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  1. I completed a 33% water change yesterday and today I noticed that my return pump is spewing BILLIONS of tiny bubbles into the tank. WHY? What happened and how can I fix it and will it go away?
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    LOL Oh yeah I got one of those. Thanks all! Ken
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    I've searched and come up with tons of definitions for CUC but most of them have to do with Cuban Dollar Exchange Rates. I apologize for the basic question but, what is a CUC?
  4. I picked up a really nice 6-line wrasse today and after acclimating it to the water I put it in my quarantine tank. Before I could get the cover on the tank, it jumped out...... Before I could pick it up, the cat ate it...... Before I could kill the cat, it ran away.... Time for a break
  5. I received my first (and possibly my last) online order for some livestock. Very small specimens. Two out of 5 received DOA. At first, I thought that the Feather Duster was also DOA but put it in the isolation tank with the other survivors with a 'wait and see' approach. This morning I discovered that it had evacuated its exoskeleton and was wrapped around an algae holding on for dear life in the flow. It hasn't extended it's 'feathers' (yet). Is this normal behavior? Will it grow a new exoskeleton? How long does that take? Will it survive or is this it's death dance? Thanks in advance Ken
  6. Thanks for the advice. I won't panic (but I'll keep testing)
  7. Initially, I bought a box of test strips to test my water but was finding it difficult to accurately judge parameters. I since picked up a 'Master' kit that uses drops and charts. It didn't include a test for Ph so I was relying on what the strips told me and the strips said the tank was at 7.6. I wanted it closer to 8.0 so I added a buffer - checked the next night and still 7.6 - added buffer again - 7.8 the following night. Before adding anything else, I picked up a drop/chart Ph kit for saltwater and checked with that. 8.8!!!! AAAGGGRRRHHH! Tonight I will try to slowly lower it down (lemon juice?-vinegar?-commercial reducer?) But for me at least, NO MORE TEST STRIPS!!
  8. Thanks Seabass. Good idea on allowing some gas exchange
  9. Last night the mailman brought me a Red Dragon Breathe Macro Algae. The problem is he didn't actually get it in my mailbox. This morning I found the package in the middle of my front lawn soaked from the rain we've been receiving. Not realizing what it was I brought the package in with me to the office this morning before opening it. My question is how should I store-keep this until I get home? On my desk letting it warm to 72F or in the fridge? Thanks, Ken
  10. Thanks Humblefish. That should do the trick
  11. I recently set up a Fluval 13.5 and was wondering if you have suggestings for sand cleaning. My traditional 'hose with a large end' vacuum just sucks up the sand so it's too aggressive. Is there a suggestion regarding electric cleaners for the sand or should I not really worry about it and just stir it a little during water changes? Thanks in advance Ken
  12. Thanks. That's what I was afraid of. I have yet to pickup a 'good' hitch hiker. lol
  13. BTW: Any help identifying the frags as well as the little anemone-feather-like hitch hiker would be greatly appreciated as well as letting me know if the hitch hiker is good or a pest
  14. The last time I did saltwater was probably 40 yrs ago. Water gathered out of Newport bay, sand from the beach, and incandescent lighting. Left things pretty much on their own and somehow things survived and grew. Times change. I started a 5 gal salt tank 6 weeks ago and on Feb 28th I put together a Fluval EVO13.5 with the intention of making it a nano (pico) reef tank. Sand bed with live and dry rock, an anemone with cinnamon clown, a couple of $5 frags, a red leg hermit, turban snail (?), emerald crab. With that I’m now learning how to do this. I really should have started here on nano-reef.com rather than Amazon but this is now my starting point. Now the hard part. Patience and baby steps. Wish me luck and thanks to this community. I look forward to a great ride
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