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  1. Hey all! I'm putting together a 20 long reef and I've been throwing around ideas of what fish to stock with. I think I've narrowed it down, but keep reading a lot of conflicting info, so I'm looking for any and all advice. -1 Ocellaris -1 Tailspot Blenny -1 Possum or Pink Streaked Wrasse -1 Fire Shrimp Various CUC members Will a clownfish be ok alone? I do not plan on keeping any nems....maybe some rock flowers, but I hear clowns wont host them, so I think I should be ok? Are these wrasse really ok for a 20 long? I'm leaning a bit more towards the possum, the colors are a little more striking and would match the shrimp 😋 What should my stocking order be? Is it best to get the wrasse in first and let it warm up, or maybe the clown to let it find its spot before needing to fight other fish for it? Any thoughts on adding a Tuxedo Urchin? I really like the colors on the Halloweens
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