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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone! I have been running 20 gallon AIO for a few years and recently acquired a drilled 25 gallon cube that is plumbed to a 23 gallon sump. I am trying to decide how to move into the new tank, and whether I should do so now. I figure I have a volume of 13 gallons of actual saltwater in my AIO. This means moving all of my water over would constitute a ~73% water change, right? Could such a move crash my tank? What should I be wary of when moving? If possible, should I get the tank operating in parallel with *some* of my live rock and only a water change worth of old salt water and extend out my migration while I have time, would that put both tanks at risk of cycling? also, I am moving in four months so I am wondering if it is a good time to make such a drastic change. If I do move to the new tank now, should I consider omitting my old sand for now and opt for bare bottom? I have a Tanaka wrasse and a couple of peppermint shrimp, so nobody requires sand. My live rock is many years old, some of it is perhaps 6+ years. and input would be appreciated! Very long time lurker, first time poster.
  2. RedPhotog

    Hunter's Waterbox 40.2

    I finally got my Waterbox delivered yesterday, and I will soon be starting the process of moving the livestock from my 12g HOB system, into this glorious Waterbox 40.2 gallon AIO. I have only had HOB style tanks, and this aquarium will be the biggest system I've owned or maintained. I wanted to go bigger, like 50g-75g with a sump, but felt like I needed to take baby steps with reefing, get to know how pumps and chambers work, and all of the stuff I never had to worry about with HOBs. The biggest reason I got the 40.2 from Waterbox is to minimize as much stress to my livestock as possible. I don't want to have another cycle and risk anything changing. I want to get out of my 12g and into the 40.2 as quickly as possible. Things are doing really well, I am seeing great growth and color, and I just want to give the reef a more space and quality in equipment. I can already tell this Waterbox aquarium is going to be a complete 180 from what I am use to, and it will tremendously improve the quality of life for my livestock! The tank arrived in a wooden box tied to a wooden crate by freight. The driver was super cool and brought the items inside my garage without me even saying a word. By far the best packing job I have ever seen from a company selling glass to customers. They really did a stellar job assuring me this tank was packed responsibly. I mean, if you need a drill to open the box your aquarium comes in, chances are its gonna be ok right?! : ) The tank has been running water overnight for a leak test. When I left for work this morning, everything looked perfect. I will post more pics of the tank outside of the packaging tonight. And I will create a list of the equipment I am running now and what I plan to upgrade to. I am relatively new to the forums. I don't post often or get much attention from anything. This thread is to keep a diary of my new tank for myself, as well as to provide any info for anyone interested in upgrading an existing tank to a bigger one, or who is interested in the Waterbox AIOs. I will do my best to provide all of the specs of both of my tanks, along with pictures and updates , of the steps I take to move my livestock into their new glass world. I am very excited to share this experience with fellow reefers. It had been about 8 months of solid researching before I made this purchase with Waterbox, and now it's time for me to play! Stay tuned!
  3. Hello all, so tomorrow we'll be making the move to Tennessee from north Florida and i have a question and looking for suggestions. The drive will be around 8 hours and we will have to move the tank again in about 3 or 4 weeks. - should i keep or toss the sand in the tank? I'd prefer not to lose the biodiversity in the sand but i will have to move the tank again once we close on the house we're buying in about 3 weeks. I still have the rest of the sand in the bag though it will no longer be live. I have an adapter for my car so I can plug the aquarium heater into the bucket I will be transporting everything in, and a battery powered bubbler. To say i am nervous is an understatement. I'm also moving a 5 gallon shrimp tank, 3 birds, 4 snakes, my newts, and our mealworms colony.
  4. I am moving to a new apartment in a couple of weeks going from a 1st floor to a 4th floor at a place across the street. I have a reefer 170 and am not sure I I should try to move it myself or just higher a LFS, I got a estimate today and it’s $169 hr for two techs and they told me it would take 2-3 hrs to move..... is that about the usual cost for hiring someone? The benefit is they are insured and professionals. Other option is to move it myself but not sure how hard that will be
  5. Joevember

    Moving a 65g tank + 29g sump

    I'm in the process of buying a 65g reef tank that is completely set up currently. It comes with fish, live rock, corals, etc. Never moved a tank and wanted to know the best way to go about it. I got some 5g buckets, plastic bags, and boxes to mave with. Is there anything else that I'm missing, or anything that I should know before moving? The drive to pick up the tank is 40 minutes away. I attatched an image of everything that the tank comes with so you know what I'm dealing with.
  6. My Marble Starfish is normally pretty boring since he doesn't move much. Today, I caught him moving a little bit so I made a time-lapse video.
  7. We were looking at a house in a different town, but decided to refi our current home and finish renovating it to the 21st century. We close on the refi this Monday. So that said, the renovations are so big that we have to move out for a few months, the tank will be staying at the house but will have to be moved into a room that isn't getting gutted. I'll have to move it twice, once to the temp location and then again to a permanent location. The plan is to drain it down as low as I can, put furniture movers under the stand and push it to the other room then fill it back up. I want to not disturb the rockwork or corals other than them being exposed to air for a few minutes. Is this a bad idea?
  8. Hey Nano reef, Just a quick question about placement of corals, So I have had a New Nanobox light running for about a week now, and am wondering when Can I start bringing my pocillopora up from the sandbed, and how high should I go at a time? currently it is about 18" from the light, and am wondering if I can move it to the top of my rocks now which are ~12" from the light or to put it halfway up the rock(~15" from light) and wait another week before to the top? Anyways just wondering how do people do it here on the forums and the best tips for it? Would not like to stress the coral too much during this, and thank you to everyone who replies
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