refusal of prepared food or rather him being so passive, my other fish take it from him before he has a chance to eat? Besides hopefully the goby once cycled, I do plan to stock with coral, although Im not sure which yet, I know I have a few frags of zoas in my 25 without a home yet, but I also do really like the look of euphillia, and ricordeas. maybe euphillia on the top with zoas and rics mid to low? the lighting will be my finnex 12" Planted+ until I am sure about which Light i want, I am currently thinking of a par LED bulb to hang over, but I might get another nanobox light, just depends what I end up doing, and feels better to me. For my Filtration, I feel like I dont have too much space to play with like I did in the 25g. what would you guys suggest here? I imagine a skimmer would be useful for phosphates, plus a small bio pellet reactor for nitrates, but I am interested to see what others would say instead. maybe purigen and phosguard? not sure yet, but plenty of time to think. Maybe just cut a portion of my chaeto and carry it over, with activated carbon. ~~ anyways Im sure that might be TLDR but thanks everyone who read, I love seeing other peoples journals for reference, and learning from their experiences with their tanks, I'm hoping mine can help someone elses once it matures.
  8. NanoBox will be featuring tanks that we come across on social media, Reddit and other platforms other than Nano-Reef. We wanted to highlight customers that do not regularly/never post on the forums. We hope to make this a monthly or bi-monthly thread for you to enjoy! The first tank is Huy's Red Sea Reefer 170 paired with a NanoBox Wide Quad. Equipment List : NanoBox Wide Quad Water circulation: Vortech mp10 & Aqamai kps on random flow Skimmer: Aquamaxx ws-1 Return pump : Jebao dct-4000 Temp controller : Inkbird itc-308 attached to a 100w heater and a clip-on fan for those hot days. I keep the tank around 78-79 degrees. Doser: Jebao dp4 to keep alkalinity and calcium stable. Dkh around 7.8-8, calcium 400, mag 1320 Ato: Smart ato micro Supplements: Aqua vitro fuel for amino acids 3 drops daily. Potassium, vitamin c (beneficial for zoanthids), and magnesium is added to my top off reservoir. Bi-Weekly 5g water changes Huy runs his own light schedule that works really well for his reef. Give Huy a follow on Instagram! Minireef114 Enjoy! -Dave
  9. Noinoi24

    WTB NanoBox Duo Plus M

    Hello, I have a 13.5 Fluval Sea Evo Tank set-up and running, I have a NanoBox Mini Plus M on, but wanted to have more light to it, so im considering to get a NanoBox Duo Plus. If you have some used ones you are parting, please let me know. I am not in desperate need for it, so ill buy only with the price tag I can afford. thanks!
  10. Tank: Acrylic Creations 36 Gallon 30x20x14 Advanced Acrylics Sump 20x16x16 with 3 Filter Socks and Small Fudge with LR, culpra and red mangroves. ATO 5x16x16 Light: Nanobox ATI Retro with 4 V3 Leds. Hung with Kessil mounting arms, Fudge Light: Nanobox Beam Flow: Maxpect Gyre XF-130 and Syncra 3.0 Return Pump ATO: Tunze Nano ATO all water made with BRS 4 Stage RODI Skimmer: Ice Cap K2-120 Reactor: Avast Marine Media Reactor, with Aquaforest Zeo mix, Bulk Reef Supply ROX Carbon Control: Apex Controller, IceCap Controller and Battery Backup for Gyre Heater: 2x Eheim Jager 125watt Dosing: Aquamedic Evo 4 with BRS mix Alk, Mg, Cal Water changes 7-10G weekly with Red Sea Salt (Blue Bucket) Feeding: Fish- Pemysis Shrimp, LRS Fish Frenzy, Saki- Hakari Marine Carnivore, Hikari Marine S, Pemysis 2mm Pellets(Some combo twice daily normally dry in morning) Coral- Coral Frenzy 1mm, Poly Lab Reef Roids, Poly booster, Aqua forest Energy, Vitality, ( again some combo three times a week) DSC_0286 by Alonzo Huse Aug 1st, 2017 FTS December FTS
  11. Noinoi24

    Fluval Sea Evo 13.5

    Random Shoots of my Tank.
  12. Noinoi24

    Fluval Sea Evo 13.5 Hammer Time...

    Just random pics of my tank...
  13. Over the past few months I have had customers ask about options for those with bad WiFi, no WiFi or a different option for connecting a NanoBox unit. After testing this myself for months it has worked without a hitch. I run this on my personal office reef. There are a few disadvantages but for those who set and forget, this may be for you. How To : Turn personal hotspot on cell phone. Using a second device, connect the second device to the phones hotspot. Once connected open the Bluefish app. Start a new BlinkUp and connect to the hotspot WiFi - Make sure you are putting in the correct password. Once BlinkUp is completed, program your light to the desired settings. I would use the NanoBox presets. Close app and enjoy! Disadvantages to this : If power is lost, you will need to turn the hotspot Wifi on and allow the controller to sync back to network. If you need to adjust settings, you will need to turn the hotspot WiFi on and allow the controller to sync back to network. This is a great option for someone who has bad WiFi, corporate WiFi and no WiFi. Video to come! -Dave
  14. 5 NEW VIDEOS! NanoBox, Aquatic Life, ATI, and MORE! Fast facts about our customers' favorite products!
  15. Hey guys,   It has been a while since I have done a post like this and feel it is long over due. The past six months was a wild ride and I am finally starting to find my groove again. So what has been going on? A TON!  Marine Depot + NanoBox : To start @Marine Depot picked up the NanoBox line in September and we have been working away. I am working with Robert on a new video show casing the NBR line and what it has to offer. The video is shaping up and looking forward to sharing with you guys. It has been a pleasure working with them and excited to see what the future holds.  NanoBox Resellers : A big shout out to these guys! Rapid LED InTank Marine Depot  Lighting Guide : If you have not checked this out PLEASE do. I should have done this earlier but did not have the feedback I needed. The new presets are incredible and will make your tank shine! Flickr  NanoBox Instagram : I really enjoy Instagram. My profile is public so anyone can visit/stalk. I am proud that all photos are either customers or mine. No fake videos, no fake photos, no staged photos. Just the real deal. As well I keep the story section going and will give you an inside look around the shop. Give me a follow if you choose too. https://www.instagram.com/nanoboxreef/  New NanoBox Shopping Cart : The website will be updated within the next two weeks with a new shopping cart. Currently the store is hog-pog and lacks a flow. The new one will be powered by Shopify and offer much better shopping experience. It should offer text message alerts, Facebook alerts and other communication besides an email.  NanoBox Office Tanks : This is something I feel very strong about. I build hundreds of lights but what good does it do if I do not use the exact setup? The past year I have buckled down and really focusing back in the hobby. Take a look at a few of our tanks. I had a small incident with two tanks at the office. However they will be setup this week. IM40 and IM30L. Reefer 170 : NanoBox Quad : NanoBox IM10 : NanoBox Tide : AquaMaxx + UNS Tanks : NanoBox Flares  NanoBox + Brightwell Aquatics : I am a Brightwell Ambassador for both marine and fresh water. This was a big decision because I do not like being held down to ONE product. However after testing all products I was confident in doing this. Currently all planted tanks use all Brightwell products and all reef tanks use Brightwell salt, additives, etc. I wanted to give a shout out to @metrokat for linking me up with the team. I have put together two videos showing the products off and how I use them. Coral Food : Feeding Time Lapse :  NanoBox Flare Line : I will be pushing the NanoBox Flare line for fresh water tanks much harder this year. The arrays have changed and will be uploaded on the website. More on this soon!  Shows/Events : I will going to more shows this year. However I will only be setting up a booth at a handful. If you would like to meet up please contact me! - Reefstock - Denver CO - Reef Dreams - Charleston SC - RAP - Orlando - RAP - New York - Rap - LA - Reefstock - Australia - 60/40  NanoBox + Innovative Marine : This has been in the works and have new photos and two new tanks featuring there stands, tanks and few accessories. Please stay tuned for more!  New Products : I am working on new products. Most a ways out but I want you guys to know I am innovating.   Thank you all for the support! Thank you for all the photos. Thank you for all the feedback. Thank you for all the ridiculous emails. Without you guys I would not be here. Three years doing this full time this March! Maybe a give away is in order?   -Dave
  16. AL_MO

    Lagoon 25

  17. AL_MO

    Lagoon 25 kitchen desk

  18. DaveFason

    NEW NanoBox Store Page

    After years of a terrible store page, the NanoBox store page is upgraded. Please check it out! I still need to add a few products but will be updating throughout this week. Please let me know what you think! ATI RETRO pricing on the website with info. True shopping cart! Better descriptions! Updated photos. https://nanobox-reef.myshopify.com/ Thanks guys! -Dave
  19. Icedgxe

    Nanobox Tide Plus M FS

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded to a larger tank from my Nuvo 10 and am no longer using this light. The light is in perfect shape other than one corner of the acrylic cover over the leds. I have that shown in a picture below. The piece still tightens down and was done during cleaning. I bought the light in late August of 2016. The power supply was replaced by Dave in May of 2017 due to a buzzing sound. It has been running at 70-75% and grew anything I wanted. Fan and heat sink were just cleaned when I took it down a couple of weeks ago. Price is $170 plus shipping.Â
  20. KJoFan

    Equipment for sale

    I am setting up a larger tank so all my smaller systems are coming down and being sold. A few Items to move listed below. All are in great working order, most are still in use currently so hard to grab pics but could be done if needed. All prices include shipping. Make an offer if you think a price is out of line. IM Ghost midsize skimmer - $100 IM midsize media reactor - $60 2x IM media baskets - $40 Nanobox Duo Plus w/gooseneck - $200 (2nd? generation I think, white housing, black cover) Nanobox Wide Quad w/hanging kit - $500 (only 6 months old) black on black
  21. UPDATE 2, need them gone!!!! I have these black Hybrids I am no longer using. They are the 4x24” T5’s and 4x v3Led cluster. They show some wear but I’m sure Dave could repaint to whatever you want. Also you’ll need new acrylic light covers. 475 each!!!! OR trade for MP40QD or Wav set.
  22. [[ Current FTS - January 2018 ]] Long time lurker here, just getting started cycling our RS Reefer Nano! Dusted off the old camera, but no tripod yet... We're about 3 weeks into cycling a new home for our little bit of paradise =) Red Sea Reefer Nano Sicce 2.0 return Reef Octopus Varios-2 (added 10-May-2017) Reef Octopus SSS110 IceCap K2-50 (added 29-May-2017) much better fit for the sump Finnex HMO 100W MP10 for flow BRS 5" Mini Reactor - running ROX 0.8 Carbon for now Molded Filter cup from MD w/bagged carbon and floss (added 26-Sep-2017) AI Prime HD Nanobox Duo Plus M Modded return with Loc-Line and spreader bar (added 18-May-2017) Future stocking plans: 2 nemos (done), YWG (got replaced by a Yasha!), starry blenny (done), 2 Banngai Cardinals (happy with the current stocking levels, 6 seems a bit much...), and Hermie our pesky electric blue hermit (done). [[ ORIGINAL FTS APR 2017 ]]
  23. About 6 months ago I joined this forum and started a IM Lagoon 25 as my first ever fish tank and posted an aquarium journal but never really got into the habit of updating the post. With that said, I ended up moving into a smaller apartment a couple weeks ago and I chose to downsize my tank and sell off some of my livestock, corals, and equipment because I may be moving again next year. I plan on being much more active in posting updates as well as on the forum in general. So without further ado... here's my new Fluval Evo 13.5: Equipment: Livestock: Pictures: Thanks for looking!
  24. Noinoi24

    From Discus to Nano Reefing-

    Hello Reefers, Just wanted to start and say I am so excited to do reef. This will be my first time with nano reef. I had experience with a 55 G FOWLR set-up, it was okay but decided to go nano-reefing. I love pets. I Used to keep Nano Planted tanks with my Fluval Spec V, then do discus fishes, then gouldian finches, then now this 13.5 gallon tank. I cant wait to finish set-up. So I Started about two weeks ago, got the tank, live sand, and live rocks. I hook up my MP10 as I like random flows, upgraded stock pump to Aqueon 1200 which is rated for 300+ gph as it claims to. got a Cobalt neo-therm 75 watt heater, a smart ATO. I also got the IM Spin stream. Plans of livestock: 2 Clown Fish 1 Small Flame Angel ( This will me moved to another tank once its big) Then Corals, and I don't know which one yet.
  25. SOLD (Mods feel free to delete this post) Selling my NanoBox Duo Plus M. Purchased on October 22nd, 2016. Used for less than 6 months. Cleaned on a weekly basis. Nothing wrong with the unit, great condition. Selling because I relocated and don't have the space for a tank of the same size in my new apartment. Asking for $300.00. Shipping to US only. https://imgur.com/Jflkg1I https://imgur.com/PSh7QP9 https://imgur.com/h5nHbTH
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