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    thanks both @TILTONthanks for the advice on algae. Marine algae is a completely different ball game to what i'm used to in tropical freshwater! is the powder food unnecessary for my zoas, leather toadstool and green star polyps then (providing of course lighting/water quality is correct)? my porcelain anemone crab does also seem to like filtering it out the water column.
  2. Jason2000

    Coral ID

    I've recently aquired my first marine aquarium which came as a full set up, including this coral which seems to be doing quite well. Can anyone identify it for me? Its about 6cm across currently. Also be interested to know how large and how fast it is likley to grow, and whether it will benifit from the soft coral powder food i'm adding for the other corals. Thanks in advance
  3. My fluval evo 13.5g has a three part sump with skimmer,filter media,heater/return pump. Because the nano skimmer only occupies the top half of its section there's a void below which I'm considering filling with live rock rubble to aid biological filtration. However as its pretty much the first section the incoming water hits i'm worried it will be a dirt trap, which won't get washed as filter media would. Will this cause more problems than its worth? Be glad of any opinions 🙂
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