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Found 69 results

  1. hooligan_78

    Looking for Small Carpet Nem

    Looking for a small 3-4" carpet nem, could be haddoni or gigantea. I'm not picky on color. If you have one to get rid of let me know.
  2. My clownfish only gets in my anemone periodically and then hides what is he doing he sleeps in it every night
  3. JoeMan02

    pest anemone?

    Ello ya'll, I saw this anemone-like thing on my live rock and I'm wondering if it is a pest. Thanks in advance! -Joe
  4. I have a designer clownfish $80, anthias $20, 3 bubble tip anemone $5 for medium (left or right each) and $25 for the middle. PM me if interested. Pick up in West Los Angeles area only. Thanks.
  5. My clownfish is slightly smaller than my other over clownfish(same species) and they fight or the big one chases the smaller one but then the male submits and they are friends and then fighting happens again is this normal in pairing and they occasionally head but the seabae anemone but never make their way in it is this normal as well please help!
  6. Landofin

    Clownfish Fighting Solutions?

    I have four clownfish currently in a 125 gallon aquarium i recently added one to the original three and the first few days he was bullied but now one of the clownfish breaks off from his group to be with the new one but still chases him and makes him submit and will be with him alot of the day now but will still sleep and hang out with his group what should i do and what does this mean
  7. My Seabae anemone is in a 125 gallon aquarium and I was wondering what the size limit is on that anemone in such a big tank
  8. I have four clownfish currently in a 125 gallon aquarium i recently added one to the original three and the first few days he was bullied but now one of the clownfish breaks off from his group to be with the new one but still chases him and makes him submit and will be with him alot of the day now but will still sleep and hang out with his group what should i do and what does this mean
  9. thespinningsadhu

    big sexy

    I was having fun with my macro lens.
  10. thespinningsadhu

    Maxi Mini

    I was having fun with my macro lens. This is an extreme close-up of my tiny maxi mini.

    © jagadeesh owens

  11. thespinningsadhu

    A Love Story

    My lady shrimp in her new home. She loves it.

    © Jagadeesh Owens

  12. thespinningsadhu


    My new maxi-mini is doing quite well and has found his spot after only five hours. His name's Freddy because he's flashy like Mr. Mercury.

    © Jagadeesh Owens

  13. Olipocock12

    Getting clownfish to host anemones

    Dose anyone have any good tips on getting clowns to host anemones? from my research Iv seen that different clowns host different anemones so getting a match is the best place to start. Iv also found out some tips and here they are; 1) print a picture off or a clown in an anemone and stick it to the side of the aquarium next to the anemone 2) place them both in a bucket or floating breeder box inside the tank so it limits the space and they are forced to host 3) shine a light over the anemone at night when the lights are off has as anyone got any experience with these methods or has other methods or tips that would help?
  14. rsucre

    BTA ID

    Hello, Can you help me ID this BTA? It looks orange-green to the eye under my lights (mostly actinics + white) and looks more reddish when the lights are off. It is very small, around 2". Looks healthy, has not moved since I got it a week ago, eats daily (small part of a freeze dried jumbo shrimp, small pellets and/or fauna marin coral pellets). My two perculas are not being hosted yet. I have seen names like: Sunburst, Lemon Drop, Rose, ... Which one is this?
  15. Got some things that need to go! Feel free to text me: 650-866-939five FREE DROP OFF IF YOU ARE WITHIN AN HOUR AWAY FROM ME. $80 takes it all. 1x Acan Colony 1x Acan Frag 1x Pulsing Xenia 1x Frogspawn (about 4 inches across) 1x Mini Carpet Anemone 1x Red Monti (about 4 inches across) Feel free to text me: 650-866-939five
  16. Stockwell85

    Biocube 32 (LED) vs JBJ 28?

    Hello, sorry to belabor the question I have seen asked often, but I'd like to nuance it. What are user/expert opinions on the Biocube 32 LED vs the JBJ 28 with the intermediate light set up (seem to be comparable specs and pricing). It seems both are rated for medium to low light requiring inverts. I understand that the 4 gallon difference in the biocube may be a big deal to some (represents a 14% increase in water capacity over the JBJ). Truth is, I want to run either one stock with minor modifications (no light mods or sump drilling) and (after thorough cycling and stable parameters) keep a low light (if there is such a thing?) anemone and clown pair, which I know is cliché, but its what the family wants. So in summation: 1. Which system is better/will meet my needs based on desired stocking and require little to no mods? 2. Is there such a thing as a medium to low light anemone that will do well in either tank with stock lighting? Thank you any/everyone who responds
  17. What's the recommended size tank required to house a couple of ocellaris clown fish and what anemone should I get for it, it's for my sons room. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated as I'm a first timer Sorry if this has been posted before.
  18. JOberloh

    Healthy Anemone?

    Can anyone tell me why BTAs lose their bubbles? My Rose Bubbletip Anemone seems to have lost all form to his tentacles and is usually looking like the photo attached. I want him to bubble up again to host my clowns! Any thoughts or input would be appreciated.
  19. fr0ntsight

    ritter anemone interactions?

    I just got a nice big ritter anemone for my tank for my clown's and he is doing well. I was curious if there is any concern with him being close to my green star polyp coral. I noticed it's polyps have been retracted for the past couple days. I looked around online but couldn't find anything definitive. Would really appreciate any info. Thanks!
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