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Found 1,313 results

  1. So 20 years ago I remember an abundance of clams in most local stores I would walk into. You would find a variety of clams from 4-7 inches which I assume were mostly wild caught. With the shift in laws and preservation of wildlife thinking that the industry moved towards with "cultured clams", it seems there is still a shortage of supply and variety that there once was. I constantly visit the go-to websites and they always seem to be out of clams or a very limited quantity of only croceas or maximas and you would be lucky to find anything over 2.5 inches. So my question is..with all these large "culture farms" in the Pacific region..why is there still such a limited selection of awesome and varied clams? I have worked hard the last 20 years and can finally afford to buy what I want...and I can't find a huge awesome clam to save my life. lol, I'm just not in the mood for a 2 inch clam that has a limited chance of survival. Thoughts? Also, the stores where I live really never have clams. They may have a few in their display tanks not for sale...and they are usually the bigger ones I'm sure the supplier may have. Makes me wanna just open up my own clam shop one day.
  2. Dreichler

    What the HELL is going on....

    So I've had this Crocea for a solid 3 months now, and all the sudden it has like a "tear" or a "gap" in the mantle... I dose my tank 4 times a week the Phyto and the clam eats it up... I don't know how long its had this gap or tear whatever it is, if its even anything to worry about, but i just noticed it while feeding my tank... I have a Picasso pair, a yellow tang, and a blue hippo tang...
  3. mystersyster

    New derasa clam bleaching

    Anyone who has experience with clams I'd love some input. I noticed my new derasa I have had for about 7 days started bleaching. I moved him closer to under the LEDS yesterday after some acclimation. I'm guessing that it wasn't enough acclimation though. He started expelling zooxanthellae and I noticed he is getting lighter in color on the inside of the mantle. I'm obviously freaking out about killing my first clam, so here are the deets. Mag: 1270 Cal: 400 Alk: 8.5 Lights are a single ocean revive t247 and they're at 45 blues and 20 whites. I knocked them down for now to 35 and 15... let me know what you think.
  4. So i have my JBJ RL-45 with my AI Prime over it... Thought it was time to get a clam after being in reefs over 3 years and never owning one... So i went to my local frag swap a few days ago, and bought this crocea for $75... Its about the size of 2 golf balls, maybe 1.5 golf balls, but its about 3-4 inches long ways... I "target" feed it every other day with 0.5 mL of photo feast... By target feed i mean i intentionally go for the clam, but spread the food kinda near it and around it, not directly into it.... But anyway, my light is about 6 inches above the water, and the clam is about 10-12 inches below the water.... From these pics and looking at it throughout the day, and looking at pics of them online, i feel like its not opening all the way.... i could be wrong but I've never had experience with a clam... My tank is definitely ready for one (nutrients and whatnot) but i just wanna make sure its healthy.... If you can't see it in the pic, the clam is one the left side, middle of tank, next to the GSP on the left.... I think he's an awesome looking clam, his lips or mantle is blue stripes, and the middle is pink with blue polka dots....
  5. mzoo

    Hermit Crabs eat Clams!

    Hi, Have enjoyed this forum for 2 years. First post. Have sadly discovered that my hermit crabs love clam. Have had 4 beautiful clams in my mature reef tank, two of them for almost 2 years. Mature tank, good PH, temp at 79, skimmer, good filter, calc at 450, halide and T5s, etc. etc. Beautiful clams, healthy and growing. BUT when I went on vacation last week my BF put a bad hermit crab back in display tank (he had been banished for fighting). He did not tell me. He did call to say that one of my maximas had died, apparently eaten. Well I was sad, but did not have all the facts, so what could I do. Came home, tank & 3 remaining clams just fine. BUT when I was at work yesterday, first day back, he woke up to find the bad crab chewing on the mantle of my favorite ultra blue maxima, AKA " prizewinner". Prizewinner still alive, but mantle ripped up pretty bad. Two things: hermits eat healthy clams!!!! also bristleworms...had another tiny, healthy maxima eaten by one in an hour while we were out to lunch...that was last year. AND, has anyone had experience with a clam with a damaged mantle?? Can they regrow their mantles? Is there any hope for Prizewinner?
  6. bob115

    Clam Growth

    So I got a clam a month and half ago or so, and right now I don't see much new growth on the shell. Being that I have DIY LEDs that haven't been tested for par (hoping to borrow a meter in the next month or so), is it a reasonable assumption that its not getting enough light? Other params Salinity 1.024 Alk 8.6 Calcium 450 Mg 1180
  7. mystersyster

    New Derasa Clam Help

    Hey guys. I finally got a new Derasa from my LFS after wanting one forever. It was the only one they had but it looked great. I'm still new to clams but he's doing well so far in my SPS dominant tank. I have some pictures and wanted to hear from fellow clam lovers if you think he's looking alright. He's been out of direct light for almost 4 days to acclimate, and I'm going to move him closer to his new spot under the light tomorrow. Do you guys think he looks healthy??
  8. bashment

    Maxima issue

    Hello everyone. I've had this Maxima for about a month and a half. One half of the mantle extends fully, however the other half of the mantle seems to remain somewhat retracted. I've researched and it doesn't look like pinched mantle. I've been checking at night and haven't been able to visualize any pyramid snails either. Unfortunately, i did not place a rock beneath the clam. With a shallow sandbed, the clam has attached it's basal foot to the bottom glass of the tank, so I am unable to take the clam outside the tank for a more thorough look. The clam retracts quickly when I run a shadow over it. As far as lighting, I have a Maxspect razor 420r 120w 16k, that at peak runs at 55% white and 100% blue for 4 hours. Water Params are stable. I really don't want my clam to die. Open to any suggestions.
  9. Elizabeth94


    Where the heck could I ever get a clam that looks like the clam pictured in the middle? Of course not for my fusion 10, but I do have an upgrade waiting for me after I am done with college in May.
  10. Zchauvin

    Possible to do this?

    Want to setup a shallow AIO tank, stocking with only clams. However many will fit inside leaving 2" between for growth. Dosing pump and 30x +- turnover. Kessil for lighting. Thinking no more than 5-8 gallons. Sand bottom with rock in back for filtration. Yes, I will keep my salinity and temp consistent. Yes, I will keep all other parameters in check. Yes, I know how much calcium and alk will be taken out of tank. Thoughts?
  11. Melonlink

    Is my clam dead?

    about 5 days ago, i got a clam from the ocean, fed it goldfish food (flakes) , made it and saltwater. then it opened up. but now, its laying with its shell wide open lying on its side spilled-like. (pictures below) I have sand for it too. can anyone please help me quick? Thank you everyone who is taking their time to read this and help me. I really appreciate it. Before: After:
  12. keitht85

    clams in nanos?

    I have been exploring the forums for a bit while building my first nano tank (will be posting a build thread eventualy). I came across the clam board today and am astonished that people are attempting to keep derasa and squamosa clams in nano tanks. All of my previous systems were larger tanks the smallest being a 60 rimless cube and all have had clams. The reason for my post is the sizes the become and how fast this occurs. In my current 60 I have a squamosa that is about 4 years old that is the size of a football. and in my old 120 I had a derasa that was 10 years old that was pushing 20 inches long when it passed. I am very well versed in the hobby keeping aquariums for 20 years and owner of an aquarium store here in upstate NY. ps The derasa passed due to it blowing out the bottom glass in the tank draining it while I was at work.
  13. Is the Ocean Revive T247 sufficient lighting for a crocea clam? Cheers, iHexBot.
  14. aviator300

    Imbedded Clam question.

    I'm going to order live rock from "Gulf Live Rock" for a small 5 gal tank. I'm aware that this vendor sends some great aqua cultured rock with tons of life on each piece. I ordered from them about 2 years ago and received rock with an embedded clam (unk variety) and a red cylindrical growth (that looked like a miniature hot dog) I think it may have been a sea cucumber. I didn't know any better so I removed and discarded them' Anyway, if I get rock with a clam on it, will it live in the 5 gal tank with a Mini Tide over it or should I remove it. If I leave it, how should I care for it?
  15. I have 4 inch Derasa that seems to be perfectly healthy........ that is aside from the fact that it doesn't extend its mantle hardly at all. Ive kept many clams in the past, mostly Maximas, and am well aware of the visual cues associated with them being unhealthy. That said, what might be the reason(s) my Derasa wont extend its mantle more than a couple mm past the edges of its shell? Thanks, Drew
  16. zsxking

    Maxima Clam flow direction?

    So I have my clam for about a month. It's doing good I think, open normally and response to shadow. But what concerns me is that it has not yet attached on the rock. It keep moving little bit every day and falling to its side every couple days. I have been putting it towards the flow, so the flow will go from its inccurent siphon (the open hole one) to its outcurrent siphon (the tube like one). I though it should be that way as water generally flow through it. Until several days ago, I decided to turn it 180. To my surprise, it didn't move a bit ever since then. So it looks like the clam prefer to pump water through its gill in opposite direction of the surrounding flow. Is it generally the case? What flow direction does your clam prefer?
  17. TieuMuchReefing

    Looking to get one

    Is the care difficult ? I currently do fish and lps in my tank it's 38g nuvo I have the current orbit marine led
  18. tetraodon

    lost all my clams

    so im sad to say ive lost my last 2 clams. not really sure what took these last 2, other than it was sudden, both clams were healthy as far as i can tell and took a steep dive. total lost clams this year is 5. the other 3 seamed to have caught PM when my tank started having issues. how long do you all think i should wait before introducing a new clam? i know ill be taking more precautions from now on,
  19. During my feeding, I found a little clam attached to the underside of my torch skeleton. I only noticed it because I saw it "spitting" some substance out. I have done a little research with no luck. I can't really tell if there is any flesh coming out of the mouth, but when I walk by or get near, it immediately closes up. Here's a pic. It can't be more then an inch wide. What should I do? Is it a pest of some sort?
  20. Dolomiteclay

    New Squamosa Clam Question(s)

    I'm getting a Squamosa Clam today, and it seems like the more research I do, the more conflicting information I run across. The clam itself is relatively small, and may articles I have read suggest that one that age should be placed on a piece of flat live rock. Other threads suggest that they should always be placed on the sand. I want to place it at the bottom either directly on the sand or on a piece of live rock, but I'm not sure exactly where to start. Secondly, I have an AI prime mounted fairly high (9") above the water level and it is about another 12" to my substrate. After it gets acclimated to my lights and tank, I don't think that I can overpower the clam, but I believe this is what happened with my derasa clam, and I don't want to repeat the same mistake. My photo period is 8 hours per day and 3 hours of "moonlight", and I only get up to 85% for ~3 hours out of the 9. Lastly, I vary the spectrum a good bit in from 10K in the morning to 20K at night before the lights ramp down and then dropping back in intensity and spectrum after that. All my coral seems to love it, but I'm not sure how the clam will react. is there any chance the changing spectrum would have an adverse effect on them? Thanks Clay
  21. Tanks specs: 20 gallon cube amm: 0 nitrite:0 nitrate: undetectable ca: 380 alk: 9 mg: just got saliferts today, haven't had a chance to sit down and take the test. ph: 8.3 temp: 79 F on a glass thermo phosphate: undetectable Lighting: ai hydra 26, 7 inches awl. I was sitting watching my tank today checking out everything and making sure nothing was out of place or looked odd and all of the sudden it looked as if my clam took a giant breath and held it, like when people do and then puff out there cheeks. He held this for what seemed like only a second or two but I have never observed it doing this before. Is this a normal behavior. I sat and watched it for another twenty minutes just to make sure it didn't occur again and I did not observe this behavior again. There were no fish around when this happened and none of the cuc was visible on or around the clam. The clam is showing no signs of gaping and the mantle is niether extended or retracted any more than normal. Has been in tank for atleast a month now and is about 6 inches long.
  22. figured I just post this here. discovered this in a cathedral in Coimbra, Portugal. two really big tridacna shells left and right of the main entrance holding the holy water. the sign said they were delivered to Portugal in the 17th century from the Indian Ocean. approx 70 cm = 27,5 inch long I would say....
  23. HarryPotter

    Deleted. Nevermind.

  24. gulfsurfer101

    Tridacnid Clam ID help needed.

    Im posting this here in the clam discussion because I'm aware that what I have is in fact a tridacnid clam and not some sort of aptasia or weird stomatellia but the discussion focus here will be just what type of tridacnid clam this is. It was labeled as gold crocea but I was assured by a fellow clam enthusiast that this particular clam was infact a maxima. I believe the shell is infact scaled which sets this clam apart from the other smooth shelled clams like the other crocea that were infact golden brown, not blue like this one. I am in no way a clam expert I'm asking here for educated opinions.
  25. tetraodon

    odd clam behavior

    im no stranger to clams, but two of my clams have me baffled. first my derasa has been holding his intake siphon closed for months, and seams to have faded in areas, it might be getting too much light but im not able to conform this. my oldest clam, a maxima has for the past week and a half has been totaly retreated in its shell, i cant find any external problem, i gave it a freshwater dip, and havnt seen improvement or decline. so what do you all think,
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