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Found 60 results

  1. Clownfish2004

    Stocking My 14 Gallon Bio-Cube

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for stocking my 14 gallon bio-cube. I have been out of keeping saltwater fish for about a year now. But after a quick trip to petco with my mom to get dog food, I have rediscovered my love for keeping saltwater fish. I have a few ideas for stocking, but I wanted to run it by some people first. The first and only really good one is to do a frag tank with an egg crate rack half way up the tank. Doing a couple inch bed of sand, with some live rock. I plan on doing some mushrooms/ leather corals for the frags. But I was wondering what fish I should do. I was thinking maybe some damsels or something like that. But like I said I've been out of it for a little while so...I am not sure what I should do.
  2. SavaS

    Unknown fish

    Today I stopped in my lfs to get some hermits and snails for my new pico reef, while there I noticed this guy in a saltwater ghost shrimp tank, he seemed really active and was all over the place. Asked the employee and was told they don't know what he is just that they often come in with the shrimp deliveries and yes I could buy it for a whopping 2$. Sold. I looked online for a while and still haven't narrowed it down, seems like it could be a blenny or maybe a goby. These pictures aren't the best, I will try a get a few more, any help identifying this little guy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Selling my IM Fusion 20, all livestock and equipment. I'm keeping one light and my pair of clowns with their nem and my MP10. I'm downsizing to a 9 gallon cube. Alright gang, $280 and it's yours. Local pickup in NY only. Tank, stand, AI Prime, IM Skimmer, IM media reactor, Bubble Magus doser, remaining 2 part solution, test kits, and 9w UV. 2 red firefish 1 Pistol shrimp/goby paired up 1 Pom Pom Crab 1 Spotted Mandarin 1 Lyretail Anthias Various hermits and snails Corals vary. Loads of palys and zoas, some high end stuff randomly in there. Also various SPS. The big blue mushrooms are sold, as is the rock flower anemone. Equipment I'm running on is AI Prime non-HD, the Aqua Gadget spinstream and the Aqua Gadget Skimmer. The original skimmer, not the ghost. I also have a deep blue 9w UV, the aqua gadget reactor, and a Bubble Magus doser that needs a little cleaning. It also includes the 3 tier media baskets and the inTank regium basket.
  4. Reef tank

    55 reef food chain tanks

    I have a 55 gallon tank I plan on having a food chain tank so I need your help iam going to 125 gallon tank soon in a few years. So which animals should I use
  5. Hello! I got my clown fish just under two weeks ago. I’ve noticed over the past 2 days he’s been sitting in just one corner on the bottom and not really eating much (he never ate much to begin with). I’ve also noticed this white string like discharge from him which I’ve attached the images for. Does anyone have experience with this? Could he have came like this or is this something I may have caused? Sorry if the picture is not clear, I’ve outlined the thing in red.
  6. Hobbs

    Hardy Nano Saltwater Aquarium

    Hey everyone, My 8g aquarium is almost done cycling and I am thinking about livestock options. I have had 6 years of experience with a 10 but after a 2 year break (went to Africa) I decided to start from scratch with a cube. I have 7 pounds of very porous pre cured live rock, 12 lbs of sand, standard mechanical/ charcoal filter, and a moderate intensity LED light fixture. I know my livestock selection is fairly limited so i wanted to get a couple thoughts before making any purchases. I move every year so the corals/inverts/fish do have to be a bit hardy. For a center piece coral, I wanted to do a birds nest coral and have some mushroom and zoos, maybe a couple other smaller corals or a leather eventually. Now the hard part. Fish. I know one or two at most but I really like symbiotic relationships and am having a hard time with compatability. I was at first considering a royal gramma (slightly larger than ideal though) for its coloring but I realized its a little aggressive. I am also thinking a pistol shrimp/ watchman combo but the coloring is kind of dull. Also I am concerned that the pistol shrimp might kill other inverts i put in. I'm of course going to do snails and hermits but I am pretty tempted to go with sexy shrimp and a porcelain/Pom Pom crab and spot feed. I could just stick with clown gobies or neon gobies but I like more active, free swimming fish I am completely open to suggestions and going with something completely different than what I have planned. Thought of a Harlequin Shrimp but those are too much work...
  7. I have a designer clownfish $80, anthias $20, 3 bubble tip anemone $5 for medium (left or right each) and $25 for the middle. PM me if interested. Pick up in West Los Angeles area only. Thanks.
  8. Olipocock12

    Getting clownfish to host anemones

    Dose anyone have any good tips on getting clowns to host anemones? from my research Iv seen that different clowns host different anemones so getting a match is the best place to start. Iv also found out some tips and here they are; 1) print a picture off or a clown in an anemone and stick it to the side of the aquarium next to the anemone 2) place them both in a bucket or floating breeder box inside the tank so it limits the space and they are forced to host 3) shine a light over the anemone at night when the lights are off has as anyone got any experience with these methods or has other methods or tips that would help?
  9. Hello, I set up a saltwater tank about 10 days ago, a fluval evo 13.5 gallon. I used established live rock from an existing tank, and 2/3 live and and 1/3 normal sand. I used RO water as well. My lfs told me to put in 2 damsels, and gave me a bag of very dirty water from the fish store to pour in my taank to kick off the cycle. I now know these damsels should not be in a tank this young, and after researching, i decided i would take them out at the first sight of an ammonia spike. however, after testing the water every day i have had this tank, i have had no ammonia spike. my ammonia is about 0, nitrites 0, nitrates are at about 5ppm, and ph is a little low (i bought buffer). So, i have been waiting for ammonia to increase, to take out the damsles as i now know using them to cycle is cruel, but the readings of my water seem as though it is cycled. Could this be? I would think after having 2 fish, feeding them every day, using live rock, live sand, and a big bag of dirty water i should see some ammonia, yet i see none. And it cant be my test kit, as i have had 2 different lfs test the water, as well as myself, and gotten the same reading. Does this mean due to my tank size and using very established rock, my tank cycled extremley quickly? If anyone has comments or suggestions i would love to hear them! Thanks!
  10. I have a 45g tank coming up on the 2 year mark and really want add some color and movement with a new fish. I currently have a pair of clowns and a sixline. The female clown, Mocha, is the aggressive fish and really only during feeding. The six line is a big o' baby, unlike most wrasse. I do have 2 BTAs and one small carpet nem that I have had for over a year, it is a small size breed and extends a max of 3" and has never moved.
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