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Found 38 results

  1. See https://www.picoaquariumsystems.com/
  2. EcoTech Vortech MP10 shallow shields for sale $30 FREE SHIPPING domestic only* PM PayPal e-mail address if you want one and I will invoice you. Will ship it right away! Review here:
  3. Tha New Guy

    Bottom-up flow with MP10

    Building a very small tank and was thinking of placing a MP10 on the bottom. Searched around and can't find anyone thats done this (bottom fed flow). My thinking is that I can run it high power and get decent indirect flow all around. I can place it anywhere but due to size limitation, can't do waves. I'm really after heavy indirect flow but can anyone tell me if this will accomplish that? The final MP10 location will receive a reduction in acrylic from .5" to .25" by drilling and replacing a circle. Thats why I'm asking, so I don't waste. Thanks in advance. Tank: 1/2" Acrylic 10"x11"x7"...around 2.5 gal display volume.
  4. hello reefers. I have a spare equipment that needs to go. Let me know here or pm me if you're interested. Prices as posted but give me your offer of course. Pp fee is covered by me but you pay shipping ✌✌Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen3 pro 10/2015 - soldEcotech vortech Mp10qd 02/2015 - soldPuratek ATO system- Apex compatible- $110Kessil a160we with gooseneck- soldKessil spectral controller soldNeptune Apex system gold package -$380 - sold1 Ecotech Mp40wes 2013 - $sold 1 Ecotech MP40wes 2014 - sold1 Ecotech mp10wes -sold
  5. Hello, im taking down my tank and have some well maintained equipment for sale. JBJ ATO -50 sold Hydor Smart Level ATO- sold smart ATO- sold to @TheBig053 bubble magus 5 protein skimmer - SOLD ecotech MP10wes wireless - sold brand new vectra m1 -sold AI hydra with director - 150 Sold to @Rustycorals Innovative marine gourmet defroster - 15 SO Matic Reactor Germany brand new - SOLD 2 Jebao PP20- Openbox used once less than a day. too strong for my 40 breeder - $70 each 0r 130 for both icecap gyre 3000k openbox not used - 125 kessil A150 Sky blue - 100 the more you get the lower the price gets pm me if interested. Pp fee and shipping included
  6. I'm cleaning out some of my aquarium equipment before I move. Vortech MP10w - $50 - works great just took it off my tank when I broke it down. Going to get a gyre for my next system Fishneedit 70w metal halide pendant, ballast, and lamp - $20 - I just don't use it anymore, the lamps work, but should probably be replaced. Willing to ship at buyers expense or local pick in Atlanta.
  7. toddseimer

    MP10 programming

    I recently purchased an MP10Wes (used) and am having trouble programing it. Last night I set it to short pulse mode and when I woke up this morning the light was green and a few hours later it changed to red. Did it change modes on me? How can I set it to stay in short pulse mode?
  8. hooligan_78

    White Box MP10 For Sale

    Have a white box MP10 for sale. It's about a hear and a half old. NEW wetside with less than 10 hours. Asking $100. Not looking to ship yet.
  9. Hello, So today I received my shipment from Jay's Clownfish in FL, after acclimation of these beautiful fishes, I can see that both are playing with the MP10 current/wave which is set to 50% reef crest. I am afraid they might try to swim inside the MP10 and will be shred to pieces. They are about 1 to 1.25 inches. I have turn down the MP10 to at least 10-20% so as not to stress the fish out as well. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. also tonight I noticed that my current setting on MP10 flow seem stressing them out, do I turn off the MP10 or leave it running? I just want the fish to have some rest.
  10. Read disclaimer at the bottom. Most things will need a little cleaning. I'm breaking down my 28 gallon JBJ nano. Equipped with Jbj 28 nano cube hood with rapid led aurora puck with 4 drivers that are dimable( 0-10v) through the apex. Hood also has 4 fans and night lights. Led Drivers come with plugs that plug into the apex vdm( probably have to use apex to dim. Would need to buy 4 parts in you don't have an apex ). 375.00 dollars for entire hood with drivers and apex cords shipped. Good shape could use a good cleanig. The hood was upgraded 6 months ago. Ecosmart vortec has mp10 Es w (white controller). from 2011- 110.00 Needs cleaned but runs cool a quiet. Sat unused for almost 4 years. had it linked to the apex with the wxm. Apex lite with display, 8 outlet power bar,netgear wireless adapter, temp prob, ph probe.... ATTENTION!!!!!(display has some missing lines or rows of LEDs. Can still be controlled from display, setup on computer, and controlled from phone app)))))))275.00 OBO shipped. I have had this unit for several years without any problems. Neptune vdm-65$ Shipped Newest price, has the white label on the vdm controller Neptune wxm. 55$ Shipped Additional energy bar with 8 outlets105.00 shipped DIY breakout box. Has 6 female plug recepticles. 35$ Shipped It's very nice !! I used it for autotop off with the apex. Will include auto top off floats. All diy but very nice and perfect for the nano. The floats in the tank have dual float in case one went bad. Jbj Led refugium light-25$ upgraded filter box for the back of jbj. I think made by intank, llc. $35 shipped. WILL SELL EVERYTHING AT ONCE FOR 1000!! Shipping from Atlanta Georgia. Only take paypal. Most things will need cleaned
  11. hooligan_78

    WTB MP10 Wetside or Impellar

    Looking for an MP10 wetside or Impellar. Used, as long as it works.
  12. I am trying to sell a few things to help fund my entry into the 100 Days of Nano Contest! Here I have 3 RF Modules to make your mp-10/40/60 wireless! Seeking SOLD each, that includes shipping and PP fees. Link to the Ecotech RF Module page -> http://store.ecotechmarine.com/store/vortech/pump-upgrades Thank you for supporting NanoSteve's entry!
  13. Hello, $240 shipped - MP10wQD. Man date: April 25, 2016. Nothing wrong with it, switched to Gyre 230 because it is better for my shallow tank.
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