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Found 562 results

  1. Mnesarchus

    Which power supply? Nano Box Light

    I'm attempting to use this 2014 nano box light but I have misplaced a couple parts. Does anyone know what power supply is meant to be plugged into this empty slot? Using a coralux storm controller on this light.
  2. Hi. I have an issue with my old Nanobox Duo. Today, the white LEDs are staying on, even at 0%. They dim, but do not completely turn off. This happens only on the left puck. Can you help me troubleshoot the problem? Perhaps there is a short circuit somewhere in the left puck (solder points)? My guess is that the issue is at the puck or lamp (and not the driver/controller box) since it is happening just to a single puck. Your help is appreciated.
  3. Bluefish has been seriously acting up lately and a week ago wasn't showing me graphs. Now I can't even log into the app. I get an "I/O failure" a few seconds after trying. I reinstalled the app, cleared app data, and rebooted all affected devices. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. Hey, Hopefully someone can help me get my lights working again. We had a power surge today and now my nanobox quad wide isn't turning on. When I reset the power, the bluefish has a blinking blue LED and no LED response from the blinkup card. The app let's me log in, but it can't seem to connect to the unit. Anyone run into this before? @DaveFason any ideas?
  5. jcreefer

    BlinkUp Issues -SOLVED

    Hi fellow NanoBox owners, I’ve sent the following to Dave as well, but I’m hoping someone else can help me while I wait for Dave’s reply. I am currently having issues with the Bluefish not connecting to the wifi network. I recently upgraded our router and ever since then, the Bluefish has not connected to the WiFi network. Namely, the location is not updated. Everything else works after the router upgrade and my Apex is online, so I know the WiFi connects to other devices properly. I opened up the controller box and found the imp card flashing red, 1 short followed by 2 quick flashes. I tried to reconnect via BlinkUp, but no matter what I try, the led would flash green (during blinkup) and then revert back to the same red LED flashing sequence. Things I have tried: 1) disconnected power for 20 secs, reconnected 2)take out the imp card and then reinserted, making sure it’s locked in place 3)covered as much of the card during blinkup to cover from ambient light 4)orient my phone horizontally, vertically to the imp card. Thanks -Jeff EDIT: SOLVED, I ended up having to delete and reinstall the Bluefish app. For those that have issues with the controller not connecting, try this as well.
  6. Reefkid88

    Where's Dave ?

    Has anyone heard from Dave ?
  7. Hypsophrys

    Nanobox responsiveness

    Hi all, Rejoining the hobby after about 5 years off.. I was thinking about getting a duo or a sunpower hybrid, but I know sometimes Dave is busy or unavailable. So, what's the turnaround on getting lights these days? Thanks!
  8. Griever

    Nanobox Quad CAD File?

    Hey @DaveFason I'm designing a 3D printed bracket to connect my Nanobox Quad Wide to my 8020.net hardware. Any way you could send me the CAD/STL for the outer casing so I can ensure a perfect fit? More than happy to share the bracket back for anyone else who might be interested in that sort of mounting solution. 😁
  9. second_decimal

    Mini Tide mounting options

    Hi.. Are there some options for mounting my Nanobox Mini Tide? I have the arm but the mounting arm clamp takes up precious real estate in the AIO area where my skimmer would go. I am hoping for some thin arms that attach to the right and left back of the tank and allow for hanging the fixture? Any guidance would be appreciated. I shouldn’t have to choose between my skimmer and my light haha. Thanks
  10. NanoTrav

    Using 2 Mini tides

    I currently have 1 mini tide plus M from about 1.5 years ago. I'm thinking about getting a second one for my fusion 20 and then eventually moving to a 30L maybe... Question is can they be synced so they are controlled at once. Is there a guide somewhere? And have there been any major changes to where the new one wouldn't be compatible?
  11. HiImSean

    Bluefish not ramping properly

    Multiple times I’ve came in and found my tank looking dim. I looked at the settings and it’s showing they’re only at about 50% ramp halfway through the entire midday cycle. I hit the preview button and it goes up. When I go back to the level screen and hit reset to normal it stays at the correct setting. Even the chart shows it should be at a higher percent. any recommendation?
  12. mitten_reef

    Share your Nanobox custom settings

    There are plenty of nanobox users here. For beginners or new users, there are preset that @DaveFason had included within the bluefish app. But what about when you want to be a bit more creative with your personalization? Let's share any custom settings here for others to compare. I'll start, let's try to keep it in the basic format below. Discussions/questions/comments are welcome from all. Nanobox model: custom nanobox quad - traditional quad + 4 additional nanobox blue beam strips that are controlled under blue channel. Tank: Innovative Marine 30 L Reef type: Acro-dominated tank FTS: Settings screen: My nanobox custom settings as of today - I have a plan to ramp up 5% every week or two until it hits 85-90% peak blue (probably by year end)
  13. I'm just wondering if anyone else had the issue of their nanobox lights not turning on today? I run two of them in two separate locations and neither one is one. I've tried adjusting settings, sending new blink ups to the BlueFish controller and nothing.... I am kind of wondering if it is more of a controller issue or an update with the BlueFish app, but when I go to the app store, it says there are no updates available. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!
  14. Hi Dave, I have a Nanobox Hybrid and the splash shield has some yellowing from the four arrays. I was wondering if you have a trick to help fix it.
  15. So I just got a bunch of led stuff: NBR v3.1 array Mini Tide PSU 3up board w/ drivers BF Mini.. I was under the impression everything was good from the seller,but apparently not. So I am trying to figure this out (sorry I'm little rusty) lol. With the BF @DaveFason the wires coming out of the BF that connects to the driver board,there is 4 wires. Idk how universal you are with the wire color but there is greenish,red,white,black. Am I safe to say only the black connects to the ground on the 3up board and the other 3 go to the pwm spots ? Or does the red tie into the the positive and I only have a 2 channel set up ?
  16. kimberbee

    Duo not turning on

    I just sent Dave an email, but thought maybe someone else would have an idea until he's able to get to his email. I noticed this evening that my duo lights hadn't turned on. I tried turning the whole unit off and on again, the imp card blinked red/orange and then green a few times, but the lights still didn't come on. I tried to re-do the blink-up again, but it doesn't seem to be able to "connect to the server" on the ap. Though the imp still blinks green. I did also try to reset our wireless router for the house as well as my phone and that didn't work either. Any other ideas?
  17. righttirefire

    No moonlights? Nanobox Tide Plus M

    Hey Dave, Happy saturday, hope you're not working. We're doing some major cleaning up around my place and the Tide plus M I got from you about 3 years ago is on the "need a new home" list. So I plugged it in and and got hooked up to the wifi and the lights kicked on. So I played with it for a minute and couldnt get the moonlights to come on. Im sure its operator error and was hoping for a little to get this squared away so the new owner wouldnt have to mess with it. I could dim the 4 channels but had no response from moonlights and changed the time to when moonlights would be on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. It is with regret I need to break the tank down. My wife and I are selling our house. The house we are purchasing wont be ready until three months after our sale. I would like to sell this as a complete system to someone. This would be an instant reef tank for anyone. I am willing to help with the process and drive up to six hours from my location. RedSea 170 : White cabinet NYOS 120 2 x Nero 5 Pumps IM Return Pump Tunze 6020 ( for sump ) Heater NanoBox Duo w/ Gooseneck Livestock : A true mixed reef with a few private corals I have collected over the years. $2750
  19. After moving I have a ton of units and gear I would like to sell. Pictures will be updated this afternoon. Biocube 32 Hood with NanoBox RETRO kit with Storm controller - $300 shipped ( I will include the stock LED board as well ). Upgrade to Bluefish for $50. Eheim Canister Filter with Inline Heater - $100 Shipped 48" ATI Unit Damaged corners from shipping. Six bulb - $300 - I can add LEDs if wanted. 48" ATI Damaged corners from shipping. Eight Bulb - Six total bulbs - Four NanoBox arrays - Five channel with Bluefish - $600 ATI Ballast - $10 each - I have every style besides dimmable 2 - NanoBox Prototype Bodies - 3" circle - Gooseneck - V3 array - Four total Channels - Black - $245 - Includes Bluefish Green/Black Tide - 9" gooseneck - Bluefish included - Used in shop - $240 V3 White/Black Tide - Bluefish included - $245 - Used in shop for video, photos, etc. V3 Camo Tide - V3 - Bluefish included - Hanging kit - Used in shop over tank. Near perfect condition - $230 I will include a free Nature series lids with the Tides. More to come! -Dave
  20. DaveFason

    NanoBox Mini Classic

    What happens when your machinist discovers thirty original NanoBox bodies? You build them! We have thirty bodies that are from 2015. A newly designed heatsink is used to include the current fan, LED board, wiring and all the other NanoBox goodies in current lights. Units are black or clear ( light grey ). Same current specs as the NanoBox Mini Tide Plus M. Gooseneck or hanging wires Bluefish controlled Five channel including Mint. $270 FREE SHIPPING https://nanobox-reef.myshopify.com/products/nanobox-mini-classic Unit : This is a great way to save a few dollars and have all the current NanoBox technology. Gen2 Bluefish Included : -Dave
  21. DaveFason

    Bluefish Locations : New Updates

    Hey guys, Bluefish recently updated new locations and location update times for specific areas. You can choose from eight locations that will update every fifteen minutes. As normal you can choose other areas but they will only update every hour. Enjoy! -Dave
  22. Has anyone had this happen with their retro on the biocube.. kinda scary that it melted??? And yes the fan is still running.. weird thing is I only run mine at like 70 percent with very little white
  23. shaner014

    NanoBox Gooseneck Removal

    Took a 15” gooseneck off a Tide last night. Took about out an hour and a half as it was my first time ever taking this light apart, all in all not difficult at all. Just need to be meticulous when disconnecting and reconnecting and know that the wires are thin and potentially brittle so treat them as such! Random photo dump of the process. **Take a picture of your wiring before removing! Note any like colors and label them with a small piece of tape. ** Drivers exposed: Wires disconnected. This requires a small flat head screw driver. These connections are not soldered. Gooseneck disconnected. I used a rag and vice-grips around the gooseneck collar and gave a good twist. Make sure the gooseneck is straight when removing so the cords don’t twist and pull off the board. Should I be doing this? Back together! The mints didn’t work in my first try. One of the cables pulled off the driver when I clamped the box back together. Easy fix! I used some some electrical tape around the sheathing at the light connection, I plan to get some black silicone and place a very minimal bead to further seal up that opening out of an abundance of caution. Thanks for such a great product @DaveFason
  24. A sign of a great business is when you find a seemingly endless amount of unsolicited positive customer reviews and stories of service exceeding expectation. In Nanobox's case - it is a testament to Dave's dedication to deliver both a great product and a great end to end customer experience. I wanted to share a bit about my own recent upgrade project, the results and the great product/experience provided. In late 2016 I was looking to upgrade the original light I bought for my very first reef tank - a cheapo black box chinese LED fixture I managed to buy direct from a manufacturer before they moved to a bulk/channel sales only model. After a bunch of research I ended up getting a good deal on a used Nanobox Duo - the model that used the older v2 arrays. It came in the mail and upon trying to put it on my tank I ran into issues - the gooseneck on it was too short to fit over my tank properly. I'm also fairly certain I plugged the light power into the fan input and the fan power into the light input and instantly fried the fan - if I remember correctly. Either way, when I contacted the seller since the gooseneck was a non-standard size and they neglected to mention that, they told me to talk to Dave because he would help. And help he did - he had me send the entire thing back to him, he took it apart, cleaned everything, upgraded to a newer setup that ran the fan power off the main driver board, and added a new (longer) gooseneck all for more or less the cost of the parts. I'm sure he was busy so I really appreciated that he took the time to help with all of this while a normal company would tell you just to buy the newer model. Then I bought a house and subsequently did what everyone does when they go from an apartment to a house -- I got a bigger tank. I bought a used RSM 250 and ended up shelving the nanobox unit with the intent to eventually retrofit the stock 6x39w t5 fixture with LEDs. Fast forward a bit - after the house came the baby, and I was too busy to get around to actually taking the project on so the nanobox sat collecting dust until a few weeks ago. I decided it was time to take the project on, I went to the nanobox website to see what was going on and saw that Dave had commercialized the retrofit kits. There was an "off the shelf" kit for $550 designed for the RSM 250 tank. The thing is, I already had a nanobox duo.. I also had 3 v2 arrays (I bought a used one at some point in time) and really wanted to do the upgrade with 4 v2 arrays instead of a one off v3 that I'd have to figure out how to wire correctly. I didn't need the full kit, just parts of it. So I messaged Dave - let him know what I wanted to do and what I needed. He responded quickly, priced out exactly what I needed and by the next weekend I had the parts, including another v2 array he still had. I wired it all up, and of course, like any novice doing any electrical project, it didn't all turn on. I managed to diagnose that the 3rd array I bought used was the culprit - I'm not an expert but I used my voltmeter and it wouldn't pass a current so I figured it was dead. I sent Dave a message and asked if I could buy another v2 array. Of course, he went above just selling me the array. He asked for a picture of the dead one and through my cell phone shot was able to circle/highlight the problem - the white LEDs on the array were all visible toasted. A week later, the new array was here and wired up. And it turned on! Retrofit the original hood And put it all back together Was a really fun project. I hadn't used my soldering iron in years so I had to relearn how to use it while soldering a bunch of tiny wires and through hole connectors on the driver board. I also blew the breaker in my house twice because I had the relay switch for the remaining t5 bulb driver wired wrong. 😅 But in the end it is awesome and what I have wanted for a long time. 4 Nanobox v2 Arrays running on 4 channels: Center blues Center whites Outside blues Outside whites All hooked up to the bluefish mini providing a nice sunrise starting at 9am and a sunset ending at 9pm. 2x39w t5s providing supplemental lighting and hopefully helping reduce any potential shadowing issues from the LEDs -- using 2 ATI Blue+ bulbs right now but have a bunch of coral plus, purple plus, Actinic bulbs to play around with. The t5s turn on from 12:30-4:30pm to provide a few hours of "peak" light. Was definitely fun. I have a new appreciation for how much work goes into putting these together by hand! I'll say my electrical experience is novice at best - I'v installed some lights/light switches, but this was the most involved project I have under taken. I didn't electrocute myself, I didn't blow anything up, and in the end it all turned on (eventually) and works - so I am calling that a win :) Thanks a bunch!
  25. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the power connections/brick on the Tide Plus M (mine is on order), and length if possible? Is the power brick/control box hardwired to the light? I'm in the process of setting up my stand with some pretty particular cable management and I didn't really consider that the Tide Plus M is hardwired from the light into a control box, making it impossible to run through my DIY conduit. You can see my cable management here: Thanks!
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