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  1. That is what I thought as well, upon my research I saw the post from R2R and when reading the bottle. My tank at the moment does not seem to have any issues besides the slight Nitrite. The fish also does not show any distress, and acts normally 🙂
  2. I'm hopeful that everything will be fine. This is my tank right now! Both of my clowns seem happy as ever 🙂
  3. I mean the truth is that I'm extremely new to this hobby, and believed my lfs was knowledgeable enough to help me with my tank setup. After researching the web today I've found that there are multiple ways to setup a tank, the way I did was also included. Newbies like me are prone to make some mistakes, that is how we learn.
  4. Okay, thank you! If it gets worse I will definitely do a water change or add some Seachem prime. I'll keep on testing the water to see what happens
  5. Yes, I realize that now. I'm doing my best to fix the problem asap. Yes, the rock came directly from a up and running tank 🙂 so hopefully that will make the process a little easier, and less stressful for the fish
  6. I used live sand from Carib-Sea, and live rock
  7. I've had the fish tank setup 5 days before adding fish. When I added the fish I also added an extra dose of Turbostart 900. This is also a video that I saw from SaltwaterAquarium.com that told me to do the exact same thing as I did.
  8. I saw a slight increase in ammonia. As for the fish the my lfs told me that adding the bacteria, and then not adding a fish would be counterproductive as the fish will release some ammonia to cycle the tank. I would like to add that I'm not feeding the fish every day. I'm feeding them maybe every other day, to reduce the waste as much as possible.
  9. Hi Nano-Reefers! I just setup my new Fluval Evo 13.5. I started the cycle with Fritzzyme Turbostart 900 and thereafter added two small Ocellaris Clownfish. I have also feed them Hikari Brine Shrimp and they devoured it. Now I have a small question. My current parameters are the following: PH: 8.0 Ammonia: 0.0 ppm Nitrite: 0.25 ppm Nitrate: 0.0 ppm Temp: 78 F. I wonder if the elevated Nitrite levels are okay for now? I'm fairly new to this hobby so I probably worry to much, hehe Thanks in advance!
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