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  1. So I have ordered a spare 404 pump for the Fluval Spec 3 to upgrade this specific feature, I have stripped this down and have cleaned all out and is now sitting empty on my desk. The Pump should arrive in the next couple of days. I can use the current pump to mix my water prior to water changes, having done a little swapping around of heaters in current tanks I have also managed to get two spare 25w heaters. One for the back section of the AIO and one for water changes. I have been into my LFS and enquired about Water cost (£1 per gallon) they also have the below parameters PH: 7.9-8.2 Salinity: 1.024-1.026 Nitrate: 5-10ppm Phosphate: Below 1ppm Magnesium: Around 1200-1300ppm Calcium: 400-450 ppm Iron: about 0.01 ppm Iodine: about 0.04 ppm Additionally I have found "frags" of the following Macro-algae which I am looking to introduce into my tank fairly soon. Codium - This is to be positioned near the top of my live rock within the main area of flow to give me some movement in the tank. Blue Ball - I have heard reports of this spreading, is this true and how do you stop it ovretaking a tank? Dragon's Breath - I am thinking of placing this near the base of my scape as it is more rigid and will not move as well?
  2. Ah well I'll have a nosey through the other previous contest threads Cheers
  3. Would the spec 3 disallow me from the contest? Seems like the better financial choice as I seemed to have chucked the HOB and 75W. Pump, media basket and replacement lid sounds like a good option. Might just go Macros and Hitchhikers and see how I manage. And how far I can stretch a really thin hobby budget Looking at Dragons Breath, some Codium and also Blue Ball What sort of flow rate am I looking for here? Sorry lots of questions
  4. I just tried that on mine, thankfully I got it off in one piece. Was not worth the effort. Finish was terrible nothing lined up well and the silicone looked like it was sneezed on. Currently trying to put the rim back on
  5. Do you have a thread on that tank? Nevermind found the jar
  6. Well I guess I have been coerced into joining this
  7. I'll see if the HOB fits. If i remember correctly it was a Seachem Tidal 75 Power Filter from a long crashed shrimp tank. I think that might be where my missing heater is as well thinking about it. I think it adds another 1.9l/0.5g to the tank capacity. Fine it looks like i'll be joining in, I don't understand the equipment choices though
  8. Dimensions of desk space? Or dimensions of available tanks? Might be easier to list what I have knocking about? All below is currently empty and clean (vinegar and elbow grease) I can fit both these tanks on my desk. Nothing larger due to weight, size and power point availability 12x8x6 Tank (12 litres) Fluval Spec 3 (10 litres) Heaters, I have spare 25w, 50w and 75w Internal Filters x 3 Hob Filter I am leaning towards another Spec 3 as I have an idea to have two - three spec 3's all with a single light above the three (ideally FW, Brackish, SW). Not sure how well that would work however, would have to check light parameters for Corals as well as Freshwater Plants
  9. Thanks, but unfortunately the Spec 3 is the largest tank I can have at work. I am more than happy to undertake larger changes as this is what I do with my current Betta set up, currently run 1-2 50%-75% weekly water changes, this all depends on evaporation from the rear compartment of the Spec 3 as well as other things (parameters, how messy Betta ate etc) . Can I get away from using activated carbon? I hate the stuff and try and avoid at all costs Excuse the lack of knowledge what is the difference between a pump and wave maker? I will hunt the threads down and look. Thanks for the welcome
  10. Greetings All So I have been quietly planning my first SW tank for a couple of months now, I have extensive background in Freshwater and wanted to make the transition to a Saltwater Tank. I am looking for a second Pico for my Desktop at work, I currently have a Betta in a Fluval Spec 3, I am thinking that for symmetry I would pick up a second (done) Spec 3 Tank to set up as Saltwater. I do not want a great deal in this tank, I like the planted look as well. Here are my initial thoughts Yellow Clown Goby/ Yasha Goby Trio Sexy Shrimp Clean Up Crew I am aware that I need to upgrade certain aspects of this tank, here is what I am thinking in terms of equipment Tank: Fluval Spec 3 Heater: I have 25, 50 & 75 adjustable Nano heaters available. All fit in back compartment of the Spec Lights: Currently stock, I want to have Macro algae, Sexy Shrimp, Clown Goby small CUC. Do I need better lights? Pump: I'm looking for a Mini Jet 404 or Pico Evo 400 Filtration: I am thinking two bags of Chemipure Blue in the existing media rack and Filter Floss on top to stop debris entering compartment (FW has this problem also) Now as I said I would like to have a Macroalgae Pico Tank, I have thought about it and would like some Cheato, another 2 Green Macro's and 1-2 Red Macro's. What are some good "starting" Macro's? Both Red and Green. I would like some movement in the tank as well if that makes any difference to the recommendations.
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