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Found 2 results

  1. hi all ! I just got back into reefing after 16yrs away from reefing! My last tank was a 800 gallon reef with 2 250 w iwaski halides and compaq flos. i know old school light setup does anyone still use halides? I still have a ica cap ballast ! And a bulb! 100 gal refuge sump. This setup was about mid 2000s i had a full on reef .sold everything got out of the reef scene. Back then the net was just starting and most of the info was trial and error talking to old school reefers.etc. Wow i cant believe all this new tech. Led lighting. Wavemakers. Cheap Dosers Everything has improved not everything i see heaters are still crap. And corals are so expensive now wow $50 for a mushroom just 1 lol. Designer clown fish ! Wow I use to pay $5 for 3 mushrooms. Now im back! this time a 15 gall tall. I also started a fluval flex 9 gal reef as well the flex is more of a obervation tank for livestock for the 15gal. who know s i might make it into a soft coral tank. I know the 15 gal tall tank. Is not ideal. Now theres cubes starfire glass etc. hey it was a deal at petco ! Now a days ita pretty easy to setup a saltwater tank back in the day it was a struggle . I will be posting my progress on 15 gallon tall any advice or tips much appreciated. my current setup 15 gall column aqueon and aqueon stand aqueon hood led light. bio filtration 12lbs of live rock .3lbs of figi 2lbs of forida and dry rock carib sea live sand crushed coral med mechanical filtration aqueon hang on the back filter carbon and cartridge filtet- this will be replaced by a refuge hang on the back 50w aqueon heater (not enough watts) hydor koralia wave pump 240gph I used rainwater and instant ocean salt the rainwater and rock cycling my tank faster .? aquascape designed by Gayzel Deserva started the tank cycle feb22 2019. 1st 5gal instant ocean rodi water change march 5th 1 week in i added 5 blue legged hermits crabs. 2 days later added 1 emerald crab. Tank cycled good still cycling. added 1st fish on 3/4/19 green chromis so far chromis is doing well eating no hard breathing. i added some cheeto algae directly in the tank today. my parameters 76 degrees- my heater issue 1 024 sal 8.4 ph i havent tested for nitr or phos im doing it by eye. I did have a small alge out break less light and my cleanup crew took care of the car algae. current livestock day 13 of cycle 1 green chromis so far so good 1 emerald crab 4 blue legged hermit crabs one died due to fighting for a shell .my bad future live stock cleaner shrimp clown small blue tang.i know i know ... Currently have a Iq3 skimmer on order. future upgrades. refugium hang on .i really like the cleartides refuge with built in reactor. kessel light? Will be upgrading lighting Doser for kalk topoff New heater 75w any suggestions? Need a small footprint to fit in the fuge. Thanks for checking out my post!
  2. hi everyone, one of my stomatella snails keeps falling off the rock, I've found him on the sand upside down about 3 times today and that's not like him at all. most times he's just hiding underneath a crevice in the rock he likes. please help I don't want anything to happen to him! edit: i noticed one of his antennas or feelers or I'm not sure what u call them, one of them is shorter than the other I'm not sure if that could be a factor or something
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