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Found 89 results

  1. This guy is extra salty

    The sump

    This is where my two displays make a trio to complete the cycle of stability
  2. Hi everyone, I am needing some help with how large of a CUC I need for my 32 gallon Biocube. My concern is the algae. A little history: My tank has been up and running since October 1 (one month). It cycled completely in 2 weeks, and at the end of week 2 I started getting some brown algae and green hair algae. On week 3 I added a small CUC: 2 trochus snails 1 serpent star 1 emerald crab 1 coral banded shrimp 1 snowflake clownfish I originally didn't want another clownfish, but after a few days I realized I should have bought a pair together. We returned to the LFS, tested my water, and got my 2nd ocellaris clownfish and 3 small blue legged hermit crabs I wanted to go slower than that, but apparently I got a little too enthusiastic. Anyway, everyone is doing just fine aside from having my first fatality (one very small hermit crab who I believe got trapped in a rock and was missing for a few days)...I found half a body yesterday during a water change. All my water parameters have been fine (testing every other day), but I have a lot of brown algae on the sand and on my rocks. I also see some spots of green and dark red algae on the one live rock I have. I'm hoping this isn't cyanobacteria, but not freaking out yet. I will deal with it. I think my clean up crew is too small. I know I have only 2 snails, but the amount they poop is insane. Most other tanks I've seen have way more snails and CUC. What are your thoughts? Should I add more snails, hermits, or other? How many do I need? Thanks! Ashley
  3. Hippieheadshot

    IT'S WET! Hippie's Rock Flower Nano

    Alright! This is a reboot of my biocube 8g. This was my first tank almost 3 years ago. It became a QT tank then I decided to break it down. Now that I will be able to keep a work tank I excitedly got plans together. This is a rock flower anemone focused tank. I love nems and have had great success with my bubble tips and mini-max nems so I am eager to get underway! So begins the hardest part.... Waiting to cycle and balance! Equipment - Nanobox Retrofit LEDs - inTank Media Basket - Sicce Syncra 1.0 (way too tight a fit) - Jebao SW-2 - 25w Heater Stocking Plan - Rock Flower Nems! Most likely from VIP - Shrimp / Goby pair - GSP because it goes in every tank I run! - Montis and some other encrusting/plating SPS and corals. Never kept SPS so it will be new for me. PHOTOS!
  4. Hey Nano-Reef world!  I have posted twice so far with updates on my Biocube 32. I believe that my tank successfully has cycled and I am ready to move onto the next step - a clean up crew, and replace my Damsels with Clownfish and other kinds.. and possibly some corals? I tested today, and my Ammonia and Nitrites were pretty much undetectable.. My Nitrates are rising, and my pH is good. Since I have cut my lights I have not noticed any more algae bloom... however, I have noticed some growth on my dry rock mainly that looks light brown, but not like algae bloom. My salinity is right at 30% and a temperature is a warm 77 degrees (parameter pictures below).  Recently I have: - Completed a 20% water change (5gal), siphoned my sand, cleaned my rocks of some algae bloom and wiped off my interior walls. - Added a Hydor Koralia 425gph pump - placed it on the other side of my tank, giving my live rock (future home of corals) some additional water flow. - Been giving my tank just an hour or so of light per evening. - Purchased a refractometer - Purchased a specimen basket and accudrip for when I add more fish, corals, or intervertebras.  My Damsel fish are thriving in my tank (every time I walk up to my tank they swim to the top expecting to get fed) but I feed once a day ( just a little bit).  Any thoughts on my next step?! clean up crew options?  I'm pretty proud of myself as this is my first saltwater aquarium!  THANKS!
  5. Jdo2010

    Biocube 32 Progress

    Hi all! I've had my biocube set up with 3 damselfish for a little over a week now. Over time, I have noticed some color changes in my tank ( specifically on my live rock and top of sand) Sorry if this sounds odd- but I believe it's a sort of algae growth ( brown algae bloom) . I have attached pictures of before and what it looks like today (9.19) I believe that my tank is going through its cycle process, and I should be ready to take my damselfish out and replace with some other fish soon.. I have a few questions- 1) Should I take out my damselfish? I feel they've adjusted well to my tank and eat like champs. No sign of distress or disease. 2) Is my tank still cycling? Should I let it go for another week or so? Is the dark coloration normal? Any opinions or comments regarding my tank would be greatly appreciated! I'm still learning daily
  6. No longer needed, took top off, works great with Led's, very bright PC's one blue and one white. $50 Local pick up only in Miami.
  7. spsewell

    Biocube 16, First tank

    Hello, just wanted to post my first tank build. I was planning on a handful of cleaners after the tank cycles, slowly adding a few beginner corals. I think mushrooms and zoas? Not sure. 3 fish, a pair of clowns and maybe a goby. Just taking it slow, learning about the corals and fish before I actually select anything. Not really sure which direction i can go for easy care and hardy tank. Any helpful advice or tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking. I started the tank on Saturday, 12AUG, fish-less cycle using ammonium chloride solution. The ammonia levels have been steady at 2ppm, with a slight rise in Nitrite to .05ppm and Nitrate to 3ppm in just over 24hrs. I used red sea salt to mix to a SG of 1.025, and using the red sea test kits to test all parameters. LED Biocube 16 w/ stock lighting. Tunze Silence Pump 1073.008, Return pump. Turbelle Nanostream 6040 w/controller. inTank Media Basket, in 2nd chamber, w/ poly filter floss, (Purigen, Chemi-Pure Elite to be added after cycle) Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO. Approximately 14lbs of CaribSea Life Rock, and 15lbs of CaribSea live sand.
  8. Long time lurker, first time poster. Getting ready to move into a new tank, and have spent some time trying top get my stuff together.. Tested for phosphates for the 1st time, and am really confused.. See below for details. Have a 14G Biocube that has been running for a couple of years. Other than some red slime issues when I started it - everything has been stable and looks good. I'd like to start a new Innovative Marine 25g lagoon tank with some SPS in addition to my current zoas. I have really never spent much time testing water other than nitrates, but in anticipation of the SPS, I decided to get some "Advanced" test kits, one of which is the Low Range Hanna 713 Phosphate checker. Needless to say, I was very surprised by the results. Tank Setup 14g Biocube, Intank media basket, filter floss, chemipure-elite, Nanobox duo +m light Ecotech MP10 powerhead (25%-75% power) MJ1200 return pump RO water, 50% water change 2 weeks ago. All top of water= RO 2 clownfish, a cleaner shrimp, various snails and other CuC. Various zoas and an obnoxious mushroom coral Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 1.024 Minimal "bad" algae; sand is clean/white (purple in picture is from camera white balance being off I guess) Thin sand bed, 1" at thickest point, 1/3 of tank is bare bottom Tank Parameters Temp - 79F Nitrates 5 ppm ph 8.2 Alkalinity 195 ppm / 11.0 dKH Calcium 432 mg/l Phosphates 1.5 ppm (WTF) I tested twice, and got similar results. Again, have not done a water change in two weeks, so would expect parameters to be as bad as they would ever be (just surprised how bad,) because it sounds like my phosphates are 300X higher than what I need to maintain SPS corals? I don't think so, but am I missing some sort of calculation conversion? Otherwise, what in the hell? Jeff Bridges
  9. t_fins

    Stocking Timeframes

    So my Biocube 29 has been up and running for about a month. Cycle has completed. Current parameters are 1.026, 0 amm 0 nitrite >10 nitrate. Diatom bloom is over. I do 25% water change weekly. Removed bioballs and replaced with DIY media basket(filter floss and chemipure) I currently have 2 maroon clowns(received as Father's Day gift and I know they will have to be rehomed to larger tank soon) a small CUC (3 turbos, 2 astera snails, 4 hermits) and one Frogspawn frag(2 heads) My question: I know I need to go slow with fish (want to add 1-2 more small fish) and I should probably wait at least 2-3 months for invertebrates and 9+ months for an anemone. But how slow do I need to go with coral? Can I add frags weekly? Monthly? More than one at a time? I'm primarily stocking with softies and LPS as I haven't upgraded from stock lighting yet.
  10. SelectedByNature

    Hooded AIO Getting Hot

    Any suggestions for keeping my hooded biocube cool this summer? I noticed it started getting warm yesterday (normally 79) it was 81.7 (it was 33 outside). I never thought it would be an issue since it's in the basement but there's no AC down there. I lifted the hood last night to allow more air exchange cooling through the night and it was back down to 79. But by the time I left for work it was creeping up again. Since I have a hood is it a bad idea to leave it open at night and closed during the day causing constant fluctuations? Any thoughts?
  11. LuckyJoe

    First time sps

    Have a biocube 14 that has been running for about 2 months now. In the middle of a red slime algae bloom right now. I have several softies that are doing good except one other coral. A superman montipora that I bought back when I had the stock pc lighting. Since then I bought a corallife skimmer and an ai prime HD set to 13k at 60%. I also keep with 20% water changes twice a week, so I figured not to worry about trace elements. The monti bleached with the old lights, but the polyps are still there and colored. I want to buy other sps corals in the future, but don't want them to die. Picture of monti is attached.
  12. Hippieheadshot

    Biocube retro, rewire fan?

    I have the retrofit in my little 8g biocube and due to the channels and moon light the fan is at an "always on" state. Now this was fine when before when the tank was not right next to my face but know that I will be setting it up on my work desk it needs to be controlled. I don't want to damage the lights electronics and I am not sure exactly what parts I would need. I was thinking 2 options; 1) insert a switch between the fan and the electronics, a simple on off switch would be easier but one I could control, like a rotary dial switch would be best. Is that possible? 2) Cut wires and attach fan to a separate power source with a rotary dial switch. That way I can manually adjust the fan speed. I'd hate to have a separate power cord so this is not my favorite 3) ???? Maybe you guys have an idea? Thanks in advance guys!
  13. 2FazeeeFlow

    Biocube 32 LED

    Hey this is my first time setting up a saltwater tank. I've done freshwater previously. I'm a student / intern right now. I am hoping to keep my tank relatively low maintenance (hopefully). My tank has been running for about 7 weeks. I try to do biweekly 5g water changes with premixed store bought saltwater or distilled water with seachem vibrant sea salt. Equipment: Coralife Biocube 32g LED Stock Biocube LED Lighting Stock Return Pump Hydor Theo 150W Heater Hydor Koralia 425 Circ Pump Coralife Protein Skimmer Magfloat curved glass cleaner Refractometee from Amazon Cheap glass thermometer Aquascape: 20 lb Caribsea Coarse 5 lb Caribsea Oolite ~20 lb dry rock Chamber 1: Heater Protein Skimmer Chamber 2: Stock biocube filter cartridge Stock biocube media basket Seachem Matrix Carbon Seachem Purigen Seachem Matrix Biomedia Stick Sponge between Chamber 2&3 Chamber 3: Stock Coralife Return Pump Livestock: 2 small oscellaris clownfish 2 small firefish gobies 1 small cleaner shrimp 3 astrea snails 1 Mexican turbo snail 1 Tongan Nassarius Snail Detritus, lots of it Coral: 1 Green Duncan frag 2 Zoanthid colony frags 1 large green mushroom frag 1 small purple mushroom frag 1 pulsing Xenia frag 1 green star polyp frag Any constructive comments / advice would be much appreciated.
  14. I am trying to sell a few things to help fund my entry into the 100 Days of Nano Contest! Seeking $30, that includes shipping and PP fees. CONUS Link to the inTank Basket page -> http://shop.mediabaskets.com/BioCube-14-Media-Basket-BC14MR.htm
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