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  1. Starting to see bubbles forming on the tops of my rocks - is this denitrification? Or something I should be concerned about?
  2. They were both out and playing on the heater cord this morning!
  3. Finally got the second sexy to get somewhere where I could get a photo of him...
  4. Went tot he LFS to look at CUC for this tank today, and what do they have in the front of the invert section? SEXIES! 😄 Picked up two of them, but only one wanted to come out. The other is upside down on the bottom rock happily munching away. Also grabbed a pair of blue hermit crabs to assist with cleanup (and again, one shown and one hiding).
  5. And by the end of Sunday, before the lights shut off, ammonia was gone! Went ahead and did about a 0.5g water change (just the fresh saltwater I had leftover from the Nuvo water change), got it all cloudy, and popped in my first coral! This is a set of random Zoas from my 10g, just to see how the light works for them. They weren't open in the picture but definitely started opening just prior to lights out for the night.
  6. And at the end of Saturday, looks like Ammonia is gone (API still trying to tell me we're at 0.25ppm, but the Ammonia Alert Badge is showing clear) and nitrates are down under 1ppm. Picked up a beautiful dragon's breath macro from my LFS today, and it's in my 10GNuvo now, but likely going to move it over in part or full once I get one more round of ammonia through the cycle. Re-dosed back up to 2ppm, verified with a test, and we're off to the races once more! I want to see if I can get it clearing 2ppm in 48 hours prior to putting any livestock in there.
  7. Just him and a few corals in the tank. It's certainly not his colors looking different, it's some stripes popping in across his body and then on his face. I was not aware they were able to change color. I was really worried he had something wrong with him. Thanks for the replies folks! We'll carry on as normal then. He's eating fine, and active and swimming around on a regular basis. He also has a good selection of hidey holes in the rock work, so I can't see why he would be so stressed, but he is new (2 weeks in the tank) so we'll see if he settles in a bit more in time.
  8. Hmmm... I see that in the shading, but this is specifically spotting coming and going, and it shows when he is in the same spots at diff times. It's primarily the white spots under his eyes and the white bars up and down his side.
  9. My BiColor (the sole inhabitant of my Nuvo 10) shows some odd colors - I used to only notice it when he was sleeping tucked away in the rocks, but now I see it sometimes when he is out and about. It's an odd striping pattern on his body, which you can see here in the picture towards his tail, and then some white striping on his face. It comes and goes, and never shows when he is actively swimming, only when he is perched. Any ideas?
  10. Nitrates are coming up, rest holding fairly stable. Crossing my fingers for a week or less cycle 🙂
  11. So initial measurements (and indeed the mix goal for most of my saltwater) was at 34.5PPT, or 1.0260. This morning, I'd lost about 6 ounces to evaporation in 24 hours and was reading 36.6PPT, or 1.0276. I'm going to do some research and see if either or both a higher salinity or a higher temperature would truly affect RFAs, sexies, or softies/LPS.
  12. Missing a link, but I would assume you mean something like this one? https://www.amazon.com/Senzeal-Submersible-Aquarium-Fountain-SM-018/dp/B07DVL7F6P The GPH ratings are generous, TBH - this little guy I think just achieves enough flow. That said, something smaller will likely be my backup plan, and I have no idea how it will go with livestock in the tank. For now, it barely moves any sand, and just has enough juice to clean sand off the top of the rockwork. Maybe when I get the shrimps in there it will launch them around and I will have to reduce flow anyway, which will let me move to the smaller pump.
  13. It's a 4W 80GPH https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EWENMAU BUT, it fits nearly perfect in the corner, and I for the life of me cannot locate a similar small powerhead that would do the same job.
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