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Found 1,313 results

  1. Ga912

    Clams in pico?

    Anyone keep clams in pico and if so any success.
  2. Jorgieee

    Grade A maxima clam

    I have had a clam for about a little more then over a month now it was looking good and healthy the whole time I have had it. Recently I have seen my goby on it a few times, and for the past three days the clam's mantle is receding back towards the shell and not coming out. Any suggestions on what I should do? I don't want to loose it if I can save it
  3. cnseekatz

    Need Help - Pinched Mantle

    Hey guys. I've had this clam for a few years and it's always been really healthy. When I moved it over to this tank, it started getting some rough edges on it's mantle. It starting getting pretty noticeable, but I thought it might have been getting stung by a nearby BTA. I moved it to it's own little perch, but it didn't get better. Now it's looking worse than ever. I assume this is Pinched Mantle? I've read that a freshwater dip is helpful to kill any microbial infection it might have. Here is my question. Would it be worth it to pry the poor thing off it's rock? I can't do a prolonged freshwater dip on the whole rock because of the other corals. Should I try to remove the clam for a dip, or just let it try to get better where it is?
  4. I saw some tiny maxima clams at the local reef shop. I was wanting to get more information on them. First of all, I want to know the ease of care - which sites give the most detailed/accurate information. There are also crocea clams, I am interested in - but I want to know the same info. Any sort of testimonials, What to do, what not to do, pest or diseases. In general information for me to decide if I should or should not.
  5. Alexraptor

    Croceas and Mandarins?

    I know that with Tridacna clams there exists a risk that a curious fish could get caught, potentially killing both clam and fish. But how big are the risks with a Crocea clam and a Mandarin Dragonet? Has it ever happened? Seeing as how the Crocea's as i understand are the smallest of the Tridacna's.
  6. This page will be constantly updated as clams are added and removed. CURRENT REGISTRY UPDATED 1/1 /2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR CLAM KEEPERS!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO MY CLAM OBSESSION!!!! ZephNYC -1 Gigas,;11 maximas, 1 squamosa, 1 crocea, 1 deresa Acropora793 - 1 crocea AlexPsycho - 1 squamosa Amored - 1 crocea Basser1 - 1 Maxima Carnecchia, Justin - 1 crocea Chadf-1 crocea Ghill762- 1 crocea, 1 maxima ChrisL - 1 maxima, 1 squamosa 6/30/13 Coco66 - 1 Maxima Collegenano - 2 crocea Dunkan-junkie - 1 maxima 11/10/13 flsvedlund- 1 Maxima 10/20/13 Grumblecakes - 1 MOSTER Crocea. MASSIVE! 6/21/13, 2 squamosas Gti - 1 crocea 8/28/13 HALLZOO - 1 Deresa 7/1/13 Herptile - 1 Crocea, 1 Maxima icedearth15324 - 1 deresa w/ exceptional growth, 1 maxima JedimasterBen - 1 maximas, 1 Deresa Kirky- 1 Deresa 12/12/13 kriv4o - 2 croceas, 1 deresa Maxxumless - 1 crocea MeepNand - 1 crocea MetroKat - 2 bad @ss Maxima's MikeTR - 1 Maxima 6/21/13 Nut_hatch 1 maxima OMGSIIK - 1 squamosa, 3 maximas Owlbassboy - 1 maxima in a 3 G Rehype - 3 maximas Sangheili - 1 Maxima Tamberav - 1 BIG maxima 11/5/2013 Tj_Burton - 1 maxima TheKlienReef - 1 maxima, 1 crocea Tochtli- 2 croceas 10/21/13 VlAngel - 1 crocea Wankreas - 1 crocea 6/29/13 Ward827 - 1 Deresa 8/1/13 Currently tracking 67 clams. Here is the registration form. JUst copy/paste this onto a new post and fill it out. I will take care of the rest. THanks guys and gals! Species of clam? Lighting - bulb, ballast and count? Clam depth in the tank in inches? DOC level estimate? ( dont worry almost nobody can answer this) Do you skim? Do you run carbon? Do you run GFO? Did you ever freshwater dipped the clam ? Are you seeing new growth? Calcium/Alk Method? Where and when did you get it? Do you purposely feed ? tank size Most importantly !!!!! Water changing schedual ???? Got nitrates ???
  7. Jellyingabout

    Help me pick a clam :)

    I'm thinking of one of the three smallest maximas here. However i'd love a clam with the colouration of the first one but no one seems to have them here in the uk. http://www.coralculturelive.co.uk/index.php?cPath=34 I can't get any pictures with different lighting, i tried
  8. Island

    Clam stuck-now what?

    Greetings....So, I've had my maxima since December, and I thought it was doing well, but now I think my Orbit Marine is not doing the trick as it is on the sand bed, and not looking to good, so I assume the PAR just isn't cutting it. So I moved him up to the highest rock, and to my eyes it is perfect. It has a nice nook it can latch on to, and it's about 6 inches from the light,so it should be perfect in that spot....I guess the clam doesn't think so though. Every time I place him there, he just kamikazes off the ledge and lands on the bottom. The last time he did that he fell over onto another ledge.....and he attached his byssal threads to it. Now he's wedged up against the side of the rock that I don't think he can open up fully. He's been like this for the last 3 days and every time I try to move him, he is stuck tight to the rock. So, does that mean he's happy?? The spot sucks too, because I really can't see him now, not to mention he can't open fully, so I don't know if I should blast him with a power head so he will let go? I guess as long as he's attached that means he likes where he's at correct?
  9. Highball

    Maxima or Crocea?

    I've had her for over a year, but is she a maxima or crocea? Thanks!
  10. Jellyingabout

    Tempurature changes & clams

    Hey guys, After annoying my wife for years with the big marine tanks I've been relegated to a tiny tank. So I figures if I'm going small I'm gonna make it a challenge. I'm aiming for a crocea in a 1.5g jar. I've had the jar up and running to see if I could keep the params steady enough for a clam. Over the past 120 hours the tempuature has fluctuated between 21°C and 23°C. I can raise the temp easy, its the fluctuations i'm more concerned about. I reckon a clam would be fine with a 2°C change provided I can get that between 25-27, but any second opinions? Bear in mind for the first 32 hours of the graph the jar was being messed with a lot which makes the first part of the graph a bit unreliable. (I posted this in the pico forum originally but figured this was a better spot for it but can't figure out how to delete it)
  11. pokerdobe

    Is my Maxima Gaping?

    I brought home an ultra blue maxima, about 3" in size. I had originally placed it on a flat ledge about lower mid level of my tank, but it jumped off later that night into the sandbed. Since I had lost my other clam in my tank transfer, I decided to leave it alone in the sandbed and let it sort itself out. When I came home from work, the clam had actually positioned itself partially shaded under one of my shelves... I thought clams loved the light? Why would this clam choose to attach itself in an area that's partially shaded? I am running a Nanobox Duo and the clam came from Radions at the lfs. 3/1/2015 Is my clam gaping? If so, can it be saved? It started after a water change yesterday.
  12. APLATN13

    Clam help :/

    Well, I got this clam 2 weeks ago. I got it from a seller and the bag busted during transportation. So, I inspected it and put into my frag tank. I have noticed I can see inside the clam. I'm not sure this is normal but looks crazy. Any tips? Thanks Anthony
  13. My maxima decided to spawn and nuke my tank along with it. SPS are dead and only a couple acans survived. Thinking about putting her in a small cube tank by herself and with maybe an anemone or two. It looks like it wasn't a stress induced spawn as days passed before I realized what happened and she is happy as can be opening up big. Are there any corals out there that can survive a clam spawning event?
  14. aldawg973

    Clam ID

    So i got lucky and found a 8 inch clam on Thursday for 100 bucks and want to know what type it is. Also about a month ago i got a tiny one and want to know what type it is also.
  15. bevo5

    Clam looking healthy?

    Hey everyone. I got a new maxima clam last week...then went back yesterday and impulsively bought another tiny one. Anyway - I put the big one in the sand bed on top of a small rock...and he's attached. The smaller one I put in the sand yesterday on top of a little rock. I want to keep them where they are, but I'm not sure if they're going to get enough light. It's a 29BC with a Radion x30 that I keep at about 50%. It seems like they're getting enough light, but how do they look to y'all? I'm just not sure how open they should be. Check 'em out. and
  16. tetraodon

    clam issue after tank upgrade

    hey all its dead here, but im gonna post anyway, i need to figure out why my derasa is holding its siphons closed, my maxima is fine. also a small section of mantle is pulled in, it still reacts well to light. i did a precautionary melafix dip, i googled it but couldnt find anything on it, what do you all think?
  17. Hi everyone,had my clam for about a year,he has gone through a broken tank,living in a plastic tub,always had a nice blue mantle,always looked good. Then today I looked at him and he has been closed all day with just a little bit of his mantle showing. I gave him a poke and he does move but won't open. Parameters are good and everyone else in tank is fine,I do have another clam which is doing well. Any ideas,arrgh. Thanks
  18. Update- decided not to start a brand new thread, new issue a few posts down. Got a new crocea for my IM 20 and it keeps scooting away from where I'd like it to be. That's fine, it only moved about two inches, but it's now mostly on its side with a slightly upward tilt. I haven't tried to move it since it settled here as I already re-positioned it twice within a few hours of it being introduced to the tank and don't want to fuss with it anymore. It opened up right away and is reactive to light/shadow. Should I leave it be? Lighting is a Maxspect Razor 16k that's being upgraded to a NanoBox Duo whenever Dave has it ready so I think I'm set on light for it. Have some phyto and a few different dry filter feeder foods.
  19. My SPS have been flourishing over the past few months and I decided to add a clam I found at a LFS.. Added it sunday after an hour acclimation. I did not remove from the water, and I burped it. Yesterday it was looking really happy and was extended out..I come back today and it looks completely dead with no reflex ability. What could have happened?? Im kinda upset about it, both for the clam and the $90 I spent on it...
  20. ZephNYC

    Pinched Mantle disease

    In the short time I have been on this forum I have noticed, and tried to help, many people with clams suffering from Pinched Mantle Disease. I figured I would share my experiences and findings as this one pathogen, in particular, has been peeking my interest for the last 6 years or so. In a nutshell - PM is devastating. PM shut down all importation of crocea clams from Vietnam for nearly a year back in the early 90's. PM also was pretty much the cause of the demise of Clamsdirect.com, because all they sold was clams and had no other inventory to cover the losses. ANyway, I just wanted you to know how serious it was and still is. Back then it was usually croceas that had it. Maximas second. Lately it appears to be the other way around, which is actually kind of refreshing because even a healthy crocea is hard enough to keep alive for many years in a closed system. Notice how you never see big crocea clams anymore, and nobody is farming them. So here are some pictures of clams carrying PM. 1. small gold maxima suffering from PM 2. Deresa showing early symptoms of PM 3. ) Maxima with PM This is what the actual pathogen looks like. They resemble little air bubbles under 100X. As silly as this sounds, I have not been able to find the name of the actual pathogen responsible, and i honestly think that it has not yet been positively identified. There are theories of it being parasitic also. Even if we dont know for sure what it is, the good news is we do know how to kill it. Ironically the majic cure could not be simpler than turning on your sink. You wont find any meds cheaper than this one ( or more powerfull when it comes to marine species) Here is what 35 minute FWD's did so save the Maxima in pic # 3 and after a second 35 minute dip and 2 weeks time frame so two dips and two more weeks recovery... Sounds easy right? Once in a while it is. But if you have more than one clam, or God forbid - MANY clams...you need to be scared and there are lots of things you need to do. First is first -How to do a fresh water dip: Use a container or tank that will hold enough water to completely cover your clam, and fill it with dechlorinated TAP water. NOT RO, distilled or anything else.You will need a ph meter to bring the ph up from around 7 to atleast 8 with a little buffer. I like to add an airstone, but thats just me. Now there is controversy over just how long you should dip your clam. Rule of thumb is 30 minutes. BUT!!! - the thing is the sicker a clam is the weaker it is and the less FW it can take. THis is why it is so important to observe your clams and catch it as early as possible. FWDs are very stressfull sure, but a healthy clam can take an hour long dip and walk away in good shape. However, a 20 minute fwd will kill a clam that that is too far gone. So the sicker your clam looks the shorter you should dip it. One dip is never enough anyway, so make it a quicky the first time and see how/if it recovers. I recall a story about Dick Perin of Tropicorium, who dipped a group of newly arrived crocea clams....and then forgot about them 2 hours. They all survived just fine. So after you dip your clam you can put it back in the display tank IF THERE ARE NO OTHER CLAMS IN THAT SYSTEM. If you have more clams in there you need to quarantine it..and count on it being in the QT for atleast a month. Please feed it DAILY unless you have lots of fish in your QT tank, which is such an awesome idea as clams go goofy for fish waste. No matter what products you use, nothing compares to fish waste/ammonia when it comes to making clams happy. Now you need to make some changes in your system or it will return. WHatever this pathogen, or parasite is, we do know that it is iron dependent. You need to get all the iron out of your system and take measures not to add any back. This is not as easy as it sounds. Forget all you have ever read about carbon. It does not remove iron, or copper or most other stuff we have been told it does all these years. activated carbon Technically it does, but far far less then you think. We have had good results using massive amounts of carbon in large media reactors, but have had better results using poly filters...and the best, the very best is carbon, poly filters and chemi pure resins all used simultaneously. Pheww..I have to do all that ?? No....you have to do even more. How is the iron getting in your system in the first place? from food sure, from iron based po removers, sure...but mostly from water changes. THIS IS WHERE EVERYONE WENT WRONG! You have to remove the iron from your newly mixed saltwater or you will be feeding the disease. Now let me tell you this is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do. THis is why - Why does a polyfilter remove trace elements and so forth from your tank, but they brag and advertise that it does NOT remove elements from newly mixed salt ? It is because of the various chelates used in these elements. Ie. Carbon is great at removing CHELATED IRON, which is found in all of your additives, but the iron in your salt mix is not chelated and carbon will not remove it. Either will poly filters. CHEMI PURE to the rescue. Chemi pure is a patented formula and pretty much the only ion exchange resin commonly found on the market. it is FAR BETTER than all other media..and even that isnt great at removing iron, but it will if you use it right. Basically you have to make a chemi pure reactor and force the water through it efficiently. Just putting it in a regular media box wont work very well. We thought we were helping our clams with huge water changes but we were killing them! Thinking we were flushing the sytem but all we were doing was feeding the pathogen. Also be sure to use a non iron based phosphate remover. You need an alluminum based product (white not brown) or you will leach iron back into your system. I prepare newly mixed seawater in 30 gal trash cans running it through first a carbon reactor, then through poly filters and lastly through chemi pure and even this only removed MOST of the iron. Of course you could use macro to remove more of the iron, that would be brilliant. Ever notice how doing a large water change will stop your skimmer from foaming for a while? THis is due to the disruption of your water chemistry and the ionic balance, but this does not happen when you pre-treat your water with chemi pure. IF IT IS WET IT NEEDS TO BE QUARANTINED. We have all bent the rules from time to time and even the old veterans still take a chance every now and then. I did, and man am I regretting it. After losing nearly 50 clams to PM all I had left was 2 large Gigas clams, that appeared immune. THey remained the only clams in that system for over 3 years, and they looked awesome. I was confident my system was clean by now. I purchased a new maxima, put it right in my system ( STUPID!) and not only did it quickly come down with PM, but so did one of my oldest gigas clams. THat I am struggling to cure as we speak. I will follow up soon with pics of my new dedicated clam quarantine tank, which already has 4 maximas basking in the sun and me keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I can not stress enough how important your bio load is in relation to your clam population. Why dont you see more successfull tanks with lots and lots of clams? Most tanks are able to maintain a couple of clams for the long run, but thats really about it . Even in the books and magazines you never see more than just a few clams in even a pretty big tank. Even the vendors have to move them out fast or even offer them for free as incentive to purchase other items. My personal opinion is our tanks are just too clean these days to maintain more than just a couple of clams for the long run ( meaning more than 3 years) We all want zero nitrates, zero phospahtes, no dissolved organics, dont over feed your fish!!! Must do those water changes or your tank will get dirty. As far as I know, the only man to ever keep large amounts of insanely awesome clams happy enough to spawn on a regular basis is Wayne Shang. And you know how he does it?? In his 700 gal reef he does a small 10% MONTHLY water change, but doesnt even use new water. He uses stinky water from his fish only system PACKED WITH NITRATES AND PHOSPHATES AND ORGANICS. Cuz thats what clams like!!!!
  21. kidd reef

    Jewel box clams?

    Anyone known anything about their husbandry requirments? i've heard they're somewhat similar to Flamescallops albeit with somewhat better survival rate, Also wanted to know where i might be able to buy some online, If anywhere.
  22. dottybackss

    Please help my clam is melting

    I just noticed that one of my clam is melting today but the other one is still doing good. On last weekend I found and caught a gorilla crab out of my tank but I am not sure is it damage by the crab??? It even not going to close if i touch it, what can I do now?
  23. Rainbowunicorn

    1in Maxima in a 20 long

    Anyone had any luck raisine a 1in maxima in a 20 long?
  24. Hart24601

    Any Zeph Updates

    Title says it all. Been a while and I am wondering how his clam farm and gigas are doing. Even if there has been bad news it's nice to track that sort of thing.
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