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Found 39 results

  1. picoreeflexguy

    Cycle As Freshwater then Convert?

    I want to begin cycling a new reef tank today, however, I will be going out of town for 3 weeks and do not yet have an auto top-off system in place. I do not plan to put any fish/inverts/live rock/ etc in it right now but live sand, so my question is if I have an ammonia source in the tank, should I cycle it with proper salinity knowing water will evaporate over the three weeks and the SG will rise or can I cycle it as freshwater then add salt to make it marine when I return and can have a proper setup in place? I really want the tank to be cycling while I am gone so open to any suggestions. Thanks
  2. amandaleighxo

    Where do I go next!?

    Hi Everyone! My names Amanda & today I finally set up my first tank. I’ve had a freshwater tank for a long time and have always wanted to try saltwater. I’ve been holding off for a few months so that i’m able to do as much research as possible, but I feel like the knowledge is endless between forums, books, youtube videos, etc. I couldn’t help but finally give in when I saw the fluval evo on sale on black friday on Amazon. It came today and I got it all plugged in. In addition to the basic kit (including the light, filtration, etc), I purchased: 5 gallons of sea water (as well as salt, but I figured buying the sea water was a little easier for my first setup), a heater, live rock, and live sand. I also purchased some water conditioner and “speedy” bacteria. I know that a small tank like 5 gallons probably isn’t ideal for a beginner, however i’m very limited on space and am motivated to put a lot of time and effort into keeping my tank clean and healthy! I know that I want the “typical” basics, a pair of clowns and some cool coral... but i’m already feeling overwhelmed. I keep reading that it’s better to add the fish first, but I’ve read conflicting articles that say it’s better to hold off on fish and go straight for the coral first. I’m not sure what to do! If anyones actually reading this, what were the first things you decided to add to your tank? Some “easy” components for beginners? I want my tank to be colorful and am open to ideas! I know i’m really limited on selection considering the tank size, but i’ll try to work with what i’ve got. Super excited to start this journey and be a new member! I’ll attach a few photos of my setup. Thanks for reading!!! Xo
  3. Hello everyone, I'm currently in day 5 of my cycle, these are my parameters so far: ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 40 Keep in mind the following: I have a nuvo 10 gallon tank, I bought 10 lbs of live rock, used 5-7 lbs of live sand, and I also used 70% of my water from my local fish stores show tank (owner was nice enough to give it to me) and 30% of new saltwater. It is possible that my cycle has finished, however I did a 25% water change and my nitrates did not decrease. How can I make them go down to a reasonable level so I can start adding my first clownfish (live stock will be added slowly, but I want to have something in there to keep the tank healthy) thanks everyone
  4. JBolt

    Starting a new 24g.

    Hello, fello reefers I am looking for some advise from some experienced reef keepers. So I am starting my first as tank and I haunt slacked in my research but the problem is conflicting arguments and different variables so I figured I ask about my particular sinario. I aquasscaped about 28 to 30 lbs of dry rock, got my temp right, salinity, and good flow going, I let the tank run for 3 days and just added a 3 lb price of live rock and plan on adding sand from an established tank to help ad a variety of good bacteria. My main question is that the rock was said to have been curing for a year, the rock went strait into the tank only being out of water for 5 min. So I guessing minimal die off. I want great biodiversity and am not in a hurry at all I want a stable long term system. So instead of asking should I do "this or "That" I'll ask what should be my next step be? All levels are still zero but it has only been 10 hours since the live rock went in. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hey Nano-Reef world! I have posted twice so far with updates on my Biocube 32. I believe that my tank successfully has cycled and I am ready to move onto the next step - a clean up crew, and replace my Damsels with Clownfish and other kinds.. and possibly some corals? I tested today, and my Ammonia and Nitrites were pretty much undetectable.. My Nitrates are rising, and my pH is good. Since I have cut my lights I have not noticed any more algae bloom... however, I have noticed some growth on my dry rock mainly that looks light brown, but not like algae bloom. My salinity is right at 30% and a temperature is a warm 77 degrees (parameter pictures below). Recently I have: - Completed a 20% water change (5gal), siphoned my sand, cleaned my rocks of some algae bloom and wiped off my interior walls. - Added a Hydor Koralia 425gph pump - placed it on the other side of my tank, giving my live rock (future home of corals) some additional water flow. - Been giving my tank just an hour or so of light per evening. - Purchased a refractometer - Purchased a specimen basket and accudrip for when I add more fish, corals, or intervertebras. My Damsel fish are thriving in my tank (every time I walk up to my tank they swim to the top expecting to get fed) but I feed once a day ( just a little bit). Any thoughts on my next step?! clean up crew options? I'm pretty proud of myself as this is my first saltwater aquarium! THANKS!
  6. brianinak

    Reefer in Distress, Cycle

    Feeling stressed!!!! So started Red Sea Reef Mature Pro program this week Red Sea Reefer 170 43g system 25ish lbs reef saver rock 1 to 1.5 inch sand bed Ocean Direct Bubble magus Curve five Salinity 1.025 So following the program strictly Estimated 37g of water in system for measuring the supplements (and made math simple) Two test day so far Day 2 (of program) Day 3 Day 4 added sumpliments as directed added supliment and tested added supplements as added Ammonia .02, book said should be 1.0 Ammonia 0.02 Nitrite 0 book said should be 0.1 Nitrite 0 still Nitrate 15 book said should be 15 (YEAH) Nirtrate 15 still I know will take longer b/c of dry rocks, but am worried and frustrated. Other's have had issues with Red Sea Reef mature with dry rocks, said was on week 6 and had not cycled yet. I am afraid I am going down same road. Any thoughts, concerns, advice, reassurances would be greatly welcomed!
  7. RavensReefer

    Myriad Of Questions

    Ok, so I'll start from the top here. I've been following the Reefing hobby for a long time now, and was planning on setting up a system for next year at school. I pretty much just wanted to see if i could maintain an easy softie/clownfish/cardinalfish situation, and sell the fish and corals back at the end of my school-year. I was starting to have big cost worries, however, and was approaching the point on giving up on reefing for 2 years (until grad) when someone up above (or down below) sent me a message. This message said: "Free". A 38 gallon tank (36x12x18) with stand (needs spray-paint), an old Marineland C360 cannister filter (with biopellets and bioballs, still covered in algae, inside), a red-sea Prizm (not working, impeller broken), 2 heaters (both working apparently (weird)), and a very cheap powerhead for mixing salt. The tank also came with a bucket of dry-algae covered rock that's actually kind of pleasing to look at, but won't be used (no time to cure rock, and this guy had some real algae problems, clearly). I didn't have a chance to ask about any of this, as it was on a lawn behind a piece of plywood with "free" written on it in day-glo spray paint. It appears to me that I've now got some options. The C360 is not working, and I've been fiddling with it all day. From what I can see, these canisters frequently leak, and i think the root of my problems is a leak coming from the priming button on the top of the unit. I've cleaned everything with vinegar, removed all the bio-balls and pellets from the system, tightened all the tubes- nothing. The system kind of gargles- hums for a few seconds, gargles slowly and then faster, hums, repeat. I suspect that air is being pulled through the primer that leaks water when starting a siphon. Do I care? I understand that the canister solution is a majorly out of style one. That being said, I see myself running it more like a carbon/gfo reactor, with a bit of floss in another tray, and chemi-pure or something like it in another tray. Is this goofy? Keep in mind that I'm on a tight budget. That being said, I want my system to be future proof. and I understand that 40$ to fix something like this now is 40$ on the street in 6 months when I find the cash to drill my tank and get a sump up and running. Any chance that cementing the priming button closer and using something like a turkey-baster to start the system is a worthwhile endeavor? Same question for the Prizm, it seems to me that the impeller for the system is struggling, it spits out tiny bubbles rarely, but seems to sputter and choke often. A new impeller is 25$ or so, am I wasting money here? How considerable is the difference between no skimmer, Prizm, and 100$ skimmer? This tank won't even start cycling for a few more weeks, is it worth holding off and looking for a deal? Is it possible that the Impeller is working and i have no idea how to prime it? (I'm filling the whole assembly about halfway with water and plugging it, seems straightforward to me). What does a failed/failing pump sound like? There's considerable salt creep/green rust on some of the plugs, is this potentially causing some of my problems? Finally, the tank is missing it's middle support, one that's supposed to run the 12inches across the tank at it's center. When full, the tank seems fine, maybe slightly bowed. How big a DIY fix is this? Is it necessary? I have other questions about my cycle and lighting, but I can hold off on these for now.
  8. Lugmos12

    Lighting time for reef

    I saw this video by a well known reefer on YouTube (my question is below): He basically talks about the position of the sun throughout the day in relation to light intensity. Now my question is, for those of us that cannot control the intensity of the light in our tanks, should we be cutting down the time our lights are on during the day. My are on a timer for about 8-10 hours a day. I've read that corals need about 8 hours per day. any thoughts on this?
  9. I am an experienced fresh water fish keeper and this is my first attempt at a salt water tank. Im setting up a dirt cheap 22L nano tank and i am currently in the middle of cycling it with live rock. I normally cycle my fresh water tanks using pure ammonia. The process is pretty simple and I thought id look into doing the same with the nano reef tank. I set up my nano reef with live rock and pre-mixed salt water from a LFS. I placed a small bit of shrimp in the tank set my lights on an 8 hour a day timer and waited a week and there was no signs of life on the live rock or in the tank so I added 500g of live sand from an established system and a few drops of ammonia. After another week the tank was starting to become covered with brown algae this continued and I have started to get thick green algae and even red algae spots on the sand. I had read that the lights were meant to be on during the cycling process but then other threads on here say it should be off. I realised that its probably due to the lighting that the algae problem has got so bad so I stopped the lights and its died back a bit but not gone. I tested the water with the api test kit and got no trace of ammonia, nitrite or nitrate. So i accidentally dumped a big does of ammonia into the tank but after 3 or 4 days its gone and there is also no trace of nitrite or nitrate WTF?? In a fresh water tank if the ammonia was gone and there was no trace of nitrite you would expect a strong nitrate reading at this point. You would call the cycle done, do water change and add fish but i am confused here where is the nitrate? This is not following the normal process of ammonia readings, then nitrite and then nitrate. The tank has only been cycling for about 3 and half weeks at this point. There is no protein skimmer I am just using a heater, hang on the back filter and small power-head for flow. Live rock and small amount of live sand were added. The pre-mixed salt water had a very low salinity of around 1.016 but i have gradually brought it up to 1.024 I am using RO-water to mix with kent marine salt. So my questions are should I have the lights on or off and if off then surly I am just delaying the algae bloom till after the cycle? Whats going on with those ammonia and nitrate readings surly the cycle cant be finished already and also have grown nitrate eating bacteria? When will I know its time to add the clean up crew?
  10. OCNcheffy

    MicroBacter7 Question

    So I'm going to be starting the cycle on my 60g cube build this weekend and I had decided to give this product a try after hearing some positive results on the product. My understanding is this product introduces bacteria to break down ammonia into nitrite and nitrate, but does this product also introduce an ammonia source to feed the bacteria? Or do I still have to provide some source of ammonia separately? The tank has Caribsea Live sand, and new dry marco rock. I don't believe that on it's own, it would start a cycle, unless the live sand would kick start it. I had even thought about adding a couple chunks of frozen mysis with the MicroBacter7 to help it along as well.
  11. Hello, I set up a saltwater tank about 10 days ago, a fluval evo 13.5 gallon. I used established live rock from an existing tank, and 2/3 live and and 1/3 normal sand. I used RO water as well. My lfs told me to put in 2 damsels, and gave me a bag of very dirty water from the fish store to pour in my taank to kick off the cycle. I now know these damsels should not be in a tank this young, and after researching, i decided i would take them out at the first sight of an ammonia spike. however, after testing the water every day i have had this tank, i have had no ammonia spike. my ammonia is about 0, nitrites 0, nitrates are at about 5ppm, and ph is a little low (i bought buffer). So, i have been waiting for ammonia to increase, to take out the damsles as i now know using them to cycle is cruel, but the readings of my water seem as though it is cycled. Could this be? I would think after having 2 fish, feeding them every day, using live rock, live sand, and a big bag of dirty water i should see some ammonia, yet i see none. And it cant be my test kit, as i have had 2 different lfs test the water, as well as myself, and gotten the same reading. Does this mean due to my tank size and using very established rock, my tank cycled extremley quickly? If anyone has comments or suggestions i would love to hear them! Thanks!
  12. lonewonderer

    Instant Beneficial Bacteria

    Hello all, I just have a quick question. I have been keeping freshwater fish for years now and it was great. Now I have my first 28 gallon jbj nano cube for saltwater. My question is that, I know that seeded media and Beneficial bacteria in a bottle are one of the fastest way to help establish the tank. Does the gunk from a protein skimmer help my new tank grow BB faster? I'm so new to saltwater and still learning. Thank you guys!
  13. Hello, Just recently set up my first attempt at a reef tank. I'm currently on day 3 after adding my water, running Chemi Pure Elite, Purigen and Filter Floss on one side and a stock Filter Sock on the other. I'm trying to understand my tests results from my Red Sea test kit. Help appreciated. I'm not wanting to rush my cycle, only to get educated as to where I'm at and as to why my levels are how they are. Here are quite a few images, all photos were taken on an iPhone 7 so excuse the quality. The reason I've added multiple photos of my nitrate test is because it has stumped me, I didn't expect it to show as it does, and I'm worried if it's too high(?) Like I said. Just wanting advice and to be educated as to where I could be in the cycle. Thanks for reading. A few photos of my tank. No lighting yet. Nanobox Duo Plus M to be coming in a few weeks.
  14. VIDEO: Canister Filters on Reef Tanks? Never Say Never! Speed up cycling, deep clean, or start a quarantine tank!
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