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Found 71 results

  1. thilankasp

    26G Nano Reef | Coral Eden

    Current FTS - 20.11.2017 Background : I’ve been a fan of Reef tanks for ages but always was afraid to start one myself so I kept myself busy with freshwater tanks. After reading a lot about them, especially this forum, I decided to start my first Nano Reef. My initial plan was to start something small, around 6 Gallons. But after going through this forum, I saw how hard it is to keep small aquariums stable. So I decided to start with a 26 Gallon. Tank : ● 26 Gallon Custom Tank with a filter compartment in the back. Altogether around 30 Gallons. Equipment : ● Resun 1000L/h Submersible Pump ● Jebao RW-4 Wavemaker ● Resun SK-300 Nano Protein Skimmer ● Zetlight ZA1201 Marine LED Light Filteration : ● 30 Pounds of Live Rock ● 15 Pounds of Live Sand ● Filter Sponge ● GAC ● Purigen Livestock: Fish: ● Firefish (Nemateleotris magnifica) x 1 ● Black Photon Clownfish (Amphiprion percula) x 2 ● Purple Firefish (Nemateleotris decora) x 1 ● Segmented Blenny (Salarias segmentatus) x 1 ● Banggai cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) x 1 ● Pinkbar goby (Pinkbar goby) x 1 Inverts: ● Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis) x 2 ● Trochus Snails (Trochus radiatus) x 5 ● Porcelain Anemone Crab (Neopetrolisthes oshimai) x 1 ● Indian Sea Star (Fromia indica) x 1 ● Maxi-Mini Carpet Anemone (Stichodactyla tapetum) x 2 Corals: ● Zoanthids (Zoanthus sp.) x 5 ● Mushroom Coral (Actinodiscus sp.) x 1 ● Superman Mushroom (Discosoma sp.) x 2 ● Hammer Coral (Euphyllia ancora) x 1 ● Open Brain Coral ( ? ) X 1 FTS - 11.07.2016 - First Livestock Added FTS - 11.06.2016 - Tank Established Comments are appreciated.
  2. Anem-mom

    Wild Sea Nem, Help!

    Hi all… I’m very much a newbie to this hobby, and am in somewhat of an unusual situation… I really could use some pointers, so please please please bear with me... The extremely condensed version of my story is that I was unwittingly thrown into this hobby when I found a wild sea anemone washed up on the beach (in June) and decided to save the little guy. (And before you give me the lecture about making an “informed decision”, please take the time to read the more detailed account of my situation, which I’ll put at the bottom of this post.) Here he is the day I found him: After some foundational research and a successful trip home, I set him up (temporarily) in an old 1gal tank I already had. I did go out and buy a small Tetra Whisper power filter for the tank and later added some arag-alive sand. He was bleaching big time for a few weeks after the ride home, but once he was in the tank and not being handled he seemingly fully recovered. After the ride home, waiting for the new tank to filter - he seemed okay! After some research, I’m 85% sure that he’s a Tricolor Anemone - Calliactis tricolor - but have SCOURED the internet and found next to no information about them, save a symbiotic relationship with certain hermit crab species. I recently bought a 5gal as an upgrade as I know they need a LOT of space, and it’s currently being prepped and cycled before I add him to it. Knowing about the space thing I would’ve bought a bigger upgrade tank, but a.) he’s pretty small - I’ll attach some pics, and b.) it’s all I can afford right now since I didn’t get any prep time to plan out my tank. The Marina kit that the tank came in had a power filter, an LED hood, and I bought a small Tetra heater to put in there as well. My water quality has been relatively constant since I’ve had him, and after some experimentation I’ve set his routine at feeding once a week (bits of raw shrimp from the local grocery - frozen when stored, thawed when fed) and full tank water changes once every 2 weeks. I know it wasn’t a good idea to do full-tank changes, but he didn’t like to be bothered once a week, even if it was for a 1/2gal change, and like I said - the tank was only 1gal. My reason for sharing all of this though, is that recently he’s seemed to lose a bit of his vitality… He deflates and inflates relatively frequently - I know that’s pretty normal - but it seems almost convulsive… not in its speed, but in its shape-? I’ll attach pictures of what I mean - these are from a few weeks ago... he improved since then, but worsened again. Recently, however, he’s almost always a little deflated and his tentacles haven’t been inflated in quite a while (days). He is due for a water change, but I’m hoping to get him in the new tank very very soon (hopefully later today) but he seems to be in a fragile condition and I don't want to shock his system too much. I’ve tried to keep up with everything and replicate wild conditions as best I could given the circumstances, and I think he’s done fairly well thus far otherwise… Do you see anything that I’m doing that’s totally wrong? In essence, I’m hoping to get some advice/thoughts/tips from anyone about what I should do in terms of equipment, routine, and/or anything that you think I can do to help improve life for my wild nem… Thank you so much! More details: So here’s what happened: I was at the beach with my family this past June, and my cousin and I found a live sea anemone attached to a venus shell that’d washed up after a storm. Being the marine bio enthusiast that I am, my first inclination was to return it to the wild after showing it to my other family members. However, I soon realized that - since there was nothing but sand on the beach (i.e. no rocks or anything the nem could attach to) - ‘returning it to the wild’ would only result in a seabird winning the mealtime lottery. Now I know that death is a natural and vital part of an ecosystem, but I figured I had the foundational knowledge to keep this little guy alive until I could learn more, and hell- those birds were getting plenty to eat from the lady throwing bread down the beach. I only describe all of this for whoever’s made it this far into my post (bless you!) to know that I didn’t make the exact rookie mistake of saying “ooh! I wanna keep it!” Now I’m by no means an expert, but I do have a passion for marine biology and even did a summer program at a coastal university last year to study marine bio - in which we briefly studied anemone’s - so I already knew a little about what I was dealing with. So I brought him home and set up the makeshift tank, and after about two weeks he was in the best condition I’d ever seen him in! I’d put some other shells from the beach in the tank and it was so funny to see him exploring around the tank, climbing up the walls and the filter tube (it’s okay, I turned it off), and falling over on himself while trying to ninja-roll over a shell (yes, I have a video :3). He eventually chose one of the shells and hasn’t moved since. We established our routine and stuck to it, but now he isn’t doing too well. I haven’t seen him in his normal, opened, inflated state in days, almost weeks - and he’s never since matched the liveliness of that second and third week (I don’t mean the wandering, I know that’s not a super frequent thing). My profile pic is of that time frame. Also, he's been doing this thing where he appears to shed a layer of white-ish filmy skin-? I read that that could be a normal way of expelling a coat of bad bacteria, but have come up with mixed responses... If that IS the case, should I leave it be until it entirely detaches from him or can I clear what's only hanging on by a thread? And if this isn't normal, please give me your best guess. I realize I make it sound like he's expelling zooxanthellae, and he's done that a couple of times, but this is different. And finally, in the last couple of days there has been stuff that's seemed similar to zooxanthellae that he's expelled through his mouth - it's also white/clear but a little thicker... I would think it's shrimp but I haven't fed him in a few days... Help?
  3. Horsey_Cat

    WTB: Aiptasia Mutabilis

    Im interested to see if anyone has any "pest" or hardy anemones that will stay small and be suitable for a pico. I came across this video and it looks like exactly what Im looking for. Apparently its a Aiptasia Mutabilis but when you look it up, they don't look nearly as good as it does in that video. I won't be ready to purchase one immediately, Im just interested to see if anyone has anemones they are willing to sell that look similar to the one in the video and/or are equally as hardy and beautiful. Thanks Edit: or Aiptasia Pallida Bartholomea annulata Arachnanthus nocturnus
  4. Hello Everyone, As I was reading through some of my suggested news feeds this afternoon, I found a truly interesting article on NatGeo which talked about the Stunning Creatures that are found under the thick white blanket of ice in the Arctic. Here are some pics from it - METRIDIUM SENILE - Sea Anemone Another version of the same species - You can find that article here - https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2018/09/white-sea-arctic-underwater-marine-life/ Cheers!
  5. 10Gaquatics

    Anemone Help!?

    Ok, I have had this 3” GBTA for about 2 months. After a week of it being in the tank I added a 2-1/2” Maroon Clownfish to the system. The anemone was beaten up by the clownfish and all the long bubbly tentacles became short nubs and lost the bubble. After 5 days of the Maroon being in the tank I removed the Maroon, and let the anemone settle down and heal. BUT that was 2 months ago, and the anemone looks almost the same, it hasn’t healed much at all. I feed it once or twice a week (mysis) and it always accepts it. It is under very strong 10 x 3 WATT LEDs it gets about ~340 par where it is. It is still very green-brown color. It expells waste maybe once a week. My tank is 10 months old. It is a 10 Gallon with SPS, LPS, and soft coral comapnions. I run chemi pure blue and a hob refugium packed with cheato algae. I do water changes once every 1-2 weeks. I dose Aquavitro Fuel and Seachem PhytoPlankton. Its other companions is an Ocellaris Clownfish (not hosting) and a Neon Damselfish, with some blue legged hermits and snails (nothing picks at it). Its mouth doesn’t ever gape open. It is a little bit sticky to the touch. It gets 10 hours of lighting a day. (I also give it 1-2 hours of direct sunlight daily with NO ALGAE PROBLEMS. It gets a medium amount of flow. It still expands everyday to normal size, its just a majority of the tentacles are just short. Some have regrown bubble tips and some look like they are nothing. So after all of that is my questions 1.) Will it ever get better 2.) How long will it take to get better 3.) Should I trade it out for a different one at the LFS 4.) Has this happened to anyone else. Parameters pH: 8.3 Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 78.5 F Am./Ni.: 0 ppm Nitrates: 2 ppm Phosphates: 0.03 ppm Calcium: 440 ppm dKH: 9.5 Magnesium: 1430 ppm Thank You!
  6. Lugmos12

    What do you feed your BTA?

    I have green BTA. She/He eats frozen pe mysis and krill. It also eats NLS pellets. What else can I feed it? I usually feed 2-3x/week but I don't want to overfeed and pollute my tank with nutrients, however, I also don't want to deprive the BTA of 'good' food sources.
  7. Started this tank on March 30, 2017 with stock pump and filter sock, koralia nano from previous tank, and 5 lb of LR, and about 8.5 gallons of saltwater to start. The tank is almost a year old now and some upgrades have happened. (will take some better pics with the camera later) Equipment -IM Ti ATO (going to tunze nano ato) -Ran a kessil a80 for 11 months before going to a radion (diffusion kit/rm -Jbj 1/15 hp Chiller with 1.0 return -Sicce 0.5 return - inTank Media rack with 2 filer floss on top, seachem matrix, bottom two filter flosses -inTank universal media skimmer -was running a IM desktop Media Reactor with carbon but since the RMS mount is fairly big i had to remove the reactor (don't mind that because its freaking study!) So in turn I have a Fudge basket that I might run with more matrix in it if the tunze 9001 doesnt work out (coming) -MP10 wQD -inTank Frag rock (2) - 5 lb LR -3 lb Sand (going to take down to less lb's till its barley covered probably -Cobalt Aquatics Neotherm 100w heater - 6.5 chemipure Live Stock: - Rainbow Acans - Duncans - Walking Aussie Duncan - Purple Tipped Frogspawn - Young Maxima Clam - Rock anemone -3 nassarius snails -3 Trochus Snail -3 Aussie young scolymia/s? LOL -Side plant is one of 3 succulents I got at a baby shower and decided to try to grow it under the XR-15 instead of my bedroom window lol, so if they switch out ever that why. Let me know if you have any thoughts on the tank! Plan on upgrading to a Lagoon 25 at some point this year I hope!
  8. hoodle


    I am participating in a competition where we make brine shrimp, algae and aiptasia ecospheres in a jar. Within 5 minutes, the 1 cm anemone had killed most of the brine shrimp, so I'm hoping that there are some unhatched cysts and I'm moving the anemone to another jar. Does anyone have any advice on this? Can aiptasia survive under a grow light ( I know people know more about killing the stuff than keeping it, but still...)
  9. I am re-setting up a Fusion 10g and I want to house mainly an anemone some chalices maybe a stick if i am lucky ...oh and my clownfish. So wanted to get a conversation started regarding the filtration I currently have in mind: Was thinking of going with: Reef Glass Protein Skimmer MarinePure Ceramic Spheres Chaeto Algae Reactor Do you guys think this is overkill? What you think? Thanks for your time.
  10. Tom.s.levine

    Hitchhiker ID

    So I need some help ID’ing this hitchhiker that came with the small red/burgandy plate coral from saltwaterfish.com it looks like an anemone but I am not sure. It’s red with purple tips. It does not appear to be a manjo. It’s on the left next to the plate coral/tounge coral Any ideas?
  11. Hey everyone, so i’m currently rocking a 10 gallon nuvo which has been great so far.. but i’ve really wanted to make my dream come true and get a smaller 5 or 7 gallon tank which would only have anemones and one or two clown fish.. maybe i’ll do one clown and one yellow goby. Anyways, i wanted to know whats the better size tank to go with? 5 gallon or 7 gallon. I absolutely want it to be one of these sizes because it fits my night stand perfectly. Thanks again for your inputs
  12. I have been feeding my BTA a little piece of frozen shrimp weekly. It accepts food from me but hasn't been looking as healthy as it was when I first purchased it. I'd like to feed it a good diet so I am looking for recommendations for: 1) best types of seafood to feed it 2) a good feeding schedule (BTA is about 2in in diameter) 3) any particular brands that I should look out for I'm asking for brand recommendations because I initially purchased a bag of frozen shrimp to feed the anemone. Since I only used one shrimp to feed the anemone, I cooked with the rest and realized that the quality was pretty bad (not very fresh tasting and also tasted of chlorine).
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and also a beginner with handling fish My problem: I have a 10G tank which is currently being cycled with 2 live rocks and with Prodibio Startup. It has lighting, water heater, water flow mover, marine salt, and substrate. I want to have an anemone, a clownfish, a coral. 1. Can I put them all in a 10G tank? 2. Ideal sequence? Some say put the anemone first before corals and fishes. Some say put clownfish first then anemone. As usual when going online there's conflicting resources (and I'd guess they are all valid for specific scenarios) 3. How far can I go with stocking? I read there's the one-inch rule and also the floor area rule. My guesstimate for a 10G is 5 fishes (3 inch each). 4. Assume I can put 5 fishes, does a coral or anemone count as 1 "fish" (though they are not fish) I'm sure I will have follow-up questions. I have done my reading but as usual, there's not enough reading that can answer every scenario. I am trying to copy a couple of setups as my baseline, but these questions are lingering in my mind. Overall goal: I want to give life to our new apartment while considering the limitations of space and layout of this 1100 sq feet place. I and my wife want a minimalistic design of the place. The place has vegetation that are strategically placed in the apartment. We don't want to have huge tanks because of those reasons (at the very least) Just a bit of background about me: I'm a fast learner and like to gobble a lot of information. I'm a senior software engineer who values test driven development, a professional beauty photographer on par with the best in the industry, and a serious Internet of Things maker (I've created a lot of sensor-related things--monitoring everything in the house and also started with robotics). I'm also a master-level chess player. Thanks
  14. I went to a beach cove in Malibu, California and ran into a bunch of these little guys. They’re a light blue color with purple tips. Almost looks like an anemone to me.
  15. Hey all, I want to upgrade my currant tank size (8g) so that I can keep a couple more things. What size do you think I would need for all of this? I wanna try to keep it as small as possible (without doing an unbearable amount of water changes). This will also be my symbiosis/ invert tank so if you guys have any other suggestions, let me know! I will be adding a sump with a refugium for chocolate chip stars and macros. Fish: Two designer clowns Possible shrimp goby Inverts: Bubble tip anemone Rock Flower anemone garden Porcelain crab Harlequin shrimp Pom Pom crab Possible candy cane pistol shrimp Possible 5 sexy shrimp for nem garden Possible anemone shrimp Possible clam down the road Coral: Mushroom and Ricorda garden Elegance Coral Hammer Coral Birds nest coral Montipora Possible gorgorians I’ve never seen anyone do such an extensive invert list in a nano so I am not 100% sure on the compatibility of all of them together in a small tank Any cool ideas for a set up?
  16. Lugmos12

    carpet anemoone (corrected)

    Went to a LFS today and saw this huge mini maxi carpet anemone - must have been about 12-13" across, probably bigger.
  17. OK, well they might not be getting degrees but they are for sure helping me get mine! I am currently a Junior at a small school in Ohio and I have something no one else has, a pair of badass clownfish! I have been keeping reef tanks for about 7 years now and after all that time I finally feel like I'm avoiding rookie mistakes. I originally brought a 5 gallon tank to school my second semester of my freshman year and my whole plan was to make everything as simple (and cheap) as possible. Anyone in the hobby knows where this is going. I went too simple and too cheap right out the gate. I went bare-bottom, no mechanical filtration and even skimped on the live-rock. Long story short that tank did not survive past spring semester. I tore it all down and swore that I was done! Fastforward a year and my obsession with the hobby had been rekindled. I spent the last summer researching how I can make this tank 1) thrive long term, 2) personally enjoyable and 3) informative to others. As the only person on my campus to have a saltwater tank I felt like this time around I had to keep the up for myself but also for the people living with me. 5 months into that journey and people still come up to me and ask "you're the one with the fish tank in your room right?" Tank Specs Display: 10 gallon glass aquarium Lighting: 2 Par38 Rapid LED bulbs suspended using Coral Compulsion clamps Heating: Eheim 25W heater Circulation: Ecotech mp10 (OG model) Rock: Reel Reef Rock (10lbs) Filter: Aquaclear 20 w/Chemi-Pure Blue Substrate: Carib Sea Arag-Alive Reef Sand (-12Lbs.) Current Livestock A pair of Ocellaris clownfish 2x Sexy Shrimp 2x Nassarius Snails 2x Scarlet Hermit Crabs Soft Coral Green star polyps Radioactive Zoanthids Hulk Zoanthids Anemones Red rock anemone All my livestock, besides the female clownfish (bigger of the two), came from vividaquariums. I highly recommend them! It is the second time I have gotten shipments from them and they are world class and very professional. I ordered a pair of clownfish but one died within 12 hours and they were great about refunding me the next day! If you cannot tell, I love photography so if you're looking for a thread with some cool photos, stay tuned for more. I will be trying my very hardest to post every ~2-weeks about how tanks journey. The good, the bad AND the ugly! Thank you for reading.
  18. I suspect my little frostbite clown of having intestinal parasites. He’s in a 10g tank with a banggai cardinal. I have used API GC to treat for worms in a freshwater tank, and I know saltwater hobbyists use it too. Will is be safe for my reef though? I have mostly softies, and few LPS, and one BTA. Also, should I treat the water column, or would soaking pellets be enough?
  19. Point is I need advice moving a bta to a nano after coral has attached. Full story: I currently have 2 saltwater tanks, one is a 3 year old (abused for the past year) biocube I decided (since having a 4 month old) I can’t keep anymore. It has only been topped off a few times year, the filter changed 4x a year, has been around 88 degrees the past 4 months, and I can’t afford time or money to keep. BUT through all this I’ve had a few fish and a gorgeous rainbow bta survive (the whole reason I agreed to move the tank to a new house AND upstairs at 6 months pregnant. At her best!  My second tank is my reef. It’s over a year old, 12g with a 10g sump. Taken very well care of. Even have white porcelain crabs which would enjoy a bta. I’ve had clowns smother nems before, do porcelain crabs do the same? But again only 12g and a nem? Zoas are on almost every rock. Some zoa colonies I’d be willing to lose for the anemone if it’s possible. It’s has softies, lps and 2 monti frags on the glass.  The anemone (still in the biocube there) hasn’t been doing well for months now very suddenly. The lighting maybe was changed because I added an old orbit led that always confused me, maybe when it started getting warmer, and the lack of care I’m sure. Anyways, since I’m trying to get rid of this tank and I lovee this anemone is there any hope of adding a bta to a semi-new reef? I’ve acclimated it to my new tank and it is very happy. Have it under a plastic bottle cut in half with small holes for some flow so it can’t move around easily.  Has anyone successfully added an anemone to a nano reef after the coral? Any tips on my water bottle cage? It’s hard to get a seal on the bottom so I know it could slip out. Does anyone know if a porcelain crab would smother my nem if he ever gets uncaged? I have an ocellaris clown so I’m not as worried of her trying to host it enough to smother it. Please any advice is greatly appreciated! Mat least I have an infant so am awake all times of the night to check the tank xD
  20. Hello all, i'm running a IM Nuvo 10 and i finished my cycle. The tank has been set up for 3 and a half weeks now, live rock, live sand, and established water was used from my lfs. The cycle was extremely quick, and didnt have much of a cycle because nothing really died off.. the only thing i've been lowering is my Nitrates, currently they stay at around 10-15. i'm ready to start adding things slowly, however i really wanted to put an RBTA in this tank. Knowing that its going to move around, i wanted to place it first, so when it does find its place, i can add my euphylia all around it.. (yes i know rbta can move at any time) however, is it correct or acceptable if i put the rbta now? Will it thrive with the nitrates at 10ppm? lighting will not be an issue, i'm runing Ai Prime Hd. And return pump has been upgraded to 210gph. Everything seems to be doing great in my tank, i have around 10 hermit crabs and they are doing just fine. Is it time to add my anemone? Or do i stick with small frags such as zoas, torch and frogspawns. thanks fam! happy reefing
  21. Where In The World Is Bob Fenner? We Track Him Down To Talk About Diving Destinations, Climate Change, and Underwater Photography We speak with The Conscientious Marine Aquarist author and owner of Wet Web Media Bob Fenner about a variety of topics in this interview. Plus, watch his 2017 Reef-A-Palooza California presentation “Anemones for Aquarium Use, Husbandry.”
  22. Bob Fenner: Anemones for Aquarium Use, Husbandry Check out Bob's 2017 Reef-A-Palooza California presentation!
  23. So I just threw this together to help raise awareness of Nano-Reef.com's newest pico contest: I hope lots of people decide to join in the fun.
  24. I can order 8 rock flower anemones for $100 shipped. I have a 3.7 gallon nano, currently only a small cuc. Would 8 rfa be pushing it for a tank this small? Seems like it to me. I suppose I could sell a few or trade for store credit at the lfs. Opinions?
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