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  1. I purchased an IM tank from Reef Supplies in Montreal shipped to Vancouver. I also know J&L Aquarium in Vancouver carry IM tanks and ship in Canada as well.
  2. Water went into the tank on Sunday. I have dosed a cap of Microbater 7 on Sunday and again today. Tested the water tonight and my Ammonia and Nitrite is both zero.
  3. I actually might remove that top cliff part.
  4. Will the below surge protector power bar plugged into a GFIS wall outlet be safe? https://www.apc.com/shop/us/en/products/APC-Home-Office-SurgeArrest-11-Outlets-with-2-USB-charging-ports-5V-2-4A-in-total-120V/P-P11U2
  5. Top of tank is 11.5". Highest point of rock is about 9"
  6. I should be able to get my Flipper around it on all 4 sides.
  7. Any feedback would be appreciated. I think I may have used too much rock...
  8. I think it’s ok! I only installed the feed and product lines. Everything else was preassembled.
  9. Water out <- DI reactor <- Carbon reactor <- Sediment reactor <- water in I reviewed the AquaFX user manual on their website and their system appears to be configured the same.
  10. I loosened it off and let it fill to the top and then tightened it again.
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