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Found 1,313 results

  1. Current claims 150 par at 18in directly under led, my question is would this be enough for a lower light required clam? If so, what clam would you suggest? Possibly put the clam on lr in mid tank?
  2. So i have a JBJ 28 with an AI Prime over it, solid filtration, running an InTank basket, floss, purigen, and chemipure elite. I have mostly all LPS, with a TON of zoas, and one piece of SPS (stylo). Everything flourishes, and I'm wondering if my tank is ready for a clam. its been running over a year, 7 gallon weekly water change, floss changed every 3 days. the thing that I'm worried about is my lighting. do i have enough? too little? and i don't have ANY room in my sand bed, can it go on a flat rock? more info if needed.... but what clam would be best for me?
  3. Like the title says what is the easiest / most hardy of the clam species? I've read that maxima's and Crocea's are the hardest and I've read the opposite. I've read the article in here put out on them but I've seen many other articles that give conflicting info. So what are the most hardy species?
  4. lkoechle

    New clam: Questions

    So, I'm possibly doing a trade with a frag of my rainbow monti for a 1.5" clam. It looks to be a maxima from the photos, I'll ask him more questions when we confirm the trade and set up a pick up place. It's my first clam and I know they can be tricky, especially the little guys. Personally, I think this one of the best ways for me to try it. I can't afford a larger clam, and if it fails (which I severely hope it doesn't and thrives and grows instead), I won't feel like I've lost much since it was a trade. QUESTIONS: Where/what is the best resource for clam care? I'm looking for something relatively all inclusive, the internet is full crazy info. Best food to feed it? I have read that the trick with the little clams is they are mostly reliant on filter feeding, what would be the best food for this and how often should I feed? Every day? Once a week? In the photo he's got the clams on the sand bed (there are two clams, but I'm only after one), but I read maxima's are rock boring. Should I purchase a clam hammock for it to attach to? How do I encourage it to attach and where in the tank should I move it to? Sorry if these are "noob" questions. Preliminary googling hasn't turned up much and this is a slightly impulsive thing for me (impulsive as in I'm used to taking months to research something, so possibly having it in a week or two, is very fast for me). Thanks!
  5. Gooburz

    Holy mother of god clam!

    CURSE this Deployment! I have seen the most beautiful clam and I can't buy it because I won't be home for another 2 months!!!!!! Pacific East Aquaculture is posting many like this one starting Today 03 Sep, I want this one so bad! I wish I could just buy it and have them hold it for me till I get home.
  6. Alright so my Nuvo 16g tank has been up and running for about a year now with almost no issues. I currently have very low nitrate and phosphate and my alkalinity is around 7.8-8dkh. My lighting is two AI Primes sitting at 85% peak for 4 hours. The current livestock is as follows: -Two clowns -One bicolor blenny -Cleaner shrimp Is they're anything I need to know/do before Sunday to be sure this clam will do well? It's very small, about 2" across only.. I've seen it in the LFS and it's wide open and doing well for the past week. I do understand they suck your calcium like nothing, and I have not tested my calcium either. I do use IO reef crystals to compensate for a mostly LPS tank. Any input is appreciated!
  7. isaacharry

    Is my clam dying?

    Is my clam dying? his mouth is open wide i can see the inside of it...
  8. isaacharry

    Squamosa Clam Care

    Hello, I have a small (3") Squamosa Clam and i am wondering about placement I am running AI PRIME at 100% intensity here are some options, if anyone can give be the best idea of placement it would be appreciated a) 12" below light ( directly under light) 16" below light ( not directly under the light) c) 24" below light - on sand bed
  9. isaacharry

    Clam ID and Care

    Hello Fellow Nano Reefers! Once again I will post a clam question - you can never get too much information I will post a few photos of my clam and i just want to know which species and where to place them I am using AI Prime lights here are the photos, i can't tell if it is maxima or squamose
  10. isaacharry

    Tridacna Clam Questions

    Hello, Today i purchased a few SPS, and i saw a Tridcana clam with a beautiful blue mantle so i decided to purchase that too At my LFS i got mixed opinions on the placement so i thought i would post here and see if i can get a good opinion. I am using AI PRIME LIGHTS that are as high as the mount ( maybe 8 or 10 inches above the water the highest rock is seven inches below the water so i want to know where in the tank to place the clam thank you
  11. I see tons of clams always on the sand bed, which IMO is a bit generic and boring. I'd love to see photos you can find of tanks with clams within the rock work, or your own of course!
  12. zhark

    A.I Prime and clams

    I was wondering what settings would I need to tune my A.I prime up to, in order to keep a Maxima clam? It's approximately 4 inches above the water. I'm planning to place the clam at the central position of the tank, on top of a rock, in total it'd be approximately 8-9 inches away from the light. Settings at the moment: Cool white 31% Green 14% UV, Deep blue, blue, Deep red 40% thanks!
  13. Snow_Phoenix

    Is this Pinched Mantle Disease?

    I picked up this guy from the LFS on Sunday. He was actually lying sideways on the dirt, but didn't appear to be too bad. But I noticed that the edges of his mantle was pretty irregular for a clam (I've owned a pair of Croceas before), so now I'm worried. Can someone confirm if this is Pinched Mantle or something else? I know with PM you can do a FW dip as a cure, but if it is something else, can you enlighten me on how to help the clam heal?
  14. My tiny reef

    Can I get a clam?

    My tank will be a year next week and I have always wanted a clam. I have a biocube 14 and replaced bulbs in May of this year, they are 24watt 10k daylight and actinic power compact bulbs. I have read the FAQ on clams in this discussion board and looks like a squamosa or derasa may be options under PC but their size concerns me a little. I do hope for an upgrade down the line but not sure how soon it will actually happen. I plan to have the clam mount to a disc then glue the disc to the top rock so I can remove it if it starts to outgrow the tank and trade it. Also, it said not to go in a tank with bristle worms and I have some...they seem to stay in the sand bed and lower base rocks that I have seen and I plan on the clam being up high, is this really a deal breaker?? I have been dosing the two part ALK AND CAL for a while now and calcium is still only around 380 so I will work on getting that up more before hand and plan on dosing more after the clam goes in. I have a few NPS gorgs so am feeding the tank often and think the clam would make a good addition to filter the extra nutrients out of the water and they are OH SO PRETTY! Thanks!
  15. Clownfish2004

    Can I get a Clam?

    Hi I want a clam for my 14 gallon.I was wondering if I could have a clam of some kind with leds and a built in back filter witch I have.Also I have a mini refugium in the filter.I am planing ahead.I haven't had my tank setup for 7 months.I have only had it setup for 3 months.I have 2 clowns and a tailspot by the way.Nothing else but a few hermits.I am planning on getting many many zoa frags in a few weeks.Zoa dominate but would like to keep a clam or two.
  16. RC1313

    Does size matter?

    When purchasing a clam, is it better to buy a small (1-2 inch) or large (3-5 inch) clam?
  17. Hey gang, I saw an article on ReefBuilders about a new clam.... Tridacna Ningaloo. Here's more info on it, nice to see new ones being discovered: http://reefbuilders.com/2014/11/11/tridacna-ningaloo-officially-species-giant-clam/
  18. Dula

    Did I Overpay?

    I feel like our LFS are extremely proud of what they sell. I picked this up from one for $55 and wanted to see what everyone thought. I did put the top of a frag plug in the sand bed under him for him to hopefully attach to.
  19. HarryPotter

    Help! Lucinda is jumping!

    So for the transition to the new tank I had to remove Lucinda, my 3" T. Maxima clam from her rock. I successfully did so, and only a few ripped byssal threads were apparent. However, now she won't stay put! I think her spot might have too much lighting, but she is nice and open. However whenever I check, she's jumped onto the sand bed! Help! Is she just going through a rebellious stage? Should I put her lower? Get a clam hammock?
  20. kakorb

    Calcium demand in nanos

    Was wondering how much clams use in small tanks around 20 gallons. Is it easy to keep up with two part or is it enough to cause spikes.
  21. Dula

    What Should I Do?

    My clam has migrated to a spot in my rocks. I did have it out in the open on my sand bed but it didnt take to the plug I put under it. It has now moved (shimmied may be more correct of a term) closer to my rock. My instinct is to leave it be and not change anything around or force it to be somewhere. Any suggestions?
  22. Jorgieee

    Help! Help!

    I have treated my clam two times for pinched mantle disease with tap water for 30 mins in a bucket with a heater, and after the treatment it does very well. After about two weeks or so it starts to act up again any ideas or solutions on what I should do other then this treatment thanks !
  23. Clownfish2004


    I was wondering if I could keep a squamosa in a 14 gallon BC under the JBJ uni-body led 54 watts.
  24. gulfsurfer101

    Any clam keepers using NSW?

    I'm interested in learning more about the use of NSW in the way of keeping large clams. I'm curious as what kind of experience people have had keeping clams in NSW. I don't expect this thread to be bumped very often, but I will continue to check on it from time to time!
  25. Fishy41212

    maxima, crocea, or both?

    I have a 30 gallon tank with 250 watt halides 1 foot above the water. Will this keep maximas or croceas? They are 20k lamps.
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