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Found 4 results

  1. This morning I looked into my 10g nano tank and saw some unexpected behavior from my black ocellaris clown. It looked like (presumably she) was cleaning off a rock. the 2 clowns I have usually hang in the corner under the filter, so it was odd to see the clown in the middle of the tank. To give some background: I set up the tank 3 months ago, it's a 10g nano. I had a fish only tank with a blue damsel and a mandarin dragonet years ago. I have some experience with fish but many years ago. I bought the clowns about 2 months ago. One is orange and one is black introduced at the same time to the tank. The black one is slightly larger than the orange one. The clowns fought a bit at the beginning and still seem to fight now and then but not like they did for the first month. I bought them each at about an inch in size. My first thought is that the clownfish is preparing the rock to lay eggs, however, it seems way too early for that considering they were purchased a few months ago. The exception being that it might have already been a mature female when I bought it from the store, however, it seems unlikely. Does anyone have any thoughts? I included a link to a video I took this morning and uploaded it to Youtube to get some second opinions. Let me know what you all think. Best, Chris
  2. OK, so this might not be the right forum, and I haven't done my research yet , but here goes. Day 1: The clutch is currently in a 100 gallon tank with sump. Flow is very slow (just the return, and less than 10 times turnover). The only other fish (besides the parents) in the tank is a bicolor blenny. I have a number of questions: All I have for food (that might be suitable) is Coral Frenzy; would this be enough, or do I need rotifers? Should I grind the Coral Frenzy up further with a mortar and pestel? Should I remove the rock and put it in a 20L with an airstone, or leave it be in the 100 gallon and just transfer the fry? Or is it just unrealistic to think that I can save some? Any help would be appreciated. I'll do a little research in the meantime. I'm currently reading this: http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/269202-pickles-guide-to-breeding-clowns/
  3. I've had a pair of serpent stars in my five gallon, and I just watched one climb to the top of the tank, lift its body up in typical breeding fashion, and spew 30-40 black eggs into the water. Is this a sign of a healthy tank? Are these going to actually produce more of them? I don't have any fish, so the eggs might live.
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