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  1. Hi! I’m new to saltwater, but I spent some time researching fish diseases for when I start stocking my tank. This may be bacterial, so antibiotic soaked food might be best. There are so many forums with info, but I would suggest the “fish forum” under livestock and search “cloudy eye.” I saw some old posts about grammas, gobies, clowns etc with similar symptoms and some treatments. Good luck!! also, if you have seachem prime or some kind of ammonia detoxifier, add that to your tank ASAP to get rid of that tiny bit of ammonia
  2. It’s 2019... any lighting updates?
  3. Impressive! Enjoy seeing your updates. Corals look to be filling in really nicely!!
  4. Anyone still in Montana? It’s pretty lonely in Anaconda for fish people! Reefmissoula is a nice, small store. Otherwise helena and Bozeman petcos have the healthiest stock from what I’ve seen.
  5. I hear ya. I’m in SW Montana and it’s tough to get your aquarium stocked. I’m cycling my first tank so I’ll be in your shoes soon! I think Bozeman has an aquarium Facebook group with some SW enthusiasts, FYI. Reefmissoula is a helpful store, if you’re at all near Missoula.
  6. Looks great! How do your corals like it? I may recommend it to a friend for her fluval... cheers!
  7. I got this little guy, comes with some nice pulse settings for variable flow. Got it on my 29 gal biocube https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/auqa-gadget-desktop-wavelink-aio-powerhead-165-1500-gph-innovative-marine.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw1KLkBRBZEiwARzyE797IdnpaGFOw1soBXRxxgnzK1jFLlyrmZUTWYFB_E1uc2hwi-vd2IBoCA44QAvD_BwE
  8. I’m brand new to saltwater and the forum, and it’s so inspiring to see your tank and read about your experiences!! Looks like I have very similar goals to yours, I learned so much from your post. And, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your tank is stunning.
  9. One big thing I’m shopping for is an RODI unit. If anyone’s got one for sale please let me know! I pump water at a friends house with RODI for now. I have pretty high TDS so probably looking for 75 gpd at least. Thanks!
  10. 👋🏻 hello! This is my first saltwater tank, and with not much of an aquarium culture in my little mountain town, I’m hoping to share and learn with some other obsessed aquarists! I’ve got a nice 55 gal South American freshwater planted tank that’s been going great for about 2 years. I got this biocube 29 used with all of the stock equipment, but have upgraded to the following -eheim 100 watt heater -inkbird temp controller -duetto ATO -IM wavelink wave maker -stock skimmer -dry rock from Bulk Reef Supply -inTank media basket with filter floss and bio media plate pieces -stock lighting (for now) I’m just now cycling, entering week 2, so feeding and testing for ammonia/nitrites. I seeded with seachem stability. Running with lights off. I will run a small Refugium with chaeto in the back sump when I get some nitrates and phosphates going. Would love to hear advice or encouragement! Thanks for letting me join the forum 👍🏻 Ps follow me on Twitter @JulieReefer
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