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Found 560 results

  1. ATI Sunpower Kits : All kits include labor if you ship to me. All kits now include five channel dimming and wireless control for LEDs. I can provide the Sunpower unit for the same pricing you see online. ATIRETRO by David Fason, on Flickr 24" Sunpower - Two Array - Single Heatsink Four Array - Single Heatsink Four Array - Dual Heatsink - Two arrays on each heatsink Kit Includes - 2/4 - NanoBox V3 Array 1/2 - Heatsink 1 - Fan 1 - NanoBox Driver Board 1 - Bluefish Mini 1 - 48v Power Supply 1 - Wiring, screw and misc parts Pricing - DOES NOT INCLUDE SUNPOWER Two Array - Single Heatsink - $365 Four Array - Single Heatsink - $550 Four Array - Dual Heatsink - $600 36" Sunpower - Four Array - Single Heatsink Four Array - Dual Heatsink Six Array - Dual Heatsink - Three arrays on each heatsink  Kit Includes -   4/6 - NanoBox V3 Array 1/2 - Heatsink 1 - Fan 1/2 - NanoBox Driver Board 1 - Bluefish Mini 1 - 48v Power Supply 1 - Wiring, screw and misc parts Pricing - DOES NOT INCLUDE SUNPOWER Four Array - Single Heatsink - $575 Six Array - Single Heatsink - $750 Four Array - Dual Heatsink - $600 Six Array - Dual Heatsink - $800 48" Sunpower - Six Array - Single Heatsink Six Array - Dual Heatsink Kit Includes - 6 - NanoBox V3 Array 1/2 - Heatsink 1 - Fan 1/2 - NanoBox Driver Board 1 - Bluefish Mini 1 - 48v Power Supply 1 - Wiring, screw and misc parts Pricing - DOES NOT INCLUDE SUNPOWER Six Array - Single Heatsink - $800 Six Array - Dual Heatsink - $900 Anodizing : Install Guide : Tools needed : · Drill or screw driver o Philips Head o Star/Torx Head – Tx10 & Tx20 · 60mm Hole Saw · Wire snips or wire cutters · Sharpie · Measuring tape Step 1 : Disassemble the Sunpower. Unscrew the sixteen torx/star head screws on the housing. This will detach the chassis from the housing and side caps. Next take the fan assembly off. Slide the chassis out by disconnecting the main wiring from the terminals. You will only need the chassis for the rest of the install. ATIManualChassis by David Fason, on Flickr Step 2 : Detach the ballast you’re taking out by pushing the white terminal tabs on the ballast. Then take the two Philips head screws out that are holding the ballast down. I prefer to take the ballast off that uses wires labeled 3 & 4 on the terminal. This is normally the center ballast. ATIManualballastwired by David Fason, on Flickr Step 3 : You will need to arrange the end caps so that they are grouped together. You will need to cut the jumper wires and use the provided terminals to connect them to the changed positioning. ATIManualballastwired by David Fason, on Flickr Stock the bulbs are grouped together like so. · 1 & 3 · 2 & 4 · 4 & 6 We will be changing it to this. · 1 & 2 · 3 & 4 ( Empty if using six or eight bulb Sunpower ) · 5 & 6 If you ordered a dual heatsink kit you can skip this step. You will only take the ballast out that is connected to the 2 & 4 endcaps. This is the center ballast. Step 4 : Using a measuring tape mark the center of the unit. You will need to use the 60mm hole saw to drill the hole for the added fan. If you are using the dual heatsink kit you will need to measure the center of the two bulbs you took out. Same size hole saw required. ATIManualmeasurefan by David Fason, on Flickr ATIManualFanHole by David Fason, on Flickr Step 5 : Using a sharpie mark the driver board and controller. You will need to use a 5/16” drill bit for these holes. Next using something low to scratch the chassis mark the mounting holes on the heatsink. Use the same drill bit for the holes. ATIManualdriverholes by David Fason, on Flickr ATIManualBFHoles by David Fason, on Flickr Step 6 : The controller cable will have seven total wires. Attach them to the driver board like so. · Red o SCW OUT + · Black o SCW OUT – · Blue o PWM 1 – Royal Blue Channel · White o PWM 2 – White Channel · Orange o PWM 3 – Violet Channel · Green o PWM 4 – Blue/Cyan · Brown o PWM 5 – Mint Next connect the wiring from the Sunpower terminal 3 & 4 to the driver board POWER IN + and -. · Terminal 3 – Power IN + ( Positive ) · Terminal 4 – Power IN – ( Negative/Neutral ) NanoBoxFanBoard by David Fason, on Flickr Step 7 : Using the provided screws, stand offs and nuts to mount the controller and driver board to the chassis. Use the last two screws and nuts to mount the heatsink to the chassis. You do NOT need stand offs for the heatsink. ATIManualDriverBFMount by David Fason, on Flickr ATIManualHeatsinkMount by David Fason, on Flickr Step 8 : Run the heatsink wiring through an existing hole or drill a small hole next to each array. This will run the wiring to the backside. Connect the LED wiring to the driver board like so. · Blue – Driver 1 + · White – Driver 1 – · Brown – Driver 2 + · Green – Driver 2 – · Purple – Driver 3 + · Orange – Driver 3 – · Yellow – Driver 4 + · Grey – Driver 4 – · Red – Driver 5 + · Black – Driver 5– This will arrange the LEDs in the following channels. · Royal Blue · White · Violet · Blue/Cyan · Lime ATIManualHeatsinkMountUnder by David Fason, on Flickr ATIManualAllMounted by David Fason, on Flickr Step 9 : Connect the fan wiring to the terminals for the fans. The wiring on the Sunpower will be Red/Grey ( Positive/Negative ) or Brown/Grey ( Positive/Negative ). Connect the red wire to the positive and the black wire to the negative. ATIManualWired by David Fason, on Flickr Step 10 : Slide the Sunpower wiring into Sunpower housing wire hole. Connect the Sunpower wiring to the correct terminals. Each wire is numbered and will connect to the same numbered terminal. Wires 5/6 connect the fan like so. Wire 5– Positive Wire 6 – Negative If the fans do not fire reverse above. I have seen it both ways. Step 11: Slide the chassis back in to housing and attach the torx/star screws back. Leave the end cap that has the controller on its side open until you connect/finish. Step 12 : The external black box will open. You will need to loosen the terminals connected to the number 3 , 4 and green wire. Take the AC cord connected to this out and connect the supplied cord like so. · Red wire – Wire 3 · Black wire – Wire 4 Close the box. Step 13 : Connect to the controller using the Bluefish app. Follow this video link. Once connected attach the Sunpower end cap. http://www.nanoboxreef.com/videos.html Pictures : retropart5-13 by David Fason, on Flickr atisunpowerquadblack4 by David Fason, on Flickr ATIRETRO by David Fason, on Flickr sunpowerfourarray by David Fason, on Flickr charleshybrid by David Fason, on Flickr katftsfront by David Fason, on Flickr Nano Box Hybrid ATI by David Fason, on Flickr marksunpower by David Fason, on Flickr  -Dave
  2. canoman

    Large Retro plus confusion was

    Maybe someone here can help with this one. I bought a Retro fit for my 32 biocube from intank. It says 4 channel dimming but on bluefish it shows moonlight channel. When I up the % on the moonlight bar and 0% on the other channels my tank turns a greenish color. Do I have mint or....? Thanks
  3. Hey team, Fan burned out on my mini. Dave was kind enough to get everything fixed up an sent right back! I am trying to get things back in order, but it seems like things are weirdly not working The Fan is now ALWAYS on, and the moonlight is on the wrong channel. - Royal blue is correct - White/lime is correct - VIOLET is the moonlight - Fan is just always on. I attached how I set my pins. The arrow is facing up there. Should I move it over? it looks exactly like it should on the bluefish hookup link Dave gave me. Thanks for your advice! John T
  4. NanoBox now offers multiple options for RETRO kits. Ranging from All-In-Ones hoods, ATI Sunpowers and most T5 fixtures . All kits are 95% complete and only require mounting to current fixtures or hoods. NanoBox All - In - One Kits : Small Kit - Fits most small/large AIO hoods 1 - NanoBox V3 Array 1 - Heatsink 1 - NanoBox Driver Board 1 - Bluefish Mini 1 - 24v Power Supply 1 - Wiring, screws and misc parts Pricing - $259.95 - Small Retro Plus M - Five channel control Large Kit - Fits most large AIO hoods and all T5 fixtures 2 - NanoBox V3.1 Array 1 - Heatsink 1 - Fan 1 - NanoBox Driver Board 1 - Bluefish Mini 1 - 48v Power Supply 1 - Wiring, screw and misc parts Pricing - $364.95 - Large Retro Plus M - Five channel control INSTALL VIDEO : BioCube 32 ( New Version )
  5. Kellie in CA

    Can't get NanoBox fan to turn on

    I did send a note to Dave, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue and could help me. I just set up my new Duo and I can not get the fan to turn on. The settings say it should be at 80%, and I did enable the fan in settings, but it hasn't turned on once. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  6. The Quad has always been the go-to for medium sized aquariums. However it has limits due to being a single 24" light. This is where the Dual Duo comes into place! The Dual Duo runs off one controller and driver housing. We basically took a Quad and cut in half. Every feature is still available for the Dual Duo including five channel control, wireless functions and included mounting options. We just loaded this to the product page and are excited to see what you guys do with them! https://nanobox-reef.myshopify.com/products/dual-duo-plus-m Happy reefing! -Dave
  7. Hi guys, While running around like a mad man I have been cleaning shop. I have a few things I need to sell. 36" NanoBox Unit - Six arrays, Five channels, Bluefish, etc - Gooseneck or hanging available! $800 shipped 24" Beam - All Blue arrays - ~200+ PAR - These SMOKE the Reefbrites - $175 shipped NanoBox Sunpower RETRO - 24" Two total bulbs - Two arrays - $725 ( I can add two more arrays ) HEP Ballast - $10 each - Almost all styles available Post here or send me a PM or email david@nanoboxreef.com -Dave
  8. DaveFason

    NanoBox & ReefWeeds Collaboration

    From the beginning I always wanted to work with artists to create custom lids for NanoBox units. This is something that has been in the works and finally panned out. It is a great honor to work with Rachel from ReefWeeds. These will be on the website tomorrow and shown off at Reef Dreams in Charleston this weekend! Each unit will be different and no two will be alike. Let me know your thoughts!
  9. Houston(EX)NanoReefer

    Duo Plus M and 15" goosneck possibly too long?

    I've had my tank (IM Nuvo fusion 20) running for 3 months now and since the beginning I've had a feeling that I ordered a gooseneck that is too long. I'm still learning about what my corals need in terms of lighting and have played with it at a few different heights, but I haven't been able to get it to sit well at the recommended height of 4-5" from the water surface with the 15" gooseneck. I'm only keeping soft corals and LPS, but may need more intense lighting eventually. Currently my duo is about 10-12" above the water, which is 20"+ from the bottom. Should I go ahead and buy the 9" gooseneck or could I possible make it work with the 15" ? Any input from people with similar setups would be appreciated. As far as light settings, I'm using the LPS preset. Thanks.
  10. Just got my new Tide Plus M in, and I'm trying to figure out how to set up the bluefish to work with my schedule. I work from 12PM -- 8:30/9PM every day and arrive usually 10-15 minutes after, and would like to at some point during the day see my corals looking open and my tank be alive. It could be during the day, but preferably the evening in case I have somebody over and I can show off of course So what time should I be setting my morning and night settings, with what ramp times?! This is the confusing portion for me. Any tips? Also, what is everyone's opinion on the moonlight? Is anyone using it? Thanks so much!
  11. Dondjr79

    Biocube retro flashing red light

    Biocube retro stopped working after new internet provider install. Tried to connect with blink and it won't configure. I was able to erase old program light turned green. Unplugged and repowered and can't configure. Help please!! Tank is dark!!!
  12. I'm trying to set up my light with bluefish for the first time. I've been blinking up and I get the card to flash green but my phone just shows "configuring" until it times out. Maybe I'm missing something simple. My network password is correct.
  13. Over the past few months I have had customers ask about options for those with bad WiFi, no WiFi or a different option for connecting a NanoBox unit. After testing this myself for months it has worked without a hitch. I run this on my personal office reef. There are a few disadvantages but for those who set and forget, this may be for you. How To : Turn personal hotspot on cell phone. Using a second device, connect the second device to the phones hotspot. Once connected open the Bluefish app. Start a new BlinkUp and connect to the hotspot WiFi - Make sure you are putting in the correct password. Once BlinkUp is completed, program your light to the desired settings. I would use the NanoBox presets. Close app and enjoy! Disadvantages to this : If power is lost, you will need to turn the hotspot Wifi on and allow the controller to sync back to network. If you need to adjust settings, you will need to turn the hotspot WiFi on and allow the controller to sync back to network. This is a great option for someone who has bad WiFi, corporate WiFi and no WiFi. Video to come! -Dave
  14. NanoRox

    Light Recommendation

    I am looking at a Red Sea Reefer 170. The Deluxe version comes with a light but I can get a version without. What light would you recommend for this tank? I would like to look at costs for both options (I have a mini tide now and love it).
  15. Angry-Monkey

    Reds looking dull

    Any suggestions for getting reds to pop a little more under a nanobox tide? I notice it in my acans especially. One has turned a sort of rusty red/orange and a newer frag I picked up has been losing it's vibrance as well. I have 2 channels plus moonlight. I run some white/lime/violet in the morning at about 27% for 3 hours, then 3 hours at 10%, then blues only. Blues run at 50 for the first 3 hours, then 65-67 for the rest of the day. I feed reef roids and sometimes brine shrimp twice per week.
  16. Hey guys, It has been a while since I have done a post like this and feel it is long over due. The past six months was a wild ride and I am finally starting to find my groove again. So what has been going on? A TON! Marine Depot + NanoBox : To start @Marine Depot picked up the NanoBox line in September and we have been working away. I am working with Robert on a new video show casing the NBR line and what it has to offer. The video is shaping up and looking forward to sharing with you guys. It has been a pleasure working with them and excited to see what the future holds. NanoBox Resellers : A big shout out to these guys! Rapid LED InTank Marine Depot Lighting Guide : If you have not checked this out PLEASE do. I should have done this earlier but did not have the feedback I needed. The new presets are incredible and will make your tank shine! Flickr NanoBox Instagram : I really enjoy Instagram. My profile is public so anyone can visit/stalk. I am proud that all photos are either customers or mine. No fake videos, no fake photos, no staged photos. Just the real deal. As well I keep the story section going and will give you an inside look around the shop. Give me a follow if you choose too. https://www.instagram.com/nanoboxreef/ New NanoBox Shopping Cart : The website will be updated within the next two weeks with a new shopping cart. Currently the store is hog-pog and lacks a flow. The new one will be powered by Shopify and offer much better shopping experience. It should offer text message alerts, Facebook alerts and other communication besides an email. NanoBox Office Tanks : This is something I feel very strong about. I build hundreds of lights but what good does it do if I do not use the exact setup? The past year I have buckled down and really focusing back in the hobby. Take a look at a few of our tanks. I had a small incident with two tanks at the office. However they will be setup this week. IM40 and IM30L. Reefer 170 : NanoBox Quad : NanoBox IM10 : NanoBox Tide : AquaMaxx + UNS Tanks : NanoBox Flares NanoBox + Brightwell Aquatics : I am a Brightwell Ambassador for both marine and fresh water. This was a big decision because I do not like being held down to ONE product. However after testing all products I was confident in doing this. Currently all planted tanks use all Brightwell products and all reef tanks use Brightwell salt, additives, etc. I wanted to give a shout out to @metrokat for linking me up with the team. I have put together two videos showing the products off and how I use them. Coral Food : Feeding Time Lapse : NanoBox Flare Line : I will be pushing the NanoBox Flare line for fresh water tanks much harder this year. The arrays have changed and will be uploaded on the website. More on this soon! Shows/Events : I will going to more shows this year. However I will only be setting up a booth at a handful. If you would like to meet up please contact me! - Reefstock - Denver CO - Reef Dreams - Charleston SC - RAP - Orlando - RAP - New York - Rap - LA - Reefstock - Australia - 60/40 NanoBox + Innovative Marine : This has been in the works and have new photos and two new tanks featuring there stands, tanks and few accessories. Please stay tuned for more! New Products : I am working on new products. Most a ways out but I want you guys to know I am innovating. Thank you all for the support! Thank you for all the photos. Thank you for all the feedback. Thank you for all the ridiculous emails. Without you guys I would not be here. Three years doing this full time this March! Maybe a give away is in order? -Dave
  17. DaveFason

    NEW NanoBox Store Page

    After years of a terrible store page, the NanoBox store page is upgraded. Please check it out! I still need to add a few products but will be updating throughout this week. Please let me know what you think! ATI RETRO pricing on the website with info. True shopping cart! Better descriptions! Updated photos. https://nanobox-reef.myshopify.com/ Thanks guys! -Dave
  18. pfoxgrover

    voltage and current levels for v3.1

    I did some looking around and couldn't find the voltage and current levels for v3.1 channels. Can you help me with that? Also are these the maximum currant ratings? I am upgrading to a 375g tank that measures 5' x 5' x 2' (l x w x h) for SPS, clams, and a few softies. How many of these would I need to have for around 300 par 6 inches underwater? Thanks, Paul
  19. burtbollinger

    impact of 'clouds on' on corals?

    So, I've recently been messing with 'clouds on' again...I like the aesthetic of it as it makes the tank feel more alive. (Still wish the fan didn't rev up and down) What is your opinion of the overall impact of the cloud mode? do you think the corals suffer in any way due to less light or you think over the long haul the impact is negligble. Have it set to Fiji...
  20. Johnny M

    % light intensity for new tank

    I'm cycling a BC 32g reef with nanobox retro kit. Once cycled I'm thinking of starting with a few Zoas & mushrooms. I'm looking at the preset on the Bluefish control app, "mixed reef", But i think the intensity is too much for beginning. Should I use a preset at all or adjust manually : blues, violet, cyan - 45% ; white/lime - 25% ? How much ramp time up/down, moonlight, and how long ( hours ) for daytime? Also placement - start out with corals on sand bottom? TIA
  21. Reefkid88

    Beam all blue strips voltage

    Anyone know the voltage of both strings on these strips ?
  22. Aquaman6410

    Biocube 32 Retro Plus M Fan Noise

    Hey all, any fellow Biocube 32 owners out there with the Nanobox retro kit? I'm having issues with the fan being really loud and making this high pitched noise. I worked with Dave and got a replacement fan but no luck. I love the lights but my wife is not loving them due to the noise she can hear from the couch while watching tv. The noise makes the biocube louder than my drilled 125g that is closer to the couch. Anyone have a similar issue and have any ideas on a fix? Possibly different model fan or biocube mod that helped? Help me enjoy the lights and my reef... And keep my wife from hating the tank!
  23. any suggestions on how to make the purple come out more? its kind of brown right now. Right now my midday is RB: 70% WL: 35% Violet:66% Cyan: 65%
  24. I contacted Dave almost 2 months ago about an issue with my lights. He promised a new light to replace mine as they have constantly been causing me problems. Dave was always responsive and helpful, but I haven't heard from him in a month. My tank has been losing much of color and I'm almost at the point of scrapping the whole set-up that I spent a substantial amount of money on and is still relatively new. His last e-mail on 12/27/2017 said they were being shipped out the next day. Since then I have sent multiple e-mails but I haven't heard from him or received anything. Does anyone know of a better way to get a hold of Nanobox?
  25. DaveFason

    New NanoBox Lid Kits

    Geo, Groovy and Sprinkles. Mini - $24.95 Duo - $29.95 What do you guys think?
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