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  1. I got the life rock shapes and absolutely loved it. Haven’t used reef rock but when I made my decision I felt liferock looked better to my eye than the reef rock but I’m sure they are very similar. Life rock also definitely has all sorts of shapes, Tonga, shelf, etc...
  2. Haha thanks Beer, well I am not patient and waiting for the cycle to end is torture. So I had nothing better to do than plan out the coral placement. I'm a noob but when I put my head to something usually will figure a way to make it work. So hopefully it works out. We will see.
  3. Ahh thanks reposer didn’t think about that. I’ll put the month on the other side then so it doesn’t shade anything.
  4. Hello guys, This is my first reef tank and it is almost completed the cycle. I will first add my few fish I have picked out and then slowly start to add coral. I want to map out my coral placements instead of just buying and throwing them in there. That way I can research the corals and know how to take care of them and all of that. I will be adding the SPS and Lobo way later, at least 6 months down the road but the others I will add after fish are in there and everything is stable. What I need from you guys is to tell me if I have everything mapped out correctly or are things in the wrong place to where I will have problems. As it relates to flow Koralia 425 & Sicce 1.0 return pump, lighting (AI Prime HD) and coral warfare (will something be stinging something else if it's too close etc...) This is a 20G waterbox for size reference. Thanks!
  5. ok thanks guys, I'm going to take your advice and wait to see if I need anything. i will start with just 20 percent water changes weekly and go from there. Thanks again.
  6. For ATO it might be overkill but I went with the Tunze 3155 because of the 2 failsafes (float valve and eye.) The nano ones only have the 1 failsafe and I wanted to run a large reservoir and my wife might divorce me if I dump 5+ gallons of water on her hardwood floor lol. Plus if I want to upgrade tank later I will already have the 3155. I have no experience though so listening to me isn't prolly the best, just from the research I did I wanted the extra failsafe.
  7. From research I've done on here a small refugium like that really doesn't do anything, besides give a place for pods. So I think a skimmer or a reactor would be beneficial since my prime objective is to keep nitrates and phosphates down.
  8. I have a waterbox 20 cube and I am currently cycling the tank. I have enough room in the middle chamber to add either a skimmer or a small reactor. Which do you think would be more beneficial for my tank and if reactor is the best what should I run in it. First tank. Thanks guys!
  9. @Deejaxok thanks man appreciate it. I might try the cheapest coral they got and see what happens if my ammonia is good on Monday, that way if it bites the dust no harm no foul.
  10. @Deejax do I need to test ammonia after the cycle is over? I thought you only needed the ammonia test for during the cycle (which I can have the lfs check for me for free), or do I need it for later uses as well. And yes I suck at patience, Ill definitely be patient with the fish cause I don’t want to kill one but I’m sure I’ll lose a little coral rushing haha. I’ll just get a yellow watchman goby or clownfish first and then wait to add more. How long is the consensus on waiting to add coral?
  11. @shaner014 man yeah that’s awesome, I think I may have to give it a go. I know you said you had 81 mm when the plans only say 80 so hopefully mine is like yours and not less. I’ll have to borrow a tool that can measure it first and make sure mines the same. But I’m prolly going to take the plunge cause it definately looks far better than any other option. I’m surprised it isn’t super loud since I’m guessing the sides are up against the glass, but I’ll give it a try and see how it works out. Thanks for the pics that helps!
  12. Thanks! No this is my first tank so didn’t really have any available and didn’t want to buy any live rock. But I bought some ammonia and bacteria booster stuff at the LFS, that with live sand and the bacteria on the life rock, he said it would be cycled in a week so we will see if that holds true hopefully I can get a fish in a day or two. I have nitrate and phosphate tests but didn’t want to buy ammonia and nitrite tests since the lfs can do it for free and I won’t use them again.
  13. What are you guys using for skimmers in your WB 20? I really like the Cadlights PLS-50 Elite 2 Skimmer that one of you modified for yours, but I'm scared of paying that much and breaking it trying to mod it or something. The main thing is I want a quiet one.
  14. Hello, brand new new to all of this so have a question that may be dumb but can’t find the answer. I installed my RODI BRS unit and then I ordered a float valve for it. I’m about to install it but have a question. After I fill up my 5 gallon bucket of RO water how do I carry it to my tank with the flow valve attached. Do you have to unscrew it every time? Does the ro line slide out and then back in? Or do I need to buy another bucket to pour it into? What is the easiest way ? Thanks!
  15. Using an american DJ 8 channel power switch. Just google that and you should find one. There’s a few brands but they do the same thing. Makes it really nice to turn off pumps and stuff.
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