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  1. I dip every coral that i buy or trade. Typically the LFs corals are super dirty with bugs. Local hobbyist ive found their corals are clean. Aftet the dip goes to a quarantine tank. For 7 weeks. I just dipped (last night) a zoa rock in bayer got it from a local reefer . I use 4 plastic food containers 1st dip is bayer and the saltwater thatt the coral comes in 15mins.i dont preheat the water dont use full gallon. I use a small syringe turkey baster to blast the coral . About 3mins to go i fill the 2nd container with my tank s saltwateter so that its at temp. Then i dip the coral for 10mins #2 container swish it around blast the coral. Then i do the same #3 container fill with tank water place the coral in #3 swish the coral for 5mins . #4 is warm tank water i swish thw coral blast it again. Once this is done. I get the coral and do a final rinse with rodi water .from there the coral goes to my quarantine tank i have blue legged hernits and some snails in my quarantine i always worry that i didnt do a good enough rinse to the coral i havent lost anything. I dont use coral rx i think its a waste of cash bayer works alot better. Sorry for your loss .
  2. Ive turned down the led brightness. Its a learning curve on the leds. Pic of my fluval flex.
  3. Im not using copper You will be ok. I just did the same on a fluval flex 9g. Its my quarantine tank. Today i just added snails 3 astrea and 5 blue legged hetmits. I will be waiting 7 weeks before i use it as a quarantine for fish and corals.
  4. You will be ok. I just did the same on a fluval flex 9g. Its my quarantine tank. Today i just added snails 3 astrea and 5 blue legged hetmits. I will be waiting 7 weeks before i use it as a quarantine for fish and corals.
  5. Im back into reefkeeping from 16yrs ago. I have to say alot has changed!! Alot of valid points here . My recent expierence at a lfs. Very small retail footprint. Designer clowns . One of the things that threw me off was he showed me a angel with ich and he told it was just a cold! I was like wait this is not normal. The owner went on and said the angel is use to it he had like 15 fish in the tank. I couldnt believe it. ! I was you should at least do a rodo dip on the angel and quarantine your fish i got a blank stare! The coral prices are stupid 16yrs ago a large torch was $40 now its $150 to $300! Mushrooms were $5 for a colony of mushroomd now 1 shroom is $39 wth!! I understand the lfs has to make money to survive. Its so weird. I go to petco and my local petco the fish are healthy ! And priced reasonanble. Yes i agree the consumer drives the prices. I do see the quality of the fish has gone down in my local lfs .
  6. Can u dose rodi water with this for top off. I see alot of ato and then these isnt the same thing i made a dyi ato with a medical iv drip easy and it cost $8
  7. Cool im still working on the light settings . I go all blue in the am then increase both throught thre day and decreae at the end. Itw a learning curve right now i like the light. The corals like the led too i got my green zoas on the bottom and a small colony towards thr top of the tank both zoas are doing well! The pic is mostly all blue light
  8. Update day 16! Chromis doing great. Upgraded my light to the aquanight 30a led. Perfect for the aqueon hood which got modded! Added a green zoa frag! The tank is doing good ! My next upgrade is refugium and ato top off .
  9. Hi Jeff crazy ac fail. my 800 gal tank just got to be a chore didnt enjoy it. Your right about the nano tanks it really enjoyable a smaller scale. Good to be back in the hobby
  10. Ok i will seriously reconsider. Seabass I ended up ordering a china 100w heater small one . It was cheap we ll see how it works out. The 50watt aqueon struggles esp with no heat in the house. Day 14 . Chromis still doing well . Eating and active! Today i purchased a zoanid colony from petco for $20 the girl threw in a extra small zoa about 6 so 16 zoa for $21 not bad .people are selling 1 zoa for $10 craziness. I placed the smaller zoa colony in my 9 fluval flex. Yes i did dip both zoa s in bayer dip. So far so good all the zoas opened up. My next purchase the kessel nano $129 my dilemma is the aqueon hood. I will have to modify the hood for the kessel light and i will probsly place eggrate on the inner top of the tank in case any mishaps from mounting the kessel. I know alot of people would just take off the hood. It dont look right with out the hood. Any advice for mounting the kessel i know it comes with a brqcket for under the hood. Thanks for the time.
  11. Yes I’ve been looking at that heater it’s going be my next purchase thanks eBay has them a littles less
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