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Found 225 results

  1. StephDaReefer

    What coral is this???

    Can you help me identify this coral? I was looking for a toadstool leather coral in hopes my clownfish would host on it when it became large enough. This is also my first coral, so I thought a TL would be good as a start. I went to my LFS and told them what I was looking for but the guy didn’t really seem sure this was a toadstool, then later on decided it was. I’m just trying to make sure I know what this coral is so if you have a pretty good idea feel free to leave a comment. Thanks in advance. Forgot to mention I got this yesterday so it might not be fully opened up, I also saw my emerald picking at it a couple of hours before taking the picture which made it shrink up.
  2. Hello, I had a circulation pump, which stopped working a few days ago. I'm thinking to buying a return pump, because it's more cheaper! For my aquarium with soft corals how many gallon per hour would be better? Maybe 130 gph? Bye
  3. CarolinaShoreReef

    *Anemone* hitchhiker on nassarius

    Hi everyone, with school going on I can't sit on my computer for an hour or two trying to find out what this might be. It came attached to my nassarius snail's shell and looks kind of like a mushroom to me but it has what looks to be tentacles that retract. Should I remove it from him, as he spends most of his time burrowed. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. SelectedByNature

    Corals for Shaded Areas

    I was hoping for thoughts on corals for shaded areas. I like my aquascape but it does provide a lot of shaded areas and also places on the far side of rocks that don't get much/any direct light. I looked at others sources and threads and this is what I gathered: Shade coral possibilities: - Blasto - Certain Chalices - Cynarinas - Montipora Setosa - Feather Duster Non-Photosynthetic - Dendros - Sun Coral Aggressive (6-10" sweepers) - Favia - Platygyra. Thoughts?
  5. Looking for a good chunk of coral that's littered with these guys to place in my 20 gallon. Will need to know what you feed them, the coloration on them, in which coral they're residing in, and how long they've been in your system (Pictures are highly appreciated). Local is preferred, shipping isn't out of the question.
  6. I'm testing the waters with my first coral. Just a blue mushroom. I have the new coral in question in quarantine for now, but I noticed a small anemone looking thing on the rock with the coral. I didn't see this before until today (it's been about 4 days in quarantine) and I 'm not actually sure what it is. Part of me is concerned about it being aptasia 'cause I don't want to unleash that on my tank. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I suspect my little frostbite clown of having intestinal parasites. He’s in a 10g tank with a banggai cardinal. I have used API GC to treat for worms in a freshwater tank, and I know saltwater hobbyists use it too. Will is be safe for my reef though? I have mostly softies, and few LPS, and one BTA. Also, should I treat the water column, or would soaking pellets be enough?
  8. Point is I need advice moving a bta to a nano after coral has attached. Full story: I currently have 2 saltwater tanks, one is a 3 year old (abused for the past year) biocube I decided (since having a 4 month old) I can’t keep anymore. It has only been topped off a few times year, the filter changed 4x a year, has been around 88 degrees the past 4 months, and I can’t afford time or money to keep. BUT through all this I’ve had a few fish and a gorgeous rainbow bta survive (the whole reason I agreed to move the tank to a new house AND upstairs at 6 months pregnant. At her best! My second tank is my reef. It’s over a year old, 12g with a 10g sump. Taken very well care of. Even have white porcelain crabs which would enjoy a bta. I’ve had clowns smother nems before, do porcelain crabs do the same? But again only 12g and a nem? Zoas are on almost every rock. Some zoa colonies I’d be willing to lose for the anemone if it’s possible. It’s has softies, lps and 2 monti frags on the glass. The anemone (still in the biocube there) hasn’t been doing well for months now very suddenly. The lighting maybe was changed because I added an old orbit led that always confused me, maybe when it started getting warmer, and the lack of care I’m sure. Anyways, since I’m trying to get rid of this tank and I lovee this anemone is there any hope of adding a bta to a semi-new reef? I’ve acclimated it to my new tank and it is very happy. Have it under a plastic bottle cut in half with small holes for some flow so it can’t move around easily. Has anyone successfully added an anemone to a nano reef after the coral? Any tips on my water bottle cage? It’s hard to get a seal on the bottom so I know it could slip out. Does anyone know if a porcelain crab would smother my nem if he ever gets uncaged? I have an ocellaris clown so I’m not as worried of her trying to host it enough to smother it. Please any advice is greatly appreciated! Mat least I have an infant so am awake all times of the night to check the tank xD
  9. Hi everybody I purchased this frag at a lfs in Denver and it was doing really good for about a month now for some reason just the green hammer Coral is closing up and it's been closed for about three days. If anybody has any suggestions as to why it's closed I'd like to know thanks. ----Tank stats---- 30gallon Salinity 1.025 Mg 1260ppm Alk 8.4dKH Ca 480ppm Nitrate 0-2ppm Temp 78.5°F
  10. Amandaew

    I.d this coral!

    Hello, I bought this frag and I don’t know what it is. The guy at the pet shop told me twice but his accent was strong and it sounded like he said apec but when I got home and typed it up I couldn’t find anything. Thanks in advance!
  11. djsimon10

    What coral is this?

    Hi, was wondering if anyone can help me ID this coral? Thanks in advance!
  12. Conner smith

    Top 5 Corals For Beginners!

    https://youtu.be/8j8xSB-VREU If you want see 5 corals great for beginners look no further!
  13. Dprosser4

    Fungia Eating a mushroom coral???

    So I came home and my fungia has a random red mushroom in its mouth. Will this hurt my fungia? Or should I just let nature take its course?
  14. weston.bechtold

    Torches losing color:(

    Hello all! I am asking for help concerning my torch corals loss of color. I have 3 branching torch corals next to each other that caught my eye at the LFS. But it seems as though the corals looked much more vibrant at the LFS and then once placed in my tank, they lose their vibrancy and start to take on a blander and more fleshy skin color. I am testing everyday for CA ALK MG as well as the ammonia nitrite nitrate ph and everything is close to perfect. I have maintained these stable water parameters so I don't believe this is the cause. I am using a kessil A80 tuna blue over this 2.6 gallon fluval spec 3 aquarium. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING????? Any comments are appreciated! Thankyou!
  15. Thatoneomahaguy

    Is my coral beauty bothering my corals?

    Hey everyone. I have a question about everyone's luck with coral beauty angel fish and coral. A few of my coral (blue acro, orange montipora digitata, and fuzzy millepora) never have polyps extended but others like my birdsnest, hammer coral, and rock anemone are doing great and constantly showing full extension. Today I saw my coral angle take a quick nip at my blue acropora and I realized that my issue could just be the coral beauty. I usually feed my fish daily but sometimes it's every other day. Is the fish likely the problem here? This was my first time seeing this behavior but it would make sense. Is it normal for fish to go after some corals but not all? Ultimately I am trying to figure out why some coral are thriving and others are just surviving and I think I may have found the culprit. Tank params: Alk 10.4 Mag 1440 Ph 8.2 Calcium 440 Nitrates ~ 0 Thoughts?
  16. Hi Nano-Reef world! I have posted before about my trials and tribulations with my Biocube 32 gallon. Since starting my tank the first of September, I have had some obstacles and was becoming discouraged for awhile, but just kept positive and continued to educate myself on anything I could possibly read. I've had some fish die, a broken heater, diatom, green hair algae, salinity swings, a diamond goby that disappeared, an angel with a cloudy eye.. and... I think that's about it.... I wanted to give an update about my tank today! Currently: this is what I have: - 2 Ocellaris clowns (one is more bright than the other) - these guys are champs. I'd reccomend them to ANYONE starting a new tank. - 1 Coral Beauty angel - I bought her to replace my flame angel. From my experience, these are very timid fish at first... she hid behind my rocks but when movement vibrated the tank she'd swim right back behind the rocks. She grazes on my live rock all the time. Now she is all over the tank. I feed her sponge food and she loves it. Just give them time to acclimate. - About 20 blue legged hermits with extra shells - I believe 4-5 Nassarius snails (I have lost some due to crabs eating them for their shells........) - 3 Emerald crabs - 4 Trochus snails I have two corals: one Green Button Polyp rock and one Pulsing Xenia ( please correct me if I'm wrong) My pulsing xenia has DOUBLED in size since I put it in about a month and a half ago. My polyp opens when the lights are on and I have noticed a little growth. I wanted to add some Kenya trees or some frags? I wanted to give a shoutout to people who are new in this hobby - Do. Not. Give. Up! You will make some mistakes - it is a long learning process. Any thoughts of anything I should add luvestock wise? Thanks all! Happy Holidays!
  17. Hey guys, can i put sps corals on my top rock?? See the pic! i have an Ai Prime HD. Lighting wont be an issue, parameters are steady, tank is maturing. But my main concern is the placement of the coral.. is it too close to the light? Too far? I've never had sps before so i need some advice.. My overall goal is to have euphylia and lps at the bottom/middle of the tank, i'm going to have a full zoa rock, and sps on top! let me know your thoughts and opinions!
  18. LiamFalconer

    PAR requirements for LPS and softies

    I am planning on getting mostly softies, (zoas, mushrooms, xenia, kenya tree, etc..), with a few LPS (hammer, frogspawn, maybe blasto). I have decent par (levels in pic below), and was wondering if they are enough to sustain those corals light-wise. 400 Par @ 2" 108 Par @ 8" 50 Par @ 16" P.S ik blastos are lower light, will keep towards bottom.
  19. Hey guys, can you give me your inputs as to what glue or coral epoxy you guys use to stick your coral to the live rock? i need something that will stick very well but at the same time something that will be able to be removed incase i decide to rescape my setup! thanks again guys
  20. So I picked up an Evo 5 while I was out picking up a spec III for my girlfriend this weekend. This is my first attempt at saltwater and a reef so bare with me. I am already in the progress of putting together a 40g breeder as well but I haven't gotten around to cutting the bean animal overflow yet. But back to the Evo, I created this thread to track my progress and share my experiences. Any ideas, suggestions or comments are extremely welcome. I am currently going to run the evo stock until I see that upgrades are necessary for what I am wanting. FULL TANK SHOTS April 2017 February 2017 TANK SPECIFICATIONS Started: 2/27/2017 TANK - Fluval Evo 5 AIO EQUIPMENT - Hydor Theo Heater (50W) - Digital thermometer - BRS value plus rodi unit (purchased for use with 40g) - Instant Ocean Reef Crystals - inTank Media Basket - Jebao SW-2 DC Powerhead/Wavemaker LIGHTING - Nanobox Tide Plus M FILTRATION - inTank Media Basket Filled from top to bottom: Filter Pad/Floss Carbon Chemi-pure Elite Blue (nano) Biomax - Live Rock - Live Sand FEEDING - Frozen Mysis: twice a week - Reef Chili: target feeding once a week MAINTENANCE - Water Changes: 15-25% bi-weekly - Evaporation Control: RO/DI manually - Cleaning: Bi-Weekly sand bed vacuuming, live rock blasting with a turkey baster. Break down/cleaning of return pump, heater, powerhead every other month. POSSIBLE UPGRADES - Aqueon 600 to replace stock pump Was too loud, going to try to 'break it in' - Hydor Rotating Deflector Unless the Aqueon Quiets down I will not use this (would decrease stock flow too much) - Lighting (either Current USA Oribt or TrueLumen Aquatic LED Strips as an addition) Nanobox Tide Plus M - Hydor 240 / Hydor 180 / Jebao SW-2 / MP10 (dreaming) Went with the Jebao SW-2, it's awesome - Custom built media basket (egg crates) Went with the inTank model as it is really clean looking and I was lazy TANK INHABITANTS CORALS Green Florida Ricordea March 5th, 2017 Reefwise Duncan March 12th, 2017 Reefwise Orange Florida Ricordea April 30th, 2017 Reefwise Favia (Brain) April 30th, 2017 Reefwise INVERTEBRATES (1) Nerite Snails March 19th, 2017 Petland Aquatics (1) Astrea Snail March 26th, 2017 Petland Aquatics DECEASED (2) Nerite Snails March 19th, 2017 - Unknown Petland Aquatics Lost 1 to Pistol Shrimp March 29th, 2017 (2) Astrea Snail March 26th, 2017 - Unknown Petland Aquatics Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp March 19th, 2017 - Unknown Petland Aquatics 'Bam Bam' Zoanthids March 12, 2017 - Unknown Reefwise Randall's Pistol Shrimp (Candy Cane) March 5th, 2017 - October 30th, 2017 Reefwise
  21. N2B8

    Is this normal?

    I placed this frag about a week ago and have noticed these clear-ish guys coming from the coral. Are they normal? Pest?
  22. For the past week I have not seen my gsp come out, I did notice some hair algae growing on it and figured that was the cause. Next thing I noticed was it seemed like my clown was picking the hair algae off of the gsp. I ended up cleaning the algae off the gsp yesterday and it started to come out finally but then it happened, the clown woke up and swap to it and started picking at it causin it to go back in. Has anyone had this problem before and if so how do I deal with it?
  23. Today I went to my local fish store and found a couple of corals. The employee told me this (In the picture) was a type of brain coral but when I got home I did some research and it looks more like a scoly coral. If anyone can identify this coral for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (Got it for $40, did I get overcharged?)
  24. Hey everyone, Im returning tot he hobby after a 10 year hiatus. I am currently living in an apartment with residents underneath me, I travel semi often for 5-7 days and really want the enjoyment of a small reef tank back in my life. What is the best way to go about this? I am figuring Id need to have a sump in case of a power failure to not cause a flood, and automation for lights and feeding. Possible a float switch in another bucket, Any advice here? equipment, lighting for SPS? Is an aqua clear remora still a good protein skimmer. Help bring me up to speed please!
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