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  1. Lol!! My dog is a Staffordshire bull terrier mix, the parrot is an orange winged Amazon and my gecko is a leopard gecko 😁 If I put them all in the tank together my parrot would come out on top no doubt 😂
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    Hi, My name is chanelle, I have a 30L marine tank (aqua habitat 30 by TMC) Ive been keeping and breeding fancy goldfish for 10+ years, I worked in a fish store with cold and tropical freshwater fish for 6 years and have just finished my marine biology degree at university. I kept my marine tank running for 1 year but had to break it down for uni. I have just set it back up (after 4 years in storage) and it's been running for 1 week. I also have a dog, parrot and leopard gecko 😍 Looking forward to getting to know everyone here 🙌🏽
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