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Found 43 results

  1. josh0013

    Growth on LR

    Hello guys... first post since getting back into hobby after a few years... says I joined in 2009 haha. Anyway, any idea on what is growing on my rock? It’s dark brown/maroon and looks like a dark Favia Coral. The zoomed in picture is the closest I could get. There are a few spots elsewhere like this too. It’s not as spotty as the coralline algae I had in the past. Tank is two months old and only has cuc inhabitants. Running chemipure blue nano, filter floss and the heater and pump in the back. Besides the wave maker, no other equipment or dosing. Not sure if any of that matters.
  2. 805NanoReef

    ID frag

    Wanted to know the name and type of this frag
  3. Hi guys looking to possibly ID the owner of this egg sack. We found 4 total mostly attached to clove polyps. Have you ever come across eggs shaped like this? Thanks!
  4. Ronnyeicher

    Coral/Alge ID advise for newb

    Good morning Reefers! Can anyone tell me what type of algae is growing on what I think is my Pink Branching Cyphastera? How could I remove it if needed? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Amandaew

    I.d this coral!

    Hello, I bought this frag and I don’t know what it is. The guy at the pet shop told me twice but his accent was strong and it sounded like he said apec but when I got home and typed it up I couldn’t find anything. Thanks in advance!
  6. MakisupaWisdom

    ID this crab

    Can anyone help ID this crab? Found it living in maidens hair i got from live aquaria.. It has been in my tank for a while and didnt even know it was there until i saw it poking out tonight..
  7. geneva

    tiny pink hitchhiker?

    I saw this teeny guy on one of my snails this morning. I have also seen them before on my LR. I've never seen them move, but if I use my turkey baster and blast them with water they close up like a coral. Any ideas for me to look into would be greatly appreciated. I got nowhere looking through all the usual pests
  8. So first corals and first tank. I have been watching a tube like thing growing out of my Candy Cane. I was initially very excited thinking it was new growth. It isn't is it. Possible spionid snail? Or different color vermitid? Friend or foe. I also noticed a discoloration near the tube thing on coral head. It is also circled. Ideas?
  9. Swifty3565

    ID help please.

    I just picked this up today a small frag. Unfortunately I don't remember what the guy at the lfs told me it was. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. scubafrog

    Baby Snails!

    Need some help here! Just started up a 20gal nano and tossed in 10lb of GulfLiveRock. A week later and I have these little guys crawling around during the day/night. they seem to go wherever just munching along! Edit: they are really small. maybe half the size of a grain of rice Thanks a bunch!
  11. Kinda sucks this is my first post on a forum I lurk almost daily on. but anyways, I noticed with my first 2 corals I have bought (a pulsing xenia & GSP) that one is doing great and the other looks like it's been receding. My xenia is growing and doing really nice so I wont talk about that one, but instead on my GSP. I know that you have to give a coral some time to acclimate to the tank and leave it alone. and afaik sometimes with GSP it can look pretty bad before bouncing back. well I decided to look at it more closely and i saw this white flatworm move in some of the crevices. I decided a freshwater dip would be best for about a minute, but besides the amphipods it didnt want to come off, I manually used my aquascaping tongs to reach into the coral and pull the flatworm out. well after putting the coral back into the tank, i must have agitated the flatworms, because i have pulled another two off the coral. tank specs to best of my knowledge size: 10g 2.5 months old 1.025 ppt salinity 0 ppm ammonia 0 ppm nitrite 0 ppm nitrate ~180 ppm kh 2 20" stingray LED on timer chaeto refugium AC 20 sponge filter 1 occ clown & TSB 3 electric blue hermits 1 trocus snail ~ the question is, can I have an ID on this flatworm? I searched online and this forum but cannot find anything that looks like it. And if anyone knows what it is can they tell me if they are beneficial or parasitic? could this be the reason my GSP is not doing well? Thanks ahead of time for the replies,
  12. I'm Batman

    Shrimp Hatching Video

    Ummm so I have shrimp again. This happened about 6 months ago. I've read that Coral Banded Shrimp can reproduce asexually but I haven't seen any scientific evidence. Where could these have come from? They appear reddish so I'm leaning towards the coral Banded shrimp???? Heres a video of shrimp swimming around in the tank. Ok so I can't post a media file because error -200?
  13. Anybody want to see an amohipod that climbed out of a coral frag? I took a picture of its eyeball because it was super intense and thought you'd like to see it!! and the eyeball under the microscope Yes!!!
  14. Lugmos12

    Cycling tank; critters

    I'm currently cycling a tank with live sand/rock and I've spotted some life in the tank. I have no idea what they are except for a feather duster I saw earlier today. I've attached a picture below; the blue is part of the sand; the little life form is dark yellow/brown with the dark strip running down the middle.
  15. I've had this algae in my tank for about 2 years now. At first it was isolated to some zoas, but the last 6 (?) months, after I started feeding more to increase my nutrients (No Nitrates or Phos with Salifert), this algae started taking off. First I thought it was turf algae, but it is certainly growing "out of" the rock It is mostly short, about 1/2 inch. (I do also have some longer hair algae, that is way easier to remove) It does respond to rasping and 35% peroxide, but I never seem to be able to get it all! And then after a while it comes back! Seems to like Pukani better than the BRS rubble. I dosed Flucon last wednesday and have seen about zero effect (so far), so it makes me wonder if this is bryopsis or not! Please help me out! IMG_8137 by Nico B., on Flickr IMG_8136 by Nico B., on Flickr IMG_8135 by Nico B., on Flickr IMG_8132 by Nico B., on Flickr IMG_8129 by Nico B., on Flickr
  16. In the last year or so a slimy algae or bacteria has developed in my tank will grow everywhere, from the live rock to glass to sand. I had done some reserach earlier and it seemed to be some sort of bacteria, not an algae, but I am still not sure. About 2 months ago I started dosing with Dr Tims Waste Away in the recommended amount and it seemed to help a little, but not get rid of it. I do water changes once every 2 weeks and try to suck out as much of the bacteria as I can. Does anyone have an ID on this stuff and/or recommendations on how to get rid of it? Tank 20 gallons (8 gallon sub) Filter reactor with phosban and Hydrocarbon Aquatic Life Mini Skimmer Vortech Mp 10 Current USA Orbit Led light
  17. Raheeeelio

    ID frag help please!

    I have a 28 gallon JBJ nano cube. The guys at my LFS gave me this frag plug yesterday for free and I can't figure out what it is!! I want to make it grow and live, but I need to first figure out what it is. I asked the guy at my LFS and all he said was "it's just a soft polyp". So any ideas will help! I'm fairly new to reef tanks (it's been a couple years at least since my last one), so forgive me if it's something basic or easy! Also, some ideas on where to place it? It's currently sitting in my sand bed next to rock. Does it need more lighting? Also, is it supposed to have its stem up like that? Is it trying to raise itself to get more light? Sorry for all the questions and thank you for your help!
  18. Raheeeelio

    ID help!!

    Hey all, I am new to this forum so forgive me if this is in the wrong place. I recently started my 28 gallon JBJ Nano cube. I have 20 pounds of live rock and 8-9 pounds of dry rock. I added the dry rock just last week and I am about a month and a half into my tank. I also have 20 pounds of live sand. I let it cycle with just the 20 pounds of live rock and 20 pounds live sand for a week, then threw in a maroon clown to help produce some waste in the tank and "kickstart" a cycle, if there was going to be any due to my live rock and live sand. I didn't see much of a cycle at all, but after the 2nd week of having the tank, I started noticing this stuff growing on my rock and it just seems to have slowly sprouted onto other parts of the rock. I have been told many different things that it could be: Caulerpa, Halimeda, Hair algae, seaweed. I just want to finally figure out what it is, so I'm turning to you guys on this forum! Please and thank you!
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