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  1. @Christopher Marks I took the advice of someone I found on a google search and ordered PC-Marine Moldable Epoxy Putty off of amazon, so I'm just waiting on that before I get started. Also, thanks a lot for doing that for me! I really appreciate it
  2. Alright, I'll have to google some reef safe epoxy and grab some egg crate. Thanks!
  3. @Fraktal_Blue I will definitely have updates that include how effective my light has been once I'm all cycled. The media baskets seem super handy but I think I'm gonna do some research on how expensive it would be to DIY my own basket before I spend the money on it.
  4. @Fraktal_Blue I can't say much about the Evo clip-on right now besides that it has one normal (white?) light setting and one blue light setting but you cannot change the intensity. May I ask if you've replaced the filter sock or added something to filter along with it?
  5. It's finally here! I just got the IM Fusion 10 AIO as my first ever reef tank! I'm really excited to get into this side of the hobby after spending a good amount of time on the freshwater side. Equipment: IM Fusion 10 EVO Clip 3W Aquarium LED Light Flex Clamp Nano Marine Fish Coral 6x 3 Watts by Odyssea Heater has not been purchased yet (Eheim Jager or Cobalt Neotherm?) ~10lbs of rock free from my uncle 20lbs of Caribsea live sand (probably overkill) Instant ocean salt Ade Advanced Optics Dual Scale 1.0 to 1.070 S.G. Salinity Refractometer for Aquarium & Seawater Stock pump If you guys have suggestions on what I could add/change please let me know 🙂 I just set up a couple different arrangements of my rock and can't decide which I prefer As for stock, I am unsure on a clean up crew, but am set on having a goby/pistol shrimp pair as well as some sexy shrimp that would host a rock flower nem. I'm also thinking of adding one more small fish like a goby or blenny or some fish that wouldn't always be perched on a rock. I don't think I will get into coral right off the bat but that hasn't stopped me from coming up with ideas and researching them. I've looked into Duncans, Acans, Candy Canes, Zoas, and Ricordia. I am going to stay away from SPS coral until I have A LOT more experience in the hobby.
  6. I think it's such a cool relationship so that's a price I'm willing to pay haha
  7. @OverCookedRock Awesome! I appreciate a more experienced local reefer being able to tell me what's what haha Now I gotta start researching those nems...
  8. @OverCookedRock I have yet to set up my tank so I guess I'll be looking into getting a rock flower nem unless it would be too much for a 10 gallon. I made my own post mostly because google wasn't answering my question of which is more difficult to get to pair. I've read that tigers get big and are much more aggressive than randall's but the guys down at Cuttlefish and Coral disputed me on that.
  9. @seabass I doubt it will stay unanswered for long. You guys are way more helpful than reddit and I posted really late so that could be a factor. I appreciate the links you posted 🙂
  10. Reddit is once again useless (I'm being downvoted for asking a question) so I'm pasting my question here. I should really start doing that more often lol I was at my LFS today and asked them about pistol shrimp/goby pairs since I saw one (I believe it was a high-fin goby and a tiger pistol) there. They told me that tiger pistols stay small and paired the easiest with a goby whereas the candy cane/randall's pistol was not as easy to pair and stays even smaller. I wanted to ask you guys about the accuracy of that since I've been doing a lot of reading about which goby and shrimp would go best in my IM nuvo 10 that's arriving soon. Note: I would also like to keep sexy shrimp and hermits in the tank and I've read that the randall's is much more peaceful than the tiger
  11. @xthunt Thanks for all that info! What did you stock in that tank?
  12. @xthunt Do you have any other stuff you could input regarding the tank itself? I'm still new to this site and not great at navigating it.
  13. Which one would be best, 25W or 50W? Also, I saw people saying that putting the heater in with the return pump without puncturing a couple holes in the tubing will lead to little circulation of the heat. Would the Cobalt well fit in the main tank or should I do the mod and add in another powerhead?
  14. @Clown79 Alright, I will keep that in mind, thank you.
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