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Found 1,313 results

  1. Hey Gang! I don't normally promote e-bay even though I have got some good deals on stuff, electronics, etc. But today I was messing around and look what I found: http://www.ebay.com/itm/XL-Ultra-Teal-Blue-Maxima-Clam-6-5-AMAZING-/261705087565?pt=Coral_and_Live_Rock&hash=item3ceed6ba4d A 6 1/2" maxima clam for under $120 bucks! This plus FREE shipping! WOW!
  2. Island

    How to keep clam upright

    Greetings fellas. I posted in my build thread today that I picked up a new baby maxima for my tank today. I have an issue with him staying upright on my rock scape. He's only been in the tank for a few hours and everything seems OK. When I bought him the LFS guy put him in the bag and said that he had a few pebbles attached to his foot and they would fall off when he let go of them. The problem is that the rock I put him on isn't exactly level and with the pebbles underneath him, it is hard to sit him even and flat on the rock. When I do position him upright, I come back later and find him sitting crooked. I dont want him to start attaching himself onto the rock crooked, and then it will be impossible to move him. The guy at the LFS said they sell a type of hammock you can lay the clam on to position them where you want him. I just want him to sit perfect on the rock. Is he moving on purpose or is he falling over when he tries to open? I'm just afraid he will fall off the ledge and hit the bottom rock scape and get damaged...Any advice?
  3. PiscesFish

    Clam has PM

    I should've saw the sign when part of the mantle was scrunched up a bit, but I thought that it was probably feeding since it scrunches up and closes while opening and, well, feeding haha. It was somewhat extending yesterday and now it seems to be sinking into it's shell and I don't think that my blenny is helping and I thought I saw it nipping at the mantle last night so I'm going to be returning him. Though, now I need to know where to get Dechlorinated water to do a freshwater dip or any methods of turning tap water into dechlorinated water.
  4. lord_seena

    Early Christmas gift

    Hello Nano Reef, I just thought I'd post my new maxima clam I got today It's not the prettiest but it was a gift
  5. I was thinking about getting a clam(trying to see which one is the easiest to keep) for my NC28G, but it seems that the mortality rate is even higher than BTA'S? Would that be the case? . My tank is over 2 yrs old with good parameters and strong LED'S. thoughts? Thanks.
  6. googoomas

    Clams got my net! Help!

    Crazy thing happened, while trying to net a fish I dropped my net back into the tank and it landed right in my clam. The clam has shut around the nets handle and i can't get it out. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. Hi, As Pacific East Aquaculture is having a sale on their clams, I really wanted to take this opportunity to add a clam to my Nuvo 16. Would this be a good idea? Tank is under Dave's Nanobox Duo LED lighting system and has been established for about 6 months now.
  8. A Canadian retailer just uploaded clams, can someone pick out a healthy one for me. http://www.canadacorals.com/collections/livestock/Inverts Thanks
  9. billybatz9

    clams and biocubes?

    Will clams do well in a biocube with stock lighting?
  10. Bingo1213

    Help with Derasa!

    I have had a 4 inch long derasa calm in my tank for about a month now. He has been living on my sand bed and had grabbed on to a plug that I placed under him in the sand. This morning I noticed that he had tipped over. When I tipped him up I noticed he seems to have lost his foot. I have no idea how this would have happened. Also when I was looking at him I saw just one pyramid snail. Since I set him up-right again he seems very happy and has completely opened again. He is even reacting to changes in light. I do have a six-line wrasse in my tank which should help with any pyramid snails (after all I only could find one). Is there anything I should do about the snails? Also does my clam have a shot without his foot? Water Parameters: Calcium: 400 Alk: 11.2 Mag: 1260 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: <5 Phosphate: 0 ph: 8.20 Copper: 0 Salinity: 1.024 Temp: 80 Lighting LED Flow MP 10 on reef crest
  11. I have on order a squamosa clam that is arriving this week, im quite excited to have a clam! I do have a few questions on placement: 1) do i place it on the bottom on a piece of live rock then move it up a level every day till i find the final spot i want. 2) what amount of light is too little or to much for it as i know it needs quite a bit of light? 3) does it like or need any supplimental feeding of phytoplankton? I have the IM Skkye 92 watt fixture, my estimated PAR is as follows: Substrate;150-250 Middle rock;250-350 Top rocks;350-450 I would prefer to keep it lower but im up for advice on where it should go
  12. So, I broke down and ordered a clam, it has opened up but only half of it is open, the other half looks to be gaping? (no extension at all, maybe PM?) It was floated 30 mins then drip acclimated 1 hr, reacts fine to light. Should I just FW dip this guy tomorrow (can't tonight don't have any dechlor on hand.) or give it a few days as it has only been in the tank for about 30 hours.
  13. my_sons_reef

    what kind of clam is this?

    I'm looking to get a clam in the near future. My LFS has this guy available They don't get to many clams in and I haven't seen it in person just the pic my friend sent me
  14. aviator300

    Help with injured clam hitchhiker

    The last thing i was expecting was a clam. When i received my live rock order today i noticed there were 2 smaller rocks that weren't solidly attached to the main rock so i grabbed my channel locks and twisted, pulled, ripped, and otherwise extracted these 2 smaller rocks from the main one. I then threw them into my rubble bin and forgot about them. About an hour later, i was putting the bin away and saw that one of the rocks had opened. At that moment i knew what i had and put the 2 clams back into saltwater. The one that opens is about 2" in diameter and is encrusted with coraline and the other is twice as big but has shown no signs of life. Under normal tank lighting, the smaller clam opens its shell slightly but slams it shut when i shine a flashlight into it. I'm sure they were injured when i pried them off the live rock and their "foot" was probably torn off as well. Can anyone ID what species of clam i have here and for all i know, they might be oysters or even scallops. Also, i need to know what to do with them and how i can maximize their chances of survival. http://s513.photobucket.com/user/fsuggs50/media/7e11c854-38c1-4cb3-a4be-99b151600721_zpsdffe4d07.jpg.html'>
  15. A very interesting read on Clams: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/10/141002123728.htm Evolution in extreme environments has produced life forms with amazing abilities and traits. Beneath the waves, many creatures sport iridescent structures that rival what materials scientists can make in the laboratory. A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, Santa Barbara, has now shown how giant clams use these structures to thrive, operating as exceedingly efficient, living greenhouses that grow symbiotic algae as a source of food. This understanding could have implications for alternative energy research, paving the way for new types of solar panels or improved reactors for growing biofuel. The study was led by Alison Sweeney, assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Penn's School of Arts & Sciences, and Daniel Morse, professor emeritus in UCSB's Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Director of its Marine Biotechnology Center. The team also includes lead author Amanda Holt, a postdoctoral researcher formerly at UCSB and now at Penn, as well as Sanaz Vahidinia of NASA's Ames Research Center and Yakir Luc Gagnon of Duke University. It was published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface. "Many mollusks, like squid, octopuses, snails and cuttlefish," Sweeney said, "have iridescent structures, but almost all use them for camouflage or for signaling to mates. We knew giant clams weren't doing either of those things, so we wanted to know what they were using them for." While the true purpose of these iridescent structures, cells known as iridocytes, was not known, the team had a strong hypothesis. Like neighboring coral, giant clams are home to symbiotic algae that grow within their flesh. These algae convert the abundant sunlight of the clams' equatorial home into a source of nutrition but are not particularly efficient in the intense sunlight found on tropical reefs; sunlight at the latitude where these clams live is so intense that it can disrupt the algae's photosynthesis, paradoxically reducing their ability to generate energy. The team members began their study hypothesizing that the clams' iridocytes were being used to maximize the usefulness of the light that reaches the algae within their bodies. They were first confounded by the relationship between these iridescent structures and the single-celled plants, until they realized that they had an incomplete picture of their geometry. When they made more precise cross sections of the clams, they found that the algae were organized into pillars, with a layer of iridocytes at the top. "When we saw the complete picture, we understood that the pillars are oriented exactly the wrong way if you want to catch sunlight," Sweeney said. "That's where the iridocytes come into play." The team relied on Amanda Holt and Sanaz Vahidinia to model exactly what was happening to the light once it passed through the iridocytes; the degree of disorder within these cells bore a resemblance to structures Vahidinia studies at NASA: the dust of Saturn's rings. Their analysis suggested that the iridocytes would scatter many wavelengths of light in a cone-like distribution pointing deeper into the clam. Red and blue wavelengths, the most useful to the algae, spread the widest, impacting the sides of the pillars in which the single-celled plants were stacked. To test this model, the team constructed fiber optic probes with spherical tips the size of an individual alga. Threaded through a section of clam flesh alongside the native algae, this spherical probe was able to detect the angled light scattered by the iridocytes, whereas a flat-tipped probe, only able to sense light shining straight down, detected nothing. "We see that, at any vertical position within the clam tissue, the light comes in at just about the highest rate at which these algae can make use of photons most efficiently," Sweeney said. "The entire system is scaled so the algae absorb light exactly at the rate where they are happiest." "This provides a gentle, uniform illumination to the vertical pillars consisting of the millions of symbiotic algae that provide nutrients to their animal host by photosynthesis," said Morse. "The combined effect of the deeper penetration of sunlight -- reaching more algae that grow densely in the 3-dimensional volume of tissue -- and the "step-down" reduction in light intensity -- preventing the inhibition of photosynthesis from excessive irradiation -- enables the host to support a much larger population of active algae producing food than possible without the reflective cells." Mimicking the micron-scale structures within the clam's iridocytes and algal pillars could lead to new approaches for boosting the efficiency of photovoltaic cells without having to precisely engineer structures on the nanoscale. Other alternative energy strategies might adopt lessons from the clams in a more direct way: current bioreactors are inefficient because they must constantly stir the algae to keep them exposed to light as they grow and take up more and more space. Adopting the geometry of the iridocytes and algal pillars within the clams would be a way of circumventing that issue. "The clam has to make every square inch count when it comes to efficiency," Sweeney said. "Likewise, all of our alternatives are very expensive when it comes to surface area, so it makes sense to try to solve that problem the way evolution has." Story Source: The above story is based on materials provided by University of Pennsylvania. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.
  16. hey

    Nano clams...

    So, anyone tried one of these, seams like a slow death type critter with such a long way to go to the larger photosynthetic safety size. Gotta admit though they are hella cute http://cultivatedreef.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=16&product_id=872
  17. Just thinking out loud here, but possibly might want to get a clam in a few months when my tank is more mature. Anyone have one in a 5 gallon tank? I do 1 to 1.5 gallon water changes every week. How often do you have to dose calcium in a tank like this? For lighting I have a nano box tide, I'm assuming its enough light for a clam. Anyone have personal experience with a clam in a tank this small?
  18. RC1313

    New clam help

    Hey everyone, just got back from an awesome MACNA with a sweet new crocea clam. I drip acclimated for an hour last night, removed one pyramid snail and put the clam at the bottom of my tank. Last night it seemed the clam was acclimating great. This morning, it is barely open, and my cleaner shrimp was digging in it. I'm not sure if the clam is still acclimating to the light (it's a reefbreeders value led about 1 inch off the waters surface but turned all the way down). Or if I should move it into the rocks. I also am running GFO and carbon I read I should remove those, true? I'd be more than happy to post a pic as well if needed or am I just freaking out over a normal acclimation? Thanks!
  19. GHill762

    ummmm.. clam tongue?

    So I was looking at my maxima today and there was a white organ coming out of its mouth moving around, like it was searching for something (I know it's not a tongue Lol).. I was kina freaked out when I saw that because I've never seen anything like it on my crocea and can't find anything on Google. What is it and is it a good/bad sign of anything? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Garrett
  20. Hexadron

    Clam Safe CUC

    Hey all, I thought I would get better responses here than in the Invertebrate forum, so the question is: "What CUC Members are safe with Clams, and which to avoid?" This would be for a nano-sized tank. Thx.
  21. Kornyam

    Clam Health Check

    I'm just posting this to get some opinions on the health of my Maxima. She isn't looking quite as open as I'd expect but I don't have enough experience with clams to say what's wrong. Her mantle doesn't look pinched, and she definitely isn't gaping. I got her from an LFS about a month ago. She was under some fairly dim T5s but looked really healthy and open. They had 3 of them for about 3 weeks before I got this one. She's currently in a 40B, about 16" under a ReefBreeders Photon running at almost 100%. I know its a bit low but I wanted to light acclimatize a bit. Here are my params for the last couple months. I don't have a phosphate checker, it's on the list. I've been converting from mainly LSP/Softy to mainly SPS, and I've started dosing Ca and Alk. Date SG Temp NO3 Ca+ Alk(dKH) pH 14/06 1.026 79.5 2.5 440 7.5 7.5 17/06 1.026 80.2 4 410 8.2 8 20/06 1.026 78.6 4 390 8.4 7.5 21/06 1.025 80.8 2.5 420 8.3 7.75 23/06 1.026 77 2.5 415 9.1 7.75 28/06 1.026 79.2 3 435 9.9 8 09/07 1.026 78.4 1 450 9.6 8 18/07 1.026 80.1 0.5 405 9.1 8 Here are some pics of the clam. Excuse the crappy camera. I don't know for sure that something is wrong, she just isn't as open as id expect. I can barely see the output siphon and the intake is virtually never visible. When I go back to the LFS the other two that were with her are MUCH more open. The foot attached in about 48 hours with a bit of propping up and she hasn't shown any desire to move. Occasionally my skunk cleaner will piss her off a bit but I haven't seen any fish nipping (two clowns, a Bangaii and a prawn goby). She closes up at night and if I move my hand over the tank, but she's just never much more open than these pics. Anyway I might just be paranoid, or she might be about to die. I really don't know. Help is appreciated.
  22. Hi everyone, I was hoping some clam masters could take a look at my new maxima. It's been about six years but I've kept maximas and croceas in the past with success and had so much fun with them (seriously - they're better than fish!) Anyway, this one arrived on the 31st from Vivid Aquariums. Drip acclimated for about an hour and he seemed to settle in fine. He did gape a little yesterday after I put him up on my rock but was back to normal after a couple hours. Doesn't seem to be gaping now (at least - I don't think so). The problem I'm noticing today is he seems a little transparent in the center, between the intake and outtake siphons. I'll post pics but it doesn't really show up very well. It's like I can almost see it's innards through the flesh. I feel like I should be concerned...should I? Really other than the transparency, he seems fine. Reacts quickly to movement, shadows, etc. (Please excuse my lack of photography skills - some of you guys make me soooo jealous - these were taken with my phone). I have him in my just turned 7 month old nuvo 8 gallon, stocked with a juvenile Ocellaris, a green clown goby a Randall's goby, two scarlet reef hermits and various sps, lps, zoas, acans and shrooms. I'm beginning to realize it may have been a dumb move to attempt a clam in something so small, (my last tanks were all 20gal on up) but I really want to give it my best shot. My tank params have been stable for a few months now, so when I saw him on a WYSIWYG I decided to go for it. Lighting: Nanobox Mini Tide Circulation/Flow: Cobalt MJ900 return Filtration: inTank media basket with filter floss and chemi pure elite Temp: 79f Salinity: 1.025 ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Salifert tests as of this morning: Cal: 480 Mag: 1350 Alk: 8.2 Ph: 8.0 Phosphate: -0.05 API tests as of this morning: Nitrate: 0 (<<<comes up as 0 but it must be higher than this because I'm kind of a heavy feeder - 2-3x daily: Blue zoo mix, frozen, pellet) Ammonia: 0
  23. I am preparing to add a seahorse tank to my current system. I need the chiller for both tanks so I am going to share the sump between both tanks. Seahorses however need the temperature to be 72-74 degrees to be safe guarded against pathogens but are those temps safe for the clam? I know my LPS will be OK but I will find a new home for the clam if that is too cold.
  24. KP_Reef_Tank

    Derasa - clear tissue

    Hi Clam experts, I've had a new derasa 3 inch clam in my tank for just under a week. Yesterday, I added some buffer & dKH from aquacraft. Before I realized what I was doing, I added some powder directly into the tank, instead of dissolving it first. I went ahead and finished mixing the rest of the powder with water then added it. My frogspawn coral shriveled up for a few hours, and I noticed this morning my clam has a small piece of loose mantle tissue that is coming off. Help me not kill my awesome tank inhabitants!
  25. Horsey_Cat

    Clam in a pico?

    What would be the hardest part about keeping a clam in a pico? Assuming there is plenty of calcium in the water for the clam, what would be the issue?
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