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Found 1,313 results

  1. Kudo

    Clam peroxide dip

    Hi! Due to a nasty hair algae and bubble algae problems I've been battling for over 2 years I decided to take the plunge and start all over again with new cycled rocks. I've been cycling these new dry rocks on a bucket for 2 moths. Anyway, during the transition time, I'm planning on transfering all my corals to a quarantine tank and peroxide diping them on a 3:1 saltwater to peroxide 6% solution in order to avoid the algae contamination to the new system. The question is: Is it safe to peroxide dip a crocea clam on a diluted solution? How much diluted is safe? There is some algae on the rubble its attached and on clam shell. I'm afraid that only spot treating the shell will not avoid contamination. Thank you!
  2. corey01

    week old crocea clam

    HI, ive had this crocea clam for about a week now, and it is my first. it looks kind of strange to me as a corner of its mantle it almost seems to keep tucked inside its shell. it dosent quite look like PMD to me. I almost wonder if something has gotten inside the shell and is irritating it. I made sure it didnt hit air at any time when I got it at my LFS and acclimated it to my tank. but I burped it anyway just to be sure. it has been at my LFS for about 3 months and i inspected it as closely as i could and seen no signs of any kinds of parasites such as pyramid snails. does anyone have any ideas? I almost thought too much flow but both of my powerheads are more than halfway up pointing towards the surface a bit more. so while that might be a reason I wanted to exhaust all other possibilities here is a picture of it the day after I got it. about a week ago. and here it is last night. sorry for the quality. hes moved in such a way you have to photo him through the side of the tank. any thoughts?
  3. I've been really interested in clams and after a first failure I think I'm in a position to attempt another. What PAR range is typically ideal for Maxima clams? I mostly see clams placed near the bottom, but with the often recommended 300-700 PAR I can only imagine what anything above is getting. In mixed tanks do people place the clams higher so lower light corals can thrive near the bottom?
  4. Alexraptor

    Can I keep a clam here?

    Can I keep a clam here in my 25g? Its got a 4x24W T5HO light. Obviously a Crocea is out of the question, but could maybe a Maxima work? I have looked at Squamosa's but I think they get a bit on the large size.
  5. pretendo

    SQUIRTED THE S*** outta me Lol

    I just acclimated my clam and putting him in the tank, he squirted me hard, I knew they squirted but didnt know it was that much and hard, My tank is 12" high, Should I buy a lid? Ill try to point him the correct way length wise
  6. Antikitty

    thinking about getting clam

    Has anyone tried to keep a clam with Evergrow it5040 I have had my tank up for about 2 years i have a 40 gallon breeder tank
  7. wii64brawl

    Maxima clam retracted mantle

    Not really sure what to make of this. The clam has been happy for almost four months now, but I just noticed yesterday that part of his mantle is retracted. These pics were taken last night and really no change today. Certainly doesn't look like PM, but I really have no idea what else it could be. He still reacts well and besides this part of his mantle, expands well. My other two derasas have shown no symptoms of PM either, leading me to believe this guy is possibly being irritated by something. Yet on that side of the shell, there is just some rock. I stared at him for about an hour last night, no parasitic snails, nothing picking on him, and I couldn't see anything inside the shell that could be irritating him. I'm really at a loss. Anyone ever seen anything like this before?
  8. I had a hitchiker clam that lived in my 75g reef for over 6 months. I brought it to my pico reef here at work since it was attached to a rock I wanted to use. Came to work today and my ammonia is toxic (I've never seen the test so green before, that toxic). Everything is alive, the clown goby, shrimp, all snails and hermits that I can see. How can I tell if the clam is dead that's causing the ammonia spike? it's still holding firm to the rock, not sure if it would still hold firm? I haven't seen it open/shut yet. I have to get water from Petco to do a big water change today.
  9. zhark

    Best clam food products

    I've had a maxima clam for a year and it hasn't grown much because I kept it in a pico and I guess the nutrients/calc/ was too limiting for it to grow in size, but it's colour and mantle etc. hasn't changed and is still healthy. I've moved it to my nano for a month and have seen some growth finally. But I would like to speed up the process as he isnt very big, I'd say under 3 inches. What sort of products on the market have the best outcome for clams?
  10. zhark

    Clam with 2 mouths

    Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a clam from a reputable online seller in my region. I see a fairly nice crocea clam and at a decent size 3.5 inches, however in the photo it seems to have 2 mouths, and I have asked the dealer and she confirmed it has 2 'mouths'. Is the second hole actually a mouth or just a hole caused by a tear or something?
  11. blkhwkz

    Maxima pinched mantle?

    I have a derasa and 2 other maxima in this tank that are doing great. Couple of weeks ago I picked up a really nice size maxima from an LFS. Clam has looked like this since I put it in the tank. It came with foot attached to some rubble, but I threw a Brightwell clam hammock under it to keep it up off the sand a bit. Though this one seems to like to move off the hammock and put it's mantle in the sand a bit. I am running Red Sea reef spec carbon and tried a 20 minute fresh water dip last week. It does react to me walking by the tank and everything else seems fine. I had to pick it up a few times after the FW dip as it apparently would try to move and end up on it's side. Trying to decide if it needs another dip or just leave it alone for another week and see what happens.
  12. Shark Fighter

    Hole in clam?

    I am still fairly new to keeping clams, my first and only clam is a Tridacna Derasa I've had for just a month and a half now. It has been doing very well all this time until this morning when I noticed it seemed a bit more closed than usual. Taking a closer look I noticed what appears to be a hole near the hinge directly behind the mouth. I can look into it's mouth and see straight through to the other side with light shining through. Is it ok? I've never noticed the hole before and I'm worried one of my crabs might have had a go at it.
  13. basser1

    How You Gonna Keep 'Em....

    Down on the farm?? If you have had clams or are thinking about getting one, please look at this incredible video of a clam farm in Palau. Absolutely stunning!!! https://youtu.be/NelrsGWsD_A
  14. dirtrider225

    Blue maxima producing slime?

    I have a large ~4+" Maxima clam in my tank, had it for about 3 months now or so. Mantle extends and looks great and the clam will shut up if you shadow it like it should however i noticed that it sometimes produces slime.. is this normal? Anyone else experience this?
  15. Help! Will a sand-sifting starfish eat my derasa clam? I just got the clam and the starfish is lying on him. I was so concerned my babylonian snails would go after it (they've been removed) that I didn't even think about the starfish.
  16. RIP Sebastian

    Clam Peeps! Need Some Advice

    Hello there everyone, For those of you who don't know, I have a Nuvo 30L that is slightly under a year old and is lit by a Nanobox Quad. I have made previous posts in other forums about my parameters, and they have been steadily improving. Here they are as of today: Cal:390 (it's a little low) Alk: 10.9 (high, but better than the 13 it was at. It's stable there, too) Mag:1600 (high) The reason for the slightly unbalanced parameters is that I have been doing more water changes than usual due to a minor cyano issue that has since been resolved. They should be back to normal within two weeks. Other than clowns, one of the reasons I was drawn to this hobby was clams. I've been doing a lot of research as of late and was having a hard time finding some definitive answers to some of my questions. I know many of you have been incredibly successful with clams, so I figured that I would ask you guys. 1. What clam do you recommend starting with? I've heard Deresas are a good place to start, but, in my opinion, they aren't very pretty. 2. Where do you have yours in your tank? I know that different clams like different things to attach to. Where do you place your Maximas? Higher or lower on the rock? 3. How much of an impact on your parameters did adding a clam have (cal, alk, mag wise)? I've been working on getting my params stable and probably won't add one until they are-this is wise, no? Or am I over-thinking this? 4. Have any of you bought and raised clams less than three inches? If so, how hard is it to feed them and how often do you? The majority of the ones my LFS has are less than three inches. 5. What is your experience with GFO and clams? Thanks and Happy Holidays, Nick
  17. I have a well behaved coral beauty, doesnt nip on anything that ive seen yet. SPS, LPS, euphillia, notta. However i managed to get a good deal on a large clam coming up. Near 5 inches for a maxima and been in a tank for the last year and a half. I pick it up on saturday.. Have you guys had issues or no with this? Itll be my first clam! Seems like its impossible to have fish and coral.. so far gobies are the only thing ive heard of that dont eat at least something sometimes :/
  18. aaron186

    Best place to buy clams?

    I live in Cleveland OH. None of the reef stores around here seem to have clams for sale except for a few giant ones. Can any suggest a good place to buy one online? Looking for a derassa for my 40b that is 10months old and under maxspect razors
  19. Finhead1

    Clam ID please

    Just wanted to see if I am correct in the ID on this guy. I believe it's a Teardrop Maxima but wanted confirmation before I purchase, so I can have optimal placement ect. Thanks for any replies.
  20. Hello clam friends. April this year I started testing and dosing 2 part to prepare to get a clam. May 21st received from pacific east aquaculture. >>> placed on a rock, on the sand. Clam was always VERY touchy, if you walk by it would flinch closed, then slowly open again. July 13 Tues July 26 5:30pm - noticed it was less-open than normal. here is a pic with flash, I noticed middle section of mantle appeared bleached, but mouth is not gapping (right?) Wed July 27 11pm - noticed clam torn to shreds, pulled from tank. Here are 2 pics from this morning. Test results - all salifert Alk - 7/28/16 9.3 7/25/16 - 9.4 7/22/16 - 8.9 CA - 7/28/16 450 7/25/16 - 450 7/22/16 - 455 MG - 7/28/16 1260 Nitrate - 7/28/16 0 Phosphate - 7/28/16 0 (see below pic) SG - 7/28/16 1.024 7/22/16 1.023 Temp - 76.8 - 78.7 over the last week + Apex Jr controlling temp MP-10 in display Custom Rapid LED 36 setup 18 Cree XT-E Royal Blue 18 Cree XP-G2 Cool White 3 Mean Well ELM-60-48P Drivers DCC-01 controller - 45 min sunrise, 8.5 hours @ 30%, 45 min sunset - 10 hours total. Possible issues - WC sunday 5 gallons Temp spike early July to 84 degrees, APEX Jr setup 7/20/16 Dosed phyto feast Tuesday night. RBTA, frogspawn has bleached over the past few months been lowering light intensity from 50 to 25% TL;DR - Look at the pics, clam died within a day.
  21. ghostgr

    clam in a biocube

    So since i cant have an anemone as all my corals are glued down and i worry about the nem stinging my corals i am thinking of a clam. What clams are good and dont get too big that even at its maximum soze itd still be comfortable in my tank? I will have daves leds here soon so my lighting should be sufficient.
  22. Sal10104

    My first clam :)

    I just got my first clam. i know petco isn't the best spot to buy one but they had him in their assorted frag area and they sold him as an assorted frag so i got him for $14.99 he is a gold maxima http://imgur.com/a/lo5Qq
  23. Alexraptor

    Can I keep a Crocea in this?

    My reef is pretty mature, though I've done some major reorganizing lately swapping around rocks between mature tanks, I've just started growing a brown-green acropora which seems to be keeping its flourescent pigment pretty well at this point.(actually a couple of the frags partially bleached a little, so got a bit too strong light at first I think) It's a 16 gallon panorama tank with a Hagen GLO 2x24w T5HO with built in large parabolic reflector. Also have a Kore 5th doser hooked up and dose Ca, Alk and Mag. Would this tank be suitable to house a Crocea Clam? And If so, any recommended placement?
  24. mystersyster

    HELP NEEDED. Derasa Clam

    I don't want to be dramatic, but something just isn't right. My clam is normally all puffy, and has it's mantle out. Today it hasn't been out as much, and started to look like this after a water change. I'm unsure of whats going on. I have looked many times in the dark and haven't found any bad snails. He keeps retracting his mantle in violently every now and then as if something is irritating him. Sigh, I really don't wanna lose this guy. This is what he normally looks like. Salinity: 1.024 Calc: 410 Alk: 8
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