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  1. I’ll probably just do zoas on rocks, acans on sandbed, and some euphylia in the back or on top. I was curious about trying acro or birds nest but I don’t think it would look good.
  2. Mystery zoas already opening up. The fire and ice type frag has 18+ polyps. Working on ID for the other. Possum is alive and seems to be doing well. Very shy so far and my rock work has lots of nooks for it to hide. I’ll get pics if it comes out. I moved all of the zoas into the rock work still on the plugs. Most seem to be happy but I’ll keep an eye on them for the next few days.
  3. Acclimation was sort of rough. The possum wrasse was swimming in the tank then started laying on its side in the bag. I got it home and started drip acclimation for it and the frags but had to take my brother to the doctor so they ended up being slowly dripped for about an hour or maybe a little over. The wrasse was still on its side pretty much the whole time and the water was cold so I pulled the heater out of the bucket I was mixing in and dropped it in for a little with and without power and sped up to get temps closer. I then bagged all three and floated for another 10-15 minutes before adding to the tank. The wrasse did better in the bag then swam out of my hand very fast when I got it out. It hid on the side of the rocks but was upright and seemed alright. I had to go to work early so I hope all is well with the tank. My brother should be checking on it so hopefully it doesn’t die on me like the Pygmy hawk did. Also, sorry for pic quality. The iPhone X usually takes pretty good pics but without the light on it sucks. I’ll have some more tomorrow or whenever I can see the possum and corals are open.
  4. Update: added possum wrasses and two mystery zoas. The store just set up a new frag tank but it doesn’t have lights yet so I couldn’t tell what the frags were. I’m pretty sure one is fire and ice and the other is some sort of blue and orange.
  5. Thank you! Very neat fish. Take some pics when you get it
  6. Magicians opening up but the red people eaters are being stubborn. They looked like they were starting to open before I fed earlier so I’m hoping they settle in this week. A new LFS I went to had a small sixline and a few possum wrasses that I’m also considering. He said I could do a bangai cardinal because they’re not active, would that be realistic? I probably won’t do it but I’m curious. Tomorrow I’ll grab a fire and ice frag and some other frags and look at the possum wrasses. I’m still all over the place on fish options so any input is appreciated!
  7. Now I'm seeing pictures of clowns in them. There seems to be conflicting info. Also look into what it's temp range is.
  8. Hopefully you have the light and flow to bring it back. I also read that the condy nems do not host clowns and may eat them so keep an eye on it.
  9. That situation is far from ideal but the tank looks good. What are your plans for the upgrade? Hopefully the nem makes it. They usually need to be added to 6+ months matured tanks.
  10. I have some blocks I just need to see what’s in them. Maybe I’ll put some macro on there. I saw some red and blue macro at one of the stores I’ll look into care on the blue stuff.
  11. That’s what I was thinking. Beautiful tank! What types of macro do you have in there?
  12. Thank you! I can’t either. The scape may not be final but I’ve played around with it and this is the layout I like the most. My plan is a nice zoa garden with acans in the sand and maybe LPS at the top. Maybe even acro if I’m feeling brave enough.
  13. Those pygmies are cool just expensive and I don’t know if I can find locally. I’m staying away from clowns. I’ll call and ask about a GBG pair but royal gramma is still very tempting. I just found a thread of a 3g with one that did well. There was also a bowl with a couple of corals and a RG that was perfectly balanced. Also had neon dottyback recommended but that seems like it would get too big. The tank is 14x9.5x9.5” it that makes any difference. I’ve seen sixlines recommended for picos because of their more cryptic nature a few times but I haven’t seen many picture examples. Edit: found one on RC. Maybe it’s doable? Still going to research it and see if others have done it successfully.
  14. I’m still all over the place on fish. One of my local shops might be able to get GBG and trimma. They also had a Springer’s damsel that caught my eye. I’m also considering royal gramma, sixline wrasse, firefish, or a small damsel. A few LFS have said clowns would be fine but the consensus on the forums seems to be absolutely not. If nothing else I can find clown gobies and sharknose gobies pretty easily.
  15. I’ve been meaning to post I just wasn’t sure where. At first I added a pygmy geometric hawk but it died a few days later. Params were fine so I’m not sure what the cause was. I’ve since added a small cleanup crew of 2 nassarius snails and a trochus snail. The frags are 7-8 polyp bam bam zoas, an acan, 3 polyp magician zoas, and 4 polyp red people eaters. Everything seems to be doing well but the magicians and RPE haven’t opened yet but they were just added on Monday. It seemed like they were starting to open a few hours ago. Algae seemed to be gone then came back but not nearly as bad as the first time. As far as equipment: Asta 20 marine light Stock pump Seachem Matrix Small bag of Chemipure Blue Koralia Nano Aqueon 50w What are your plans so far? I’m new too so trust me I understand 😬
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