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Found 1,313 results

  1. I would like to add a clam to my tank in the future, all of the real estate on the substrate is taken,(what little there was). I have seen people with clams on the rocks. I tried this once before in my old 125g. The clam was never secure and either crabs or the clam itself would cause him to tumble down the rock. I didnt want to stuff him in a crevice because then the clam might not be able to open up. So what is the trick to setting them up on the rock?
  2. BarryN

    Clam Pictures/Images

    I am asking for your help and sorry if I am in the wrong forum. Doing a project and seeking clam pictures, just the clam or a clam/s in your reef tank. High resolution is best as he print better. I will be glad to give you the Photo credit. Please send them to : barry@clamsdirect.com Thanks so much, Regards, Barry
  3. Xavier

    Common supermarket clams

    This may seem a bit odd, but I've been thinking about tossing a live common clam from the supermarket into a isolated tank for observation (actually, I'd go down to the ocean and get it from the fish markets by the ocean). I'm sure someone has tried this... but before I go ahead with this, I was curious what information people may already have on these guys... they're not pretty, but definitely good filter feeders... and heck, when I'm done, I can always eat 'em
  4. tyh

    clams in nanos??!?!

    can i keep clams in a 7 gal nano, 18W 10000k and 13 act blue lighting? or is this hell for em?
  5. Pgreco

    Maxima Clam Disease

    Ok, So I've had this guy for about 4 months. He was doing fine until one week ago when his mantle started to pinch. I fear it may be the dreaded clam disease we have all read about. Some days it looks better than others. I also have a squamosa in the tank which is perfectly fine but i fear will come under the same conditions. Here are some pics. Let me know your thoughts. Oh yeah, I tested my water and everything checks out. PH, nitrate, phosphate, alk, cal are all at baseline levels.
  6. JJshiv

    T. Maxima clam questions

    I got a new maxima 5 days ago. I placed him near the top of my tank for the good lighting. I chose a large flat live rock that has lower water flow than the other rocks near the top. Placement sound ok? Ive noticed him moving around a little, just the normal turns and such to get the most light. This morning though, it had fallen off the rock and down near the bottom of the tank. I thought by now he should have had his bissel threads pretty much attached and it would be hard to move him. Are their bissel threads weak? Does something prey on these besides those little snails? (I have a six line wrasse for protection) Im guessing that a stupid snail or hermit crab knocked him over, but if his bissel threads were in place he shouldnt have been able to be knocked down, correct? Also, his underside was exposed cuz he was laying on his side and it didnt look normal. There was a huge cavity where I thought there wasnt when I got him. Anyone have any pics of the underside of a t. maxima? Thanks for any help.

    feeding squamosa clam

    im considering getting a small squamosa clam as ive heard from the board its the best choice for a nano. can anyone tell me the techniques involved with feeding it and how often it needs to be fed ? and what it is fed. the lowdown in a few sentecnes . would be appreciate greatly.. thank you!
  8. R*Frost*

    Clam HELP!!

    hi im quite new but no quite a lot now thx to ppl helping me and my real questions are: 1. is a clam an invertabrat 2. do they move (pretty lame really) 3. how do u feed them i no that they need really good lighting like good PC's or MH's this simple info would really help me even tough it's pretty lame or if any 1 knows a site where they can be described fully help appreciated thx simon,
  9. Chromis

    Best First Clam?

    I saw the other "Clams In Nanos" post out here but figured I'd start my own thread for my more specific question. Basically... I have a 28 gallon bow-front tank with one 55 watt 10,000K PC and one 55 watt "blue" PC. What would you say the best clam to start with would be?
  10. Keng Yew, Leong

    What will do well?(another clammy thing)

    Will a clam be fine in my tank?5.5 watts a gallon.The clam will be about 5 inches from the lights.I want a maxima.I do not want to buy a clam and end up being not able to keep it.(its 30 bucks in my place for one regardless of size).Are clams sensitive to small changes in a small 4 gallon tank?Its hard to mantain a perfect neverchanging enviroment in a small tank.
  11. deacon hemp

    New derasa please help!

    I just bought a 2in. derasa clam four days ago and it looks like the mantle has been either rolled up in a few spots or maybe nibbled at but i cannot tell.I also have a smaller gold maxima right beside it untouched?I do have a peppermint shrimp and a blue leg hermit could it be one of these.
  12. Rocket_155

    clam help

    I was wondering if any one has had any experiance with the following clams: Gold rim Clam Derasa Clam do you need any special requirement i.e. currents ,dosings, temps ,lighting? thanks rocket_155
  13. printerdown01

    thoughts on clams...

    *Figured I might as well take advantage on the Advanced Forum, and bring up some more "controversial" reefing issues... Which would confuse, rather than help new people... Ok, this is one topic (referring to clams, remember this is a post about clams) that my ideas certainly seem to differ from everyone else here... I would like to think that these differences are caused by my wealth of experience (LOL), but I highly doubt it.... Ok, first thing first, where did people get info that baby clams need phyto dosages in order to survive (my guess is a company that makes phyto). From my understanding, clams are born without symbiotic algae in their mantles (it would be a neat trick if they came with it -haha). During their early stages of life they obtain their symbiotic algae by filtering water. I guess my problem with the idea that "young" clams need phyto is that they cannot utilize the types of algae that we are adding to the tank. Not only this, how young is young, by the time most clams reach 1 cm (negating predatation) they seem to level off in mortality rates (which would suggest to me that they are beginning to become much more efficient at producing their own food)...? Perhaps I am making rash assumptions.... Not to mention that when they reach the size of about 3mm you can already see the algae in their mantles!!! Also there are a lot of clam breeders that do not dose with phyto! I have a book on breeding clams that highly suggests using yeast to feed clams (both young and adult) -it also claims that blood works quite well, but wisely discourages against it since you can easily infect yourself with disease. By they time that we purchase 1-2" clams they are no longer really babies, but full grown clams... so I wouldn't even consider them young at this point. Second thing, why such high lighting recommendations for clams, recently?? Lighting recommendations seem to flux on this board by the seasons... Last year around this time there were some people recommending 9W per gallon... then it went down to 4.5W... and now, a year later than when I originally joined, we are back to 9W. Negating the fact that I think W/gallon is an inaccurate way to measure lighting in the first place, why do you guys (the more experienced crowd) think that there is such a wide flux in peoples recommendations...? Perhaps it is just another aquarium fad? **note, I realize that the people reading this, are probably not the ones that are guilty of constantly changing their mind about what level of lighting is required! I am just interested in hearing your thoughts. Also I figured that I can be a bit more cynical in the advanced forums, and give more straight forward opinions (rather than trying to explain the there is not just one right way to do things -since you guys already know this- which is often my point on the other forums).
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