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Found 158 results

  1. Hi all, I want to start this off by saying I have never owned an aquarium before but have recently been inspired to try one out. The type that I'm interested in would be a <5 gallon tank that would only house one type of coral. Think of it as a plant in a pot. After looking on the web for quite sometime I stumbled upon these builds: Ecoreef Zero - https://reefbuilders.com/2011/09/29/ecoreef-zero-population-1/ Zero Reef East - https://reefbuilders.com/2011/12/17/reef-east/ I'm trying to figure out what the best way to go about this build would be. Right now I figure the tank, lighting, and a heater are easy to get. I haven't decided on a type of coral yet and am very open to suggestions as the selection is enormous (Seriously I have no idea how you can wrap your heads around the choice. I'm impressed!). It sounds like I need to get some nitrifying bacteria onto the filter to start, and from what I was told I would want to keep some live rock in the tank before the coral and let the filter absorb what it needs before removing the live rock and cleaning the tank. I think that covers most if not all of my questions. I would love to hear back from the community to see if I can get some advice and pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance, you guys have one of the coolest hobbies I have ever seen and I hope to get into it more one day.
  2. I am hoping this is grown of my frog spawn. In video it is the white area with the tentacles. It is only visible at night when frog spawn heads are closed and do not seem to be bothering the coral at all. In fact coral looks the best it has since I added new power head. What are your thoughts I can not add the video so hope the picture helps. it moves in current and has similar translucence's a the main heads. I need to observe it more but the growth appears to be open with lights off and closed lights on.
  3. What else should I add to this tank, just ordered a light from @DaveFason so I can finally start Adding some better coral, wanted to know what you guys think I should throw in there! Definitely needs to stack more rocks
  4. Hello I just picked up my first coral frag (green star polyp) and was wondering if and how can you remove the coral from the plug.
  5. Hello Everyone, I've been a member on here for awhile and had another build thread but i thought it would be time to start a new one for this little tank I have own over the past year. This is my first time keeping a tank under 30 gallons so I thought I would share with everyone my experiences with this tank. IM Nuvo Fusion 10 Gallon tank Skkye LED Light InTank Filter Floss Basket BRS ROX 0.8 Carbon & GFO Aqueon Pro 150 watt Heater Hydor Koralia 240 gph powerhead Water Bottle ATO (LOL) Current Inhabitants 2 Clownfish Yellow Watchman Goby 1 Rock Flower Anemone Serpent Starfish Hermit Crabs I will be updating my thread shortly, I have a few pics of the progression I need to upload to my loader.
  6. Hello everyone I have a bitter sweet problem, I was given three green mushrooms about a year ago from my lps. Initially I thought of propagation due to wanting more. However I watched videos on YouTube stating to wait and when the time is right they will multiply on there own. Well they did and now they won’t stop, in a month I went from three to 15, now there’s about 30-40. They are even getting to the point where they are falling off the rock and floating to locations I didn’t intend them to be. Has anyone experienced this problem?, if so what did you do?
  7. This frag of frogspawn I got has this thin branch as indicated in the pic. I broke them when I got it because I thought they do not belong to the coral. It grew out a little bit after a month. Can anyone ID it? Is it a pest? It is very thin when grow out and you can easily break it if you want. I don't think it is a worm because it is not soft tissue and does not move.
  8. I bought a new bit of live rock and found these on it, they around the size of a 10 cent piece, orange in colour but green under actinic lights, are they fine or a pest and get them out right now? Sorry for pic quality. TIA
  9. Hey Nano reef, Just a quick question about placement of corals, So I have had a New Nanobox light running for about a week now, and am wondering when Can I start bringing my pocillopora up from the sandbed, and how high should I go at a time? currently it is about 18" from the light, and am wondering if I can move it to the top of my rocks now which are ~12" from the light or to put it halfway up the rock(~15" from light) and wait another week before to the top? Anyways just wondering how do people do it here on the forums and the best tips for it? Would not like to stress the coral too much during this, and thank you to everyone who replies
  10. Does anyone have any idea why one of my zoanthids is starting to bleach? My parameters are all good(my nitrate goes back and forth between 1-5 and pH 7.8-8.0) Maxspect razor r420r LED lights. Also in the pictures you can see that its only visible when the polyps are closed but it doesn't open up fully like it used to. I moved it a little lower in the tank a week ago and this is the first day i noticed it, when i turned the pumps off to feed the fish. Could moving it have done that since it is only 3 weeks new to my tank.
  11. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for stocking my 14 gallon bio-cube. I have been out of keeping saltwater fish for about a year now. But after a quick trip to petco with my mom to get dog food, I have rediscovered my love for keeping saltwater fish. I have a few ideas for stocking, but I wanted to run it by some people first. The first and only really good one is to do a frag tank with an egg crate rack half way up the tank. Doing a couple inch bed of sand, with some live rock. I plan on doing some mushrooms/ leather corals for the frags. But I was wondering what fish I should do. I was thinking maybe some damsels or something like that. But like I said I've been out of it for a little while so...I am not sure what I should do.
  12. Starting an aquarium journal I guess List and post pictures of all the things I have added this month my tank has only been running for a few weeks started with dry and live rock as well as a fish and old water from an established tank
  13. Hi I was wondering what some beginner corals would be. For a 10 gallon tank with a pair of clownfish. Medium lighting and good flow. The tank has cycled and stabilized for 4 months now. I added the fish at one month. I tested the water and everything is in line.
  14. help me i.d this coral please? dead center in the middle...got it for 5.99 at my local PD off the frag rack and of course the employees there know nothing lol...
  15. Lugmos12


  16. I'm just new to this so I don't know if I've done this right please forgive me if I haven't. I have just setup a nano saltwater Aquarium and have added live rock. Aswell as this I added some marine gammarus to add some movement to the tank in the short term. I noticed they were all feeding on the live rock and after doing research I found they may eat corals. I was wondering if this is correct and if they could damage anything growing off the live rock besides the algae. Thanks in advance
  17. So this is a little piece of green digitata that I had leftover after I stepped on and broke the original frag. Not only is it still showing polyp extension but I found the second piece that I had lost in the tank today (after about 1 month lol). I glued it to a rock and polyps came out (this is the piece that I am holding). I generally don't like SPS (it just looks like sticks to me) with exception of a few montipora. I hope they keep growing.
  18. Hey guys! I will be traveling Wednesday - Sunday this week to visit Innovative Marine, attend Reefapalooza LA and visit customers. If you are in the area please check out @Marine Depot booth! They will be showing off a NanoBox Mini Flare over a planted aquarium. I will be attending the show for a couple hours a day so lets link up! I would love to meet a few of the west coast customer base. These events are some of the best out there. Don't miss it! -Dave
  19. Spotted these two weird tentacle heads on this green hammer. is it normal?
  20. i have a tank that fully cycled and so on, i got new LIVE sand from my lfs and want to know can i just swap them out during a water change? it wouldnt start a mini cycle because nothing needs to be cycled...right? if anyone knows this would help me alot. thanks
  21. Selling my IM Fusion 20, all livestock and equipment. I'm keeping one light and my pair of clowns with their nem and my MP10. I'm downsizing to a 9 gallon cube. Alright gang, $280 and it's yours. Local pickup in NY only. Tank, stand, AI Prime, IM Skimmer, IM media reactor, Bubble Magus doser, remaining 2 part solution, test kits, and 9w UV. 2 red firefish 1 Pistol shrimp/goby paired up 1 Pom Pom Crab 1 Spotted Mandarin 1 Lyretail Anthias Various hermits and snails Corals vary. Loads of palys and zoas, some high end stuff randomly in there. Also various SPS. The big blue mushrooms are sold, as is the rock flower anemone. Equipment I'm running on is AI Prime non-HD, the Aqua Gadget spinstream and the Aqua Gadget Skimmer. The original skimmer, not the ghost. I also have a deep blue 9w UV, the aqua gadget reactor, and a Bubble Magus doser that needs a little cleaning. It also includes the 3 tier media baskets and the inTank regium basket.
  22. i have a tank that fully cycled and so on, i got new LIVE sand from my lfs and want to know can i just swap them out during a water change? it wouldnt start a mini cycle because nothing needs to be cycled...right? if anyone knows this would help me alot. thanks
  23. Anybody know what these tubes are for? I assume it's to propagate
  24. where can i get a single rock formation? a taller rock that i could fit in a small tank? live or dry is ok anyone know?
  25. so this weekend i am moving everything from Reef Jar, into a 7.5g rimeless mr aqua cube... i plan on a little frag haul between this weekend into next week. i will be getting some xenia from a local reefer, and i plan to have it in my 7.5 for the time being. So this what i have in mind, i still have everything i need for the jar (except LR)...so i was planning to frag the xenia, but a taller rock in the jar and grow the xenia.....thoughts? i picture a tall rock with swaying xenia and a tiny tiny powerhead to be absolutely awesome and pleasing to the eye. what do you guys think?