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  1. Not really, I upgraded from a nano-remora to the regular on my ten gal and saw good results.
  2. I don't think you should do it, see if a LFS will take him for a while.
  3. I have a 40 gallon set up next to a pretty good sized closet. I am thinking about building a wooden table in the closet for a frag system which would be plumbed into the 40. In the interest of spending money on frags rather than tanks, I'm thinking of using something like a rubber maid tub to hold the frags. Does any one have experience with this kind of system, or can suggest what a suitable container might be? Really any input at all, I have kept display tanks for a long time... but this is new to me. Thanks a lot in advance for any advice you may have!
  4. I think I read a study somewhere that said 04'ers were the very best. Does anyone else remember seeing this?
  5. Heh... I think you got that guy at Dolphin's pet village If so I have one of its brothers. When I got mine he was pretty bleached, but has been steadily recovering. What have you been feeding?
  6. Small amounts of oil and junk from the construction makes the bubbles less adhesive until it's been worn off. Rinsing the skimmer in hot vinegary water helps speed this along.
  7. Title says it all, need a light for a frag tank.
  8. Have you used any epoxy in the tank recently?
  9. If the rock is actually cured then it will be fine to add, but I often see some pretty seedy rock in the "cured" bins at LFS. To be safe only get rock that looks very clean, and is in a tank with a lot of flow and clean looking water.
  10. Ciwila


    If all that's wrong after a 2 day outage is 10 nitrates, then thank your lucky stars. If it was zero before it should get back down there before too long. Do you have a skimmer?
  11. +1 I'm a little suspicious that you might not be using the right kind of filter. I think you'll be pleased with RO mixed water over anything petco has to offer, let us know how your tank responds!
  12. You really can't count on controlling the aiptasia with predators. I know it's a bummer, but if there are all ready 12 nems in the tank you should cook the rock and start over... it really won't set you back that much. I have started a bunch of tanks with cooked rocks, and it is amazing how quickly they get packed with life once you begin adding things. You can also go find a single piece of really primo cured rock to speed things along. Dealing with glass nems in an established tank is a night mare, save yourself the trouble.
  13. haha... this totally cracked me up. I think you should drain the sump and then remove the sand. A shovel is a good idea, and I bet it wouldn't really take that long. You should take out all the sand, but it should be fine to reuse after being rinsed out in fresh water. Berlin is the way to go, I promise you'll be much happier with your tank w/o the DSB.
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