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Found 4 results

  1. tanacharison

    Spec 3 Pico Reef

    I present to you another Fluval spec 3 pico reef! Last time this tank was running it was a freshwater shrimp tank. After a few years in the basement it's back for a fun nano-reef contest. This time I'm letting the family participate in this one... First choice is the winner of every taco Tuesday. Taco Bell sauce, mostly for the fun quotes. 😂 Tank: Fluval Spec 3 2.6g Return Pump: Sicce Micra Filtration: Intank Media basket Light: ABI 23W Tuna Blue LED Bulb Heater: 25W-Neo-Therm
  2. Oh yes, I would like to thank @Christopher Marks for another contest, it is a superb way of marking the first complete year since I joined the forum. Thank you sir, even if you were a coupe weeks late. 😁 So I guess I should hurry up on my Pico Build. Tank: Fluval Spec 3 AIO (2.6G) Light: Kessil A80 on Spectral Controller Heater: 15w Betta Preset Pump: 105GPH Chinese pond pump 🔥Hot stuff🔥 Theme (2020.02.14): - This time around I have a clear theme in mind and want to stick to it as much as possible. I really like the idea of having a single Genus tank and for the purposes of this contest I have decided to go with Montipora. Essentially I wanted a Genus where I could have a selection of colour and growth patterns that can capture the eye and drag it around the tank. I am also getting annoyed with two of my Gobies in the Red Sea Reefer 130D. They keep trying to spawn and getting everything eaten by everything else in the tank. So the first two points of this tank is to get it cycled and set up quickly and then SPS ready, I plan on adding Montipora in one, maybe two different additions, depending on bonuses at work etc. I plan on doing this so that I have a full 9-10 months where I can concentrate on growth and see whether my two self imposed limits make this difficult or not. Updated Theme: (2020.05.04):- So Corona virus stopped this tank in it's third month, had to restart and considering a direction Aquascape is pretty clear, Rockwall, cliff whatever you want to call it. Small. Island in the middle as well. Going bare bottom with this one. Have already undertook a couple of mods to the tank, sealed bottom hole in filtration. Also filled in large amount of top weir. Waiting on the putty to dry before I can fill this, maybe as early as tomorrow. Livestock: Fish and Clean up Crew TBC - June 2020 Most likely FULL TANK SHOTS Set Up February March April May June July September October November December January February
  3. Been lurking here for a while. getting ideas and sparked my curiosity to my 1st saltwater tank. i have 7 freshwater tanks and had an empty Fluval Spec 3. Started the tank March 2019. Tank: Fluval Spec 3 Light: Lumini Pixie 30 Filter media: InTank media basket with filter floss, ChemiPure Nano, Purigen, (Phosguard removed), marinePure bio balls Heater: Cobalt 50w heater Pump: Hydor centrifical pump 100gph ATO: Smart micro Nature’s Ocean bio active dry Liverock from lfs livestock: paired hi banded goby and pistol shrimp, 2 snails (forgot what kind)
  4. weston.bechtold

    Project Pico 2.6

    Hello all! Just started this account because I am excited to state that I finally started my dream pico tank! Im using a Fluval Spec 3 2.6 gallon all in one tank, with an adapted Kessil A80 Tuna Blue LED. I started this tank a little under a month ago and everything is going flawlessly. I am going for an aquarium full of LPS Euphyllia and a small zoanthid garden. Im running with a 6.5lb piece of live rock, and about an inch and a half of live sand. The only upgrade I performed on the tank is the return pump from the stock 29gph pump to a rio that does about 59gph. Also I use the stock pump as an additional powerhead to get a little more movement. Live stock so far in the tank is one (tiny) ocellaris clown, blood/fire shrimp and one turbo snail. For corals I have two torch corals a hammer coral and a small colony of what I think are rasta zoanthids.(Let me know if they are something different!) Tests are turning out to be... Ammonia-0 Nitrites-0 Nitrates-15 PH- 8-8.2 Calcium- 450ppm Magnesium- 1440 ppm Alkalinity- 11.9 dkh Im performing small 10% water changes about twice a week and everything seems to be happy and healthy. I am experiencing the typical Diatom algae and I was wondering if anyone could possible tell me what to do if this gets out of hand or to prevent it from getting out of hand. I dialed my light schedule down to 6 hours per day max. It isn't super visible in the images because I sifted the sand around a bit before the pictures were taken. Any feedback, criticism, or comments will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. Quick story, the purple torch coral closest to the center actually split in half straight up the branch while I was trying to remove the frag plug!!! But I glued it back together on the outside of the skeleton and it seems to be very healthy. This incident took place just last night!!
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