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Found 1,313 results

  1. dling

    One vs the other

    Is there a difference between tank reared clams vs caught wild ones ? In size, color, health ect.
  2. Joevember

    Clam coloration

    I got a 6" derasa sitting 2 feet below the surface on my sand bed. Only had it for about 3 weeks. The color on it is kind of bland imo, and I wanted to know if it can change with different lighting. The orange just looks a little dull. The pictures are when it is half open, fully open it looks a bit more orange.
  3. dling

    Need another option

    Im just about ro give up on finding a crocea clam. Ive been looking most of the year. Is there another clam that would be recommended for a 36in long 50gal tank?
  4. FlytheWMark

    Is Clam Dying??

    I've had this clam for about a month now. It took him a little while to get acclimated but once he did he hooked on with his foot and opened and closed well. He responded well when you'd block the light and everything. This week his foot detached and he's not opening. I thought at first he was dead but when I tried to open him up I can't. Trying to figure out if he's a lost cause as I don't want him to die and crash my tank. He's about 2" in an IM10 with a Kessil A80 on a controller. Intensity gets up between 75-100% for a good amount of the day so I dont think lighting is the issue. Paramaters are good Calc is 400, Alk took a dive early in the week under 8 but I've got it back up to 8.4 and slowing raising it a bit more. My Nitrates usually stay around 10. Thoughts?
  5. DiegoSM

    Mantle too exposed?

    Hi guys. I´m looking for a opinion What do you think, is the mantle too exposed for these clams (Crocea)? Both are showing better colors than in the LFS (More less 1 moth here in my aqua) Also both shows a good new shell formation Parameters: pH 8.4 Ca 420 ppm Mg 1300 ppm Kh 8.8 dKH NH4 and NO2 = 0 NO3 = 4 PO4 = 0.04 Temp. = 25.3 - 25.8 ºC Dens. = 1025 Light LED = 30W right above the Clams for a 25 cm water column from surface to clam´s mantle
  6. Laurenscube

    Clam damage and survival ??

    Hope someone has experienced something like this and the clam has survived ....? I brought this clam a few months ago. Seemed to be doing well extended nicely, showing beautiful colour etc etc couldn't see anything which could tell me the clam wasn't doing great. Brought x3 red legged hermit crabs on Saturday. This morning noticed my clam turned other way and when closer looked half the mantle has been removed and the exhalent siphon has been removed just leaving a gaping hole. My question really is Has anyone experienced this or similar for example mantle damage and the clam survived ?? Water parameters are in check, phosphates correct etc Just would like to see him through it if he will make it 😞 Added a 'before' photo of the clam so you can see how much is missing, the certain 'red legged'hermit is on top of it, have only ever seen the hermit clean the outer shell previously but now probably will finish him off i guess with the state that he is in
  7. Laurenscube

    Clam foot strings ???

    Noticed this morning clam tipped to his side a little and noticed 2 Strings coming from the bottom where his foot should be I have seen a little type spaghetti worm waving near him and thought it could be a worm trying to get near his foot ? his foot is obviously not attached as you can see in this picture is it a worm ? is it something to do with his foot ?as I gently tried to brush them off thinking it was worms and they are very strong ? any help and advice would be great otherwise clam fully extended doing great as far as I’m aware
  8. Alexraptor

    Tridacna Alk/Ca sensitivity?

    How sensitive are Tridacna's to fluctuations in water parameters? I.E say is it possible to keep them in a SPS/LPS heavy system and only rely on regular water changes? I do have a dosing unit, but haven't used it for ages on account that it ended up being more trouble than it was worth. My LPS and SPS seem much healthier and happier with regular water changes rather than constant fiddling with the dosing unit and its fluids.
  9. Got my first clam today 🤗 the shop has said its a cross between Crocea and Max came from a clam farm where they are all mixed ? Anyone seen this before and can offer any advice on care? Grooves look very Max....?
  10. I have this Clam for few weeks now and here are my issues and concerns: • it doesn’t seem to be happy in any of the placement spots that I’ve tried (high, low middle, bottom, mid or high on LR). • instead of loving the light, it seems to look for a shade. • when I placed it on its foot, it attaches, opens up for a while and then burps itself on the side. And finally, I noticed what could be the issue with its foot. But I’m not an expert on these issues so I need your opinion on this. I haven’t spot any parasites or snails but it could be a possibility. Here is a very short vid of its foot. Tell me what you think.
  11. This guy is giant, have you ever seen one this big? Guy broke down his tank and brought it I to the LFS said it was about 20 years old! Sorry the pictures are so blue, this was in there coral room near the end of the day. And I forget to set the lights to noon. The clowns are 3" for reference.
  12. Zach W

    When to add a clam?

    Ever since I started looking into starting a reef aquarium I was drawn to clams and I knew when I started my own tank I would get a clam at some point. Well I have started my tank and it is pretty much exactly 3 months old. I know it is probably too soon to add a clam now but I just wanted to get an idea of when I could look into this addition for planning purposes. I know this may be a leading question and I will probably get answers of "when you are able to maintain stable parameters" which I totally understand. In my reading though I have seen information that is all over the place. For reference my tank is a IM fusion 20 and I have a NanoBox Duo as my light. Right now I have Nitrates at ~10 and phosphate at just under 0.05ppm. Ive read that clams like the water a little dirtier as they uptake organics while they are filtering water. Also, for a tank this size which type of clam would be best? Thanks!
  13. brandolando4

    CLAM Missing tissue

    Hey I recently got a little maxima clam (1.5-2”) and at the LFS I didn’t notice that it was missing small chunks of its mantle. I checked it it for snails and it’s very responsive to light/shadows. (Like if a fish swims by it, it will close). Will this grow back? Is there anything I should be doing ?
  14. Braun036

    Sad Day

    Hello everyone well bad news I just caught my brissel star and hermit crabs eating my clam. I am very sad about this. It is 4 in the morning and I went out with a flash light and I saw two hermits eating the mantle and the Brissel stars arms were up side the clam pulling its insides out. My question is this common behavior for these animals to attack clams. Or could they sense/smell that the clam was dying and that is why they started to eat it. I have noticed that the brissel Star and hermit crabs have been hanging out by the clam for the past couple days but I didn’t think they were bothering it
  15. It's a maxima. Not sure if it's suppose to be slightly on it's side like in the pic or if the point is suppose to be strait down. Place it in the sand bed with something hard under?
  16. TheBig053

    Clams and Water Changes?

    Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else in the forum. I did a search and skimmed the first few pages here but didn't see anything. I added a 3.5" derasa to my tank yesterday and it seems to be doing well. Today is my regularly scheduled water change day. I generally vacuum my sand bed thoroughly with each water change and this tends to stir up a good bit if silt/detritus. Question: Will the stirred up particulate floating around in the water column be any danger to the clam? My assumption would be no, but since they are filter feeders I wanted to ask to be sure. I would imagine if the clam became irritated by too much "crap" floating in the water, then it would just close up until things settled. Thanks!
  17. A Conversation About Clams With James Fatherree We discuss writing, diving, clam care, and more!
  18. Andreww

    Blue squamosa DiversDen

    Was just looking in the clam department and thought I’d post here in case someone is interested. Looks like a nice specimen, quite rare to find a blue squamosa . http://m.liveaquaria.com/divers-den/product/388786/indonesian-cultured-blue-squamosa-clam
  19. Andreww

    6” Maxima

    Hey guys, I have a 6” blue maxima on hold for the next 24 hours...trying to figure out where to put it... I have a spot on the rocks but would prefer the sand...now I know they love the rocks but what Im thinking is put it on the sand with a rock under it to attach to. My lighting is AI Hydra 26HD...tank is 14” high with the light mounted 12” above the tank. I don’t have a PAR meter but light is at 60% now on all blues/violet/UV, with a diffuser on top so maybe 50% output total. Opinions on placement? Ofcourse sand would be best for viewing but gotta consider the health of the animal first.
  20. Five.five-six

    Food grade clams

    Just checking to see if this is BS but I have heard that there are 2 grades of clams. One of them being aquarium grade and the other being food grade, it seems that people eat tridacna clams in other parts of the world and that the food grade clams won’t live past 9 months in a tank. Is this true or s it BS?
  21. Reefaddiction

    Strange maxima clam question

    So I have a strange question for everyone. I’ve noticed what I can only call a strange organ or possibly some kind of worm that has been coming out of my maxima clam right at the inlet siphon. It has recently been coming out later in the evening when the lights start to dim. I’m just wondering if anyone knows what the heck this is and if it’s something to be concerned about. I appreciate any help you guys can offer with figuring out what this is. I took a picture but it’s not the best...
  22. risk1994

    clam lighting

    Im getting a redsea reefer 250. Tank is 21" tall. Will 2 kessil A160's be enough or would I need to go with 2 360's instead? Keeping a clam is a dream I've always had and as this is my dream tank I want to plan ahead. I really like the look of the kessil thats why Im going that way, the 360's are double the price so 160 is preferred.
  23. flatlandreefer

    Is my clam a gonner?

    I got a gold maxima from divers den yesterday. It doesn't seem to be able to close all the way and is looking like its in bad shape. Whats the verdict, is it a complete gonner?
  24. Help ... my three month-old clam is turning white (see attached pic). It has been slowly fading to white for a couple of weeks now. However, its mantle has been opening wider than ever. Could this be from too little light? Parameters are all awesome and everything else in the tank is doing great. JBJ 30 rimless with a single Kessil 360WE Tuna Blue for light that turns on and ramps up from 15% at 8am to 80% at 2pm and then back down to 15% at 8pm and then off. I keep the water temp at 76 degrees and salinity at 1.023 ... Should I move him from the bottom to half way up my liverock? There is a spot for him there ... Thanks in advance ;-)
  25. My clam has been slowly dying over the past couple of months ... mantle bleaching and shrinking and overall just looking unhealthy. Not sure what is wrong with it, but there is some type of orange encrustation on it's shell that shoots spider webs out to local rocks. Does anyone know what that thing could be? Could it be hurting my clam? Should I try to remove it and, if so, how?Thanks in advance for looking ...
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