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  1. Just received my wavemaker, Jebao SOW 4 and my refugium light Kessil H80. Jebao is more quiet than I had thought it would be. I could not really hear anything and had to look at the propeller spin to confirm it was running on the lowest setting. On the highest setting you can hear something but it does not really bother me. I have to figure out a way to mount Kessil H80 so it is shining the back of my tank. The gooseneck that I came does not look like it is going to work. Once I figure out a way, I am thinking of getting Chaeto and Ulva Macroalgae.
  2. John just emailed me now saying he will refund and I replied back offering him to just ship with my next order. Will definately order again from him!
  3. Yes. I will probably order from him again and I plan to stay in this hobby for a very long time. I don't need the replacement right away. He can send with my next order which will probably be in a month or so. A Nano Reef member had a used Kessil H80 for sale and I just bought it. I will have to figure out a way to use it for my refugiun that I plan to have in the back chamber. I am probably going to get Chaeto and Pod mix from Reef Cleaner.
  4. Just received my CUC from Reef Cleaners. It was supposed to deliver on Saturday but USPS screwed up and delivered two days later. Everything came in separate bags and looks like almost everybody made it except a bag of snails and one of the porcelain crabs. The bag of snail had a very funky smell (rotting fish) and porcelain crab was shattered into pieces. I bought four porcelain crabs and only one was shattered into pieces. This bag did not smell at all. Maybe the snails died first and the crab was shattered recently? I am probably going to get Chaeto and more stuff from Reef Cleaner so maybe he can ship the replacement with my new order to save on shipping? I blame USPS not Reef Cleaners. The box was packed well. It arriving late is probably what killed the crab and the snails.
  5. Hi. I did not read everything but I scanned through the photos and your tank looks amazing!
  6. I just went in to a LFS for some RODI water and saw a Hammer coral frag was on sale ($5) and I could not resist. The same LFS is having an anniversary sale in May and that is probably when I will add the clownfish. Ordered a CUC from Reef Cleaners before the clownfish died. The package was supposed to be here on Saturday but it still has not arrived (it is Sunday night now). I hope it gets here on Monday and no DOA.
  7. Yes. I am probably going to wait a month or two before a new fish... how did the parasite entet my new tank? I started it from scratch. Maybe the LFS fish has parasite? Thanks for the encouragement
  8. The second clownfish just died...it passed a long white stringy feces before it died. The combination of nitrite and parasite probably killed him. This guy was tough though. He lived ten more days than the other guy. I just ordered a CUC from reef cleaners and do not know if the parasite can effect them and/or the future clownfish resident....
  9. I did. It was a little busy and I did not want to hold the guy up for $6 corals. I remember him saying one being a Zoa, a Brain, a Blasto or something like that, but dont remember which is which. The Zoa looks nothing like the Zoas on the pictures I saw but maybe it is because it is closed up. All I asked him was I wanted some corals that grow slowly as I dont want one single species invading the whole tank
  10. You are amazing. I just did a quick google search and they all seem like a good match. Thank you so much for your help
  11. thank you. I remember asking for a Zoa and the guy saying one of them being a Brain and another a Blasto, although I cant really tell the difference between them an an Acan
  12. frag #6 & 7 I think these are called Acans or Brain just want to verify.
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