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Found 56 results

  1. Hi everyone, The Creative Container Contest has officially come to a close! Its amazing how quickly 6 months flew by! After 6 months of steep competition, we've got 20 amazing container reefs that have made it to the end to compete for the three prize categories! Voting will open in a few days, and we need the participation of the Nano-Reef community to choose the winners! The contestants have each put together a write-up of 250 words or less and selected three photos to summarize their container reefs. Please peruse the below post to see all of the contestants' final summaries and decide how to cast your vote in each of the below categories. Click on any contestant's photo to be taken to their build thread to read more detail about their journey during the contest. Also, head over to the monthly FTS thread to see each of the contestants' monthly photo updates throughout the 6 months of the contest. Voting will open tomorrow, Monday April 2nd at noon (PST) and will remain open until noon (PST) on Monday April 9th. Make sure to get your vote in so that you can help in selecting your favorite builds to win these amazing prizes! In the event of a tie in any of the categories, @Christopher Marks will cast the deciding vote! Thank you to @Christopher Marks and @pj86 for all their help hosting the contest! Thank you to all the contestants for participating and putting together such creative and inspiring builds! We've all learned a lot following along with the contest, and its been wonderful to prove that such tiny, simple reef set-ups can be successful! Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors for their generous support of the contest! 1) Grand Prize – Best Overall Pico Container Seneye Reef Monitor Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue Nano (5 Pack) Aqamai KPS Wifi Controllable Wavemaker Pump Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer Valued at over $400 and sponsored by: 2) Most Creative or Unique Pico Container Custom Nano Box Pico Tide Light Fixture Sponsored by: 3) Best Pico Contest Build Journal $50 Gift Certificate to Reef Cleaners PJ Reefs Latest Product - Mini Seahorses Kit - Valued at $350 Sponsored by:
  2. Hi everyone! This is the thread for the monthly full tank shots for the Creative Container Contest. I’ll be posting all the contestants’ full tank shots for each month of the competition (October, November, December, January, February, and March). Each photo will be linked to the contestant’s build thread so you can easily read more information and view more photos of each build. This thread will be locked for editing, so that it does not become cluttered with conversation. We want to keep this thread as an easy, organized place to follow all the contest tanks’ progress throughout the competition. If you notice any issues with a photo or link, please pm me and let me know so I can fix it.
  3. boyscoutrickybobby

    light bulb CCPC

    Here is the start of my creative container pico. I have had the container for weeks and have not got back to it so I will update the journal more in a few days. (A1 is not my favorite condiment, its all I had in the fridge)
  4. Hi Everyone! Sofrinat here! I first learned about this contest through my boyfriend, Allaboutcorals, and initially planned on entering with him as a way for us to experience the hobby together. As we began to discuss and go back and forth between different tank ideas I found myself becoming more engaged and really fell in love with my concept of a lava lamp reef. We tried to compromise but figured it would be more fun to each have our own tank. Thus, a lovers' quarrel became a Lover's Coral!
  5. I decided to join the contest and will be participating with the help of my 4th grade students. We will build this pico together as a classroom project. The following are the supplies we have gathered and will use: glass pitcher (2 quarts), $3.50 air stone, new (from old fresh water aquarium) air pump, borrowed from a friend airline tubing, $3.50 Galaxyhydro 12W Aquarium LED Light, $18.00 Tertial Work Lamp (IKEA), $9.99 Attached is the picture of the glass pitcher. The condiment of choice in my house is home-made salsa but the container did't fit inside, so I put Sriracha in the container instead since it is also spicy and delicious! I will add a picture of the set-up tomorrow!
  6. Allaboutcorals

    Allaboutcorals pico reef

    Hey nano-reef! Ive been a lurker here for quite some time and have learned a ton from many of the build threads here. Really excited to be joining in on this contest and finally beginning to participate on the forums. Ive seen some really incredible entries. the competition is fierce! My girlfriend and I were originally going to enter together but in brainstorming creative containers we each came up with ideas we wanted to try out on our own so we will each have a build thread going. I will get into more details later but for now here is the container that I chose to work with. It is fairly traditional but I wanted an opening wide enough to allow me room to aquascape and easily move around the different components. Thanks!
  7. Final FTS: IMG_20180331_235916 by aaron M, on Flickr Back story: I've been considering building a pico from one of the OXO Good Grips 4qt. containers (with the pop lids) but they're expensive for what you get. One day I saw these commercial food containers at Panda Express and found a good deal on them at Sam's Club for 6qt. square ones. I asked a friend to buy it for me last week but when I got it unfortunately saw that the graduation markings were molded into the plastic and I couldn't remove the ink completely! Bummer! In a last ditch effort to enter the contest I stopped by a local restaurant supply and found a container that has only printed markings (which I will remove using isopropyl alcohol)! It's round - which may actually work better but it seems that the plastic scratches easier than the square. Anyways here's my entry! photo by aaron M, on Flickr Here's the container I wanted to use but I don't like the markings: photo 1 by aaron M, on Flickr
  8. This will be the build thread for my classroom pico reef! I already have a Nuvo 20 running and when I announced to my kids that we would be participating in the contest, they were super excited! Please keep to appropriate comments as some of my students may or may not be doing the writing involved with this thread, thanks! So, onto the reef... It took forever to decide what to use for our container, but the decision has finally been made and I realize some other people have gone with the same terrarium, but I loved the look of it and know that if I don't keep this running as a reef, it can be used for other purposes after the contest. Equipment: Terrarium No name powerhead (came from a different 2 gallon tank I had set up) Galaxyhydro 12W LED Bulb
  9. MedievalITGuy

    The Mad Science Experiment

    In honor of the Halloween deadline, i have decided to create a new pico with a "Mad Scientist" theme for the Creative Container contest! So here is my official entry, containing my favorite condiment, garlic (with a side of my second favorite, BBQ sauce, just to have an actual condiment in the pic). My original idea was to try and turn this into a pico with a built in skimmer, but as the contest rules don't allow for filtration, I am just going to be running a regular air line, and hamming up the mad scientist theme. So there should be lots of purples, and greens, and other rediculious colors in here once the tank gets going. I'm actually running another (real) experiment to see if I can grow corals in a sealed container using only xenia as the water movement source, and if that goes well, I may end up taking the air line out of this, to see how it goes. But for now I'm just going to assume that the corals I want in here can't handle that little flow and run it with an air-stone for current. More updates will follow, once I have my equipment in hand. Sadly I couldn't find any PAR bulbs I liked without getting them from China, so now the wait begins.
  10. Harlequinn

    Cirque Du Reef

    Major Rookie alert! First reef ever, first pico ever, first contest entry ever! Over ambitious? Maybe scared I'll mess up? Hell Yea! The hobby caught my interest around a year back, thanks to @Shean and I've only learnt as much in theory about it. Super excited to get my hands dirty and learn more. Equipment So far: • my 2 gallon oddly shaped jar that looks like a circus tent • Power head for flow and movement • No heater needed considering I stay in India. Need I say more? • Hoping to receive our ABI tuna blue 12W lights soon since we had to get it shipped from the United States Concerns: • Getting our hands on equipment and corals since the hobby isn't as wide spread and supported in the country. • Clarity of the contents inside the jar due to the lovely shape I've chosen impulsively • Temperature control • Water Chemistry Will try and keep the updates as frequent as possible. Suggestions, criticism and tips more than needed and welcomed! P.S: fav condiment? Maggie tomato ketchup because it's different
  11. New_Here

    New Here's Pico Tank

    So I am new to this forum. I do have some experience with fresh water, but this will be my first saltwater setup. I have been reading topics on these forums for a while and thought this contest would be a great reason to sign up and start posting myself. I am sure that I will have several questions to ask along the way. I was at Target and found my container. I am just waiting for the rest of my equipment to arrive. Equipment: LED bulb from amazon
  12. spec33

    Spec's Spec Sized Tank

    TANK START DATE: 11/12/2017 FTS: 11/30/2017 EQUIPMENT: Powerhead: Hydor Pico-Evo Mag 180 Heater: Aqueon 50w Preset Lighting: 12w Abi Tuna Blue Par 38 bulb from Amazon Bowl: Smith and Hawken Terrarium from Target Thermostat: Coralife Probe and glass in tank MAINTENANCE: Water Changes: Weekly 80%-100% (The tank is BB so it is easy to get rid of all of the excess nutrients with water changes) Feeding: (Reef-Roids once a week)-(LPS get target fed with mysis shrimp) Inhabitants: 1 Cerith Snail 1 Scarlet Hermit Crab Several Limpets 1 Stomatella (My favorite thing in the tank lol) CORAL: Duncans Caribbean Rose Coral Pulsing Xenia Radioactive Dragon Eyes Zoas 2 small colonies of random Zoas Kenya Tree 5 small mushrooms not sure what kind Small ricordea...I can't find it in the bowl.... Birdsnest I believe? Anthelia That I cannot get rid of
  13. jahnje

    Cambro Reef

    So... the back story. I've got more planted tanks than I know what to do with and want to try my hand at reefing. Always looking for family projects for me and the kids, this seemed perfect. So two of my girls opted in to this project. We looked around and decided that some of my 6 quart cambro containers might make a good pico reef. I already have a bunch.You generally find them in commercial kitchens and can get them for about $6 to $8 a piece. I'm really curious about the idea of combining a recent coral mag article about using them as fish QT system, and combining them with @natalia_la_loca 's pico bowl. The idea being can I use small pico reefs as coral/invert QT system for a larger reef tank, while at the same time giving my girls a chance to really be involved with creating something. After much deliberation: We decided that the ultimate condiment was chocolate syrup. ps. Also using this as an excuse to stop being a lurker....
  14. The TeenyCookie Jar retired on June 13, 2018 after almost eight months. Thanks to everyone who followed along! Jar Journal Index: Initial setup with light, heater and air pump: page 1 First wet Full Jar Shot (FJS): page 1 Gluing the rocks: page 2 First corals : page 2 First algae : page 2 Video of pods in the jar: page 3 PAR38 light socket extender: page 3 Detailed coral pics including the incredible reglued bubblegum monti that I broke again the next day : page 4 Link to ABI Tuna Blue bulb on Amazon: page 4 Giant bristleworm, more new corals: page 5 My only video of the jar so far (I hate doing videos): page 5 More new corals: page 6 Black Friday - bunches of corals bleached and dead overnight due to the light staying on: page 6 Emergency backup corals to the rescue!: page 7 Final contest FJS: page 7 More coral pics and contest write-up: page 8 Detailed water change write-up: page 8 Ugly post-water change picture: page 8 Contest Winner!!!: page 8 Jar retired: page 9 2018-06-13 Final TeenyCookie Jar FJS: 2018-06-13 Final TeenyCookie Jar Top Down: 2018-03-31 TeenyCookie Jar FJS: 2018-03-31 TeenyCookie Jar Top Down: 2018-02-27 TeenyCookie Jar FJS: 2017-12-25 FJS: OK, I'm in! Here's my super simple super cheap creative container contest entry, a 2g cookie jar from Walmart. I'm still planning the details, but my main goal is to put this together using only things I already have, as much as possible: Light: ABI Tuna Blue PAR38 LED Light Heater: 50w Finnex with external controller Circulation: air pump and stone, exactly which of the five air pumps I own is TBD. I'm hoping not to use a powerhead. Update: the cheapest one, the Whisper 10, works fine. No air stone. And ummmm....I guess that's it for equipment I'm a little behind getting started on this because I've been busy at work, but my goal is to get all the equipment selected and put the jar in place this weekend. I plan to use rubble rock, glued together into one or two "big" pieces that can easily be removed, or held in place with one had, so I can dump all the water out at once for a 100% water change every week. That means it will be bare bottom too. For now, I've put the rubble rock in the back chamber of the 40g tank so it can start to get seeded with bacteria. As far as stocking goes, no fish. I've thought about getting a sexy shrimp or pom pom crab, but since I'm trying to do this with stuff I already have, I may just grab a small blue leg hermit from one of the other tanks. Or maybe just go corals only...something I've never done before. Likewise, I'm hoping to just use corals I have from my other tanks already. My main goal with the jar is to experiment with keeping a coral reef while spending as little time and money on it as possible. Although the on-hand equipment won't cost me anything, I'm going to keep track of what I originally paid for everything so I know what budget would be needed to duplicate this jar. The next big task is to figure out where I'm going to put the jar. You'd think that would be easy since it's so small, but nothing seems to be quite right. As of now, I'm thinking I'll put it on my desk, on the other end from the 10g tank. Which means I have to clean off the desk for the first time in about a year Maybe in the little alcove below the shelf in the left side of this picture, where the scissors are?
  15. alprejean

    Try not to Wine

    set it up this afternoon and forgot to take some pictures of it dry so i might have to pull it all out tomorrow and get pictures TANK : glass bow (had) SUBSTRATE : three hand fulls of dry PINK FIJI (had) AQUASCAPE : three dry rocks (had) WATER : Fritz saltwater (had) POWERHEAD : Aqua Culture aquarium air pump and tubing (bought... from walmart) LIGHTING : Rapid LED Par 38 mixed color (plan to buy) WATER VOLUME : with sand and rock 1.3125 gallons i plan on throwing a small rock from another tank in it to kick start the cycle. since im starting this tank from dry, i may be behind others starting with live sand and rock but im ok with that. i cant wait to see how this goes, ive always loved seeing pico tanks
  16. reefcrimp

    reefcrimp's contest pico

    2018.02.01: 2018.01.06: 2017.10.24:
  17. ***project is on pause for now 10/30/17*** So here it is, my Creative Container Pico entry... Got this Jar from a friends' mother, it has been stored in her garage for several years now-I noticed it when I was helping repair damage from Irma-and she happily gave it to me. I don't use condiments so I took the pic with some smoked burbon simple syrup-Though that might be considered a condiment for alcohol Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, considering all Favias or Acans, it's all still up in the air. Going to use a 40 gph pump for circulation which I already have Ordered a 15w Par LED bulb from ebay Hoping to grab some live rock at the lfs this weekend Jasper-the noisy rescue kitten-decided to check the jar for leaks Jar holds 2.3 gallons of water Planning to design some sort of base and hood That's all for now...
  18. OK, Decided to enter the Creative Container Contest. Didn't think I'll have time, but I managed! Went to AC Moores and decided on a large wine glass. I hope no one else chose this, I didn't even go through all the entries yet to see what's been done (if it's already done, let me know and I'll find something else!). Snapped a quick pic at work. I probably won't get to fill it until this weekend since I am dog sitting. But it's a start! So far I got: Wine Glass container 20 lbs Argonite sand (don't worry, the bulk of it will go into my FW tank once I convert it!) Air stone (probably won't use a powerhead) Par38 Bulb that I already have (which may be an overkill in this set up)
  19. Tom@HaslettMI

    My Pico Wants to Kill Your Mama

    Hello all! After much internal debate... I'm in. I have a few ideas on where I want to take this itty bitty ecosystem, but I've not landed on a final plan yet. What I do know is I want this thread to have a non-reef keeping theme. So, post will of course be focused on the "tank" but I will also attempt to enrich readers with something more. Thus the aforementioned theme, which will be the music of the late, great Fank Zappa. So, To keep with the theme each post will contain a secret word (like he did for so many if his concerts). And the secret word for this post is "vacuum flask"! What?!? Why vacuum flask you ask? Well, because the creative container is a 4000 mL vacuum flask. I rescued this from the garbage about 10 years ago when my fellow grad student broke the vacuum hose barb off it. I've always wanted to make it either a terrarium or an aquarium. Posts may also include some lyrics or recommend a Zappa song to check out. More on the pico as I figure it out. Happy pico reefing! Tom
  20. here it is. a Anchor Hocking 2.5 gallon Montana jar. it comes with a metal lid, but I probably will use the glass one showing on the side. ABi 14w Tuna Blue Tetra Whisper 40 (got my tubing, just need to get my airstone) 25w AFA Heater Fiji Pink Sand not sure of the rockscape or the corals I'll keep. I do know I hope to have 3 small crabs.
  21. Alright All, we live in a Pretty Historic Industrial City so we have decided to go an industrial/reused idea for this time setup, as much as can be accomplished anyway. Display: 1 gallon handblown glass bowl slumped onto Driftwood ($30 find on sale) - Deep Blue 2 Gallon Cube ("upgraded" 5/17/18) Lighting: ABI 23W Tuna Blue PAR38 Bulb (had it from the original setup for the classroom tank - So no $$$ Spent) Heater: Aqueon Mini Heater 10W ($17) Air Pump: Marina 75 Airpump ($11, i think this may be overkill and will probably downgrade, it's splashing water out of the tank.) - Eheim 300 Compact Pump $5 buy (Upraded 5/17/18) Rock: About 2 pounds of LR from an LFS ($3.50, only charged me a pound) Sand: 1 Lb of Dry sand from LFS ($3.50, I think its aragonite not really sure) Salt Mix: Reef Crystals (buying 2 gal at a time from LFS $1/gallon) Thermometer: Zoo Med Digital Thermometer ($10) Light Stand: Will update this when it's built, probably ~ $30 Am I missing anything I am supposed to Add to my build thread? Gonna experiment potentially with Rock Flower Anemones and grow a "Garden of Flowers" in here, hoping the flow will be ok, still need to get a regulator to lower it a bit. Here's our Entrance to Contest tank shot with my wife's favorite Pizza Condiment 🙂 Here it is performing a Water Test - I'll add Pictures of the rock, sand and display stand when I get it all together tomorrow 🙂
  22. I’m in! At last, I’ve found a suitable container. I visited Value Village on the weekend and came away with exactly what I was looking for—a coffee maker. I’m kind of nervous to be trying a pico, but I think it’ll be a fun new experience. And what better time to try it then alongside tons of fellow NR members! I’ve really enjoyed following along with everyone’s builds so far, but I can’t keep up! Before I go any further, a big thanks to Felicia, PJ, and Christopher Marks for putting this contest on! So without further ado….. PA141286 by orb1915, on Flickr For $7, who can complain? It’s about half a gallon I think. I had originally planned to use an old gumball machine, but after I sealed it I realized it only held 0.1g of water! Instead I’m keeping some freshwater amphipods in it. PA141289 by orb1915, on Flickr I already have numerous air pumps on hand, as well as rock, sand, and a tetra preset 50w heater (overkill) from Walmart. It’s kind of a chunky heater, but it’ll work I think. I’ve found them to be decently reliable. I’ve ordered this 15w bulb, which is scheduled to arrive between the 20th and 30th. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/E27-LED-Full-Spectrum-Coral-Reef-Plant-Grow-Light-PAR38-PAR30-Fish-Tank-Aquarium-/292207851134?var=&hash=item4408f1f67e:m:mSlN4W588ku9jHKwxx33pfA As well as this hanging socket https://www.amazon.ca/Electop-Hanging-Lantern-Extension-Pendant/dp/B074DTPKLL/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1507216630&sr=8-5&keywords=e27+lamp I figure I can use the coffee machine to hide the light and cords. I’m still waiting on the light and socket to arrive, so I’m not sure when I’ll get it set up with photosynthetic life. I hope to get it wet in the next day or two so that I can figure out what evaporation will be like. If I think the water volume is too small, I plan to get an anchor hocking jar. I saw one today, and holy cow they’re big! I’m thinking zoas, macro, and maybe another softie or two. I might put in some GSP because I love that stuff. I want to keep it simple since this is my first foray into picos. I put some dry rock in the back of my bc29 a week ago so hopefully it’ll be insta-cycled with that and sand from the bc29 as well!
  23. aio.tankhero

    Aio.Tankhero's shorty cookie jar

    **Pico tank shut down, bacterial bloom in full effect, see last post - 1/5/2018 Here's my entry for the creative container pico contest Equipment Container - 3.1L Cookie Jar, $4 new at Dollaramma Mason-Stein, in storage Flow - Coralbox A100 DC controllable micro pump, $23.99 new petsandponds.com Heat - Cobalt Aquatics 5W Mini-therm, used in storage OFFLINE **see service notes Light - Par38 12 LED bulb, $40, used from local forum member GTAAquaria.com Light fixture - 'Tertial' work lamp, $12.99 new at Ikea ATO - AutoAqua Smart ATO micro, $125 BNIB local forum member GTAAquaria.com Controller - Noma 8-outlet power bar with timer, used, in storage Livestock pom pom crab toadstool leather orange acans blue acan various zoanthids aussie mushrooms To-do list setup autoaqua micro ATO more flow #Progress November 1/17 - Jar is officially setup, liverock, zoas, various mushroom coral and acans November 5/17 - pom pom crab and toadstool coral added November 8/17 - full jar shot November 13/17 - Left the jar for a few days, just topped it off. Everything is doing great, zoas in the center will be moved after water change tomorrow December 2/17 - With the cooler temps I noticed my tank was getting cooler, finally I can use the heater! Woke up to this soup, the tank overheated. I'll need a heater controller to manage my heat woes. Service notes November 18/17 - weather outside at 5C (41F) or higher jar will overheat at 29C (85F) with LED on, heater taken offline until required. Jar a bit too close to radiator heater December 2/17 - **TEMPORARY SHUT DOWN - Restart begins on Dec. 16/17
  24. SaltyBuddha’s Floating Islands Equipment Tank: Clear Dome Vase Flow: Tetra Whisper Air Pump, 10 Gallon Light: ABI 12W PAR38 Tuna Blue LED Heater: Betta Fish 10 Watt Heater Controllers: Inkbird Temperature Controller Corals Green Star Polyps Toadstool Leather Birdsnest (?) Zoanthids (?) Invertebrates In consideration Goal Simplicity while turning a pico into a macro landscape. The most complicated part of this tank will be the initial aquascaping. After that, I will let the corals do their thing and hopefully fill the tank out by the end of this competition. Concerns #1 Cat – Our feline companion is aptly named Floki. He likes to drink out of my freshwater tank and has broken my RO/DI filter once by pushing it off a shelf. This pico will be on our desk so we will see what he does. Unfortunately, he already loves the Tuna Blue light. #2 Temperature – Big temperature fluctuations in Southern California. I am hoping I can convince the wife to let me use the AC. #3 Aquascaping - I have a few ideas on how to put this together; acrylic rods and fishing line. I will elaborate more when I have it completed. #4 GSP - Main coral will be the GSP. Obvious problem will be it overtaking the main toadstool. Inspiration Most Recent FTS - 10/22/17 Contents Raising of the Floating Islands - Construction Week 0 Update - The Cycle Begins! Week 1 Update - The Competition Officially Starts Week 2 Update - The Cycle Really Begins!
  25. skibum513

    Joe's Icy vase

    Hey everyone pico reefs are one of my favorite aspect off reefing. I love how simple and unique they can be. When I saw this contest I had to enter. For my entry I decided to mix it up and do a temperate tank (I know using a chiller instead of a heater isn't on the equipment list but it still just controls temp). Anyways I located this nice flower vase and decided it would be a good tank. This vase is made of acrylic which helps insulate better then glass. I added a 12 volt pump and have attached some acrylic water block to the back to allow the chiller to work. The chiller is going to be another DIY peltier chiller similar to the tank i brought to Kuwait. With the acceptation that it is directly attached with the pump inside the vase not exterior and plumbed. For life in this tank I am going to add some green surf anemones, aggregating anemones, some inverts and maybe a Catalina gobey and keep a pacific cost type biotope. Temp should be around 55 to 60 and regular water changes will be the only filtration. As far as light the anemones dont need much and I will rely on a par bulb placed further away. **** Edit no chiller instead this tank will be placed in my basement over winter to maintain mid 60' temp hopefully. Thankfully Utah gets pretty cold. ****** Current Tank Shot Current StocK Fish - Catalina Goby (Lythrypnus dalli) Inverts Snails- Margarita Snail 2 Anemones- Green Surf (Anthopleura Xanthoframmica) Aggregating Anemone (Anthopleura elegantissima) Starburst Anemone (Anthopleura sola) Vase with some peanut butter and a shot of the chiller attachment point.
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