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  1. We have diatoms!! Had to turn the blue off to get a good view.
  2. Starting up a 10 gallon nano reef. After several years out of the aquarium world I finally convinced my wife to let me get back in lol. Started the tank up on 3/2/19. Specs: Aquaclear 70...Currently just running the sponge and Bio-max. Going to run Chemipure blue once I have livestock. 10 lbs of CaribSea Arag-Alive Bahamas Oolite Sand (after a few days I added a layer of crushed coral to weigh the sand down...the filter was blowing the sand around) 8 pounds of live rock Hipargero LED 30 watt lights with 3 watt Cree Chips I am always open to advice and any suggestions! Looking forward to sharing my little piece of the ocean!
  3. Sweet. I’m only about 12 days into cycling so I haven’t a need to feed anything. Water is looking good and have diatoms growing so all seems to be going in the right direction fingers crossed lol
  4. I haven’t fed anything yet lol
  5. Just started up my 10 gal nano about a week and a half ago. I was looking over the live rock tonight and noticed these little guys hanging out. It’s been a while since I’ve had a salt tank. Are these problematic or ok to stay? Figured better to take care of them now if need be 😜
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