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Found 226 results

  1. So I did a water change yesterday and siphoned our the sand a little. I did my best to make sure sand wasn’t covering any of the coral but missed a spot on the open brain. My cleaner shrimp was on an area of the coral and I saw some sand on the coral so I moved the sand and found a black spot. Did I just ruin my open brain? tried my best to get a pic but the blue lights can be tricky.
  2. SharkBait222

    Help!! My favia looks like crap

    Hi everyone, So I got a new favia coral the other day and it was looking fantastic. Now it looks like crap. I was wondering on how a go about and do an iodine dip. Like what to use and what to measurements are. Thank you.
  3. VictoryBell

    Japanese leather care

    Hello everyone, I decided to buy myself a Japanese leather coral for myself as a college graduation gift. (That's my excuse to the fiancé at least hehe) However, I was not able to find much on their care requirements. for example, im finding that it doesn't seem to like the white spectrum of light. It stayed scrunched up until I turned my white lighting down and went mostly to blues. It seems to be much more sensitive than the other corals I've put in my tank. (Most of them have bounced back in a day or so after being put in the tank.) I don't have a powerful light, just the USA orbit marine lc. does anyone have any care/ acclimation tips they can share with me so I can be sure to keep it healthy?
  4. Wetwater

    Coral ID

    Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could help me ID this coral,I saw it up at my LFS for just 15 dollars a frag and I figured why not,the guys that work there said they weren’t sure what it was. It’s definitely some kind of encrusting coral,if anyone has an ID on this I would appreciate it,thank you!
  5. ADVmarine333

    Something on my favia

    I have a favia coral. On the coral are 2-3 of these fan like things that spring out and retract real quick. Hasn’t spread. Just curious if anyone knows what it is. Also the red tubes on that favia. Any ideas? Only on one side of the favia and it’s only two tubes
  6. Liambawden

    Reef Aquarium 120

    In my Reef 120, I was looking at what other corals would fit well, and even more so what fish?! At present I have the following. Corals: 1 Hammer 1 Torch 1 Kenya Tree 1 Gonoporia 1 GSP Frag 1 Mushroom Inverts: 1 Seabe Anemone 2 Feather Dusters CUC 1 Cleaner Shrimp 1 Blood Shrimp Fish: A Bonded Pair of Maroon Clowns A Fireball Angelfish (which is being sold to a friend) A Blue Cheeked Goby So what would you recommend to have in here? There is a lot of spare bare rock and plenty of caves and caverns, just not sure what will bring the tank to life in many aspects. Thank You in advance!?
  7. coryscritch

    leather coral problems

    Hi i recently purchased a green polyp leather for my tank(about two weeks ago) my water parameters are all good. everything else in the tank is doing well, just not the leather. he did start to shed and does extend polyps at night. I'm just not sure why he won't extend during the day. does anybody have any idea?
  8. coryscritch

    leather coral problem

    so i got this leather coral about two weeks ago. it has yet to open up during the day. it opens and extends polyps at night. i did notice it was shedding a few days ago. my water parameters are all good. all my other corals are opening and extending really well. do you think it is getting too much light. i run the current orbit marine led (which is not that great) so I'm a bit confused why its not opening. anybody have any input? thanks
  9. coryscritch

    pest polyps

    hi all i was just wondering if anybody could tell me if the green polyp is a pest polyp or not. thanks!
  10. StephDaReefer

    Is this normal for a toadstool leather???

    So my toadstool seems like it’s shrinking. The edges are folding down so it might just be giving me the illusion of it shrinking because it’s covering the stem. Is this normal for a toadstool? It’s been doing this Id day for the past week. The polyps are still extending so I know it’s not shedding. I tried changing the flow but didn’t make much of a difference. My parameters are all up to par salinity is always constant at 1.024, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, ph is a little low at 8, and notates are at 5 ppm. Heres some before and after shots. Around the time I fist got it to now.
  11. anniebanana267

    Coral identification please?

    Hi, I need an identification on this coral please? I found the picture on google but I can’t seem to find the name of it. Thanks.
  12. So I figured I'd join in on the latest Pico container fun. I've always liked the idea of a jar reef, so now I've decided to give it a shot. Not completely sure on anything else yet, but I'm sure it'll be fun! So far here's what I've got. Also, seaweed snack are a condiment right?!
  13. bronson123

    Is my Hammer Coral healthy and happy?

    Hey! l have had an ORA Wall Pink Hammer Coral for a couple weeks now and I have had it in two locations: on top of rock work with more flow and now I have the hammer on the bottom of tank with low flow. l am new to reefing in general and do not know how to tell if my coral is happy and healthy, since every coral is different. Some of the smaller tentacles on my hammer have small curls in them and l am just concerned. Also, the hammer coral’s tenticles look spread out instead of compact like other hammer’s l have seen. Please give me some feedback. The hammer comes out everyday and never stays retracted, which makes me feel he is just fine! l will be upgrading to a Kessil 160w light eventually. Thanks!! For my tank details: - 20 gallon - Dual Marineland biowheel filter - 500 GPH power head - Clownfish, damsel, chromi fish - Frogspawn and Zoa Coral - Live sand - 2 Marineland LED Lights Tank was established and cycled until levels were at zero before adding anything. Cycling took 21 days before anything was added. l cycled with the product Stability and my water is tested every day. Water temp is kept at 74 with salinity of .022. The tank has been up for almost two months now.
  14. Ive had this trumpet coral for about 3 weeks and one head has been opening fine but the smaller head (which looked like it was splitting when I purchased it) has rarely opened fully. The last few days it was been even more shriveled than before. It appears that one side of the split might have no mouth and I think you can see the skeleton in the middle - hard to tell in these photos? I also noticed the little branching clear thing on the base of the skeleton this week. Any ideas on what could be going on with this guy? Water parameters appear to be good other than nitrate, which is between 15-25 depending on how recent after a water change. Other corals are seemingly doing ok as well. Thanks! Edit - Could the white growth be some form of Aiptasia?
  15. 805NanoReef

    ID frag

    Wanted to know the name and type of this frag
  16. Mssa9188

    The Saltwater Sunset

    Hey-Have a Cichlid tank that was doing well, so I wanted to try my hand at a saltwater tank. Not sure if we are headed in the right direction or not? Was hoping for opinions, constructive criticism or whatever just please keep it to ideas that will improve the quality of life for the tank. It's a 15 gallon tank. (I personally think the 15gal should be the quarantine tank and use the larger 40gal tank as the "Ta-da-da Tank" , the "aren't you so jealous of my absolutely gorgeous aquarium tank?" . But he thinks that is aiming a little too big, so here we are... Compromising with a 15)".I am just learning about all this; lighting, coral, flow, zooplankton, etc. So please tell me if I havethings that aren't compatible or if something else would work better.But a CoraLife T5 light, but it's just white so there is also a blue LED light.Just the regular filter that came with the tank, I was unsure if I would need a better one if I got a protein skimmer, but some have said such a small tank doesn't need a protein skimmer.The small heater that came with the tank. I live in Central CA, and the heater has kept the water 77-78.6. Check it 2x a day along with the SG which is staying between 1.0228-1.0247. I have not checked the PH, nitrates or nitrites. However, I take watersamples to the Aquarium Store and he tests the water weekly and says consistently good. Everything I have read online says to start with rock then a clean up crew so there is dry rockstacked in there. Then we added some crabs and snails. When they did good, we added a couple more and two of the most beautiful little perculas (Bruce and Nemo). I am thinking a Red Dragonette but have since been informed of their difficulty. So maybe just a scooter blenny and some coral. I have never tried to raise coral before so I think I should start with Toadstool. It's not my favorite, but they say it is hardy and if I can get it to thrive maybe a birds nest and go from there. I guess I am just not sure how many crabs, lobsters, snails and fish can go in the tank. I know not many that's why I want the larger tank I would love a Mandarin gooby or a tang. But I want tank inhabitants quality of life to be what's on the forefront, not how many differentcolors I can fit in my computer desk tank.But any questions just ask. "A woman without a man, is like a fish without a bicycle."
  17. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and also a beginner with handling fish My problem: I have a 10G tank which is currently being cycled with 2 live rocks and with Prodibio Startup. It has lighting, water heater, water flow mover, marine salt, and substrate. I want to have an anemone, a clownfish, a coral. 1. Can I put them all in a 10G tank? 2. Ideal sequence? Some say put the anemone first before corals and fishes. Some say put clownfish first then anemone. As usual when going online there's conflicting resources (and I'd guess they are all valid for specific scenarios) 3. How far can I go with stocking? I read there's the one-inch rule and also the floor area rule. My guesstimate for a 10G is 5 fishes (3 inch each). 4. Assume I can put 5 fishes, does a coral or anemone count as 1 "fish" (though they are not fish) I'm sure I will have follow-up questions. I have done my reading but as usual, there's not enough reading that can answer every scenario. I am trying to copy a couple of setups as my baseline, but these questions are lingering in my mind. Overall goal: I want to give life to our new apartment while considering the limitations of space and layout of this 1100 sq feet place. I and my wife want a minimalistic design of the place. The place has vegetation that are strategically placed in the apartment. We don't want to have huge tanks because of those reasons (at the very least) Just a bit of background about me: I'm a fast learner and like to gobble a lot of information. I'm a senior software engineer who values test driven development, a professional beauty photographer on par with the best in the industry, and a serious Internet of Things maker (I've created a lot of sensor-related things--monitoring everything in the house and also started with robotics). I'm also a master-level chess player. Thanks
  18. 805NanoReef

    Need names of these corals

    Bought these corals a while ago but forgot the name of them. Can some one help?
  19. So I got this guy at a really nice new LFS in my area called coral supply but I can’t find any information at all on it. The guy that sold it to me said it was a “bloated Xenia” I figured I’ll be able to look up more info on it when I get home. He said like any other Xenia, they grow pretty invasively so I have it on an isolated rock on my fluval 13.5. Does any one know the actual name of it? I’m guessing he just gave me the nickname for it but haven’t been able to find anything like it. Almost looks like a euphyllia coral to me.
  20. Larry the Lobster

    HELP! Green star polyp being eaten!

    Hello. I have a coral beauty angle fish and it is pecking at my gsp constantly. I am going on a vacation tomorrow (Wednesday to Sunday) and I can give the angel back to the store in time (I leave to soon). The angel pecks once or twice a minute at my gsp. The gsp is new to the tank and I put it in yesterday (Monday). Since it is new it is not open and has not been able to open because the angel constant pecking (all my water perimeters are good and so is my light I just checked). To prevent the constant nipping of the dwarf angel I put the 2 large gsp frags in a clean food container with holes. Will this be good for the vacation (the angel can’t nip now). Will the gsp survive. Ps the angel was not doing this to my zoas. And the gsp was cut I. Half at the store.
  21. I went to a beach cove in Malibu, California and ran into a bunch of these little guys. They’re a light blue color with purple tips. Almost looks like an anemone to me.
  22. Larry the Lobster

    Lights on for to long with coral

    Hello I left my light (ai prime) on by accident it’s was on all in mode from 11:30 till 10:30 and all of my spectrum was on max because instead of schedule I pressed all on. Oops. I have one zoa frag a rose bubble tip nem and a carpet nem on the other side (I am selling it tomorrow to the store tomorrow) i have a carpet nem that was very deflated but I fed about 24 hours before. but the rose bubble tip was not deflated. Is there a thing to worry about that is not alge I also have 2 clowns a pigme angle and a dotty back. And all my parameters are good I just checked. Ps previously my lights were on 10 and a half hours a day running a low light spectrum
  23. Hello All! As the title suggests, I have a green bubble coral that is currently undergoing some tough times. The lower-center portion of the skeleton is gone, but I still get decent extension from the remaining sections of the coral (I'll have pictures posted below). I've had this coral for roughly 4 months, and prior to this injury it would be roughly 9 inches across. This all started after a 20% water change and i believe, but not a 100%, I bumped the coral. I didn't notice any popped bubbles or severe pressing/pinching. This was roughly 2-3 weeks ago from now. Since then, the coral has shown progression and regression in different facets. The coral originally excreted a brown, mucous-like substance, but this stopped roughly 10 days ago (originally thought the coral had brown-jelly). Since then, the sides extend to a decent length, but the middle slowly is deteriorating. Any help would be greatly appreciated and tank specs will be below. Thanks! Tank Setup: 14k white LED's with moonlights (low to moderate lighting) (bubble is currently in a moderate-light location) 532 gph (2 pumps alternating on wavemaker) (anywhere from low to high) (bubble is currently in low flow) SG: 1.026 Calcium: 440 Alkalinity: between 120-140 mg/L (had to use test strips because kit was out of date) nitrates: <10 nitrites: 0 ammonia: 0 also have been using recent iodine supplement (has opened better since using supplement) Tankmates: 2 percula clowns 2 3 stripe damselfish 1 yellow-tail damsel toadstool leather eagle-eye polyps green-eye zoas kenya tree purple-tip, green bubble anemone red trachyphyllia green star-polyp The photos below in order are: the bubble closed up for better view of injury, the bubble a week after injury, the bubble two weeks after injury, the bubble a few months ago pre-injury
  24. LiamFalconer

    White edge mushrooms

    Bought a frag of orange mushrooms yesterday (3 small on one small rock) two of them have white edges, is that bleaching or new growth? Parameters: Temp swings from 77-79 Ammonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate-10 pH-8.2 opened up fine a few hours after acclimation. just the very edges are white Bleaching or Growth?
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