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Found 129 results

  1. chathurai

    kessil dens matrix issue ?

    Hello Reefers , i brought this a150w ocean blue led, and im really happy with this light, recently i have captured the dens matrix array of this led light, i have notice some dimming of the one violet led, is this some kind of violet led or is this dying ?
  2. So, I acquired this light through a trade. Prior to this light, I've never had something so adjustable, user customizable or powerful. Quiet frankly, it scares me a bit. It has a setting for lps and sps. My concern is, I've never ran a tank that simulates real sunlight or a sunlight schedule. Ive always ran my reefs with 6-8 hours of light. Now with nearly 13 hours of light. I'm concerned about nusance algae issues. Also, I've cut all the settings by 60-70% for acclimation.
  3. Hello, I'm now to this hobby. Been lurking this site for a couple months and finally ready to make the plunge. I've been reading up on rocks, cycling, livestock, power heads and everything else. I've actually started to accumulate supplies for this like a RODI, refractometer, rock, containers, wave-makers and other supplies I feel confident I could apply to whatever tank I end up choosing. And that brings me to where I'm stuck at, the tank. I've had a Biocube 32 LED in my cart for a couple months but can't seem to pull the trigger. I really love the look, I like that as a newbie and can kind of jump in with few additions (to start). I read the arguments against the Biocubes but I also see the incredible things people have done with even stock lighting; even somehow keeping a healthy anemone in a stock tank where it shouldn't be possible. However, the arguments against starting with a Biocube seem valid but the problem I have is finding an alternative in the same price range. For $400 I have a stand and a tank that is *close* to ready to cycle and then stock coral and fish plus I also dig the look. People say you can build your own tank for the costs of a 32 but I'm having trouble finding the info I would need to do this. So thats why I wonder if there a resources available on this site for this? I tried searching and will continue to so but so far I haven't found quite what I'm looking for. I'm looking to start a coral tank 40g or under with LPS and softies. Haven't really been hooked on SPS but I would however like an anemone (I imagine some experienced users ask "why would you want one?"). Then just a few fish like clown pair, a watchman goby and when the tank is established and I have cultivated enough pods on a separate tank, a Green. Mandarin Finally a CUC made up of snails, a pom pom, hermits and micro brittles depending on tank requirement. Part of my reservation is you don't know what you don't know. Like type a glass seems like something that becomes import but I'm just building the foundation of my knowledge and while you can read and research a component of that is time and experience. But still, I'm afraid I'm going to find out the hard way why something is important and end up regretting my purchases. If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading and I appreciate any tips. ~Danny
  4. arifturzo

    Biocube 32 LED upgrade

    I am thinking to upgrade my biocube 32 LED. There are expensive option like Steve’s LED, NanoBox Retrofit and open hood option with AI prime. I don’t want to go with the open hood option. I read some people used truelumen 12 inch led strip. But not sure if this is a good option or not. Please help!!
  5. trodrigues

    FS: Frag\refugium light $40

    will need to be wired but new and fully working i will include wall plug and 12v adapter for the fan 6 cree xte Royal Blue 4 cree xte whites price does not include shipping
  6. arifturzo

    NanoBox Retro or Steve’s LED

    I am planning to upgrade my Biocube 32 stock light. I researched all the forums regarding this topic and didn’t get a satisfactory answer so far. Please let me which one I should go with, Steve’s LED or NanoBox retro?
  7. Nightmarepl21

    Orbit led light HELP w settings

    Hey guys i just got an 18inch current orbit led light and has a bunch of cool settings sunrise/sunset / night / day/time need help what’s best light quality to run like how much percent white blue green red and what would be a good on and off period just general full setup help if anyone got experaince please
  8. h3dgehog

    ATI Hybrid Powermodule

    Item: Selling 24", 4 bulb ATI Powermodule (T5 + LED combo) Condition: Excellent Location: Nebraska Price: $475 (not including shipping costs) Sale preference: would prefer to sell local sale (local as in within 1-2 hour driving distance); I am also planning to do a roadtrip from Nebraska to Georgia this February, so am willing to meet someone along the way
  9. taj0930

    Reefbrite xho par reading???

    Anyone able to provide par of their xho par? Blue xho. Current tank is 12” tall, led would b 3-4” from water surface
  10. reefinnewb

    Powersupply humming

    Have two Lumia 5.2 hooked to a Maxwell 240w 48v PSU. When certain channels are turned up, it hums like crazy. I cannot go 100% power without some channels flickering. All drivers are the correct size. Any ideas? The PSU should be plenty of power. Edit: Using two LDD-H-4S DRIVER BOARD from RapidLed. Using the PWM Pulldown jumpers with a BlueFish Controller.
  11. Lingwendil

    Lingwendil's 20 long

    Well, this has been set up for a little over a year. Originally I had set it up after a couple year hiatus from reefing (relocated and didn't have the room at the next couple places) in a 25 gallon (aquarium masters, same footprint as a 20 high) and swapped it all over to get a better layout for aquascaping and lighting coverage. I'm a simple man, so I'm running a Maxi-jet 600, a Zoo-Med 501 canister (mainly for a sponge and media) and an Aqueon Pro heater. Lighting is currently a DIY rig in a RapidLED designer heatsink, with a Luxeon Lime and a pair of "10W" chinese (one blue, one that is 1/3 cool white, and 2/3 royal blue) multichips per side. I currently have a couple BlueAcro Acrostar test boards on the way to swap in though! The current light isn't as blue as I like, but looks pretty good for how cheap and dirty it is. It's got a slightly warmer than 14k look, and the pics are actually pretty accurate to how it really looks. I have a pair of misbar clowns, because the five year old wanted one, and you can't have just one! These suckers were just a bit longer than a quarter when I got them, and now are a good 2.5" or so. The larger one is a deep orange, and the smaller one is almost stark yellow. The starry Blenny (the five year old named him "Fluffy" and it stuck!) is a very happy and enernaining puppy of a fish, definitely the star of the tank. Now for some terrible Pics- It's been up for a while, so I've got some nice coralline growth, and a ton of micro-dusters... Got a nice little Pipe Organ (one of my personal favorite corals!) Even have a little frag of the guy (from a piece that was hanging by a thread when I first bought it, will be neat to watch the growth over time) Nice little neon green tipped Toadstool (with baby that is ready to separate) next to what I believe is a Piece of Leptastrea? Better pic of the Leptastrea- Nice little Duncan starter frag- This Montipora was turd brown and about the size of a quarter when I first got it eight months ago, now it's about seven inches across, and ready to divide up at the back side... Here's a little piece of it that grew from a quarter-inch sized bit that stuck to an adjacent rock before the tank switchover, it's still got a lot of the original brown coloration... The stupid Zoas that just plain refuse to grow or die- And the stupid little frag of it that fell off one day on its own... Here's Fluffy, in one of his favorite spots to hide at whenever I try to get a pic with my phone... This guy has a ton of subtle little details that make him very handsome, if he will ever sit still... My nutrient export? Weekly water changes, and recently a small clod of Chaeto, just threw this in and we will see how fast it grows... The plan is eventual LPS domination, Blasto, Acans, maybe some torch, hammer, frogspawn... I want a Bubble coral or Elegance, but the ones I seem to always come across are either huge or stupid expensive. Not a big SPS guy, but maybe a couple Acro some Hydnophora, and Pavona. Once I figure out the new light I want some more Zoas but I never seem to have good luck with them! I'll try to get better pics up soon, and get some pics of the light setup. Pretty basic but a pretty decent setup, and soon it will be even better!
  12. I recently set up my new tank, Its a 29 gallon with a DIY LED setup with a 10 gallon sump. Everything turn out great and I am just cycling the tank at the moment. My question is I have 3 drivers for the LED's the drivers have Dimmers but are manual, I want to be able to set up something for it to be automatically even Wifi controllable, I was looking at the the TC421 but my problem since I am new to wiring electronics is how do I wire this thing and is it even possible to work? Or what controller do I need. Here are a few specs of the drivers If it even matters. Its 36v 700mA Output 120vAC input driver It came with Manual dimmers. The drivers are powering 10LED each, and i have 3Drivers. Its looks great but I just want to have some type of control.
  13. vitreous99

    LED drivers

    Was close to buying the ChaetoMax for a refugium in the back of my biocube 29 and then realized this was a great learning opportunity... So I'm gonna do my first LED dyi. 4 x 3w LEDs (Forward Voltage is 2.3V@700ma) I am assuming that I need a driver than can supply 700ma of current or less... at 9.2v (2.3v x 4 leds)... Less if I want to dim? This driver can't supply low enough voltage? "-Max # LEDs -7 LEDs (or combined LED voltage not exceeding 24.5V) -Minimum Voltage output - 12.5Vdc" Is there a min number of LEDs a driver can drive?
  14. Lorekeeper

    PAR 30 LED lighting for 5.5G

    So, I'm planning on moving my 2.5 gallon into a 5.5 gallon when I move rooms. I've been happy with the 2.5, I just want a bit more room and freedom to do what I want in the tank. I'm currently using a freshwater 12" Finnex LED strip that, for whatever reason, my zoas (and the hair algae) seem to love. It's been discontinued at this point, but it's a good little light. I've ordered one of the cheap 15W PAR 30s off of Ebay to try after seeing them used on other picos. It's got x3 10000K and x2 actinic. I know they tend to not last a terribly long time, but if I like the cheap one, I'll go for the name brand. I had been planning on covering 2-3 LEDs for my 2.5G, as I know the bulb will cook my coral if not. But for a 5.5G, would I need to do the same? Or would it not be enough for the tank? I'll be keeping mostly softies and macroalgae, although I may test the waters with a hardy LPS at some point.
  15. Icedgxe

    Nanobox Tide Plus M FS

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded to a larger tank from my Nuvo 10 and am no longer using this light. The light is in perfect shape other than one corner of the acrylic cover over the leds. I have that shown in a picture below. The piece still tightens down and was done during cleaning. I bought the light in late August of 2016. The power supply was replaced by Dave in May of 2017 due to a buzzing sound. It has been running at 70-75% and grew anything I wanted. Fan and heat sink were just cleaned when I took it down a couple of weeks ago. Price is $170 plus shipping.
  16. I'm starting a DIY LED for a 29 tank its not bio-cube. I have all the drivers and LEDs but i have a few questions. I have 24 LEDs 3w Cree, Is that enough for a 29 gallon reef? or would i need more, I am stocking the tank with few SPS and LPS no softs (maybe just mushrooms). The other question I have is the colors I have 6 Royal blues, 6 Blues, 2 Reds, 2 greens, 2 UV, 6 Cool-whites Is that a good ratio to start ? or what would you guys suggest ? The look on the display I'm going for are more of a blue/purple/clear color.
  17. Flozfzx

    Just need some help.

    I have 7's that add up to 22.22v my question is if i can use this driver, is it ok or is it going to not work and damage the led?
  18. Micahman7

    Coralife 16 gallon LED Biocube

    I just picked up a 16 gal coralife biocube led model and wondered if it had enough light for a bta. I have a few strips of extra ecoxotic led lights and I was also wondering if anyone has tried to add led’s to this hood. Seems lile it would be tight based off what I see. There is not a lot of info out there on the 16 gal led that I have found. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  19. UPDATE 2, need them gone!!!! I have these black Hybrids I am no longer using. They are the 4x24” T5’s and 4x v3Led cluster. They show some wear but I’m sure Dave could repaint to whatever you want. Also you’ll need new acrylic light covers. 475 each!!!! OR trade for MP40QD or Wav set.
  20. Looking to buy one of the lights for my first college reef tank (IM 20 gallon) The lights need to be in good and functional condition, would be a plus if it still has warranty!
  21. Hi everyone, here's a few first pics of my tank-swapped 20 gallon Waterbox next to my 5 gallon "floating" no-named nano tank. I'll be updating and posting new tank pics as I can on this thread, along with more info on the system as time goes on. Thanks for looking!
  22. weston.bechtold

    Torches losing color:(

    Hello all! I am asking for help concerning my torch corals loss of color. I have 3 branching torch corals next to each other that caught my eye at the LFS. But it seems as though the corals looked much more vibrant at the LFS and then once placed in my tank, they lose their vibrancy and start to take on a blander and more fleshy skin color. I am testing everyday for CA ALK MG as well as the ammonia nitrite nitrate ph and everything is close to perfect. I have maintained these stable water parameters so I don't believe this is the cause. I am using a kessil A80 tuna blue over this 2.6 gallon fluval spec 3 aquarium. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING????? Any comments are appreciated! Thankyou!
  23. lonewonderer

    kessil and other stuff for sale

    Hello, I'm selling some of my stuff that I no longer use. Very good and well maintained. I'll cover paypal fee and shipping. Please PM me if you're interested. Kessil A360we "WIDE" tuna blue with gooseneck and 90 Degree adapter $290 each I have 2 sets Current USA Marine Orbit with 2 mounts, Controller and Display module - $130 Gourmet Grazer - $15 Tunze aquarium fan -$30
  24. Thinking of getting an AI Prime HD for my 15 gallon tank (16x15x15), would that be enough lights for corals? If not what are some other lights I could use?
  25. I have a pair of gently used AI Vega White/Royal Blue LED modules in the white finish. I put about 1000 hours on them seldom over 20% before I broke the system down years ago to move. I will sell the pair for $275 shipped CONUS. These were originally purchased in July 2013 and were never exposed to salt water (covered tank). Original power supplies are included. [Edit] Here's some additional specs on the lights: http://saltycritter.com/lighting/aquaillumination/aquaillumination-ai-vega-led-aquarium-lighting.htm
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