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Found 33 results

  1. schgr.cube's Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon Current full tank shot: Changed up my aquascape again. November 1st, 2017
  2. NanoxNoe

    The NXN Fusion 10

    To kick things off, this thread will be about updates and the progression of my nuvo 10 thats goal is to be a sps dominant aquarium. Iv been lurking around for a while. I started keeping saltwater tanks on and off for the last 14 years but have really started taking it serious for the last 4 years. I started with a 10g glass aquarium with a HOB filter, it was a FOWLR. Then I got a 30 with some softies. Then I got my first AIO the IM Abyss. The Abyss started leaking so IM warrantied it but the tank was no longer available. So they gave me the lagoon 25 and the nuvo 10 in its place. I like both tanks and decided I want the 25 to be softies and LPS and the 10 to be LPS and SPS. Any suggestions from ppl who have thriving SPS corals in a Nano would be very appreciated and pointed out any mistakes I may be making would be noted. I set up the 10 in September of 2017, and here is where I’m at so far...
  3. Volnation

    Nuvo Fusion 40 Pump

    What pumps are your running in your Nuvo Fusion 40? I'm looking to upgrade to a higher gpm pump.
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been a member on here for awhile and had another build thread but i thought it would be time to start a new one for this little tank I have own over the past year. This is my first time keeping a tank under 30 gallons so I thought I would share with everyone my experiences with this tank. IM Nuvo Fusion 10 Gallon tank Skkye LED Light InTank Filter Floss Basket BRS ROX 0.8 Carbon & GFO Aqueon Pro 150 watt Heater Hydor Koralia 240 gph powerhead Water Bottle ATO (LOL) Current Inhabitants 2 Clownfish Yellow Watchman Goby 1 Rock Flower Anemone Serpent Starfish Hermit Crabs I will be updating my thread shortly, I have a few pics of the progression I need to upload to my loader.
  5. Nanochicago

    Ai Prime w/ 10g Fusion and Ghost?

    I've been successfully running an IM 10g nuvo fusion nano for about a year, with the IM Ghost skimmer. I want to upgrade from the IM Skyye light to the AI Prime HD. My concern, however, is that it doesn't appear that the mounting bracket for the AI Prime will fit with the Ghost installed in the back of the tank. Has anyone figured out a way around this problem? Is the only option to use the flex mount and offset from the center of the back glass? The hanging kit won't work for me. Thanks, Mitch.
  6. RandyX

    X nano reef July 2017

    Starting an aquarium journal I guess List and post pictures of all the things I have added this month my tank has only been running for a few weeks started with dry and live rock as well as a fish and old water from an established tank
  7. NAAkids

    NAAkids - SPS IM Fusion 20

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and since I am starting my first nano reef tank, I thought it would be appropriate for me to join and log my adventures here. I am starting a new 20G tank using the IM Fusion 20 AIO tanks. Below are the equipment that I have purchased already and plan to purchase (if necessary). Current Equipment: IM 25 Lagoon MP-10 Radion XR30W G3 Non-Pro IM Ghost Skimmer Desktop MarcoRock Nano Bundles 20# NeoTherm 100w SMART ATO DIY Chaeto Reactor Systems: Zeovit *Started 11/07/2018 Triton Method Current Livestock: Fish: Purple Firefish 2 Bonded Occy Clownfish Yellow Spotted Watchman 2 Talbot Damsel Green Spotted Mandarin Invert: Rainbow BTA Red Banded Piston Shrimp Various Snails/Hermit Crabs Mini Bristle Starfish Current Corals: SPS: Orange Birdnest Red Dragon Sunselt Milli LPS: LA Purple Short Goniopora Lobophyllia **watching this, received late and plastic was pierced Duncan Torch Past Livestock: Fish: 2 Sapphire Damsel SPS: 3 unknown Miyagi Tort Cali Tort PC Rainbow TCK Pikachu -- Hopefully will survive LPS: Elegance Coral Invert: Clam
  8. Hello, Just recently set up my first attempt at a reef tank. I'm currently on day 3 after adding my water, running Chemi Pure Elite, Purigen and Filter Floss on one side and a stock Filter Sock on the other. I'm trying to understand my tests results from my Red Sea test kit. Help appreciated. I'm not wanting to rush my cycle, only to get educated as to where I'm at and as to why my levels are how they are. Here are quite a few images, all photos were taken on an iPhone 7 so excuse the quality. The reason I've added multiple photos of my nitrate test is because it has stumped me, I didn't expect it to show as it does, and I'm worried if it's too high(?) Like I said. Just wanting advice and to be educated as to where I could be in the cycle. Thanks for reading. A few photos of my tank. No lighting yet. Nanobox Duo Plus M to be coming in a few weeks.
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