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Found 225 results

  1. Hobbs

    Hardy Nano Saltwater Aquarium

    Hey everyone, My 8g aquarium is almost done cycling and I am thinking about livestock options. I have had 6 years of experience with a 10 but after a 2 year break (went to Africa) I decided to start from scratch with a cube. I have 7 pounds of very porous pre cured live rock, 12 lbs of sand, standard mechanical/ charcoal filter, and a moderate intensity LED light fixture. I know my livestock selection is fairly limited so i wanted to get a couple thoughts before making any purchases. I move every year so the corals/inverts/fish do have to be a bit hardy. For a center piece coral, I wanted to do a birds nest coral and have some mushroom and zoos, maybe a couple other smaller corals or a leather eventually. Now the hard part. Fish. I know one or two at most but I really like symbiotic relationships and am having a hard time with compatability. I was at first considering a royal gramma (slightly larger than ideal though) for its coloring but I realized its a little aggressive. I am also thinking a pistol shrimp/ watchman combo but the coloring is kind of dull. Also I am concerned that the pistol shrimp might kill other inverts i put in. I'm of course going to do snails and hermits but I am pretty tempted to go with sexy shrimp and a porcelain/Pom Pom crab and spot feed. I could just stick with clown gobies or neon gobies but I like more active, free swimming fish I am completely open to suggestions and going with something completely different than what I have planned. Thought of a Harlequin Shrimp but those are too much work...
  2. RandyX

    Nano Reef X august

    A lot of great additions to the reef this month here's some shots
  3. Tanks been up for a littl over a month some would say rushed but I used esblished water and some live rock and I've been in the hobby for a few years now here is some tank shots everything is doing awesome I lost a Hollywood stunner but I think he had something from the guy I got it off of everything else has been awesome Picked these acans and this mushroom up today
  4. Lugmos12


    what kind is this? sinularia?
  5. Hello all! just discovered this site and forum, giving the Aquarium Diary a try.. I decided after years of running planted, freshwater tanks that it's time to advance into something more challenging. My freshwater tanks were 55 gal and 2 ten gal, with a couple terrarium type Betta "tanks" spread about the house. Now I am down to one 10 gal freshwater and the newer beginnings of a salt water 6 gal. Nano tank. It is a Fluval 6 G on 3rd week of cycling. My hope is that the tank will not be high tech, I love some of the Nano and Pico tank designs shown on this site and they are so inspiring. this Nano was started in part because the entire Refugium thing is a bit confusing and seems more complicated than just running a Nano tank without one. So here it goes as of today; Tank- Fluval 6 gal cube (originally a freshwater tank retired to the garage) Filter- well currently its a no brand name with sponge, no media, for 10 G with spray bar removed to provide more of a wave type circulation, seems to work. 50 W heater - no brand from china Current inhabitants; 2 Hermit Crabs, 2 roundish looking snails, and somehow i inherited a soft coral (i think?) that the LFS had put in my bag along with the snails. see photo below. no idea what type of soft coral it is but too far to drive to return it and i cant beat free (frag?). I didn't think my tank would be ready for corals yet though but the thing has not died so far , possibly could be more green looking but that could be the lighting? I've been looking through photos online but either the coral is NOT happy so doesn't look the way it should or i'm not knowledgeable enough to identify it. Lighting- is currently a Fluval Halo LED, it does switch from blue to white manually but its a crappy light, the new but small light for this tank will be delivered Monday. I have learned to turn off all lighting for water changes and that has seemed to help., the new light yet to arrive is here; Amazon.com- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071LJC8HL/ref=pe_861660_138883610_fxm_4_0_n_id No skimmer or refuge thing, doing daily water changes of 1 gallon (trying to control nitrates and ammonia) combined with a 9$ filter, 14$ heater and a inexpensive light from amazon on the way. Current water testing shows: Salinity 0.24- Salt is Red Sea Pro and mixed myself after purchasing poor quality and low salinity from LFS, i gave up threw all the purchased salt water out and started over with my own mix using their RO water ( though i tested it first). Lesson 2 learned, always test all water prior to adding to tank. (lesson 1, don't start a saltwater tank without more research and all supplies) Ammonia Zero to .25 ppm (its kinda hard to read but in the middle of that) Nitrates no. 3, 5 to 10 ppm So far everything seems happy even with some nitrates and ammonia, lighting is an issue hence new light on the way. I did observe some rock bleaching initially so until the new light arrives i am using the blue light more often, then switch on the white light for an hour or so (or when i see the coral close up)., trying to gradually extend the daylight time to 12 hours then hopefully the new light will be here and we can do it right with a timer. My first observation; Was having some difficulty getting to the correct salinity level due to odd advice (well now i know), and purchasing premix from my LFS, which tells me immediately that if I create a much larger tank i may be mixing own and having a RO/DI system in place. week 1 was daily water changes of more than 40% trying to get a stabilized salinity due to a combination of advice received from 4 LFS that we visited. Mainly what they thought mine should be, and what salinity theirs actually was compared to what they said it was at. after throwing it all down the drain in frustration I mixed my own and got above the . 16 i was getting from theirs. After applying some tips learned in the Reef.com forums things have calmed down. Salinity is at a more acceptable level and my creatures are doing well so far, the coral I recently acquired doesn't seem to be doing too badly, it must be of a hardy variety. My hope is to make this mainly a coral tank with some inverts and maybe a Goby so as soon as ammonia and nitrates more in control ill be starting to obtain a collection of Soft Corals then possibly a small fish, i might add one more crab too., they are sorta cool. I am researching fish though since was hoping for something more interesting than a Goby. Originally i was thinking there would be some soft coral and a small clown fish but now sorta feel it wouldn't be fair to the fish to be in such a small tank. I feed the inverts a sliver of frozen shrimp every other day so as not to pollute my tank but initially the LFS told me to feed Bloodworms which they refused to eat and just polluted the tank. Haven't noticed any Algea yet and it sounds like i need some to grow before the tank is considered established. The hermit crabs have chosen new shells from a few I placed in the tank to keep them away from my snails and their pretty shells. So that is all for now, gonna see how this goes and will give an update next week after the new light arrives. Thank you for letting me participate and i appreciate greatly any advice anyone offers by way of comments to the diary.
  6. JoeMan02

    My first reef tank

    Hi guys! This is my first reef tank, It's a fluval evo 13.5 with the fluval SEA PS2 mini protein skimmer and a hydor koralina 240 pump. My first corals were a mushroom rock, kenya tree, and green palythoas. My tank has been set up for almost 7 months now and since I bought my first corals I have accumulated 14 more types and not my tank is really starting to look like a reef! My favorite corals include the multiple types of zoas i have collected, my red digi, my aussie green leather, and finally my orange galaxea. The tank is stocked with a green chromi, two ocellaris clowns, and a royal gramma basselet, along with the classing cleanup crew of hermit crabs and some snails. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions! sorry about the poor picture quality, iPhone 6
  7. Lugmos12


    I'm not sure what these are. Bought them from a local refer and he said one was an octospawn. I did a google search but one looks like frogspawn.
  8. Lugmos12

    Corals - need ID

    Some Zoas/Palys(?). I have no idea what the names are. I tried looking online but I'm still at a loss.
  9. Lugmos12

    Neithea/kenya tree

    is my nepthea shedding? It's letting this slimy stuff come out
  10. Lugmos12

    Broke branching hammer

    So i was trying to trim the skeleton of my hammer and i broke the entire thing into three pieces. ugh it was doing really well
  11. Frag racks getting full. Chicago Local only. I prefer to meet in public location around Harlem and Monstrose. Available weekdays after 7pm or weekend mornings / even afternoon. 1. Magician Palys ($10 for 3-4 polyps, $15 for 6 polyps) These are some of my favorite palys. Great splatter pattern in the middle. They grow fast and have big size polyp. They don't mind lots of light and can do well in medium light. Have 5+ frags of these 2. ORA Green Birdsnest ($10 for 2 inches, $15 for 3 inches) Hardy birdsnest. Had this colony for 2+ years now, grown from a tiny 2 inch frag. Have a few small frags for $5 if you want to try out a birdsnest. Have about 4-5 frags of these. Mother Colony (Not for sale) 3. Purple Stylo ($15 for 3 inches) Fluffy purple stylo. VERY fast grower once it takes off. Love a lot of light. 2 frag of these. Have a small $5 frag too if you want to try out a stylo. Mother Colony (Not for sale) 4. Starburst Monti ($15 for 1 inch) My favorite plating montipora. Yellow polyps on orange base. Not your normal red or green monti. Mother Colony (Not for sale) 5. Misc zoas ($10 - $30) Starting from top left corner, first row only: 10+ polyps of King Midas - $30 5 polyps of Orange Bam Bam - $10 2 polyps of Punk Rocker - $10 5 polyps of Yellow Scramble Egg - $15 2nd row zoas 4 polyps of Orange Bam Bam - free with purchase of $20 or more random no name zoas - free with purchase of $20 or more 6. Forest fire digitata mini colony ($20) Accidentally knock this off. Big chunky frag, about 3-4 inches across and growing in a very unique shape.
  12. JoeMan02

    Fragging green aussie leather

    Hey all! in spite of my constant search for fragging information online I still haven't come across a way to frag this leather; can you help me out? Thanks in advance! - Joe
  13. I have a designer clownfish $80, anthias $20, 3 bubble tip anemone $5 for medium (left or right each) and $25 for the middle. PM me if interested. Pick up in West Los Angeles area only. Thanks.
  14. JoeMan02

    Fragging questions

    Hi all, I'm looking to start fragging my corals but I want to do it as cheaply as possible... that brings us to question number one!: do I need a separate system? Its going to be a relatively small operation but my main tank is only a 13.5 nano. Secondly, do I NEED to do certain special dips after fragging? I know most people use them but I wanted more opinions before shelling out the big bucks for the commercial dips. And finally, thanks for your opinions! I totally forgot what I was going to say! -Joe
  15. t_fins

    Stocking Timeframes

    So my Biocube 29 has been up and running for about a month. Cycle has completed. Current parameters are 1.026, 0 amm 0 nitrite >10 nitrate. Diatom bloom is over. I do 25% water change weekly. Removed bioballs and replaced with DIY media basket(filter floss and chemipure) I currently have 2 maroon clowns(received as Father's Day gift and I know they will have to be rehomed to larger tank soon) a small CUC (3 turbos, 2 astera snails, 4 hermits) and one Frogspawn frag(2 heads) My question: I know I need to go slow with fish (want to add 1-2 more small fish) and I should probably wait at least 2-3 months for invertebrates and 9+ months for an anemone. But how slow do I need to go with coral? Can I add frags weekly? Monthly? More than one at a time? I'm primarily stocking with softies and LPS as I haven't upgraded from stock lighting yet.
  16. Saumann7

    What is this film?

    i have a 5 gallon reef tank and there is a film on the rock and shells and such. It flows and comes back whenever I scrub it off. I do a 50% water change every week and don't have any parameter issues from what I test for. Any ideas on what it is and how to get rid of it?
  17. Conner smith

    Lighting/coral questions

    I was wondering if I am using the correct lighting setup, my frogspawn doesn't really glow like it did in the store, some of my other corals do, and I would attach a picture of the royal blue light but it can't be captured on camera
  18. Hi, I know the technical specs and differences from one and the other and LEDs are the future for sure, but I've been told that T5HOs are better to grow and propagate corals than a comparable LED fixture. Can someone tell me the why?
  19. Jamesguy

    Large coral break off?

    My tank has recently had a large phosphate spike that is killing some of my glass clinging polyps. Recently My large leather coral has had large chunks About 1.5 in to 3in fall off. My question is, will these chunks that look relatively healthy reattach and start as New corals, or will they start breaking down and cause further increases in My phosphates?
  20. gotboostedvr6

    For sale : Liverock in NJ

    Landlord is forcing me to tear down my beloved 65 gallon reef. Ive had the tank setup under MH lighting for 8 years. Coral and fish spoken for. For sale is approx 80 pounds of liverock. It is a mixture of Fiji, Tonga, and several other interesting types I am not familiar with. ********** NO AIPTASIA OR WORMS************ Expect to find hermit crabs, snails, and large feather dusters. Id like to get $4 a pound but am happy to field offers. I am willing to drive to meetup within reasonable driving distance of zipcode 08054 pm me or feel free to call or text me at (8 fife six ) - tree 7 fife 4 tree too sebin.
  21. TripleTrouble

    The Incredible Giant Mushroom?

    Hi - I've had this mushroom coral in my tank since the start (almost 2 months). Recently, it's been expanding out to this crazy diameter during the day. All of my levels have been constant. LFS guy says it's expanding Bc my tank lacks nutrients. I would say it's in a more shaded area of the tank being under the rock-scape overhang. Any opinions/advice greatly appreciated . See pic below.
  22. fr0ntsight

    ritter anemone interactions?

    I just got a nice big ritter anemone for my tank for my clown's and he is doing well. I was curious if there is any concern with him being close to my green star polyp coral. I noticed it's polyps have been retracted for the past couple days. I looked around online but couldn't find anything definitive. Would really appreciate any info. Thanks!
  23. Hey all, So here's the deal. I'm new this forum, and forums in general. I am asking for any help or advice that you guys may have for me to help me better my tank and get it running to top quality! I am desperate to successfully house a reef tank and definitely don't trust all the guys at my LFS. My background: I have attempted a reef tank back in 2013, but I unfortunately quickly succumbed to the many problems that come with reef tanks. I have always had a love for the ocean and reef tanks so I decided to why not give it another try and this time, do it right! So now, I am currently running a 28 gallon JBJ Nano cube Intermediate LED. I will add pictures to show you how I have it set up. It is equipped with an Eshopps Nano Skimmer, heater, stock pumps, and stock lights in the hood. I put the skimmer in the back center compartment where the stock media basket would normally go. I would like to use the media basket, but don't think I have anywhere to put it since the skimmer is in the center and will not fit anywhere else. To make up for no media basket, I put a bag of Chemi-pure Blue in the compartment next to the skimmer, so it gets water flow and that way, I can still run carbon. I also put a little bit of filter floss right in front of the back overflow box so it can trap any unwanted particles. I do have an extra 250 Gph powerhead that is attached to the front left of the tank, but it is not on and running at the moment. Still trying to debate wether or not I actually NEED that much flow (maybe you guys can help me). As far as live stock goes, I have as follows: -20 pounds live rock -10 pounds dry rock -20 pounds live sand -1 maroon clown -1 firefish -4 Astrae snails -6 blue legged hermits -1 peppermint shrimp -1 palythoa frag plug (was given to me for free by my LFS) This whole tank and set up has been up and running for about a month and a half now. I initially started with just the 20 pounds of live rock and 20 pounds of live sand to get my tank started. There was little to no die off, since everything was live and from my LFS that is less than 2 minutes away. So after 2 weeks of regularly checking the water, my levels never spiked. It all stayed at 0 and my nitrates never went past 1. I will add that I did not run my lights during this entire time. So after the 2 week point, I decided to add a maroon clown. I let the tank sit about another week and half with just the clown, still with no lights, until I realized I still had my dry rock from my previous tank in 2013. So I boiled and cleaned the living hell out of that dry rock, and added about 10 pounds of it to my tank (this was about 2 weeks ago). So after letting the dry rock settle for about 2 days, I performed my first water change. I did a 25% change, and then went and picked up my CUC. I got 6 Astrae snails, 6 blue legged hermits, and 1 peppermint shrimp for the small amount of aiptasia I was hoping he would get. He still hasn't. Anyways, after acclimating my CUC, I put them in the tank and only ended up losing 2 snails within the next 48 hours. Not too worried. It's just a snail. So at this point after putting in my CUC, I let them do their work for about 2 days. Then I went to my LFS and picked up my Firefish, as well as the free Palythoa frag plug I was given. I acclimated them both, and are both doing well to this day. My current parameters are as follows: Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrates-<1 Ph-8 Alk-9 Ca-390 Phosphates- <.2 Now today, all my livestock seems to be doing well. My clown and firefish are alive and eating. My shrimp only comes out at night. Lost 2 snails, not sure why but will get more CUC as my tank matures. I have 3 very small aiptasia growing, and my peppermint doesn't seem to care about it. They never seem to open up, or grow too big so I'm not too worried about it right now, but I will definitely keep my eye on it. I also have some Caulerpa brachyus growing on 2 of my rocks. It seems to have seeded from the live rock. Again, not too worried about it since it is used as a nutrient export, but will definitely monitor it(what are your thoughts on Caulerpa?). The frag plug seems to be doing well to my knowledge! I expect to do another water change this upcoming Tuesday. NOW, I know that is a lot and nobody may even reply, but it is still worth the try for me. So given everything I said, what are your guys' thoughts? Am I doing this right? Is there anything I'm forgetting or doing wrong? What are your opinions on my methods? If there's anything I'm forgetting to mention, please ask or let me know! ALL ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank you everyone! This is my tank currently running
  24. TripleTrouble

    Torch good neighbor for my Hammer?

    Just picked up the three headed torch coral yesterday. I initially had it on a rock shelf, but wanted to have it closer to my hammer. I read a bit and there seems to be some mixed feedback on whether they can be next to each other. In the pic, you'll clearly see the torch isn't fully extended since i just moved it. What do you think? Too close?
  25. Is this a red tube or fan worm? It's on the underside of my open brain coral. Appears to be two of them. I believe I also have one on the stalk of my hammer coral. The "plume" or "fan" is a pretty bright red, although it's hard to see that from the photos. Are these harmful? If so, how do I get rid of them? Thank you!
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