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Found 128 results

  1. Breaking down main tank. Newer model in excellent condition. Comes with 120 degree optics. Used for about a year on relatively low intensity for LPS tank. Comes with hanging kit, legs, and original box. Figured I would post here before I throw it up on eBay. $300 shipped in continental US. Contact me with phone # for pics.
  2. mckinleym

    Galaxyhydro LED Lights

    For a 10 gallon aquarium (20 inches long and 12 inches deep) would the galaxyhydro LED dimmable light be suitable for growing soft corals and LPS corals? Would it also be strong enough for SPS corals if I decide to try them in the future? Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Galaxyhydro-55x3w-Dimmable-Spectrum-Aquarium/dp/B00INM0J1M/ref=pd_sbs_199_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00INM0J1M&pd_rd_r=ZTGPB564VKVTSWYDYC85&pd_rd_w=Q8V5Q&pd_rd_wg=1MeCK&psc=1&refRID=ZTGPB564VKVTSWYDYC85 Any information on this light or any other light fixture that may be suitable for my tank is much appreciated, I am looking to make sure I get something to encourage coral growth and create a healthy environment for them to live in. Thanks a ton!
  3. Lingwendil

    Lingwendil's 20 long

    Well, this has been set up for a little over a year. Originally I had set it up after a couple year hiatus from reefing (relocated and didn't have the room at the next couple places) in a 25 gallon (aquarium masters, same footprint as a 20 high) and swapped it all over to get a better layout for aquascaping and lighting coverage. I'm a simple man, so I'm running a Maxi-jet 600, a Zoo-Med 501 canister (mainly for a sponge and media) and an Aqueon Pro heater. Lighting is currently a DIY rig in a RapidLED designer heatsink, with a Luxeon Lime and a pair of "10W" chinese (one blue, one that is 1/3 cool white, and 2/3 royal blue) multichips per side. I currently have a couple BlueAcro Acrostar test boards on the way to swap in though! The current light isn't as blue as I like, but looks pretty good for how cheap and dirty it is. It's got a slightly warmer than 14k look, and the pics are actually pretty accurate to how it really looks. I have a pair of misbar clowns, because the five year old wanted one, and you can't have just one! These suckers were just a bit longer than a quarter when I got them, and now are a good 2.5" or so. The larger one is a deep orange, and the smaller one is almost stark yellow. The starry Blenny (the five year old named him "Fluffy" and it stuck!) is a very happy and enernaining puppy of a fish, definitely the star of the tank. Now for some terrible Pics- It's been up for a while, so I've got some nice coralline growth, and a ton of micro-dusters... Got a nice little Pipe Organ (one of my personal favorite corals!) Even have a little frag of the guy (from a piece that was hanging by a thread when I first bought it, will be neat to watch the growth over time) Nice little neon green tipped Toadstool (with baby that is ready to separate) next to what I believe is a Piece of Leptastrea? Better pic of the Leptastrea- Nice little Duncan starter frag- This Montipora was turd brown and about the size of a quarter when I first got it eight months ago, now it's about seven inches across, and ready to divide up at the back side... Here's a little piece of it that grew from a quarter-inch sized bit that stuck to an adjacent rock before the tank switchover, it's still got a lot of the original brown coloration... The stupid Zoas that just plain refuse to grow or die- And the stupid little frag of it that fell off one day on its own... Here's Fluffy, in one of his favorite spots to hide at whenever I try to get a pic with my phone... This guy has a ton of subtle little details that make him very handsome, if he will ever sit still... My nutrient export? Weekly water changes, and recently a small clod of Chaeto, just threw this in and we will see how fast it grows... The plan is eventual LPS domination, Blasto, Acans, maybe some torch, hammer, frogspawn... I want a Bubble coral or Elegance, but the ones I seem to always come across are either huge or stupid expensive. Not a big SPS guy, but maybe a couple Acro some Hydnophora, and Pavona. Once I figure out the new light I want some more Zoas but I never seem to have good luck with them! I'll try to get better pics up soon, and get some pics of the light setup. Pretty basic but a pretty decent setup, and soon it will be even better!
  4. For Sale: JBJ Nano-Cube with custom LED lighting, stand, heater, pump, and other misc. stuff. Lighting consists of 12 Cree XM-L U3 LEDs run at 1000mA each for a total output of about 5,500 lumens. While setup as a planted tank, this was more than enough for very light demanding plants and produced LOTS of pearling (I have a video showing streams of oxygen coming off plants). I have had this setup as both a planted tank and a reef tank and it worked perfect for both. Only issue with this is that the part of the hood that holds the little door on has chipped and so you can't flip it up and have it stay in place. It holds it fine while closed. Not noticeable if you aren't looking for it, but a minor inconvenience. Feel free to PM with questions. Local pickup in the Indianapolis IN area. $100
  5. Lingwendil

    LED array design for freshwater?

    Originally posted on theplantedtank, but figured you guys might have some good input as well, so I figured I would ask here too. Hey guys, I'm setting up my first freshwater planted in a long time. I've kept some fresh before immensely over the years, but transitioned to reefing the last decade or so. I've decided to build my own pendant for my new (Amazon prime deal) Marineland portrait 5.5g setup. The tank measures (approximately) 9.5x8.5x16", so it wont take much to get some good light going on. I wanted to be able to adjust it up later if I ever get into anything higher light/advanced, but for now will likely do Java Fern, Anubias, Banana plant, Water sprite, and whatever else I can find that does well for me :wink2: So far I was thinking that a large CPU heatsink would be a decent pendant, and this would allow me to have a backup fan for summertime or high-intensity operation, but I intend to passively cool this setup ideally. I was thinking of a couple different setups, but either way the light would hang from 3-6" above the tank. Possible LED selection, keep in mind I'm a bit fuzzy on the state of freshwater lighting, last time I set up a planted tank PC Fluorescent was still the choice lighting!!! I would like to be able to have a nice range of adjustability, from a stark white to a deep blue. I will likely be using a Typhon or similar controller, still undecided. 2-4 channels possibly, but I'd likely do just fine with 2. Most likely will use LDD type drivers. I have ways of making by when I first build it up and test it out though. All on 3-up stars (separate wiring, and spread around for good mix) from stevesleds most likely, stars tightly spaced- 2x NW (5000k) 1x WW (3k) 1x RB (440nm?) 1x Lime 1x hyper violet I was thinking of possibly doing that, but adding the following as well- 1x NW (5000k) 1x CW (6500k) 1x B (460nm?) I like a nice crisp white, I despise the heavy yellow tint a lot of tanks end up with. I like a bit of blue too, but will tend towards more of a neutral tone to this little tank. Something like these are the look I'm after... I tried to do a ton of research, but since photobucket nuked the offsite links it's not that easy to find any pics of smaller buiids...
  6. taj0930

    Best T5 to supplement LED???

    Hey folks. Looking for some suggestions on what to supplement my Current Marine Orbit Pro with? Tank is a 20 long, so only 12'' tall and front to back. Corals will be simple softies & LPS, w some macros. I know the LED itself is enough for my lower demand corals, but this being my 1st LED only tank Im finding I miss the T5's. Ive seen allot of tanks in person using both and they look great. The growing consensus is its a good way to go. So I want to give a try. Adding 2 bulbs. I get plenty of ''pop'' so I don't really need that. & with the low demand corals I plan on and the shallow tank, PAR is not a very big factor at all really. My thoughts were adding a 6500 for a couple hours during day when Im not home. I plan on putting some macros in the tank as well so I know they'd benefit. Then on the other side add an actual actinic, not a blue. I get plenty of blue from the light, don't need more. I guess the daylight bulb is more my question. Do I go 6500, or something higher kelvin? If higher Kelvin - 10-15k, what's everyone's opinion on best one? More for growth then appearance. Again that bulb will be on when no one home to add some good growth power. All ears here!
  7. trodrigues

    FS: Refugium led

    Used for a few weeks 18 x 660nm 2 x royal blue $10 each i have 3 available buyer covers shipping
  8. I have one AI prime HD 2 months old for sale I was running it at 45%, I got a good deal for a Radion G2 thats why I'm selling the prime with the mount included. Price for both brand new $225 + $30 = $255 I'm asking $210 Shipping included in the US. $200 If picked up in Miami, Fort Lauderdale area.
  9. Jdev167


    So I have been away from the hobby for about 4 years now and I'm going to get back in with about a 30 gallon tank. I was thinking fish only because I live in Japan and electrical bill would sky rocket with hallegons so my question is how had led lighting come? I know 4 years ago it wasn't great is it still not very good it had it gotten better? Thank you all for your time
  10. reefrox

    Nano box light mount

    Hello. Thought I would share what I've used to mount my nanobox duo plus m led light to my reefer 170. Initially since I was running my new nanobox in conjunction with my geisman t5 fixture, I had to custom make a custom bracket.. then decided to do Led only. And since my light setup had a hanging kit and not a gooseneck I had to find a tank mount fixture. Ended up with the AI hms single mount kit from bulk reef supply. Not perfect but works great. Basically just hung the light on the mount. Here are some pics..
  11. Conner smith

    Lighting/coral questions

    I was wondering if I am using the correct lighting setup, my frogspawn doesn't really glow like it did in the store, some of my other corals do, and I would attach a picture of the royal blue light but it can't be captured on camera
  12. DaveFason

    New NanoBox LED Color : Mint

    NanoBox is excited to introduce a new color to the NanoBox lineup, Mint. The color was discovered after switching to the Luxeon C LED on the V3.1 array. We have been using Lime for three years and have had incredible success. The mint spectrum nearly mimics lime however has a peak under the 450nm ( wavelength ). As you can see in the graph below marked with light pink. What does this mean for reefers? A better overall color, better blending and a more ideal spectrum. We have tested this spectrum for over a year with amazing results. Our original Lagoon 25, IM Drop Off , Fusion 10 and now our Red Sea 170 have used the mint spectrum. Along with many of our loyal NanoBox customers. The mint color has a "greenish" tone however once you blend with royal blue, blue, cyan and violet you will see how it shines. Mint Only : Mix : When will this be implemented in the NanoBox lineup? We made the switch back in November! We started to hear more and more people talk about the color looking better and glad we made the switch. Mint costs a few cents more but is well worth it. Will we be able to run the mint channel independently? Yes, if you would like. When ordering I would need to know. If you currently have a Plus M model we can change the wiring to separate the mint. Experiments? We have been running all of our tanks without any white supplementation for sometime. The results have blown us away. While there still needs to be true testing done ( spectrograph ) we believe this is a step forward. Creating a "reef" spectrum without white. If you look at 90% of the LED lights out there the white channel is marginally used. NanoBox will be sending a unit out to be tested utilizing only mint, royal blue, blue, cyan and violet. Rainbow Chalice Under Above : Have questions? Ask away! Happy reefing! -Dave
  13. Hi, I know the technical specs and differences from one and the other and LEDs are the future for sure, but I've been told that T5HOs are better to grow and propagate corals than a comparable LED fixture. Can someone tell me the why?
  14. darcyb

    Nuvo 4 gallon lighting

    Hey everyone Ive decided to start a new even smaller tank hahah, while my nuvo 10 is cruising along nicely. Ive recently started cycling a nuvo 4 gallon pico and man am i stuck on what lighting to buy... i want to know everyone's thoughts on a suitable fixture for it, like the kessil a80, Ai prime or like a CC par 30 bulb. I want to/will put 1 or 2 sps frags in it but it will be mainly filled with lps and softies. As for like stock probably a porcelain crab and 1 or 2 sexy shrimp ? + CUC
  15. Hello everyone, Its been a while since I've posted here! Looking at my old pictures, I see now I obviously have a browning problem. So I went to google of course to get to the bottom of it! And got only some questions answered. I have done a ton of forum searches and see that a lot of post about LED's and what not are many years old, and always seem to turn into an argument about "Why you should switch back to MH Lights" Well now that were all in 2017 and know that Coral can in fact thrive under LED's (And some of my corals have almost doubled in size!) lets start a modern conversation about lighting on Shallow Nano Tanks. Perhaps someone has a great link I can read on for this? So here is my question, I am running my Orbit Marine Pro LED at 85% Blue, and 16% white. After some reading, I think I need to raise it up. Browning coral is from too little light and zooxanthellae builds up to feed the coral in place of light correct? And with more intense light, the zooxanthellae will release, and the coral will Color up "Like a Tan" to protect it in a way from the light from what I'm reading, is this also correct? I ask because recently one of my SPS has started bleaching, so I thought it was too much light. so i turned it down about 5% But it is browning... so now I'm thinking its too little. Its also barley grown. However my Octospawn LPS coral has almost doubled in 4 months, and my Plate coral (An sps) and GSP is also growing. So I was under the impression i had enough or possibly too much light... So all I'm after here, is lighting information. More White, more blue? How does this effect Color/Growth & zooxanthellae? I want less brown! I start with 1 hour blue from 0% - 85% over a 30 minute Ramp up, and it runs for 7 hours and ramps back down over 30 minutes to 0%. (Total of 8 hours blue) And my Whites I run 15 minutes after the Blue lights start, and over half an hour ramp to 16%. Then run for 6 hours and ramps back down to 0% over 30 minutes. (Total of 7 hours white) How many hours do you run your lights? What pattern do you run? Blue first then white then blue? Start with white, finish with blue? What are your Light Programs/Percentages? Lets talk LED lights & Coral! P.S. Since everyone always ask about Water conditions, I keep my tank about 77-78 Degrees My Salinity is - 0.025 My calcium is - 415-430 Alk - 9 Nitriates - 0 Nitrates - 0.5 Phosphates - 0 to 0.5 Running Carbon, and Chemi Pure Elite & Skimmer. But Please, lets not turn this to a "Water conditions topic" etc. I see almost all the other lighting post turn away from the lighting For more information on my build, check out my Build Thread in my signature.
  16. I have 2 Innovative Marine, Skye LED fixtures. They have less than 20 hours on them each. These things retail new for $129. I'm asking $60 each, or $100/pair. These are the 10K/456nm combo lights. Info: Light Specs
  17. lonewonderer

    Ebay lights any good?

    hello fellow nano keepers! I'm very new to saltwater tanks and i need help with lighting. I have a JBJ 24 gallon tank with no stock hood light. I bought this ebay led light " daytime" for it. Will this be sufficient enough? I'm housing 2 clowns, 3 small kenya corals, 1 2" xenia, 3 snails and 6 hermit crabs. Will this be ok for the corals? if not what is the best and cheapest led light for my tank? do i need full spectrum or white and blue color only? sorry for all the question guys. I'm a seasoned freshwater fish keeper but so green to saltwater. Any suggestions? thanks much! Chris
  18. trodrigues

    LF led controller

    Looking for a cheap pwm controller for my spare diy led
  19. Hi Everyone. I am looking to replace my stock lighting with LEDs. Here is what I was thinking: 1 LDD-H-4S DRIVER BOARD MEAN WELL LDD-1500H driver (Channel 1) 2 SOLDERLESS CREE XP-G2 NEUTRAL WHITE LED 2 SOLDERLESS CREE XP-G2 WARM WHITE LED MEAN WELL LDD-1500H driver (Channel 2) 4 SOLDERLESS CREE XT-E ROYAL BLUE LED MEAN WELL LDD-700HW DIMMABLE DRIVER (Channel 3) 2 SOLDERLESS SEMILEDS VIOLET UV LED (410-420NM) MEAN WELL LDD-1000HW DIMMABLE DRIVER (Channel 4) 1 SOLDERLESS CREE XP-E2 BLUE LED 1 SOLDERLESS LUXEON PHILIPS REBEL ES CYAN LED SCW05B-12 (18-36V Input) 12V SCW Driver 1 LRS-350-36 W/ Power 60mm Vantec Fan Does this lighting setup make sense? Will this be bright enough? Also does anyone know where I can get a Heaksink that is drilled and tapped? Thanks, Damon
  20. Read disclaimer at the bottom. Most things will need a little cleaning. I'm breaking down my 28 gallon JBJ nano. Equipped with Jbj 28 nano cube hood with rapid led aurora puck with 4 drivers that are dimable( 0-10v) through the apex. Hood also has 4 fans and night lights. Led Drivers come with plugs that plug into the apex vdm( probably have to use apex to dim. Would need to buy 4 parts in you don't have an apex ). 375.00 dollars for entire hood with drivers and apex cords shipped. Good shape could use a good cleanig. The hood was upgraded 6 months ago. Ecosmart vortec has mp10 Es w (white controller). from 2011- 110.00 Needs cleaned but runs cool a quiet. Sat unused for almost 4 years. had it linked to the apex with the wxm. Apex lite with display, 8 outlet power bar,netgear wireless adapter, temp prob, ph probe.... ATTENTION!!!!!(display has some missing lines or rows of LEDs. Can still be controlled from display, setup on computer, and controlled from phone app)))))))275.00 OBO shipped. I have had this unit for several years without any problems. Neptune vdm-65$ Shipped Newest price, has the white label on the vdm controller Neptune wxm. 55$ Shipped Additional energy bar with 8 outlets105.00 shipped DIY breakout box. Has 6 female plug recepticles. 35$ Shipped It's very nice !! I used it for autotop off with the apex. Will include auto top off floats. All diy but very nice and perfect for the nano. The floats in the tank have dual float in case one went bad. Jbj Led refugium light-25$ upgraded filter box for the back of jbj. I think made by intank, llc. $35 shipped. WILL SELL EVERYTHING AT ONCE FOR 1000!! Shipping from Atlanta Georgia. Only take paypal. Most things will need cleaned
  21. Selling my AI Prime. It was only used for about 6 months. I am getting out of the hobby, hence me selling it. The light is fully functional, and comes with everything that it had when I bought the light, including the box. Cosmetically it looks close to new. Pictures were just taken. Light works perfect. I cycled through the brightness and light settings. $200 including shipping. Shipping will most likely be USPS Priority. PM for details.
  22. ReefKeeperNoob


    I have a 10 gallon reef with a marine orbits pro for lighting, my question is.. How high should I run this light for best growth and colors? I currently have 3 different zoas, hairy mushroom colony, one open brain coral, gsp colony, frogspawn, and hammers.. right now I'm running 100% blue and 65% white.. the tank size is a traditional 10 gallon aquarium its made by top fin, these are the dimensions for that tank 10.1" Long, 20.1 " Wide, 14.1" High.. are my light to high right now or to dim? Please help me out.. here is a link to the exact light I'm using (18"-24" model) and a pic of my tank, thanks for all the help! http://current-usa.com/aquarium-led-lights/orbit-marine-fixtures/orbit-marine-pro/
  23. Simulated Fish

    It's finally here! Now I feel official!

    my new lights are here! Can't wait to finally get them on the tank! But I have to wait tell the little one goes down for a nap... Big shout out to @DaveFason who had to go old school on the pain job because the anodizing just wasn't up to his standards.
  24. niQo

    Par38 growlight question

    I just got this light in the mail yesterday and when I plugged it in it looked a lot more blue then I was expecting as a majority of the LEDs are 660nm. Do our eyes not see this wavelength? This will be my new fuge light and I want to make sure I got the right one! Thanks!
  25. driver $20 $15 each, I have 2 of these led panels each one has 18 660nm red and 2 royal blue (recommended to run at 22-28v 700ma upto 1400ma) both items only about 2 weeks old never actually used on tank
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