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  1. @ktmrider89, I keep messaging you but don’t hear back. Let me know if you’re getting my messages.
  2. I messaged you yesterday about getting it sooner but haven’t heard back yet. Did you not get my message?
  3. I apologize and you’re correct. My alk is 9.1dkh
  4. I'm really wondering on this one... that's where I went after watching them for a while. I'm new to this so was hoping someone would confirm it. I'm definitely leaning in this direction.
  5. And here it is right now.... super weird, the one that was open is closed now and two others are open 😕
  6. Much puffier, yesterday they were huge. This is more what I'm used to:
  7. Other corals seem to be doing well. I have a couple of Toadstool Leathers that are a little grumpy right now as well. My alk is around 10dkh the last time I checked. No water change within the last couple days and yesterday they were plump and happy. This is how they look right now, not even a half an hour after that first pic, almost just seems like they're opening and closing, it's kind of weird. The pic is darn near the same angle so you can see the difference in just a few minutes. If I watch a while I can watch them open and close a bit
  8. Keep in mind they ate two days ago, direct feeding, and were very happy.
  9. My Acans are usually very happy but I came home to see this today. I'm not used to seeing it like this and I'm worried about it. Is the one with the white in the center dying? It looks almost hollow down to the skeleton. The one above it and to the right has a tiny hole in the mouth as well and the one directly above it has a little "tongue" sticking out.
  10. Check out this link and see what you think. I've seen it in "colonies" before but I'm hoping a more seasoned reefer can identify it for you: https://saltyunderground.com/category/aiptasia-anemone-photo-identification-page
  11. I lean towards that being Aiptasia but I’ll let others chime in since I’m no expert.
  12. I second the GSP, Xenia, and Zoas. All of these have thrived in my tank and I'm still very new to the hobby. I have a couple leathers too that seem to be fairly easy but I'll let the experts chime in on that.
  13. Over the last week I was told that corals aren't as sensitive to the cycling process so I added a few corals, by a few I mean quite a few. I also got a firefish, I know, I know. Corals: Orange Zoanthid Green Zoanthid Cabbage Leather Green Star Polyp Toad Stool Leather Pulsing Xenia Rainbow Acan Favia Hammer Green Chalice Finger Leather Coral Alveopora Encrusting Hydnophora I've been keeping an eye on my levels and my ammonia and nitrites were very low, almost 0. I tested again this weekend and my Ammonia is at .2 and Nitrites at about 1.0. With some help from some very nice people on here and the folks at Fritz Aquatics the consensus was that the Purigen and the Chemipure that I put in was getting rid of the phosphates that the nitrifiers need to convert to nitrates and stunting the progress. That and I was moving too quickly, which I have a tendency to do but swore I wouldn't do it this time. I removed the Purigen and Chemipure and did about a 25% water change, am going to feed less and was told by Fritz that it should correct in a couple of days and get right back on track. I'm not touching it until it levels out. Lessons learned, hopefully others can learn from my mistakes as well. I hesitated to put any of this on here but with hope it'd help someone else from making the same mistakes so I relented and posted it. Be kind to me 😉 I almost forgot, I added the intank media basket and an Aqami KPS wavemaker as well.
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