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Found 128 results

  1. Hello all, I am in the process of setting up an Aqueon Evolve 8 AIO for SPS corals only. My Equipment list: Evolve 8 AIO stock return pump Bare bottom Fluval 50 watt heater 8 lbs base rock 4 lbs cured live rock Hydor Koralia Nano 240 gph (x2) GENERIC wave-maker module Beamswork LED light (looking to upgrade for SPS corals) Filter floss Chemi-pure Blue RODI water Instant Ocean Reef Crystals I am shopping for a budget friendly LED light fixture for maintaining SPS corals. Your recommendations are very much appreciated. Thank you for reading my post. reefkeeper87
  2. Hello guys, I just bought COB led with it´s own power supply right on the board. (link for the COB led) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001282591128.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.ca254c4d22y2b3 I´am amazed how something this small can work. I would thought that normal, robust power supply (smth. like meanwell, etc.) would be needed and from there to the led itself. So I would like to get some feedback from you, about what do you think about it. I´m not confident enough to plug it right into the socket and let it lit for 16 hours alone. My second question is about the connector type, do somebody know what type of connector it is? I want to connect it properly If I go to try it. Thanks for your answers in advance
  3. I have 2 used Nanobox Duo +M led lights with FAN issues.Units can be used up to 50% without getting all that warm. ALL LEDs work, bluefish mini controlled. 48v power supplies, some oxidation at flex neck collar, slight mars on driver housings.(Fan wise- someone with sodering skills could replace pcwb fan controller or replace the driver boards) A.-Black body w/ white lid-. FAN CONTROL DRIVER BAD. Jack screws are not matching or original. B-Silver body w/white LID- FAN CONTROL DRIVER BAD. Jack screws are not matching or original. C. 2 arrays on heatsink, bluefish mini controller, fan, 24v powersupply. NO driver board so I can not power up but they worked great when in my RSM130d. Willing to sell all for $400 shipped.OBO May entertain selling separately
  4. Hi. I'm sorry to double post, but it seems that Nanobox (Dave Fason) is no longer in business and perhaps my question will not get answered in the Nanobox forum. I would like to connect two Nanobox Duos together to a single Nanobox driver box. My driver box runs with a 48V power supply and has 6 drivers. If I connect the channels from both Duos in series, the max intensity drops dramatically, which I assume is normal. Is there a way to "fix" or mitigate this? Perhaps the max power of each driver is "capped" for a single Duo and there is a way to increase the max power to compensate for the double amount of LEDs on each channel? The end result would be like the attached picture (which is not mine, but exactly the same setup I want to make). I just need to know how to do the wiring inside the driver box and know if there is anything else to be done.
  5. $300 shipped to lower 48 and paypal fees covered. Everything works as it should. I got this light in a tank breakdown, so no box. The guy who ran it said he bought it new and ran it for 6 months. I called Ecotech, MFG date is 12/2017. You can call them yourselves to confirm if need be. I'm a Kessil guy myself so I just have no use for this. Thanks for looking!
  6. NirvanaandTool

    FS: Assorted DIY LED Items

    I've been out of the hobby for a bit and need to clear out some of the old LED parts I was hanging onto. Had hoped I could swing a new tank by now but the wife says it ain't happening LOL. Anyone need some LED parts? I've got drivers and two fully built fixtures. Message me for any questions. Thanks. DIY LED Fixture x2: These lit up a 90G really well and looked great doing it. $100 each OBO. (If anyone wants both fixtures, with drivers and power supply, I'd do $200 for it) 12" MakersLED Heatsink w/cooling fan 1x Bridgelux BXRA-40E0950-B-03 Neutral White LED 4x Luxeon M Royal Blue LEDs 4x Cree XPE2 Blue 4x Hyper Violet 430nm 2x Luxeon ES Cyan 2x Luxeon ES Lime + Optics (Unused) Controllers: Bluefish LED Controller - Wifi Enabled LED lighting Controller w/ 3 pre-stripped control cables (missing power supply though but it just takes a 12V power supply) This thing was easily the coolest item I had during my DIY led days. Works great with LDD drivers (which I happen to have a few of). https://aquarium-led-controller.com/...ed-controller/ Used 1 year - $100 OBO Power Supplies: Meanwell NES-350-48 Power Supply w/ 110vac plug - $25 OBO 350w 48V 7.3A Drivers: Meanwell LPC-35-700 (2 drivers, both unused) - $10 each or $15 for the pair OBO 700mA 35w Constant current driver Meanwell ELN-60-48P (3 drivers, used about 2 years) - $10 each PWM Dimmable, 60W, 1.3A output Meanwell LDD-1000H (5 drivers, used a year) on Coralux LDD-6 board- $25 for all drivers on the board PWM Dimmable, 1000mA Meanwell LDD-700H (2 drivers, used a year) on Coralux LDD-2 board - $10 for both on board PWM dimmable, 700mA Spare Meanwell LDD-700H (unmounted) $5
  7. Aquascaping_Nature.be

    Reproducing Reefled 50 spectrum to AI Prime 16HD

    Hi all, Maybe a more advanced question, but does anyone know if its possible to reproduce the redsea reefled spectrum for 15, 20 and 23000 Kelvin to an AI prime 16HD? The app suggest 15000 Kelvin (100% blue and 100% white)... (what does this mean if we bring this over to the AI light settings? Same for 20 and 23000K What intensity for white, royalblue, red, green, UV, etc....? Huge thanks if anyone might know this ✌️
  8. Hello everybody! I am often reading forum posts on this website and decided to make an account myself, so maybe somebody can help me with my little problem. I have an around 60g tank (47 inch long, 21 inch high, 17 inch wide). The tank is nearly 2 years old. Currently I have cheap LEDs that I bought from amazon. They are okay, Softies grow slowly, but nothing grows as I want it to and of course I would love to go for SPS so my tank really needs an upgrade. I cant decide what lights to get for my tank. I hear a lot of good things about T5, as they are supposed to be the best "plug and play" methode for growing LPS and SPS. I would go for an ATI 6x54w fixture. It would fit nicely over my whole tank. The downside of this is my budget. I cant go over 1000 dollars and the running costs for T5 are insane (change bulbs every 6 months, expensive electricity bill) which really is a tough one for me. The other option would be LEDs. However there are so many brands that I am completly lost on what to get. An Ecotech Radion is out of the question as it would cost way to much. Another option would be two AI Hydra 32HD. It would bring me up to around 800 Dollars. More expensive then an ATI fixture, but way less in the long term. Now my question is would two AI Hydra 32HDs be enough for my tank? Will they be able to grow every coral ranging from Euphyllia to Acropora? (Yes I know there are more factors you have to look at when growing corals, but lets just focus on light). Are there any other options? What would be the best one? Maybe for a personal note I am not a huge fan of shimmers. I like my tank to be lit and having a disco ball effect just irritates me. I am happy to read your replies and I hope you can help me those 🙂
  9. Is anyone having a problem with the weather underground link in the Bluefush controller app? I cannot get any stations to report and the default location Fiji is not even updated. The date listed as last update was Nov. 2019. I have blinked- up again, no fix. I believe this might be an outdated link in the app. Please help
  10. Kessil AP700 A-Series Mounting Arms Slight Diffusion Kit Extension Slide Bars The light is excellent, my experience with the app was challenging.Powered it on 12/17 minus a month due to Hurricane Michael.
  11. Jradd87

    Fluval 9 gallon Nano

    So I am new to the hobby and am already in love! I have been working on my budged build in my 9 gallon Fluval and would like any advice i can get. Currently have two clowns and dry rock. In the process of establishing the tank and then plan to add corrals. I wanted to reach out to the community and get some advice with equipment upgrades all around. One direct area I would like some thoughts and options on is lighting. I was wanting to do a simple cost effective lamp setup with something like a par 38 and a simple timer. Do bulbs like these require special lamps? or can they be used with any household socket? secondly do they require a dimmer? open to ideas and opinions but as this is my first setup I would like to keep it budget friendly. Thanks for the help.
  12. A few weeks ago I picked up a good deal on a three gallon MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium. Plan to use it as a quarantine or frag tank depending on what I need at the time. Could be keeping soft, hard or LPS in it. For lighting I have been looking at two sub $70 units on Amazon. Have seen a few mentions on NR.com about them but not a lot of feedback. There are quite a few reviews of both on amazon. Hoping to collect additional thoughts or personal experience which will help me and others who might be looking at these. Welcome your thoughts. Lominie LED Aquarium Light Pixie 30 Central light source could be better for my squarish tank no fan customize the spectrum can adjust intensity HIPARGERO LED Has a fan only blue/white adjustment can adjust intensity Lomine on left Hipargero on right.
  13. Reefanatic24/7

    WTB light for Pico

    Looking for a light for my 5g pico in the $50 range. Looking to grow zoas and LPS. I would love it if it had some controllability too. Located in Utah.
  14. I have a 10g fish only dry rock setup. I have this Finnex Planted+ 24/7 with blue (from RGB led) at 8/10 level and white at 2/10 level. I can bump up the blue to 10/10 but my question is can i grow any type of coral with it? Initially I didnt plan on coral and also I had this led lying around so was using it for showcase but looks like I may try some coral. Currently I have this ON for 6 hours. I have seeded the tank with some coralline algae a week before. There are some diatoms now on the rocks and not sure where the coralline went 😊
  15. New Steves Led Hurricane pwm controller Comes with extra wire $40 plus shipping
  16. VIDEO: Build the Perfect Reef Light with the Giesemann Stellar Hybrid Mount Your Favorite LEDs from EcoTech, AI, and Giesemann!
  17. A.m.P

    Moar Actinics

    So I currently have an AI prime running a fairly intense schedule over a Euphyllia-dominated tank (they're all close to the bottom though) and I'm considering buying a strip of those little 3-watt moonlight 445 Actinics for color-pop (since I'm having to really push some of the uglier channels of my Prime to keep my Maxima colored-up and happy). Anybody have any idea whether said strips really add much in the way of par or would they really just contribute better color and florescence? Tank: Nuvo atoll 13g (11" deep) [Picture taken at night with things closing up for the evening] Schedule: Strip in question: https://www.21ledusa.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=3528DBLWP&CartID=1
  18. -new steves led hurricane controller with all wire headers $50 - pinpoint ph monitor no probe $30 -1.5” gate valve $15 all prices do not include shipping
  19. Chris's Fishes

    Wattshine 140W LED Black Box

    Hey! So, I plan to upgrade my 10 gallon into a 20 long within the next few weeks, and have started buying stuff I'll need once I make the transition. The first thing I got was a new light, as one of my old PAR 38's had just burned out and I knew I wouldn't want to deal with a bunch of cumbersome PAR 38's over the tank anyway. I asked around on R2R, and got some good advice. Originally, I was going to build the light myself. Then, I was going to go a slightly less DIY route, but still build my own fixture using pre-made bulbs. I was researching that when someone recommended that I bite the bullet and look into some black boxes (which I had been avoiding), and that the Wattshine 140W was a great value. After some research, I ordered it, and it came in today. Right out of the box, I'm impressed. The fixture feels solid, and looks pretty sleek as well. Tons of ventilation slots, and the fan is nearly silent. For $70, it feels pretty unbelievable compared to the Odyssea T5 fixture I had on my first reef tank (my only other experience with iffy fixtures). The hanging kit sucks, like, a lot. But I knew that going into it, and I DIYed a stand out of PVC yesterday, and it's worked out fine. I had to get a bit creative with the hanging kit, and I think I'll eventually re-do the stand with some wood (as there is some bend in the PVC), but this is more than good enough for now. I got it hung around 8" above the tank, and powered it on - and the light isn't quite what I expected. I was definitely expecting something a bit more in the blue range (12000K+), but it's almost a white-purple color. I messed around with the blues and whites and got it to something I like better, but I'm not in love with the spectrum. That said, it's pretty bright, and my hammer immediately inflated and looks happier than he's been since I got him. So, it must be good for the coral - I'll get used to the spectrum, or add some aftermarket blues if I have to. My RFA is currently extremely pissed and is hiding in the shadows, but it's fluorescing quite a bit as well - so maybe once the tank has more coral in it I'll like the spectrum more. Or, my eyes just need to adjust. My question is about coverage. See, this is above a standard 10 gallon - 20" long. At 8" above the tank, around 16" are lit very well. 2" on either side are a bit dim. I pulled the fixture up to 12" for a bit, and the entire tank was lit, but, of course, I lost intensity. That's great an all, but I want to use this light on a 30" tank. How high do you guys think I'm going to have to hang this light to get maximum coverage? The optics are 90 degrees, and according to the Amazon page, this should light up to a 24" tank well. Could I swap out some optics to get more coverage, or am I stuck with the 24" max? Thanks!
  20. New to nano-reef and looking for some advice from anyone with experience using the Current USA Orbit Marine IC Pro Dual LED 24-36 in. I’m in the process of setting up an IM Nuvo Fusion 20g. This is my first tank after taking a +10 year hiatus and my plan is to start out and keep easier to maintain soft and LPS corals, no imminent plans to keep SPS, but maybe in the future. In researching this light, which includes 2 fixtures, it seems to have PAR ratings that would be more than adequate and the coverage would be ideal for the footprint of this tank since almost all of the 24 in width would be lite (https://current-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Orbit-PAR-Measurements-1.pdf). In addition to providing a decent light source that will grow LPS corals, my other primary goal is to reduce light spill. My tank is going to be in a main room and I have 2 small children, so I’m a bit worried about having a light mounted high above the tank with the little ones looking up at it. This is where these lights also seem to be a great fit since their included mounts place the light directly above the water, while still covering the full tank. Most of the reviews I’ve seen seem to be focused on older and less powerful models from Current. These seem to have the power and PAR needed to grow any LPS and probably some SPS in the top half of the tank. Downside is that the controller is just Bluetooth and not WiFi, but I think I can live with that. I like the AI prime HDs as well, but to get what I want I think I’ll need 2 of them which is going to be way too much power for a tank of this size. Also like the Nanobox Duo, but not sure it will cover as good as these when mounted a couple of inches above the water surface. Anyone have success with these? What am I missing? Is the disco effect terrible on these? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  21. Help my cat loves sushi!

    LED light selection help.

    I'm thinking of going lidless on my biocube 14. I have to replace the fluorescents and rather than spending 50$ on bulbs I am going to put it to new lights. I am looking for something budget friendly, under 100$. I have mostly soft corals, a few fish that I would like to have the colors pop on and some zoas and a duncan that fluoresce. I have read good reviews about this light. It has Cree LEDs and is only 60$. But it doesn't have as many LEDs as some others and isn't very adjustable. HIPARGERO LED Aquarium Light – Aquarium LED Lights 30W Saltwater Lighting with Touch Control and 3W Cree Chips for Coral Reef Fish Nano Tank My other option has some better controls and isn't much more expensive at $83. It doesn't have cree LEDs, but it has 100 LEDs and an app that I can adjust the lights on a 24hr timer. Fluval Sea Marine Nano Bluetooth LED (20 Watt) I have also read good things about the MicMol brand, but I don't know much about this nano light. It's more expensive than I like, but the options for timers and flexibility for colors is compelling. MICMOL - LED Reef Light – Aqua CC 30W Marine Aquarium LED Lights Programmable with Full Spectrum for Saltwater Coral Reef Fish Nano Tank … Anyone use these, or have other better suggestions? Trying to keep costs down, but still want something nice. I have no plans on keeping sps corals, but I will have some LPS. I have a firefish, and will be getting a clownfish and royal gramma later.
  22. Sundevil_B

    RGBW diy LED light

    The problem: I created a DIY led for my pico with 2xRB and 1xCW cree leds on the 20mm star boards. The leds worked fine but they created a disco ball effect that I really didn't care for. To make things worse I'm using a glass top to reduce evaporation on my pico and the condensation was acting like lenses to make the problem more pronounced. You can see the individual light beams in the top of the picture. I originally had the leds spaced to give more coverage but tried to bunch them as close as possible to eliminate the effect. It helped but didn't get rid of it. So i was looking through ebay and noticed there are Cree XM-L RGBW leds. All the emitters are in one package with one integrated lens. I figured it was worth a shot and ordered 5 to try out. If I still can't stand the effect I'll have to try something else... The plan: Wire up 4 channels of LDD 700's for each color. Drive the LDD with an arduino I'm already using for the current light. I'll remote mount the drivers and Arduino to make it more sightly and use a large scrap heatsink to cool the LED's. I'll thermocouple up the LED's to see if I can get away without a fan, but have one ready if that doesn't work.
  23. Arvi

    What light should I get?

    Hi all, I’ve been wanting to upgrade my light to something more powerful, but I really am split on what to get. Leaning more towards LEDs. Top contenders right now are the ai hydra 26, ecotech radion xr15 and the tmc v2lumenair compact 70w. But as I said, I just can’t decide. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Specific tank size is 60cm length, 40 cm width and height.
  24. Floundering_Around

    Need a new light

    Unfortunately, as I was moving back to college after winter break, all of my plugs and cords for my tank's equipment got wet. Some of the equipment just uses standard plugs so after drying off, they were able to be plugged right back in and continue working. However, my new aqamai kps and the adapter and timer for my light currently do not work. I am unsure if they'll start working after drying out some more but as of right now, my tank has had no light since Sunday (other than sunlight from a nearby window) and a backup pump for flow. Up until now, I've been using the stock light for the fluval evo 13.5 and it's was working out well. If I can't get a new adapter from fluval (the actual light is fine), then I will be looking into a different LED that's appropriate for the evo 13.5. I'll also need a lid for the tank as I want to 1) minimize evaporation, 2) keep my fish from jumping, and 3) keep my roommate's cat out of the tank. If this is cheaper than getting a new stock light or at least comparable, any suggestions would be appreciated!!! 🙂 I need to get a light back on my tank as soon as possible. current tank stock: - softies (GSP, mushrooms) -LPS (acans, duncan, torch, goniopora) -SPS (pocilipora) - inverts (RFAs) - NPS
  25. Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time, but am getting back into marine tanks after being tankless for many years after a move. I have an old JBJ Nano Cube DX, 12 gallon. It was retired, but I recently set it back up for a little mantis shrimp (who will likely be moving to a Fluval Spec V soon). The tank looks really nice, but I now remember why I retired it. The fans are VERY LOUD, and it runs hot without them. I'm looking to do one of two things: 1. Upgrade the lighting to LED in the existing top (retrofit), or 2. Remove the top altogether, find/make a cover (ideas or links to after market suppliers?) and put an LED strip light or gooseneck on top. I'm not looking for anything fancy. I'm looking to keep a lagoon type environment with zoanthids and soft corals, 1-2 smallish, hardy anemones (e.g., Florida flower anemone), small inverts/cleaners, may a couple tiny fish. I am NOT looking to have an SPS tank. I'm an experienced marine aquarium keeper, so I do understand stocking limits and won't be overstocking this tank. But I hate the lighting and the noise is driving me nuts. The canopy is ugly and dated too, IMO. I know this is the DIY forum, but I'd welcome suggestions for plug and play retrofit lighting for the hood OR a new top that I'll add an LED to. I have emailed Steve's LEDs, as they had an LED lighting upgrade for this system years ago, but don't list it now. All that said, I'm open to suggestions, so if there is a great build thread that is more FOWLR or LPS/Zoa tank, please post links. How I got back into the hobby: I have not had a marine tank since I moved in 2011 and sold or gave away almost all my tanks and livestock. Including 210. 44 pent, 55, several smaller tanks... I only kept a 29, 90, and the 12 gallon nano cube. I've been tankless since, about 7.5 years. I work at a mail order biological supply house (for educators). Our Florida Keys collector sent samples of live urchins for Biosmounts (museum quality preserved materials in a case) along with other living materials that department ordered. They couldn't use the two urchins, didn't want to just let them die, and came to me. I set up a tank for them in my office. Not long after, I sent our collector in the Florida Keys a request for THREE items for photography - yellow ball sponge, flower anemone, a mantis shrimp. He sent me a whole fish box of marine organisms, including five ball sponges and TWO mantis shrimp. I've had them set up in temporary tanks as I've found them homes locally. Some I'm keeping are in the simple 10 gallon setup in my office. But now I've got the bug again. 🙂 And would like to bring the 12 gallon Nano Cube (after upgrade) to work. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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