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Found 2 results

  1. Rene

    Coral Fight Club

    The first rule of coral fight club is everyone shares there experiences so we can make better placement decisions . Just like the movie! It's easy to forget that our corals are actual animals until they go ballistic and burn each other's faces off. But that's a thing, so who are the marshmallows and who are the rabid rottweilers of the coral kingdom? Here's my (sad) list of experiences. I can personally vouch for all of these. Last edit 3/2/18: I'm not the only one with pugnacious corals. A number of other members have had corals throw down in their tanks and back alleys and we're kind enough to share. Their experiences have been added to this post and their names are in brackets so they get a shout-out for their badly behaved cnidarians. Favia: I'll add something here when my Favia starts murdering things. Favia > Montipora capricornis (WV Reefer) Favia > Leptastrea (WV Reefer) Galaxea: this will form sweeper tentacles to sting other corals. I've heard they can be up to a foot long and have personally seen 6". Putting them in higher flow will encourage sweeper formation. The ends of the sweepers can also detach and float around the tank to sting other corals which is, like, totally unfair. Galaxea > Leptoseris Galaxea > Lithophyllon Galaxea > Cyphastrea Galaxea > Dendrophyllia Galaxea > Favia (this might be a close match, the suspected Favia I have held up well and took little damage) Galaxea > Manacina Galaxea > Xenia (Xenia died quickly) Galaxea > Rhodactis inchoata (this might be a close match, Rhodactis did not extend as much but did not melt) Acanthastrea: Acan lordhowensis is really Micromussa lordhowensis now. But we don't care, because that's just how we are. Wild and free. Acan echinata > Acan lordhowensis (Clown79) Caulastrea: cute as a button, but apparently not without a murderous streak. Caulastrea > Ricordea sp. (Clown79) Chalice: I suspect I have an Echinophyllia. This can form some kind of fine filmy stinging tentacles near it's edges if it senses other corals nearby. Mine has been able to reach things about 3/4" away. How does it know? Psychic skills? Smell of blood in the water? I don't know. These are fairly bloodthirsty. Chalice > Cyphastrea Chalice sp. "Hollywood Stunner" > Euphyllia "Frogspawn" (Clown79) Chalice > Button Scoly (Cannedfish) Dendrophyllia: so far this thing has been all bark and no bite. It looks like it will sting. A hungry dendro will grab your fingers. But I haven't seen one sting another coral...yet. Apparently, it's only a matter of time, as they did in some zoas at @Cannedfish's house. Dendro. sp. "fathead" = Phyllangia americana (mine are touching and not causing each other any problems) Dendro. sp. "fathead" = Rhodactis (touching, no problems) Dendro sp. "fathead" > Zoanthids (Cannedfish) Euphyllia: I don't keep these, but all species in this genus are well known for being able to produce long sweeper tentacles. Euphyllia "Hammer coral" > Gorgonians (Kimberbee) Euphyllia "Hammer coral" < Mushroom coral (Kimberbee) Montipora: a huge and variable genus. It seems likely that there will be some variation in aggression here. Montipora capricornis > Aussie Acro (WV Reefer) Montipora sp. "Jedi Mind Trick" < Cyphastrea (Cannedfish) Montipora sp. "toxic" > Acropora sp. "WWC Purple Passion" (Cannedfish) Photosynthetic gorgonians: most of these can touch each other, and their bases encrust only a little bit of rock, but it's worth noting that some of these can be toxic to many, many other hard and soft corals if they are declining in the tank, and it happens fast, within hours. I've experienced this with Plexaura homomalla, and a Eunucea. Gorgonians < Euphyllia "Hammer coral" (Kimberbee) Gorgonians = Mushrooms (Kimberbee, Rene has tested it with Atlantic species of Discosoma, Ricordea) Trachyphyllia: Trachy = short tentacled plate (Cannedfish says they like to cuddle) Xenia: arguably too much of a good thing in some tanks. Xenia > Aiptasia (WV Reefer ... and if that doesn't give you pause, I don't know what will.) Xenia < Galaxea There are SO MANY MORE known issues, but I only started by listing what I've experienced. Please share your experiences! If there's enough feedback, I can add it all together to make it easier to find. Thanks to @Cannedfish and @KurtS for inspiring this topic.
  2. These guys have been cozy for 6 weeks...until last night! Or, at least, that's what it looks like. Is this what war looks like?
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